Kristin’s Visit

Kristin’s Visit

My daughter Kristin has come for a visit. She arrived this past Saturday (the 6th) and will be leaving the 29th of August to go back to Poland for her 5th year. She has been keeping herself busy. She has been going on walks with me each morning. She has mowed the yard, and she has told me she...

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Closure It is not possible in a single book to answer every question, or objection, raised by those who have adopted the belief that the Law continues in its authority over the lives of those who are Christians. If I included the proofs I have presented to the saints from  every...

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Laying Down the Law – Part 20

Walk By the Spirit Over the course of many years, as I have taught on this subject, one common concern I have heard expressed is that if Christians are not taught to keep the Law they will end up justifying unrighteous and selfish actions while saying the Spirit of Christ is the source of their...

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Laying Down the Law – Part 19

Understanding Difficult Scriptures Many saints who have adopted the view that the Law continues as the guardian and tutor to the saints today arrive at this view due to a misapprehension of various Scriptures. Although their conviction may be sincere, error will always result in undesirable...

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Laying Down the Law – Part 18

Toward a Perfect Man Both Christ and His apostles stated that the goal of their labor was to present men perfect before Yahweh. The time had arrived for man to move past childhood into maturity. Matthew 5:48Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect. Colossians...

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Laying Down the Law – Part 17

When God Changed the MenuThe question often arises as to whether Christians are to observe the shadows of the Old Covenant. Should Christians keep the feasts of Yahweh? Should they rest on the Sabbath day? Is it the Father’s will for those in Christ to eat only those foods the Law of Moses...

Laying Down the Law – Conclusion

Laying Down the Law – Part 16

A New Creation The apostle Paul devoted most of his letter to the church in Galatia to correcting and refuting the error of those who were teaching that Christians must keep the Law of Moses. Toward the end of the book, as Paul was summarizing what had been written, he made a statement that goes...

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