Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet

Joseph Herrin (04-20-2017) Some Supplies for My Compost Toilet I had been used to dumping my holding tank about every two weeks in my daughters septic system. The access to it was about 90 feet away from where I was parked, so I acquired a number of hose extensions and ran them over to the drop...



Joseph Herrin (04-12-2017) Above is a picture of the Heart4God website. It has been up since 2000. Of course, not all that is on it today was on it back then. Most of the books had not been written, and the audio messages had not been spoken yet. I have added to the website over the years, and now...

One Month Will Be A Year

One Month Will Be A Year

Joseph Herrin (04-04-17) Come May of 2017 I will have spent a year in recuperation from the stroke that I had. I would like to tell you about it since I know that most people do not understand strokes. On one of the first days of May 2016, I am not sure which, I experienced a stroke. I remember my...

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