Me and the Cat

About 5 days ago I got myself a cat. Her name is Honey. Actually her name was Sol, but I did not think she looked much like the Sun. Maybe she doesn’t look like Honey either, but the name seems to fit her better. I got honey from a local animal shelter. There isn’t one in Montezuma where I live,...

The Hidden Kingdom

It is said that those who fail to study history are bound to ever repeat it. In this saying it is implied that it is the mistakes, errors and tragedies of the past that will be repeated by those who are ignorant of what has already transpired. Yet I think man’s problem is far more serious than one...

The Crucible of God

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship (masterpiece) . . .” The heat is always the first thing that apprentices and master journeymen alike notice as they cross the threshold into the foundry. It is not a normal heat such as one encounters on a hot summer day. This heat is born of a multitude...

Strange Fire

This writing speaks of a matter that is critical for all believers to understand if they desire to attain to the fulness of the stature of Christ that Yahweh has set as the standard for all of His children. If any body of believers is to fulfill God’s plans and purposes for them, they must...

Some Uncommon Understandings of Familiar Scriptures

Following are some understandings of various Scriptures that I have come across in my studies, but which I have not included in any writings. I have heard none of these Scriptures expounded in this way from any pulpit, so I assume that most saints are unfamiliar with them in the way they will be...

Good-bye Champ

Champ I know that some of you have wanted to hear occasional updates on my dog, named Champ. He has been a good boy all the time I have had him, for the past 12 years. He had been getting older of late, I could tell by his coat. The outline of his backbone was showing up, but I could not tell any...

Transgenderism in the Church

Transgender is a word used quite a lot today. It is mainly used in reference to men who wish to be called women. Many abominations are attributable to this error. Yet, in the church today just as many errors can be attributed to women wishing to call themselves men. Indeed, when one takes the...

Reviling Authorities

Is it proper for an adult child to offer a rebuke to their parents when they perceive their parents to be in sin, or when they are making unwise decisions? Is it ever appropriate for a wife to contend with her husband when she believes he is walking in sin or error? Should those under the care of...

Propitiation and the Merciful Covering

In my studies I came across something interesting. When Yahweh instructed Moses to fashion the ark of the covenant, the instructions included the fashioning of the Mercy Seat. The word translated mercy seat comes from the Hebrew word Kaporet. Kaporet is derived from a root word meaning cover....


Primogeniture: noun 1. The state of being the firstborn child. 2. A rule of inheritance by the firstborn child.Origin: Latin primogenitura, from primo ‘first’ - genitura ‘birth, begetting’. According to the Law of Primogeniture, the firstborn male is considered the heir of the father. The...


I was reading through some of my older writings today and I came across thiswriting from 2009. Although it is 15 years old, I found it interesting as I have been watching some videos on Giants on earth. Of course, I was looking for some videos that were largely Biblically based, and I would...


Please read this post even if the title does not immediately grab your interest. What is shared here is one of the most transformative messages of the Christian life, and one of the most universally neglected and rejected today. I came upon this foundational principle and doctrine of the Kingdom...

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