A Church Without Ears

by | Oct 27, 2010

I have been spending some time converting some of my older writings to PDF format for the re-designed Heart4God website which is getting closer to completion. I want to share here a writings I posted nine years ago this month. It relates a dream I had.

I do not often remember dreaming, so this was an unusual event for me. As I read over this writing I was impressed by what was shared, as more recent events have confirmed aspects of what was related. A couple years ago Joe Boes, a brother from Atlanta, and I traveled to North Georgia to hear a prophet speak. Afterwards, this man shared some personal words of knowledge for those gathered. I was one of the last he spoke to. He did not know me, but testified that God had called me to be a teacher, and I would be teaching with fire.

In the dream which is related, there is a tongue of fire that appears above my head. Yet, this event does not occur until after great darkness descends upon the land. Only when there is darkness do the people lay aside their frivolity and vain pursuits and manifest any interest in hearing the things of God.

I had forgotten this writing, and the dream sounds like something being related by another person, as I now have no memory of it. Yet, in reading of it, I am encouraged that a day is near when the people of God will truly hunger and thirst for words of truth. Though it will only be a remnant, Yahweh will raise up a people to be a praise unto Him in the earth.

I will share this earlier writing here. Afterward I have included some links to recent videos by Andrew Strom. They are very revelatory of the state of a large segment of the church today that is focused upon signs and wonders. One must question how such people as those depicted in the videos can possibly be spared being swept away by the massive deception that is coming in a time of gross darkness. Many are being told by ministers to not question strange manifestations, or equally bizarre doctrines. Those who no longer examine all things carefully will fall prey to deceiving spirits.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

A Church Without Ears
Joseph Herrin (10-20-01)

It is rare that I have dreams that I remember, but last night I had such a dream. It was a very frustrating dream, but as I think on it the dream mirrors the experience I have had in attempting to proclaim the truths of God to the church. Let me relate the dream to you here.

The dream began as I found myself in a home group setting. I was in the home of some people we knew from the last church in which I ministered. I had my Bible and a little note pad with writing on it, and I was prepared to proclaim the word of God to the group assembled there. It was evident that the group also knew that I was the one to bring the message that evening.

As sometimes occurred during these home groups, there was much activity, with people talking, people getting up to go to another room, the phone ringing, etc.. I was smoldering inside with a desire to deliver the word that was within me, but the people were not showing any eagerness to hear the word. The lady in whose house we were meeting got up at one point to go wash a load of clothes, and I remember that as she did this that everyone else went to go do things as well, and I was left alone in the room.

I was frustrated by this, but soon everyone made their way back into the room. The room was noisy with conversation and the phone ringing, and this prevented any teaching from going on. Eventually someone suggested that we go outside where there was a better environment for teaching. At this suggestion, everyone in the room got up and went outside.

I remember that outside there was a large parking lot such as one would find at a shopping center. The people walked across this lot and gathered at a location, but it was noisy there as well. I remember that there were people out in the parking lot working on vehicles. There was a large travel trailer that was jacked up on one side as some people were changing the wheel. After milling around for a time, someone suggested that we move somewhere else.

Finally we gathered at another spot, and there were many more people present than at the first. I began to try to speak forth the word, but there were many conversations going on, and since I was on the same level as everyone else, many could not hear me, or even see where I was at. In the dream there was a table present, so I climbed up on the table to get everyone’s attention and I began to call out for people to look at me and listen.

I began to speak forth the message the Father had given to me, but I had not gotten far into it when I noticed a young woman going around from person to person at one end of those gathered. She was telling them something that she would like them to do. It was some type of activity that she wanted them to participate in, and she was distracting the attention of everyone around her, making it impossible for me to continue speaking. I asked her to stop what she was doing and to sit down. I remember that my request was delivered to her very bluntly, but she complied and sat down.

As I began to speak again another interruption occurred, and at this I began to proclaim a different message focused on making known to the people that all of their activities were displeasing to the Father. I began to tell them the message that is recorded in the book I recently wrote, entitled “Sabbath.” I began to tell them how their activities were originating in their own souls and not in the spirit and how this would bring the judgment of God. Finally I declared, “You people will not desire to receive light until you have been surrounded by gross darkness.”

I then prayed for darkness to fall on the people, and darkness did come. It was a darkness so thick that it could be felt and no one there dared move. At this point a tongue of flame appeared over my head and all eyes were drawn to the light that it produced. The attention of everyone was toward the tongue of flame. Then the dream ended.

It is not difficult to perceive the message in this dream. From my own perspective, it was a very frustrating dream. I wanted to deliver the message that the Father had given to me, but no one desired to hear it. The people had no real hunger to hear the word of God. They were distracted by this thing and that. They preferred their own activities.

As a minister in the church, my experience has paralleled this dream in many ways. In home groups I often found that it was with great difficulty that people were brought to the place of seeking the Father’s desire for them during that time. In more than one home the telephone sat in the middle of the room we were gathered in, and no matter what was going on, when the phone rang it would be answered and the host couple would speak on the phone disrupting the flow of what was transpiring.

On one occasion, a getaway was planned for the ministers and their wives. It was announced by the head pastor that we would go up to a house in the mountains and we would spend time seeking the Father in prayer, and discussing the direction of the church. I was the most junior minister present, having only been ordained that year, so I waited for others to take the lead in this time. We had four or five days at this house in the mountains.

The first day the ministers just sat around and talked, and I was surprised to find when we got to this house that there was a large television set up in the main room and it was on most of the time. The ministers would watch sports, or the news, or some old movie, and I waited and waited for the prayer time and the seeking of the mind of God that had been announced.

On another day while there a driving trip was planned. The scenery in the mountains was beautiful, but I was desirous of praying together as ministers and seeking God’s instruction. Instead many stops were made at little antique shops and roadside sites. Another day was spent in mindless activity and driving to a nearby town to eat together in a restaurant.

On the morning of our last day we still had not prayed together or discussed anything about the church. I spoke up and shared my disappointment with the other ministers and I was met with reproach, but they agreed to spend the time that morning doing what had been announced as our goal for being there. However, our time was almost up, and we had only a couple of hours and we had to leave the house and return home.

On many occasions during my tenure at that body, when the word of God was burning inside me, I found that the other ministers and the congregation had little interest in the message. This was a body that was viewed as very progressive and that was moving in renewal. The gifts of the Spirit were welcome, but the burning truths of God found little welcome there.

For a year and a half now I have been outside of the organized church. I have visited another church with some friends, but from the very first meeting it was obvious that the truths of God were not welcome there. A message of prosperity was being taught and the focus of the preaching was upon building the church organization and swelling the numbers in attendance.

I see no desire in the organized church to hear the messages that the Father would proclaim to them in this hour. There is still no room in the inn. The Savior still has no place to lay His head (His mind is not sought, and His message is not received.) As it was in my dream, I believe that the church will not begin to seek the truth and the light until they find themselves immersed in gross darkness, a darkness so thick that it can be felt. Only in their utter desperation will they begin to seek a message of truth and light.

This is a frustrating time for those ministers of God who have a burning inside of them to speak forth the message Yahweh has given to them. The church does not have ears to hear. As long as things are fine, or even tolerable, in their lives they will not seek a word of truth. They are content to know material blessing and they equate this with spiritual success. Oh church of Laodicea, you say, ‘“I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.’ You have neither eyes to see, nor ears to hear.

If the hearts of those who would speak forth a message of truth and light are so frustrated in this hour, then what is the emotion of the One who is the source of the message? Is He not frustrated as well? Will He not judge His household soon and teach them to desire truth and light?

I believe the message of my dream to be that only when the church finds itself surrounded by gross darkness will she begin to seek the light. The darkness is coming swiftly. Do not pray for a delay of darkness. To do so is to pray for a delay in repentance coming to a church that loves not the truth.


Kundalini Warning  Part 1

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBpw2oQrvMM&feature=related

Kundalini Warning Part 2

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Kundalini Warning – Part 3

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Herrin,
    could you possibly post a little adendum to your recent post, maybe explaining a little what is going on in the videos. I am hesitant to watch any of them as I know the Kundalini spirit is from Hinduism (the snake at the bottom of the spine working its way up). I've watched stuff on others blogs and wham saw something I was not ready for or prayed up on before.

  2. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Deirdre,

    Andrew Strom is exposing these Hindu spirits which have gained entrance into the church under the guise of revival. Mr. Strom is not advocating embracing such spirits, but rather warning those who have discernment to recognize them as unclean.

  3. Kevin

    Dear brother Joseph,
    Thank you for this timely message. God speaks and confirms. You met with us earlier this year and since then, even before you arrived, our home church group was been invaded by unwholesome teaching. Now, just in the last few days, my wife and I have discontinued the monthly meetings due to several falling away from the Truth of God's Holy Word. This is heart-breaking to us, but we followed the admonition of Christ to His disciples when he told them that if they were not received, they should depart and shake the dust off their feet. We exhorted our dear brothers and sisters to remain strong in the Truth, but they preferred to scratch their itching ears. We send prayers of encouragement that you remain strong in the Truth and experience the joy of God's Love. We appreciate you and your teachings, harsh as they may seem to some. We see the unutterable peace and fulfillemnt that awaits us and focus on that, giving little heed to these present "light afflictions." May our heavenly Father richly bless you in all your work, physical and spiritual. In the name and power of Christ, we pray. Amen. Kevin

  4. Anonymous


    Ah yes, how difficult it is to find a church that is interested in glorifying Our Lord and Saviour.

    We finally gave up on the one we were attending. It was a gigantic social club, with people sitting slurping coffee and eating during service. They were getting ready to build some stores in the adjacent building so people could do some shopping! I am not kidding.

    We ran.

  5. Anonymous

    Brother Joseph:

    Amen! Thank you for posting this.

    My great concern is that not only is the church distracted by many things and uninterested in hearing from God, but she is also, in my experience, almost completely uninterested in prayer. In light of the times we are in, this is very dangerous indeed.

    I have to agree with you that we should not pray for the darkness to be delayed, for if we do we stand in opposition to the dealings of God.

  6. Anonymous

    Amen, brother Joseph. So few, even in church circles, have the burning desire to hear from the LORD.

    My heart has broken on multiple occasions in a small group Bible study we attend when all the men want to talk about is sports and the women about immediate, personal concerns. Challenging them to bring the same passion to God's Word and Spirit seems not to have altered their priorities.

    Still, the Spirit of God is a spirit of patience and forbearance along with the burning Truth. One can only begin to imagine what Jesus endured.

    When you speak of great darkness, what comes to mind are images of ash (death) from the recent volcano in Indonesia, as depicted in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVitigd74lM

    In a similar vein, I find it interesting that the ash has covered the Buddhist temple Borobudur, both closing it to pilgrims and eroding it with sulfuric acid. See: http://www.eturbonews.com/19273/borobudur-closed-climb

    Grace and Peace. Keep up the good work!

  7. Shelly

    Of my more serious friends on Facebook, I have often heard them share of their frustration at trying to share truth on that site only for it to be ignored or negative comments to be made. People can talk alot about nonsense and some get many posts over a funny video or similar but the truth is oftentimes ignored. You're right. It's only when gross darkness is upon people that they will begin to wake up. That has been my thought for years. People are still too comfortable.


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