The Divine Quest – Part 5

Faith Comes by Hearing Perhaps the single greatest source of comfort that I have had as God’s Spirit has directed our family to an ever expanding walk of faith, has been found in dwelling upon the things God has spoken to us. The Spirit has directed us down paths that bring fear to the natural...

The Divine Quest – Part 4

Sight, the Enemy of Faith The apostle Paul was, apart from Christ, possibly the greatest New Testament example of a man of faith that we have been given. His faith in the character of God allowed him to walk in many dangerous places, and to suffer many things for the name of Christ, and yet remain...

The Divine Quest – Part 3

Faith’s First Failure The first occurrence of events, names and numbers in Scripture hold great significance, for they often establish a pattern or type for those things that follow. This is true when we look at the first sin which occurred in the Garden of Eden. The first sin was preceded by an...

The Divine Quest – Part 2

Faith’s Great Foundation I do not know of any saint that does not want to have a strong faith that will see them through all the trials of life. This chapter will show the way to possessing such a strong and overcoming faith. In order to build something that will stand through the storms of life,...

The Divine Quest – Part 1

Introduction The Spirit has led me to put a number of things in writing to share with the saints for their edification and instruction, but I can think of no more important message than that which is contained in this book. The book “The Remnant Bride” presents a challenge to the saints to not be...

Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter

Revelation 18:4-5And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues..." In this hour when the Spirit is testifying that great judgment is coming to the nations, a judgment that must begin...

Tithing – Is it to be Practiced Today?

A brother recently sent me the following post: Mr. Herrin, I have been studying with your writings for some time and would like to know your position on the tithe. The church where we attend says one thing while others say another totally opposite. I have looked up all references in the Strong’s...

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