The Orderly Procession of the Spirit and the Gift of Tongues

Note The gift of tongues is a special and transforming gift of God. How and when it was given was laid out specifically in the book of Acts. Many Christians not perceiving the reason that the book of Acts was given have attached a number of bizarre occurrences to the gift of the Spirit. This...

Tipping Point

Note This article was written ten years ago. The time is now far later than when it was written. Please read it and pay attention to the lateness of the days. Joseph Herrin (07-23-2013) Occasionally, airline crews realize they have a problem while in flight and they instruct the passengers to...


Note: This article was written ten years ago. With the modern headlines on the WOKE movement, Bud Light, the Barbie movies radical feminism, laws regarding transitioning children as young as six or seven to sexes that are different from that to which they were born, and a myriad of abominations of...

Interracial Relationships – Right or Wrong?

Joseph Herrin (03-13-2014) Recently I have had several people write to me on the subject of interracial relationships. This is a subject I have encountered repeatedly throughout my years of ministry. Not having a published teaching on the subject, I have found myself having to construct a response...

Double Jeopardy – Part 5

Joseph Herrin (05-21-2014) The Invitation of Christ There is an undeniable appeal inherent within the prophetic movement today. Even as the movie Double Jeopardy opened with an image of the main character admiring the beauty and grace of the sailboat Morning Star upon the waters of the...

Double Jeopardy – Deception and Bondage of the Bride of Christ – Part 4

Joseph Herrin (05- 17-2014) “God is raising up a modern day group of Moravians.” I encourage you to begin this post by watching the 5 minute video above. It is not put out by Morningstar Ministries. Rather it is produced by The Harbour Church out...

Double Jeopardy – Part 2

Joseph Herrin (05-12-2014) Morning Star The image above shows Libby, played by Ashley Judd, being held by the local Sheriff in front of the Morning Star as it is roped off with crime scene tape. There is a tremendous parable in this imagery. The character played by Ashley Judd represents the bride...

Double Jeopardy

Joseph Herrin (05-10-2014) 1999 Movie Double Jeopardy(Note how the reflection of the sailboat forms the image of a knife.) With the death of prophet Bob Jones who has had such an influence upon Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer (IHOP) and Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, I...

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