The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

Embrace the CrossThe Bride’s dwelling is in the Most Holy Place. This is the place of habitation and abiding. This is the place where the veil of the flesh is torn apart and communion with God is the order of the day. Even as the literal veil in the temple was torn asunder when our Lord was...

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 9

The Outer CourtWe have stated that the Outer Court of the tabernacle is representative of those who come to Christ for the remission of sins. It is the furthest location from the Most Holy Place that is still part of the tabernacle. Many Christians have through ignorance or disobedience become...

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 8

Evidences of SeparationNot all Christians will freely receive the message of a remnant Bride. Those who are content with the things of the world and who are enjoying the pursuit of their own interests will find the message to be somewhat threatening to their idyllic existence. The western church...

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 7

The Deep Sleep of AdamIn the formation of Eve we see many parallels to the formation of the Bride of Christ. One of the very striking parallels between these two brides is that they are both taken from a body that has been cast into a deep sleep. To examine this, let us begin with the description...

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 6

The Remnant BrideA deception has been foisted upon the church. The deception says that all Christians are equal before the Father. They will all share the same resurrection, the same reward, the same destiny. This is entirely untrue. Many have confused the remission of sins, which is given freely...

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 5

Many are Called, but Few are ChosenHow awful it would be to receive a summons to the wedding feast of a great king’s son, only to be singled out upon arrival for not being appropriately dressed. To have the attention of all upon you in such a situation would be embarrassing beyond measure....

The Remnant Bride – Part 10

The Remnant Bride – Part 4

The Bride’s Eunuch MinistersThis book is primarily focused upon the Bride of Christ, but it is prudent to take a brief look at those who are called as ministers to prepare the Bride. The way in which these ministers perform their service will greatly impact the preparation of the Bride. The book...

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