Could the Fall of America be Near?

by | Oct 5, 2010

Joseph Herrin (10-05-2010)

Odometer Reading 14322

In my last post I mentioned that a brother in Tennessee had generously offered to provide me with RV parts from a wrecked motorhome he had bought as a salvage unit. I knew this was the Father’s provision as I had been looking for a wrecked RV to get parts from. This unit was newer than what I had hoped for, and there was no cost for the parts. Our Father Who sends His people bread freely from heaven, and causes water to flow freely from the Rock, is well able to supply us with that which we need when we need it. How blessed it is when He uses His sons and daughters as the channel of this blessing to others. The saying is true, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I know that my own blessing has been tremendous in receiving, so how much more those who have given?

This past Thursday I left to drive to Tennessee to get the parts offered to me for this bus conversion project. As I was about to set out I checked the odometer on my van. The Father had spoken significantly through numbers as I began my trip across the country some months back. I was interested to see what my odometer read as I was heading out. I was amazed as I looked at the mileage. I got out my camera and took the photo above.

As I have shared a number of times, the number 14 signifies transition. The Father has used this number in significant ways in my life. A recent post was titled “A Time of Transition.” What an affirmation it was to see this number on my odometer as the Father was leading me out to go pick up the parts I would need to convert this school bus into a motorized home.

In the previous post I also wrote about the need to know WHAT we are preparing for. The number 14 on my odometer represents change, and transition, but what are we to be preparing for? The number 322 is also a number I have written about on a number of occasions.

The above symbol is the emblem of the Skull and Bones club that meets on the campus of Yale University in a building called The Crypt. Both Presidents Bush were members of this secret society. The number 322 holds much symbolism for the Illuminati. The Georgia Guidestones were dedicated on March 22nd (3/22), and the nefarious Healthcare Reform Bill was passed by Congress on a vote taken late on a Sunday night, marking the time of its passing as 3/22/2010 Greenwich Mean Time.

I ask myself at times whether I am not being unnecessarily alarmist by sharing certain things with others. I question whether anything dire could actually be about to occur in this nation which has known such prosperity and peace for generations. Could the Father truly be saying that the period He is preparing His sons and daughters to transition into is one marked by tremendous tribulation; of suffering, death and calamity?

Who could have imagined on that sunny day in September of 2001 in Manhattan that death and destruction of an unprecedented nature was about to befall America’s queen city? Who could imagine that the World Trade Towers, which were apparently so strong, solid, and resilient, would lie in smoldering ruins just a few hours later? If anyone on the street had been forewarned, indeed if you or I had received a dream or prophecy of what was to occur, could we have truly embraced it? Could our minds have envisioned such a thing?

What then, if the Spirit is telling His people to prepare for calamity at this time? Could they receive such a word? Would their minds accept it when all around them seems to go on as normal? After all, this is America. It is the land of blessing and prosperity, of ease and comfort. What could possibly happen to the world’s sole superpower? What could cause the indomitable dollar to fail, or the world’s oldest democracy to descend into a totalitarian regime?

Yet, every great empire of man has fallen. Many of them suddenly and spectacularly. The book of Daniel records how Babylon the Great was conquered in a single night as the Medes and Persians entered the city which was at ease. On the same night that Belshazzar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar, brought the golden cups dedicated to the service of Yahweh for his ministers to drink wine out of, he was judged and lost his life.

America also holds a cup of defilement in her hands. The blood of 60 million babies stains the soil of America. What nation has ever committed greater abominations than the United States and been spared the sudden and devastating judgment of Yahweh? Is not the symbol of the skull and bones an appropriate emblem of a nation that murders its unborn children at the altar of pleasure and convenience? Will not Yahweh cause such a people to drink from the cup of her own abominations?

When I begin to remember the many signs Yahweh has been giving of America’s collapse, I must conclude that I am not giving myself to vain imagination when I begin to anticipate unprecedented days of sorrow ahead. I have already recounted these signs a myriad of times, from the two Miss U.S.A. s collapsing on the world stage in 2007 and 2008, to the President and 500,000 citizens of the nation singing “This will be the day that I die” at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremonies.


Then I consider the symbolism the Father gave to both Randy Simmons and I as Randy was led to purchase a motorhome, and I was led to purchase a bus last year. Yahweh spoke through the image of a dove with an olive branch in its mouth, a symbol relating to the judgment of the earth in the days of Noah. Yahweh was telling us to prepare an ark, a mobile habitation for days of judgment.

See past blogs:

Am, I foolish to be anticipating days of such a dark character that most Americans can scarcely imagine? The causes for judgment are gravely serious and abundant. The divine testimonies of coming judgment have been profound and abundant. The earthly signs of an impending economic and societal collapse are equally abundant. Is it not more of a vain imagination to believe that things will continue on as they have? Already the nation is so deeply in debt that many generations could not pay off the burden. It will only take one event to initiate the collapse, and there will be no stopping America’s fall. Yahweh has determined it. He will bring it about swiftly.

I try to keep these things in perspective as I consider what it is the Father is directing me to do at this hour. What is it He is having me to make preparation for? Surely He is not merely interested in giving me a larger vehicle to live in.

I am no more a carpenter, electrician and plumber by trade than Noah was a shipwright. Yet, when the Father calls a people to a work, and to make preparation for days of judgment, He will equip them and guide them in all they are called to do. Could you have built a ship large enough to accommodate all the animals of the earth for more than a year, and your own family as well? Could you have built it to withstand the greatest flood the world has ever known? Nor could Noah in his own strength and abilities. But Yahweh was with him.

My own project seems puny in comparison, but I am just as dependent upon the Father to guide me and enable me. He has truly been going before me. The Father greatly blessed me by providing the vast majority of the appliances, fixtures, and underlying infrastructure free of cost for the bus conversion I am beginning.

Mike Mitchell runs a salvage business in Tennessee. He and his wife Donna had purchased a wrecked motorhome, sight unseen, about a year ago. The description they had of the motorhome did not reveal the extent of the damage. Consequently, after they saw it, they determined that it would not be practical to repair the motorhome to make it road worthy.

Mike and Donna graciously offered to me all of the parts I needed off of this motorhome. The unit was only a couple years old, so the parts and fixtures are in nearly new condition. If I had to purchase all of the parts I received, they would have cost me nearly $5,000. Among the items I was able to salvage were:

AC/DC Refrigerator
Stove/Oven Combo (Propane)
Water heater (Propane)
Dining Room Table and Benches
Power Converter and Fuse Panel
Kitchen Sink
Roof Mounted Air Conditioner
Sewer Tanks
Potable Water Tank and Pump
Outside Entrance Door
Bathroom Door
Roof Vents
12 Volt Lighting Fixtures
20 Gallon Propane Tank (Full)
Power Cord
Exterior Driving Mirrors
Miscellaneous small items

When I look at the details of this trip to go get these parts, I am amazed at what the Father has done. Mike and Donna were planning on going out of town this past Sunday afternoon to be gone most of the week. I contacted Mike the Thursday morning before he was to leave. I sensed that the Father would not have me to delay. I could drive up that day and get everything done before they were to leave on Sunday.

I arrived Thursday afternoon and Friday I began the work of pulling parts off of the wrecked RV. I began with the potable water system. I had just finished this when a brother in Christ, Leslie, showed up to give me a hand. He helped me to get all the remaining big items pulled and packed in the U-Haul trailer I had rented that morning. Together we pulled the sewer tanks, and Leslie removed the shower, toilet, and large propane tank from the RV. He arrived at the perfect time, and had the right tools and skills to get the work done.

Altogether, the work went very quickly, and by Saturday at noon I was on my way back to Georgia with a trailer full of very serviceable RV parts. Even the rental of the U-Haul was a provision of God. There was a U-Haul dealer just 12 miles away who had the large 6 foot by 12 foot trailer I needed. He said it had come in the night before. I drove by his business as I was returning to Georgia Saturday and every truck and trailer was rented. The Father provided just what I needed at the right time.

People of God, some have commented that my writing is filled with doom and gloom. Surely words of impending judgment, the collapse of the nation’s economy and political system, are out of synch with the messages being proclaimed in the pulpits of tens of thousands of churches. If someone wants a prosperity message, they will not have any trouble finding one. I am sure Noah’s message was out of synch with his generation. Yet when the ark was finished Noah and his family entered in. God shut the door, and the floods came.

Let us all be sensitive to know what the Father would have us to do in this hour. He will surely help those whose hearts are set to obey Him. He will go before you. He will enable you to accomplish what you could not do in your own strength. He would have you prepared spiritually and physically for the days you have been called to walk through.

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  1. Anonymous

    I know brother Jospeh that the Usa is about to fall I try and warn my family and friends but the continue to do the "stevie wonder".
    We are too morally financially spiritually bankrupt. to stay a super-power.I dont think you are a doom and gloomer.You speak the truth!
    Your bro in Christ Manaen

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Joseph, I am waiting to hear your Holy Spirit insired comments sbout the discovery of that new "earthlike' planet in the 'goldilocks" zone' of outer space. i can't remember the planet's name, but it is sure to be of significance. Those Publicity Relations jokers down at NASA actaully had their spokesperson say that this planet might be a good place "for all of us' ( translate: an elite few jokers only) to escape should things go "horribly wrong "on earth!! Gee, guess they got the "horribly wrong" part correct., duhyathink?

    Only catch is, it takes twenty light years and twenty billion dollars to get there. Perhap the Illuminasties are expecting the downfall of more than just America? Is there a special spiritual significance to the discovery of this planet at this time? The plot thickens…

  3. Anonymous


    I have had dreams about terrific earthquakes in America, explosions, and famines. Many others have had similar dreams and visions. We are being warned that judgment is about befall America like we have never seen before. The only safety is under the wings of our God on Most High.

    Blessings and Peace to you,

  4. Anonymous

    I find it interesting that the 'resurrection' of the Sumerian/Babylonian language has caught the rage of the media in the past few days. There was a reason God destroyed the Tower of Babel. Wonder why it has been announced at this time. This is a huge heads up to me. Are the demons being released?

  5. Anonymous

    Timely article. To confirm this I just saw this article that shows the presidential seal falling of the podium of the president. It reminds me of the two Miss Americas falling.

    Keep on speaking as the Lord leads even if it is doom and gloom, the Lord is coming and people need to wake up out of their stupor.

  6. Anonymous

    Brother Joseph:

    The number of people who are warning of soon-coming catastrophe seems to increase every day! Not too long ago, you were the lunatic fringe, now you're just mainstream. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, brother!


  7. Anonymous

    In the Book of Daniel, it's interesting that Daniel used the 'Curse' word only once.
    Today, only One word is heard, not Curse – but Bless.
    What's up ahead is suffering but we must remember what Paul said, "That I may KNOW HIM and THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS".

    God Bless you Joseph. You are an encouragement to me and thousands of us in the ranks of the Remnant.

  8. David

    In the Book of Daniel, it's interesting that Daniel used the 'Curse' word only once.
    Today, only One is heard, not Curse – but Bless.
    What's up ahead is suffering but we must remember what Paul said, "That I may KNOW HIM and THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS".

    God Bless you Joseph. You are an encouragement to me and thousands of us in the ranks of the Remnant.

  9. Anonymous

    Here is the link for that speech today for 2010 FORTUNE, the presidential seal fell off just as he said “we cannot sustain”. And notice that the word "FORTUNE" in capital letters is prominent.

    God is speaking loudly folks, can you hear Him?

  10. gibby62

    Keep doing what you're doing despite what other "say". I'm sure that they said the same things about Jeremiah while the other so-called prophets were spouting good news. Guess we know how that turned out!!

  11. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Herrin,
    The LORD has been speaking a few prophetic things to me. One was just revealed in my own life recently. A few months ago while having a gallbladder attack the LORD asked me, “if the pain never stops will you deny ME?” I was crushed and honored at the same time: scared at the possibility of unending pain, honored GOD would put me to the test/task–and I know that HE would provide the grace. Then a couple weeks ago the LORD told me I would have a gallbladder attack and it would be for a test. Sure enough I had one and soon after had surgery for it. The surgery was supposed to be simple as well as the recovery. NOT!!! Hellish pain for 10-12 days that NEVER ended. (Yes I did the dr. thing…)The narcotics just made me sick. BUT, what I learned was to rely on the LORD and nothing/noone else. The LORD did speak to me through the pain many things. By the end of my time I sensed in my spirit that the judgment coming is going to be hellish, painful, seemingly never ending. I cried out in pain as if I were in labor. I so wanted it to stop and yet! I knew, because the LORD had already warned me, that this was HIS will. HE lead me to Job 42:2 I know that YOU can do all things; no plan of YOURs can be thwarted.


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