FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

Yahweh's Calendar The study of the early foundations of human history and this present creation would be incomplete if it did not include an examination of the celestial testimony that Yahweh wrote upon the immense canvas of the heavens. It is a message placed where all mankind and the angels can...

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

Foundations: Creation By the Numbers

"Numbers constitute the only universal language." Nathanael West "Nature's great book is written in mathematics." Galileo "Mathematics is a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency." Descartes Whatever you think about the...

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

FOUNDATIONS: The Serpent Seed Doctrine

In the Gospel of Philip, an early Gnostic writing, and in the Zohar, the main literary source for the teachings of Kabbalah, there is found a teaching that is commonly referred to as “the serpent seed doctrine.” This doctrine purports that Eve was impregnated by the serpent/Satan (or...

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

FOUNDATIONS – The Prince of This World

Satan in Council by John Martin (1831) The Scriptures reveal that there are spiritual authorities behind the human authorities mankind recognizes on the earth. These spiritual forces remain largely hidden, concealed even to the knowledge of most Christian men and women. Like puppet masters in a...

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

FOUNDATIONS – The Fall of the Anointed Cherub

Cherubim Covering the Ark of the Covenant There are a great many diverse and incompatible doctrines existent today concerning the identity of that being that the Bible calls Satan, the devil, the great dragon, and the serpent of old. Some have suggested that the Scriptural references to this being...

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

FOUNDATIONS – The Host of Heaven and the Rulers of This Age

There are some things that Yahweh in His providence has chosen to reveal to His people in mere glimpses. There are some matters that are too great for us to bear at this time. The apostle Paul was given visions of heavenly matters that are beyond the ken of mortal man. He was at one time caught up...

FOUNDATIONS – Yahweh’s Calendar

FOUNDATIONS – The Genesis Gap

Tokyo Dinosaur Museum(Click on any image to view larger) The dinosaur skeleton in the foreground of the picture above is a Mamenchisaurus. There have been a number of skeletal remains of this dinosaur species found throughout China, the earliest being discovered in Sichuan Province in 1952 during...

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