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by | Dec 23, 2017

Joseph Herrin (12-23-2017)

The following pictures symbolize what the news has reported for 2017. First there has been the President of the United States. Donald Trump is a sad person to pick for President, but the newspapers and news shows don’t mind. 90% of them are owned by no more than six global corporatocracies. They have been spewing out nonsense forever. I have recently come across the following news piece on Disney buying the majority of 20th Century Fox for over $50 billion dollars. The big continue to get bigger.

This blog is about what the mainstream (NWO) press have been saying about the world we are all living in. If you find yourself being deceived by the corporate press then now is certainly the time to “Be not deceived.” Following is some of the nonsense they have been uttering.

Era of strategic patience is over.” Relating to North Korea.
President Trump

What strategic patience? I don’t see any Americans sitting around thinking about the North Koreans, unless they are reading what the corporate press is saying. What type of nightmares has Donald Trump been having to make him think he has been manifesting patience over anything? No, it is the ones who rule the press and the President that have told him to act this way, and the Americans have lost the ability to question whether it is so.

In the coming year of 2018 the President of North Korea is going to receive growing pressure, and despite the fact that he rules such a small, hermit-like country with a GDP of $17.396 billion dollars, the United States will claim to be bothered when she has a GDP of $18.036 trillion dollars. North Korea has a population of 25 million compared to the U.S. population of 325 million. North Korea has a total area of 46,540 square miles while the U.S. has 3,796,742 square miles. Not to mention that North Korea is more than 5,500 miles from the United States. I really don’t think North Korea is going to attack the United States.

To move on to another news story, we can look at the account of Sayfullo Saipov. He is supposed to have driven a Home Depot rental truck over a bunch of people on a bike path in New York City. Let every reader take note that late model cars and trucks can be overridden externally to make it appear as if the driver is in control when somebody on the outside is controlling it. This was the case with Pricess Diana’s murder way back in 1997.

Suspect Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, aged-29, a Muslim Uzbek immigrant, reportedly drove a rented truck along a bike path in lower Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood.

Pedestrians and bicyclists were struck, eight killed, around a dozen others injured before a school bus was rammed, injuring another four people.

Fleeing the scene, Saipov was shot and wounded by police, currently hospitalized at New York’s Bellevue hospital.

A note reportedly found in his vehicle, claiming affiliation with ISIS, along with a photo of its flag, may have been legitimate or planted. It sounds suspiciously like passports found at the scene of earlier incidents – all false flags!

According to the New York Post, Kobiljon Matkarov, a friend of the suspect, said “(h)e is a very good guy. He is very friendly. He is like a brother…like a big brother..”

“My kids like him, too. He is always playing with them. He is playing all the time.”

Sayfullo Saipov won’t get a fair trial. President Trump has said he would like to send him to the prison at Guantanamo. Nothing could be less fair.


We will not see what becomes of him just like we did not see what happened to the accused Boston Marathon bombers. Any bombing that has a terrorist drill going on at the same time and that is forecast on T.V. is only going to have government people pulling it off.


We read of false terrorist events all year. There was the church shooting from outside the building in Sutherland Springs, Texas.


There was the false flag event in Las Vegas, Nevada.




There were more false reports of terrorist attacks this year as there surely will be next year. Stand in readiness for them. The U.S. government has trained a whole region full of men and called it ISIS. She has been attacking Syria this year and is in the nation under the guise of keeping out the terrorists. Russia, who is a friend of Syria, has told America to get out since the last of ISIS has been run out of the country, but America says she will remain until she is sure no more terrorists will arise.

We can see that the governments meddling does not end with foreigners. She is also using the power of the press smear local Senate candidates. She did not like the thought of Judge Roy Moore of Alabama becoming a United States Senator so she used the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse case against him. I don’t want people to think that I am supporting people for government office. Judge Roy Moore did have some problems such as relying on the strength of guns to deliver him from criminals. Nevertheless, I can tell when the government is pulling a fast one. The women who accused him will have to drop their law suits now. There is no guarantee that he lost the election either, but the government will never grant him a fair vote count.

The new year will show us where the Harvey Weinstein fiasco will go. A lot of men have egg on their face as they are finally called out for there sexual predations. Where it will go for the President, who is surely a sexual predator as well, is yet to be seen. Many of the past Presidents have escaped the clutches of mankind when charged with MANY serious things. They will not escape the sight of Yahweh.

The news has been filled with the stories of natural disasters as well. Major hurricanes have made a landfall in America after 12 years.

Each of these have had a story to them. They followed swiftly on America’s coast to coast Solar eclipse.


We have had fires too.

We can look forward to more of the same in 2018. Of course, we can also look to the Illuminati architecture. Paris just approved the first skyscraper in over 40 years. The Triangle by the Swiss design firm Herzog & de Meuron is to be built within Paris city limits.

It will take its shapely emphasis from The Louvre pyramid.

It is appropriate that France is the country that this building will go in. France has a large number of Freemasons, and the Statue of Liberty was built by 3 different Freemasons and given to America by France.

And we cannot forget for 2017 that this was the year that the American President suggested that Jerusalem be Israels capital.

We can look at 2017 to get an idea of what 2018 will be like. Do not believe all the news you read. Remember who it is in charge of the news. The Illuminati is the New World Order. The New World Order is the owners of the global corporatocracy.

Ecclesiastes 1:9
That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.

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  1. Skip

    Brother Herrin,
    All of the false flag events of recent years bring to mind the ending of the movie 'Fahrenheit 451', the movie using Ray Bradbury's novel as its foundation. The main character, Montag, has succeeded in escaping the book burning regime and is at the edge of the forest, wherein he will soon 'become a book' of his choosing. Before he enters more deeply into the forest, he is provided the opportunity to view his capture by the authorities on 'live TV' coverage. Montag watches as he sees his 'body double' running through the streets trying to evade capture. Then he witnesses his own death on 'live TV'. Montag is dead.
    Therein lies the example – the lesson, set for the viewers, that resistance and disobedience is futile. The object lesson has been provided to the sheeple and the sheeple will react to the 'live news' as the controllers have anticipated and planned. (Sound familiar?) Welcome to the 'real world' of 2017-2018!


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