America on Deathwatch

by | Nov 22, 2014

Joseph Herrin (11-22-2014)

DeathwatchA vigil beside a dying, or dead person. A guard set over a condemned person before execution.

Yesterday was unusual in the number of signs I personally observed which all point to a tremendous transition coming to America (and by extension all nations). The transition is not one that Americans will consider pleasant. It is one the patriots of the nation would avoid if they had the ability to do so. However, they are not being given a choice. The American Republic which has had her freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution drawn up by her founding fathers is now in her last days. Dire changes are near at hand. Those who are disciples of Christ need to stand in readiness for those things which are coming.

I have noted in numerous blog posts that the number 14 signifies transition. Some may be unaware of the divine connection between 14 and transition, so I will provide an explanation. The Father first made me aware of the significance of this number in 1999 when His Spirit began indicating to me that it was His will that I leave my employment as a computer manager at a hospital complex. I had been employed there since 1985, a period of 14 years.

Yahweh was not merely calling me to another job in the computer field. He was directing me into a radically different life. Everything was about to change for me. Yahweh indicated I was to begin ministering full-time through writing while looking solely to Him for all care and provision of my family. In a short period of time, my family and I went through a transformation of our lives that was comprehensive. We gave up our home, our furnishings, and most of our possessions as we transitioned to life in a 28 foot motorhome. It was a 1986 model motorhome and we acquired it in 2000, this again being 14 years.

Anticipating what Yahweh was doing, and having much fear and anxiety about what He was calling me into, I began asking God to confirm what He was showing me that I might have full assurance that I was following the path He had appointed to my family and I. The Spirit spoke to me and told me to look up the word “fourteen” in the Bible. I went to my computer, opened my Bible study software, and did a search on the word “fourteen.” The program provides snippets from each verse where a word occur. The very first occurrence of this word in the Bible is found in Genesis 31:41. What I saw on the screen was “I have worked for you for fourteen years…” I got up suddenly from the chair, shouting, for I had a strong sense of the Father speaking a word of affirmation that I was to leave my employer at that time.

This verse is found in the story of Jacob as he is leaving his father-in-law Laban’s household to return to the land of Canaan with his wives, children, flocks, and servants. This was a great transition in Jacob’s life. The first occurrence of any word, or number in the Bible often serves to establish its significance. In the first occurrence of “fourteen” in the Bible we see it connected to the idea of transition or change. Looking to the New Testament I found the first occurrence of this word/number in the very first chapter of Matthew.

Matthew 1:17
Therefore all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David to the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations; and from the deportation to Babylon to the time of Christ fourteen generations.

Once again we see fourteen connected to the idea of transition, for at each of the junctures mentioned in the verse above, the manner in which Yahweh dealt with His people was altered drastically. Human experience was radically altered at the passing of fourteen generations from God’s initial call to Abraham. In a recent writing where I mentioned Jonathan Cahn’s book The Mystery of Shemitah, I wrote of my anticipation for the year 2015. 2015 will mark 14 years from the events of September 11th, 2001 when America began to experience a rapid erosion of freedoms, protection from the overreach of government, and a descent toward a totalitarian state. You can find the article on the Shemitah year at the following link:

Just prior to Nicholas losing his job and being informed he had to move out of the home he had been staying in since his release from prison, God had been speaking to him of transition coming to his life. Yahweh had done so by showing Nicholas the number 14 in prominent ways. The transition came to pass quite suddenly as he now is living with me and has a new job. Just before Nicholas relocated to stay with me he went to visit his father one last time. His father lives in Columbus, Georgia. Columbus signifies America as a nation, being the name of the man who is credited with discovering the nation. The U.S. capital also bears his name, being the District of Columbia. Lady Columbia also serves as a symbol of the nation.

Lady Columbia

As Nicholas was driving toward Columbus, nearing the outskirts of the city, the traffic on the Interstate came to a halt. Up ahead a large fire could be seen raging on the side of the road. A car had run into the back of a tanker truck and a fire had erupted. Officers began walking down the Interstate instructing people to turn around and go back the other direction. (The significance of this will become evident as you continue reading.) Nicholas found a way to his father’s house by taking back roads, but on his return home he once more found the Interstate blocked. There was a sign instructing all traffic to take Exit 14. This “sign” was indicating that transition/change is coming to all Americans. It is unavoidable. It will be precipitated by some fiery calamity that occurs suddenly.

I would remind readers at this point that the unseen hand, the global powers that dictate the course of the politics of nations, including America, have been subtly declaring what is coming to the United States. Barack Obama is the hand picked designee of the global elite who are working to bring about a New World Order. The theme chosen for his first Presidential campaign in 2008 was “Change.”

In his second presidential campaign in 2012 the official Obama website greeted every visitor with the unusual question “Are You In?

In this day of text messaging the question above would be written in shorthand form as R U In? Those who designed this campaign slogan certainly understood that the word “RUIN” is spelled when this slogan is converted to a text message. The global elite was sending a message that Obama would bring Change to America and that Change would spell out her RUIN.

Returning to the events of yesterday, the first sign that I encountered appeared when Nicholas sent me a text message from work. He asked me whether I had heard of the 14 car pile-up on I-75 that had shut down both north and southbound lanes. He stated that the number 14 had stood out to him, and he felt Yahweh was indicating that transition is coming to this nation. I had not heard of the accident, so I went to the website of the most popular Macon television broadcaster, which serves this area. Their lead story was the car accident.

One significance of Yahweh choosing to speak of transition in the context of traffic being stopped, is that one of the most disruptive aspects of martial law is a prohibition against travel. This was observed in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings where all residents were ordered to “shelter in place.” This is merely a euphemistic way of stating that the population’s freedom to travel has been canceled by edict of the authorities. Boston, one of the premier cities of America, took on the appearance of a ghost town as all residents were forbidden to be out on the roads.

Boston – Martial Law – Traffic Stopped

Over a week ago I had taken the pecans I collected from the sides of the rural roads nearby to a local business that cracks the nuts and removes the shells. I took a five gallon bucket full, as well as a large bag that contained the nuts I had gathered. I left them at the business along with my name and phone number, expecting a call back in a day or two to say they were ready. Not having heard anything, I decided to call the business owner yesterday and ask him about the nuts. I left a message, and an employee called me back. He said they had a bag with 14 pounds of pecans in it with my name, and it was ready for me to pick up. I mentioned that I also left a white 5 gallon bucket with a screw on Gamma lid. The man was somewhat sheepish when he explained that another customer had taken that bucket with them. He said he would try to contact the customer to see if they would return it, along with the nuts in it.

A few hours later the same man called me back. He apologized, stating that he had been unable to contact the customer who took my bucket of pecans. He said he thought it an odd occurrence, for the person who took my bucket had out of state tags. They should have known that the bucket was not theirs as they had brought only half a bucket of pecans to be cracked, but had left with a bucket and a half of pecans. The man apologized again, and stated that since my bucket was valued about $20 that they would give me a 5 gallon bucket full of pecans in addition to the 14 pounds in the bag, and they would not charge me for the cracking service, which was estimated around $20. He determined that 26 pounds of pecans fill a 5 gallon bucket, so he gave me 40 pounds altogether.

I pondered what the Father was communicating to me through this experience, for I recognize that He orders all the events of my life. The Bible states:

Proverbs 16:9
The mind of man plans his way, but Yahweh directs his steps.

There are no accidents in life. God never sleeps, nor slumbers. He never is absent from the events of our lives. It is wisdom to seek to understand the purpose, and potential message, Yahweh has for us in all things. The number 14 stood out to me once again. Was Yahweh speaking of transition? If so, transition into what? I ended up with 40 pounds of shelled pecans. 40 is a number denoting a time of trial and testing. It is associated with the wilderness, for Yahweh led Israel to wander in the wilderness for 40 years, and His Son was led of the Spirit to begin His ministry by spending 40 days in the wilderness fasting. That I was also receiving free food, for I had picked the pecans up at no cost, and the shelling also cost me nothing (other than a lost bucket), was consistent with both wilderness experiences. For in the Israelites’ wilderness journeys Yahweh provided manna from heaven and water from the rock. We are also told that after Yahshua was tested by the devil in the wilderness that Yahweh sent angels to minister to him with food (Matthew 4:11).

What I discerned is that Yahweh is speaking of a wilderness experience coming to His people. As they pass through this experience Yahweh will provide the food for them they need to survive.

Later in the day, another event occurred that only in hindsight did I connect to the experience just described. I use honey as a sweetener, rather than sugar. About 2 years ago I purchased 6 – 5 pound containers of honey through an online source after searching for a good price. I returned to the same website and saw that a discount was offered when purchasing a minimum of six containers. I totaled up the bill, with shipping, and it came to $97.28. I reasoned that it was a good price for two years’ worth of honey, but I questioned whether I could afford to pay out nearly $100 for honey at that time. I decided to check my PayPal account to see if any donations had come in from brothers or sisters in Christ that day, before making my decision.

Upon checking my PayPal account, I discovered that a sister in Christ had sent me $100 earlier that day. I at once felt released to make the purchase. As I considered the matter, I perceived that twice in the same day Yahweh had provided for me healthy and nutritious foods while requiring no outlay of money from my pocket. I sensed Yahweh indicating that He would provide for His people who looked to Him in faith in the days ahead. Interestingly, both the pecans and honey are natural products. They can be found in the wild, and can be eaten without any processing, or cooking required. They are true wilderness foods.

Yahweh had more testimonies to share with me before the day was over. Some dear friends, a brother and sister in Christ who reside in the deserts of Arizona, had contacted me earlier in the week. The brother had taken his elderly father into his home a few years earlier to care for him in his declining years. They notified me that they had called in hospice a few days previously, as the man’s elderly father had quit eating, and beginning that day was no longer drinking any liquids. Yesterday morning they notified me of his passing. Yesterday evening I received a further e-mail from them. The subject line read “The Last Farewell.” This sister included a photograph of her husband (the son of the deceased man) holding open the front door on the porch of their home as two hospice workers rolled out a gurney that held the flag draped body of his father. (It is customary for American military veterans to be covered with the U.S. flag when they die.) All that could be seen was the American flag being rolled out on a gurney.

As I viewed this image my spirit was immediately quickened to the parable it contained. America is on deathwatch. The constitutional republic that the world has known as America will soon perish from the earth. Yahweh had been speaking to me all day about the transition to come.

SS United States

I was reminded of the recent blog post from October where I wrote of the former ocean liner the SS United States also being placed on what amounted to deathwatch. The conservancy that had striven for years to find a savior to restore the ship to its former grandeur announced that they were running out of time. A decision had to be made soon to sell the ship for scrap if an investor could not be found to shoulder the huge burden of converting the ship into a dockside restaurant, shopping, and entertainment complex. It was estimated that it would cost in excess of $300 million dollars to do so. As of this date, no angel investor has come forward. The ship SS United States is looking pallid and ravaged by the years. It is costing around $60,000 per month just to keep it docked in Philadelphia, the city in which America was conceived, and in which her seminal documents were written. You can find the post on the SS United States at the following link:

Notably, the couple who are mentioned at the beginning of the post on the SS United States are the same brother and sister whose father just passed away. Surely Yahweh is speaking through these events.

Yahweh was not finished speaking for the day. There was one more message I received from the Father, and it has led me to the discovery of some profound information that has great relevance for the near future for America. It is my habit to play a game of Scrabble on my computer before going to bed. It helps me to relax and unwind from the day. Upon finishing the game last night, a game which I won handily against the computer opponent, a summary of wins and losses is displayed. Following is what I observed.

Joseph Wins! 222 Wins, 48 Losses, 2 Draws

The numbers arrested my attention, as I saw a relationship to the things the Father had been speaking to me throughout the day. America is a nation comprised of 50 individual states. These states are often broken down into “the lower 48″ plus Alaska and Hawaii. Thus, the 48 and 2 on the scoreboard stand for the United States of America. The number 222 is equally significant. This is a number I have written of in the past. The Lord has often shown me this number in relation to America’s downfall, though I have at times failed to discern how this number relates to timing. Even now I do not wish to be dogmatic about specific dates and times, but I believe it is expedient to share with other believers that which I am perceiving that they might test the matter themselves and take it before the Lord.

The Father first drew my attention to the number 222 some years ago when He provided me with a camper/van that I used to travel this nation to speak to His people about the judgments to come and the need to yield their lives fully to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The camper/van was a Xplorer Xtravan, model 222. The Father chose a brother in Christ to travel the nation with me. The first trip we made was to Fort Wayne, Indiana. I understood that vehicles represented ministries, and the number 222 was stamped upon the ministry Yahweh had given to me. 222 contains a repetition of the number 2. E.W. Bullinger, in his excellent book Number in Scripture, provides the following comments about the meaning of the number 2.

We now come to the spiritual significance of the number Two… It is the first number by which we can divide another, and therefore in all its uses we may trace this fundamental idea of division or difference.
[End Excerpt]

In a very significant fulfillment of the idea of division, the brother Yahweh appointed to travel with me struggled mightily with Yahweh’s assignment. He was reluctant to set forth with me, and spoke of turning back almost from the time we started. We left from Georgia, and by the time we reached Louisville, Kentucky, this brother was in such distress of mind that he told me he could not continue, but wanted to board a bus and return home. I took him to the Greyhound bus station in Louisville and purchased a ticket for him to return to Macon. The ticket cost $111.00. I at once saw the significance of this. It was one half the number of the model of my van. It spoke of a division and sundering of the ministry team Yahweh had chosen.

Yahweh has also been speaking of division coming to America. He has spoken of brother being divided against brother as it occurred in the Civil War. You can find two posts on this subject here:

The number 222 has arrested my attention on a number of occasions. Some years back a train crash occurred in California when Metrolink 111 crashed. The train was carrying 222 passengers. The train had left Union Station and crashed head on at full speed into a Union Pacific freight train. The entire event was a profound parable of the upcoming destruction of the Union of America. Of the 222 passengers aboard, 26 died, and 135 were injured. 81 of the passengers were transported to hospitals in serious or critical condition. The high number of casualties leads to an interpretation of there being very few who will escape the coming destruction of the American union without suffering some serious injury or loss.

Another occurrence of the number 222 in relation to America is observed on the back of the one hundred dollar bill. The clock tower of Independence Hall is displayed on the bill. The clock hands are set to the time 2:22.

Following is a close up of the clock face on the tower.


It was inside this building in Philadelphia that the nascent government first met to hammer out the plans for the new nation and to set their signature to its first documents. I have long wondered about the significance of the number 222, for it appears in significant ways in relation to America. The second year of Barack Obama’s term as President of the United States was the 222nd year of American government. His tenure began concurrently with the seating of the 111th Congress, for each Congress runs for 2 years.

Sensing that there is truth in Jonathan Cahn’s suggestion that this present Shemitah year that ends on September 13, 2015 will once more prove calamitous to America, and after seeing the tallies for the Scrabble game last night, I was prompted to calculate what occurred in America 222 years prior to the year 2015. I wanted to see if there were something significant that occurred in the year 1793 which would relate to America’s fate 222 years later. I was surprised by what I found.

On September 18th (6+6+6) 1793, George Washington laid the cornerstone for the United States Capitol. America will mark 222 years from that date on September 18th, 2015.

George Washington Laying the Cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol Sept. 18, 1793

I wrote of this event in the book Dragon Flood. In it I made mention of George Washington being a Freemason and appearing in the garb of the Freemason as he officiated at this event. The Masons presented offerings of corn, wine, and oil, following the pattern of the offerings presented to Baal in the Old Testament.

Hosea 2:8
For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for Baal.

Could the legislative body that meets in the U.S. Capitol building reach an end of its existence 222 years after the cornerstone of the building was laid? Just this week Barack Obama has once more acted as an imperial President by utilizing an Executive Order to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, usurping the legislative role that was assigned to Congress by America’s founding fathers. Will we soon see Congressional powers usurped altogether, and all authority placed into the hands of the Executive office as martial law is declared? I do not know the answers to these questions, but I see an affirmative response as a very real possibility.

It was something else that occurred in 1793 that led to much sober reflection on what is coming to America. In 1793, not only was the city of Philadelphia the largest city in America, it was also serving as the new nation’s capital. In that year there was a Yellow Fever epidemic which struck Philadelphia. In this city of 50,000 citizens, 5,000 people perished in a period from August 1st to November 9th, 1793. This was 10% of the city’s population who died from this pandemic outbreak. Not only this, but 20,000 citizens fled the city to escape the plague. This was 40% of the entire city’s population who left.

With all the media attention given to Ebola, and the talk of instituting quarantines, and limiting travel, it is easy to see a parallel between what occurred in America in 1793 and what may occur in 2015, 222 years later. As people began fleeing Philadelphia to escape the threat of Yellow Fever, other towns and cities began establishing roadblocks, and refusing entrance to anyone who was a refugee from Philadelphia. Wikipedia provides the following entry.

Some neighboring towns refused to let refugees in from Philadelphia, for fear they were carrying the fever. Major port cities such as Baltimore and New York had quarantines against refugees and goods from Philadelphia.

Could the upcoming societal and governmental upheaval that America faces be precipitated by a real or contrived pandemic outbreak in her midst? In Philadelphia in 1793, business was so disrupted by the outbreak of Yellow Fever and the chaos that ensued, that banks could not collect on loans to businesses in the city. Consequently, the banks automatically renewed any loans that were outstanding until after the outbreak passed. If a similar event occurred today, banks would not be so accommodating. All the power is in their hands, and they control the reins of government. Millions of people and businesses would be brought to poverty, driven into a desperate dependence upon the government for handouts. In this way the masses would be subjugated to the governmental masters who feed them.

As I dug deeper into the pandemic outbreak in Philadelphia in 1793, I discovered a fascinating book published by Yale Press in 2013. (It is at Yale University that the Skull and Bones secret society is headquartered.) The book is titled Ship of Death: A Voyage That Changed the Atlantic World.

The author did extensive research to track down the source of the Yellow Fever outbreak that afflicted Philadelphia in 1793. The trail led to the Hankey, a British ship whose voyage began at Gravesend (a very portentous name), England which is located on the Thames River where it meets the Atlantic. Onboard the ship were a group of abolitionists whose intent was to bring an end to the slave trade. The ship traveled to West Africa where it was met with numerous mishaps, not the least of which was encountering the Yellow Fever. After the majority onboard the ship either died, or abandoned the mission to return home, the ship continued to the West Indies spreading Yellow Fever wherever it went. In Grenada 50% of the white population died of Yellow Fever within six months of the arrival of the Hankey.

From there the ship went to what is now Haiti. Napoleon’s French troops were so devastated by the Yellow Fever that he abandoned the West Indies and decided to sell the Louisiana Territory to America at a fire-sale price. The Hankey was driven out of port, and fled to Philadelphia where it once again spread the deadly scourge it first picked up in West Africa, the same area where Ebola has its source.

Despite the best efforts of other American cities to keep the pandemic from spreading, Yellow Fever made its way to New York, Boston, and Charleston along with every major urban port in the nation. Tens of thousands died in America from the disease. A special hospital for those infected with Yellow Fever was set-up in Philadelphia. 50% of the patients in the hospital died from the illness, a death rate comparable to that of Ebola. The parallels to the Ebola outbreak which began in West Africa are obvious. The difference is that transportation has evolved from ships to airplanes, spreading disease quicker and further.

What is Yahweh speaking? Are the messages of transition coming, linked to events where all traffic is halted, a sign of an upcoming governmental response to a pandemic outbreak? This certainly seems like a possibility, particularly in light of what occurred in America 222 years ago. I have much anticipation for what will occur in 2015. I continue to watch and pray.

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  1. t8webb


    Since reading this your latest post on the different parables concerning the numeral 14, I thought I would share a couple with you and your readers.

    As you know the leader of this nation announced that he has made the executive order granting amnesty of some 5 million illegal immigrants in the US. This was done on November 20, 2014 at 8pm EST. This day has been noted as the 104th anniversary of the Mexican Communist Revolution. During this revolution many Christians were persecuted and killed. You will note the two numeral 14's in this event. 2014 and 104. Also it was announced at 8pm EST. 8 can also symbolize a the completion of one series and the beginning of "a new series". (Bullinger, Numbers)

    Also on that same day my uncle was walking his dog and fell breaking 2 of his ribs. My uncle is a veteran, if I'm not mistaken of the navy, and has always been a big patriot of the US. He often carries or wears things with US flags on them. My cousin and I were praying for him and about the situation and both got the phrase "Pride comes before the fall (destruction)" (PROV 16:18). I believe that this patriot falling and breaking 2 ribs (& having problems with swelling in his body not being able to walk) on the same day in which our national leader is trying to ensue a riotous environment (division–the number 2) within this PROUD country is more than just ironic. Of course, I don't in anyway mean to speak ill of my uncle. Simply seeing a message in this that prideful nation of the US is fallen and swollen in her pride before coming to division and eventually ruin.

    Transition is indeed coming. We approach a dark winter season. I've often wondered and prayed about why the Lord Yahshua told us to pray that our flight not be during winter? (Matt 24:20) Just a thought. Not trying to pin down dates.

    Let us breath deep Psalm 91 in these days. God bless you, brother.

    Andrew W.

  2. t8webb

    I tried add a follow up to my comment last night, but it did not seem to go through correctly. It was simply this: Please all saints of Yahshua who are willing, pray for my uncle Tony to be healed. He's in a lot of pain from the broken ribs and swelling that is taking place in his body.

    All prayers/interceding would be much appreciated.

    May Yahshua bless you all.

  3. MrsChariM

    Interesting.. we just randomly picked out two recent movies to watch from a "Red Box" while we were recovering from being ill. We knew nothing of the movies we choose. No real reason to get them.
    After watching them both.. we felt like YAH had us pick them out & watch them.
    "Lullaby" & "Wish I was here". Both had "Jewish" fathers who died from cancer. Hmmm…
    Don't understand it all but it did seem unusual to us. Your take Joseph?
    Following HARD after YAH~
    Michael & Chari

  4. Joseph Herrin

    Hello Michael and Chari,

    I have not seen either of the movies you mentioned, so I feel ill qualified to comment on any symbolism contained in them. I think it is a good thing that you are alert to the voice of God speaking through many different ways. There is no doubt in my mind that Yahweh is indicating that a great collapse is coming swiftly to America and the nations. We should all stand in readiness for that hour.

    May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

  5. Unknown

    Mr. Herrin,

    I just discovered your blog yesterday. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to be obedient to our Heavenly Father and for your revelations on this blog. More importantly, Thanks be to the great I AM for loving us first!

    When I got to the part of this article where you showed the picture of Obama's 2012 campaign slogan, what struck me was it was saying to me R U N! I also think that it was saying to you R U I N. If we put those together, then the message is, RUIN RUN. It reminds me of the safety signs seen in industrial settings, DANGER BEWARE.

    Acacia R.

  6. Unknown

    Hey Joseph.

    A few weeks ago my mom was using my computer and she was looking at your Parables blog. When she gave the computer back she pointed out your blog and told me I should check it out. I agreed and I minimized the window for a couple weeks (I had intended to check it out, I just forgot.) However, just a couple days ago I was sitting in the school library during my off-period and decided to read America on Death Watch, and what I read was very interesting. It was time for class, so I had to stop reading and leave, but I got through your description of the number 14 and that was on my mind all day. Just today, again, during my off-period, I pulled up your blog and decided to finish it. What you had to say about 222, division, and union was something that especially stood out. When you subtracted 222 from 2015 and got the year 1793, I was very intrigued by what you pulled out of that year. It was then that I realized that only hours before I was in the library today, I had just taken notes in my European History class on the events of the French Revolution from 1792-1795. The first thing I did was open my notebook and look at the notes I took earlier in class. The first thing I noticed was "September 5, 1793 – The Law of General Maximum: Limited prices of grain and other essentials minimized to 1/3 portions above the 1790 prices; Wages cut to 1/2 of 1790 figures. Prices were strictly enforced, food supplies were secured, and 'hoarders' were executed by the military." Though that is France, I felt like it was saying something very important. As well as that, in that same exact year, Louis XIV was executed. He was no longer a king, his high position had dissolved instantly. He was brought to the same level as the normal citizen, he was no longer superior. He was beheaded at the guillotine. Later in the day I got in my car and saw my gas milage or something (I don't know how to read numbers on cars, sorry.) But the number said 179.2… 1792, only one year before. When I got home I opened my notes once again, and there it was – "The September Massacre of 1792: Over 1,000 Parisians killed." I wanted to share my input with you, as I believe it means something very significant to what you posted.

    Thank You



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