The Wisdom of Serpents

Matthew 10:16-17"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves. But beware of men…” I awoke this morning with a message upon my heart to deliver to the children of God. It is evident from the many e-mails I receive, as well as by...

The Untimeliness of God

Joseph Herrin (6-7-2000) This blog was written 24 years ago. I have still never experienced the Lord failing to come through for me. It has been prophesied by some in recent days that the Father is preparing a group of His children to be able to walk in tremendous callings in the days ahead. This...

The Triune God

This writing serves as an addendum to the writing “Yahweh, His Breath, and His Word” which was written to answer some questions concerning the concept of God being a trinity. Since writing that article I have had further correspondence, and encounters with teachings, that have centered upon this...

Yahweh, His Breath, and His Word

What I am going to share here has come as a Rhema word from God. I did not figure this out with my rational abilities, for in truth I have been completely stumped as I have tried to understand the Trinity. It was about twenty years ago that this revelation came to me. I could not conceive in my...

Should a Minister Be Paid?

Today I had a fellow brother in Christ write to me with some questions/comments on ministers salary. I told him I had written a blog on the subject about 20 years ago. I suggested to him that I may need to republish it. So here it is. Joseph Herrin (4-21-03)I have had a number of saints write to...

The Topic of Tattoos

Due to a couple of recent posts that negatively mentioned the trend of many Christians to tattoo their bodies, I have received a number of e-mails asking for greater clarification on this topic. I felt it would be helpful to share a couple of correspondences on this topic, that others might be...

The Problem of Independence

In much of the world today independence is seen as a virtue. We speak admiringly of someone being an independent thinker. Some forms of independence are good. For example, God would not have us to live our lives as the slaves to the opinions of other men. But one form of independence that is not...

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