The Project

Kristin, Natalia, Ela Yesterday I had a project done at my place that I thought would not get done. I had purchased an electric trike and I needed a place to put it out of the weather. I had purchased a carport about 5 months ago and had not been able to put it together by myself, so it sat...

What’s the Big Deal About Christmas?

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas – Poster Modified to Promote Truth in Advertising (Click on Image to View Larger) I would like to challenge you with the following thought. Your success in passing through the coming days of Christian persecution and global tribulation are even now being...

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas – Part 2

ChristmasThe Curious Origins of a Popular Holiday Already the decorations are going up, the parties are being planned, the presents are being bought. Soon people around the world will again be celebrating...

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? – Part 1

This post contains a selection of internet pieces written by different men to demonstrate why they have chosen to not celebrate Christmas. All of these men are professing believers, though they have approached this topic from a variety of perspectives. I hope to show you that it is possible to...

Christmas and the Test of Truth

Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories were of Christmas. Each December my parents would go pick out a live Christmas tree and bring it home. I still remember the heavy metal stand, painted green. It had thumb screws on three sides of the base to tighten down on the trunk of the tree....

Lovers of Truth

I recently went out to Amazon’s website to retrieve a link to one of my books for a fellow saint who asked if it was available in Kindle format. I discovered someone had left a review (one star out of a possible five stars) on the book. It is quite common for books that focus on Bible doctrine to...

Mammon’s Heavy Burden

I had an interesting event happen last night. I brought my dog Champ in because it was going to be cold. Whenever the temperature gets down to near freezing I bring my dog in. He sleeps on top of a sleeping bag on my bed, while I sleep in a recliner next to my desk. Now those unfamiliar with my...

In What Ways Are Women Restricted From Speaking in Church?

A brother in Christ wrote to ask: I would like to ask you a question on women’s roles in the church setting. I agree with you that women should not teach men, even in cyberspace. You are a brave man to say something so bold and “contentious” as this. Let God be true and every man a liar. You will...

“In Quietness and Confidence Shall be Your Strength…”

Isaiah 30:15For thus says Yahweh GOD, the Holy One of Israel: "In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength." Most of the Christians I know would like to approach life from a position of strength. In our current state of prosperity and ease, however,...

The Garment of Humility

I had suspected for years that Yahweh might one day require me to experience imprisonment even as that other Joseph, the son of Jacob, did many years ago. God’s ways of perfecting His sons have not changed. A man must pass through many humiliating, sorrowful, and distressing circumstances in order...

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