Attractive Deception – Part 7

Tallit, Tzitzit, and Tefillin - Stylish Symbols of Rebellion The disturbing truth being revealed in this examination of the Hebrew Roots Movement is that a great many men and women have been deceived or enticed into embracing rites, symbols, and holidays which are derived from the worship of...

Attractive Deception – Part 6

The Hats of Satanic Dominion Pope Benedict XVI with Saturno and Solideo Is the Pope Catholic? It may appear from the round headpiece which the Pope’s wear, a cap resembling the Jewish kippah, that the Pope is actually Jewish. Those disciples of Christ who will settle for nothing less than the...

Attractive Deception – Part 5

Satanic Inroads to Judaism and Christianity Would you be alarmed if your church, congregation, or fellowship of believers put up posters of the image pictured above, or included it as artwork in the weekly bulletin? Would you be offended if a favorite ministry or Christian organization mixed these...


My daughter Kristin is arriving home to Georgia today. She flew out early this morning. Below is a picture she took of the airport in Warsaw. Lot is the national airline of Poland. Kristin will be here for 3 1/2 weeks. If I miss a day here or there, please be patient with me. It is a special time...

Attractive Deception – Part 3

Hanukkah - The Jewish Saturnalia Idolatry has always been a snare to Yahweh’s chosen people. Abram, the first of the Hebrews, was called out of Ur of the Chaldees by Yahweh. Ur lay in the land of Babylonia, the most ancient source of idolatry. Undoubtedly, when Yahweh appeared to Abram calling him...

Attractive Deception – Part 2

During the last month I have had much more than the usual amount of readers on the Parables Blog. It is evident that the Christmas and Easter holidays are much on the minds of a select number of Christians. I have even had a leading of the Spirit to provide the same sampling of articles to a local...

Attractive Deception – The False Hope of the Hebrew Roots Movement

Introduction Authentic Christianity! That is the heart’s desire of many believers today who have become discouraged with the sensuality and materialism of the prosperity churches; the dubious spirituality of the prophetic and apostolic congregations; and the vapid trendiness of the rock and roll,...

Dragon Flood – Part 21

Don't Drink the Water The name of this series is Dragon Flood. The title is derived from a passage of Scripture in the book of Revelation that focuses on Satan’s attacks on the church in the last days before the return of Christ. Revelation 12:15-16And the serpent poured water like a river out of...

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