Laying Down the Law – Part 3

Laying Down the Law – Part 3

The Father’s Plan What is the Father’s ultimate thought in regard to mankind? We must answer this question if we are to perceive the Law’s role in the greater scheme of things. We can find the Father’s mind concerning man in the first chapter of the Bible. Genesis 1:26-28Then God said, "Let Us...

Laying Down the Law – Part 3

Laying Down the Law – Part 2

A Wider View This is the second book in which I have included a chapter titled “A Wider View.” I have found that certain kingdom truths are difficult to comprehend unless we first envision the grand panoramic scope of Yahweh’s works and plans. When we focus narrowly on a subject, apart from...

Laying Down the Law – Part 3

Laying Down the Law – Part 1

Foreword A word of explanation is necessary at the start of this book. In this work you will find this writer using names in reference to God the Father and God the Son that are more faithful to their Hebrew original than the names and titles generally in use by the church today. The name Yah, or...

Freemasonry Unveiled

I am posting 9 separate videos on Freemasonry. They are all by the same individual, and are parts of 1 large video that I watched a little over a month ago. The single, large video is no longer available.  I do highly recommend that all readers of this blog watch these videos. As you do, you will...

Evidence of Things Unseen, Chapter 37, 2nd Addendum – The Garment of Humility (December 2011)

Evidence of Things Unseen, Chapter 35 – A People for His Praise

When we moved to our new home in Byron our family had been battling sickness for a few weeks. Some condition similar to bronchitis had been passed around from one member to another, and I had come down with it about a week before our move. Tony also was afflicted with it at this time. I did not...

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