America’s Fall is Certain

by | Jul 16, 2008

America’s Fall is Certain
Joseph Herrin (07-15-08)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Spirit of God continues to bring forth testimonies of what is coming to America. The time is growing very close. Signs of distress on the nation are all around. The stock market indexes are all in bear territory, meaning they have fallen more than 20% from their peak. America’s premier companies are on the verge of collapse (General Motors has shed 1/3 of its American workforce since 2004, and is even now contemplating deeper cuts just to insure its survival. Its stock is trading so low that many are saying that it should be removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Index.) The government has in the past week seized one bank (IndyMac) and has had to guarantee its depositors their money, which is estimated to cost taxpayers between 4 billion to 8 billion dollars. An even more extreme bailout is in process for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two colossal mortgage corporations established by the government and implicitly backed by them. They hold a staggerin 6 trillion dollars in debt obligations, and it is estimated that 1.6 trillion dollars of this are bad loans that could be defaulted on.

Perhaps these numbers and various signs of distress don’t register with your mind. It is hard to think “CALAMITY!” when you are still going to your job each day. You are still paying your bills. There is food in your house, and a roof over your head. But the Spirit explicitly declares that these days are going to come to a sudden, and terrible end. There will be no jobs for untold millions. There will be no gas, no transportation, no food in the stores, no roof over their heads, no more luxuries, no more bank account, no government money to insure deposits. It is all going to come crashing suddenly down, and a people who have not been heeding the myriad of signs of what is coming will be devastated.

Over the past 8 years I have been sharing many signs of what is coming. At the end of this post I will provide a number of links to various teachings that reveal a myriad of witnesses that God has been providing. None will be able to say in that day, “God, why did you not warn us?” He has given warnings profusely, but His people have not been paying attention. They have been consumed with the cares and affairs of this life, and have not been listening to those things the Spirit has wanted to declare to them.

Yesterday my friend and brother Randy Simmons told me of a news item he saw on television. I felt it was a profound witness, so I went and looked into it further. He told me that Miss USA was participating in the Miss Universe pageant which was being held in Viet Nam and during the evening gown portion of the event she walked out on stage and fell down, landing solidly on her backside. The announcers said this was a very strange coincidence, for the very same thing had occurred the year earlier.

In 2007 Rachel Smith fell down while walking on stage at the Miss Universe pageant, and this year, 2008, Crystle Stewart did the same thing. No other contestant experienced the same. Consider for a moment how appropriately this contest was chosen. All the nations of the world are gathered for this event. Each country is symbolized by one woman. And for the past two years, the woman symbolizing the USA has fallen down as she stood before all the world, in a moment when she hoped to impress all those who looked upon her.

Rachel was the name of the favorite wife of Jacob. She died giving birth to her son Benjamin. God will bring forth a purified remnant from the midst of the church in America, even though it should require the death of the nation as we know it.

In an article I read today on the event, it was said that falling down was “the death knell” for any participant as far as their chances of winning the competition. The judges looked for how much poise and grace the contestants manifested on stage, and falling down was sure to end any chance of them winning. Is it not strange that this last event took place in Viet Nam, the infamous war that America failed to win?

That this event has occurred two years in a row, being repeated at the same stage of the event, the evening gown portion, reveals some profound truths. The word “evening” speaks of the last hours of the day before night falls, and all is plunged into darkness. That this same event occurred two years in a row bears the same meaning that Joseph declared to Pharaoh when God repeated his dreams to him twice.

Genesis 41:32
Now as for the repeating of the dream to Pharaoh twice, it means that the matter is determined by God, and God will quickly bring it about.

God has determined this matter. This is to say that His mind is made up and now there is no turning back what He has determined. There is only a sure expectation that these things will come, therefore the wise should do whatever the Spirit tells them to do that they might be made ready. It will quickly come to pass. This judgment is no longer years away. It will commence presently. I do not expect the fall of America to be more than a matter of months, or weeks away. As I mentioned, the signs of distress are everywhere apparent.

I will not repeat all the signs God has been giving in recent years, nor the reasons that these judgments must come to America at this time. All of these things are shared in the articles to be found at the links I will provide. I would encourage you to review these writings if you have any doubt about what God has been speaking. I also encourage you to share these things with others with whom the Spirit of Christ would have you to declare them. Few will believe. Most will be caught completely unaware, and this is a great tragedy, for there is no reason for a child of God to be so blinded to events of such profound proportions. It is surely a sign of how much the church has become caught up in the pursuit of the things of the world, resulting in their being totally inattentive to the voice of the Spirit of Christ.

Following are a series of links where articles can be found that speak of what is to come. Tomorrow I will be posting another testimony the Spirit has been giving of the coming collapse in the United States.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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