Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Variorum New Testament(The Variorum Edition of the New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Translated Out of the Original Greek, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised by His Majesty’s Special Command: with Various Renderings and Readings) The zealous student...

Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Yahweh’s Book – The Necessity of a Literal Translation

The extent to which the Bible contains spiritual parables has been little understood by Christians. This is true today even of seminary trained Bible scholars, and experts in the ancient Greek and Hebrew languages, men and women who are frequently employed in the work of Scripture translation....

Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Yahweh’s Book – Naming (Mis)Conventions

If there ever was a book that would benefit from following uniform rules for names, it is the Bible. The Bible is a book of types and anti-types, of shadows and substance. Names not only bear tremendous meaning in the Scriptures, but they serve as links whereby the natural and the spiritual...

Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Yahweh’s Book – Chapter and Verse

Psalm 117  - Middle Chapter of the Bible I have observed that Christians are often provoked at the suggestion that their Bible contains errors. These same Christians are seldom offended to hear it said that there exists errors and false doctrines among the people who comprise the body of...

Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Yahweh’s Book – Errors in the Bible

King James, the Most High and Mighty! Really? I believe the Scriptures as originally written by men who were inspired of the Holy Spirit are free of error. However, we are thousands of years removed from the original autographs of these men, and if you are like me, the Bibles you read today have...

Yahweh’s Book – The Myth of an Inerrant Text

Yahweh’s Book – The Myth of an Inerrant Text

Biblical inerrancy means different things to different people. To some it means that the Scriptures as originally written by men inspired of the Holy Spirit were a perfect representation of the words of God. For some, though not all people, Biblical inerrancy also means that the Bible in its...

Yahweh’s Book – Variant Readings

Yahweh’s Book – The Manuscripts of the Bible

Dead Sea Scrolls - Isaiah Scroll The followers of Yahshua owe a great debt to the Hebrew people. The Bible exists because Yahweh inspired Hebrew men to record His words for mankind. Although the Bible has One primary Author, that being the Spirit of God, it has numerous human authors. We are told...

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