The Topic of Tattoos

Due to a couple of recent posts that negatively mentioned the trend of many Christians to tattoo their bodies, I have received a number of e-mails asking for greater clarification on this topic. I felt it would be helpful to share a couple of correspondences on this topic, that others might be...

The Problem of Independence

In much of the world today independence is seen as a virtue. We speak admiringly of someone being an independent thinker. Some forms of independence are good. For example, God would not have us to live our lives as the slaves to the opinions of other men. But one form of independence that is not...

The Power of God to Accomplish His Will

Many in the church, perhaps most, have come to the conclusion that the power of God is not really necessary. They are content to preach their messages and conduct their programs and make some mediocre impact upon the world around them. Yahweh, however, has much more planned in soon coming days,...

The Peril of Self-Pity

Self-pity is a trap that some of the greatest of saints have fallen into, and because of its effects upon them they became disqualified for further service and their mantles were given to others. Some of these saints endured far more than other men, and they were accounted faithful, righteous, and...

The Origin of Sin and Satan

Job 36:3I will fetch my knowledge from afar, and I will ascribe righteousness to my Maker. For some time God has been leading me to encounters with people who are teaching, or adhering to a specific doctrinal error that is extremely troubling to me. Perhaps you have encountered this teaching, or...

The Myth of an Inerrant Text

Biblical inerrancy means different things to different people. To some it means that the Scriptures as originally written by men inspired of the Holy Spirit were a perfect representation of the words of God. For some, though not all people, Biblical inerrancy also means that the Bible in its...

The Lion, the Bear, and Goliath

This teaching could actually have several names. It has much to do with God’s requirement for His children to walk in faith before Him. It has to do with His children entering into their inheritance. It has much to do with the character of the sons and daughters that God will grant unprecedented...

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