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by | Aug 27, 2021

Joseph Herrin (08/27/2021)

Well. We have done it. By we, I mean George Young and myself. We have got the new website going, and we have got the new money exchange listed at the bottom of this blog for you to use as you are lead. You can check to see if your bank has a fixture for Zelle, or you can use their application. (Of course, you can send a check any time you like. I just won’t be using PayPal anymore.) Please don’t use Zelle for anything that is not from somebody you know and trust. Please read this again. It is important. Only use Zelle for people you know and trust. I have tried mine out. It is simple and easy to use.

George and I have surely been tasked to get these jobs done. We didn’t know how many websites, mailing sites, and financial transmission sites, were owned by the people who want to cause problems for Christians. They are endless…… We finally found some, and these (we hope) will be good until we have to get off of the Internet for good. We are also looking for some more. We know we cannot get totally free of the beast system. The Internet routers and switches that carry all of the data have secret switches that transmit information to the NSA, or other branches of government, that we cannot get around.

Your blog is transitioning from someone other than the CIA now. My Blogger is hosted on Google’s website. Blogger was bought by Google in 2003. Google has always been CIA. This seems too silly to be true. It is though. I urge you to watch the following.

Google said that all Feedburner business had to come off of Feedburner at this time. Feedburner is a subscription service for blogs. It was bought by the company called Google in 2007. So, you can see, I have been heavily reliant on the CIA/Google for quite some time. I have been using Blogger since 2008. That was before I knew anything about the CIA owning it.

I am also off of PayPal now. I no longer use them for monetary transfers. They have been steadily coming down hard on people who disagree with homosexuality for years. Now they have said that they are collaborating with the Anti Defamation League to kick everyone off their site whom they don’t believe should be there. Their list is mostly Christians.

How does this make you feel? The CIA is ending their time supporting bloggers, and PayPal is ending their time allowing the same bloggers to survive? If you have doubts, and have not read Time to Change, I will recommend this blog to you. Just go back 2 blogs and you will find it. 

Some things you need to know. is a CIA site and will not used for much longer. I plan on using it five more times, while at the same time recommending my new blog site

Old Parables Site:
New Parables Site:

The new site will be just that, a site. It will have no mailing service with it, for now. When we do have a mailing service available for the new site it will be announced on the site. Mailing services are extremely difficult to find that are not linked to another negative site, and which will not mark Christian mail as Spam. Some who do not do so today will in the days ahead do so. Reading the TOS (Terms of Service) will likely tell who will do so. George is working on a solution now. I don’t want a mailing service that will just work for a little while, or that will require so much work that it is not possible. It may be necessary to simply go to the site, or the Heart4God website to see what is being offered.

Things to do:

Mark this site and check it about 3 times per week.


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