The Beginning of Birth Pangs

by | Feb 19, 2009

Joseph Herrin (02-19-09)

Matthew 24:7-8
For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.

Even as there have been many signs of the impending disintegration of America, there are many signs of major conflicts occurring between nations. I would like to share with you some very recent signs in the news, and relate them to past testimonies the Father has given. Let me begin by citing the following news article.

Satellite collision ‘more powerful than China’s ASAT test’

* 20:39 13 February 2009 by Paul Marks
Space weapons are dangerous – but out-of-control, defunct satellites can do just as much damage, if not more.

So says a leading space scientist who has calculated that Tuesday’s collision between an Iridium communications satellite and the defunct Soviet-era Cosmos 2251 spacecraft expended a great deal more destructive energy than China’s infamous anti-satellite missile test did in January 2007.
In 2003, space debris expert Hugh Lewis and colleagues at the University of Southampton in the UK ran predictions on the debris field that would be created in a hypothetical Iridium satellite break-up owing to a collision with just 1 kilogram of space junk (Acta Astronautica, doi:10.1016/S0094-5765(02)00290-4).
Now, based on initial analysis of Cosmos 2251’s orbital data, mass and velocity, he has estimated some of the dynamics involved in last week’s much more energetic collision event.
To be completely obliterated, a spacecraft must suffer a direct hit with an energy of 40 joules for every gram of its mass.
In China’s anti-satellite (ASAT) test, a defunct weather satellite called Fengyun-1C was destroyed by a missile that imparted an estimated 350 joules per gram of its mass. (The figure is an estimate because the missile’s mass is not known for certain.)
But the Iridium and Cosmos satellites collided at 42,120 kilometres per hour, Lewis calculates, imparting 50,000 joules per gram of their mass.
The resulting “unprecedented” debris field, says Lewis, is still being analysed by space agencies. But he expects it to create an extra 10,000 debris shards varying in size from centimetres to tennis-ball sized – more than triple the number created in the ASAT test…

What this heavenly signs indicates is a coming cataclysmic collision between Russia and the United States. There is much that is symbolic in the account. The Russian satellite was defunct, that is to say, it was no longer considered useful. In a striking parallel, much of the world has written off the threat which Russia poses ever since the break-up of the Soviet Union. Appearances can be very deceiving. This “defunct” Russian satellite completely destroyed the “active” American satellite. In the process, however, the Russian satellite was also destroyed.

Back in 2004 the Father began giving America prophetic warnings of judgment to come by means of the grand parable of hurricanes striking the nation. Each hurricane bore a name that spoke prophetically of a nation that would strike America. The most devastating storm in 2004 was Hurricane Ivan. Ivan struck the United States three times. Three is a number denoting fulness and completion.

Hurricane Ivan Storm Track

Hurricane Ivan caused tremendous damage to America’s oil infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil will also be a central component of the conflicts to come.

Damage to an oil platform caused by Hurricane Ivan

If you desire to read more detail about the coming conflict over oil, I would direct you to the presentation titled Black Oil Anointing.

Many Americans are ignorant of the enmity that has been created toward the nation due to her wars in the Middle East. The wars have never been about terrorism. They have always been about control of the world oil supply. Iraq has the largest known reserves of undeveloped oil fields in the world. Saddam Hussein had contracted with outside nations to develop these vast oil reserves. The three primary nations he had contracted with were Russia, China and France. Saddam Hussein had blacklisted American and British companies, shutting them out of the bidding process. The American state department perceived this as a grave threat to American hegemony, and documents at the time reveal this.

Note that the source of the information portrayed on this map is the “U.S. Department of Energy, American Petroleum Institute.” The largest contracts were all given to China, France, Russia, and Russia’s Satellite countries. America has already had a conflict with Russia over one Russian satellite country, that being Georgia. Now there are conflicts stirring among other Russian satellites, such as Kyrgyzstan. It will inevitably be a collision surrounding one of these Russian satellites that precipitates great destruction between Russia and America.

The contracts signed by Saddam Hussein included oil and revenue sharing agreements, and would erode the control the American and British governments held over the world supply of oil. Saddam Hussein has done some things which are reprehensible, but it was not for these offenses that America had him captured, tried and executed. It was all about oil, and Saddam Hussein declared this to the very end.

A context had to be created whereby America and England might go in and wrest control of the oil fields, and the war on terror was therefore planned and carried out with very precise goals. There were never any weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, and the vast majority of those Arabs identified as being involved in the hijackings on 9-11 were from Saudi Arabia. There was no reason to invade Iraq other than oil, and the military was tasked with the first priority of securing the oil fields.

Foreign newspapers were not silent about the actual motives of America and Great Britain in going into Iraq. Many nations condemned this action, and the United Nations refused to sanction the invasion of the country. America and Britain therefore came up with their own “coalition.” However, the vast majority of troops to be deployed have always been American and British.

China, Russia and France were all very vocal in their objections to the invasion, and for good reason. They knew that the intent was to cancel the contracts that they had legally negotiated with the government of Iraq. Many people may remember the opposition of France being very much known at the time. France was vilified in the American press, and people even re-named “french fries” as “freedom fries.”

What most Americans do not understand, and Christians are no exception, is that all of the major media sources in America are controlled by those with an agenda to propagandize the citizens of the nation. There is no greater manifestation of the power of propaganda used with skill and subtlety than in this nation. The people truly are sheep being herded by masters that are little recognized.

The invasion of Iraq took place in 2003, and the following year four hurricanes struck America. They bore names relating to China (Hurricane Charley), France (Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne), and Russia (Hurricane Ivan). These nations have deep, festering resentments to the heavy-handed actions of America and Great Britain, and the coming wars will reveal this deep animosity.

This past week there was another news story that caught my attention.

February 17, 2009
French and British Submarines Collide

LONDON — In a freak accident, two submarines carrying nuclear missiles, one French and the other British, collided while submerged on operational patrols in the Atlantic early this month, the British and French defense ministries said Monday.

Both vessels returned damaged but otherwise safe to their home ports, with the 250 crew members aboard uninjured and with “no compromise to nuclear safety,” the defense ministries said in terse statements that appeared to have been agreed upon by the nations. The reference appeared to cover the nuclear reactors that power the submarines and the 16 ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads that the British and French vessels each routinely carry on patrols…

The collision spurred a fresh outcry from groups in Britain and France that have demanded that the nations scrap their nuclear arsenals, with representatives saying that only chance had prevented a more serious impact that could have sunk both vessels, along with their missiles. The collision “could have released vast amounts of radiation and scattered scores of nuclear warheads across the seabeds,” said Kate Hudson, the chairwoman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, a long-established protest group in Britain.

The collision of the vessels on the night of Feb. 3, at a location neither nation disclosed, was described by military experts in London and Paris as a one-in-a-million occurrence, given the expanse of the oceans and the low number of submarines carrying ballistic missiles on patrol at any time. The nations with such vessels are the United States, Russia and China, as well as Britain and France.

Just as startling, the experts said, was that the French Defense Ministry appeared not to have known in the immediate aftermath that its submarine, Le Triomphant, had struck the British submarine, H.M.S. Vanguard. On Feb. 6, the ministry released a statement in Paris saying that the French vessel had “collided with an immersed object,” which it described as probably a drifting cargo container, and that the submarine’s sonar dome, located in its nose and crucial to its ability to track other vessels, had been seriously damaged.

It is sobering to think that this collision involved vessels carrying nuclear weapons. The article states that the French submarine struck the British one. It is also mentioned that the collision occurred on February 3rd. Those who have read the recent writing The Day the Music Died may recognize this as the date in which the plane carrying Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens crashed killing all aboard 50 years ago.

Hurricane Frances struck the United States in 2004. The name Frances means “Frenchman.” Then came Hurricane Jeanne. Jeanne is also a French name, being a form of the name John in the same way that the name Ivan is a Russian form of the name John.

The witnesses have continued since them. In 2006 Hurricane Denis struck the Gulf of Mexico. Denis is the name of the patron saint of France, considered a protector of the nation. Hurricane Denis tore the legs out from under the Thunder Horse Platform, the world’s largest oil drilling platform. The Thunder Horse Platform is owned by British Petroleum.

British Petroleum’s Thunder Horse Platform damaged by Denis

One could hardly expect a more readily understandable parable of the conflict which is to erupt. This conflict has been simmering “under the surface” even as the British and French subs were “under the surface” of the water. Soon, things will erupt into all out war. England and France have a long history of conflict. To see a list of these wars, take a look at the following link:

Now we actually have a collision of two submarines from these respective nations, each carrying nuclear missiles. Certainly what is symbolized is a very terrifying prospect.

We are entering into days which will be known as the beginning of birth pangs. The sons of God must come forth to be revealed in maturity, but the contractions the earth will experience at this time will be very severe.

Romans 8:19, 22
For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God… For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.

Let us be alert and sober, for the day of the Lord is at hand.

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