Dragon Flood – Part 18

by | May 27, 2024

The Lies of War

The Lusitania – Precursor to America’s Entry to WWI

The hand of the invisible government has found it needful to devise atrocities that will mobilize public sentiment in favor of entry into war. The powers that govern realize that Americans are reluctant to engage in foreign wars. This was all the more true a century ago after a long period of isolationism. Americans viewed World War I as an European conflict. Most citizens of the United States believed that it was none of their affair. The banking interests needed some event to serve as a catalyst to move American opinion in the direction of open engagement in the war. The sinking of the ocean liner the Lusitania proved to be that catalyst.

The sinking of the Lusitania was a contrived affair. Although reported as an unprovoked attack of a German submarine on a defenseless passenger ship that carried nothing that threatened Germany’s war effort, the truth was far different. Of course, it was not the truth that was reported in the New York Times, or other newspapers of America. They printed propaganda with the sole aim of getting the American public to embrace entry into the war.

Cunard Lines, a British shipping company, owned the Lusitania. They had turned the ship over to the British Navy for use by England in her war against Germany. The First Lord of the Admiralty during WWI was Winston Churchill. The Lusitania was operating as an auxiliary ship of the English Navy.

Churchill sent the Lusitania to New York City where it was loaded with six million rounds of ammunition, owned by J.P. Morgan & Co., to be used by England and France in their war against Germany. England broke the German war code on December 14, 1914, and by the end of January 1915 British Intelligence was able to advise the Admiralty of the departure of every German U-boat as it left for patrol. Winston Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty knew when German U-boats would be in the area of the English Channel that separates England and France.

Germany had spies who worked on the New York docks. They reported that weapons were being loaded onto the Lusitania, which was also set to carry more than a thousand passengers to be disembarked in Ireland. Germany did not want America to enter the war on the side of the English and French. The German government did all it could to avoid inflaming American public opinion. When Germany learned that the Lusitania was being used to ferry both passengers and war supplies (a violation of International law), the German Embassy in America took out ads in 50 American newspapers, most of which were on the East Coast. The advertisements read:

NOTICE! Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that in accordance with formal notice given by Imperial German government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or of any of her allies, are liable to destruction in these waters and that travelers sailing in the war zone on ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.

The advertisement included a picture of the Lusitania with her sailing schedule.

The American State Department intercepted the ads and would not permit them to be posted in the American papers. Only one ad slipped by them, and this one was printed in the Des Moines Register, from which the above image was obtained. Captain Dow, the captain of the Lusitania resigned on March 8, 1915, just two months before the ship was sunk, because he was unwilling to shoulder the responsibility of hazarding passenger lives by carrying munitions on the ship.

When the Lusitania arrived in the English Channel off of Ireland it slowed to await the arrival of the escort ship Juno which was to lead her into port. Churchill ordered the Juno back to port, causing the Lusitania to idle for hours out in the channel where German U-boats were known to be operating. On May 7, 1915, a single torpedo from a German U-boat struck the Lusitania with its 300 pound charge of explosives. A secondary, and much larger explosion followed. This second explosion was caused by the ammunition exploding that was being carried illegally in the ship. So great was the damage caused by the second explosion that the Lusitania sank approximately 12-18 minutes later with a loss of more than 1,200 lives, more than a hundred of which were Americans.

The sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat was splashed all over the front pages of America’s largest newspapers. Germany was vilified, and eventually America entered the war on the side of Great Britain.

Cunard Lines had merged with White Lines, and J.P. Morgan was a major shareholder in the company. It is estimated that the J.P Morgan banks issued more than $500,000,000 worth of loans to nations on both sides of the war.

Perhaps the inspiration for this event was the sinking of the U.S. Navy ship Maine in 1898. The sinking of the Maine was used as a pretext for America to declare war on Spain, leading to the Spanish/American War.

The Battleship Maine was anchored in Havana Harbor in Cuba, which was a Spanish territory. America was seeking to expand her control of the Caribbean and to drive Spain out of Cuba. The Maine exploded violently while at anchor, igniting her forward munitions and killing three quarters of the sailors aboard. The U.S. blamed Spain for the explosion, decrying it as an act of war. It was later proven that the explosion had originated within the ship, and had blown the bulkheads outward. America’s government and media had suggested that Spain had planted a timed mine on the outside of the ship, but this would have blown a hole inward.

As during the Lusitania incident, newspapers were willing accomplices in declaring the sinking of the Maine the work of an enemy, and an atrocity. The headline above states “Naval Officers Unanimous That the Ship Was Destroyed on Purpose.” That much at least is true.

The granddaddy of all deceptive tragedies in American history was the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Woodrow Wilson was the American President during the Lusitania incident and during America’s entry into World War I. Wilson’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy was Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt surely knew the effectiveness of using the pretense of an unprovoked act of aggression to incite the American populace to embrace war. Roosevelt, as we saw in the previous chapter, was a member of the banking fraternity in New York. Entrance into World War II was a priority of the bankers, and Roosevelt was looking to induce either Germany or Japan to attack America that entrance into the war might be accomplished.

Roosevelt began seeking ways to provoke Japan into attacking America. In October 1940 Roosevelt proposed that America’s navy create a blockade of Japanese shipping in the Pacific, starving them of their war supplies. Admiral J.O. Richardson was asked to lead the blockade, but he protested vigorously, stating that such a blockade would be an act of war. One month later Roosevelt while campaigning for re-election told the American people, “I say to you fathers and mothers, and I will say it again and again and again, your boys will not be sent into foreign wars.” This reveals the lying nature of those who are disciples of Satan. Even as Roosevelt was seeking a way to bring America into war, he was promising America’s mothers and fathers that he would not send their sons into war.

Roosevelt continued to act in ways to provoke Japan. The most effectual action he took was to place an oil embargo on Japan, and to deny Japan access to the Panama Canal cutting her off from Venezuelan oil. Japan has no oil resources of her own. Cutting off Japan’s oil supply would bring the nation to a standstill and cripple her fighting ability. Japan had to act, and do so quickly.

Roosevelt knew that Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was the logical place for Japan to attack, so he acted to insure that the Japanese would be enticed to strike there, and that their strike would inflict great damage. Twice in 1940 Admiral Richardson advised Roosevelt to withdraw all American ships from Pearl Harbor and to locate them to the West Coast of America. He argued that his ships were inadequately manned for war, Hawaii was too exposed, and that fleet defenses at Pearl Harbor for both air and submarine attacks were below standards.

The administration of President Roosevelt began to receive warnings of Japan’s intent to attack Pearl harbor as early as January of 1941, a full eleven months before the attack.

The American Ambassador to Tokyo, Joseph C. Grew, was one of the first to officially discover that Pearl Harbor was the intended target of the Japanese attack, as he corresponded with President Roosevelt’s State Department on January 27, 1941: “The Peruvian minister has informed a member of my staff that he had heard from many sources, including a Japanese source, that, in the event of trouble breaking out between the United States and Japan, the Japanese intended to make a surprise attack against Pearl Harbor…”

By August of 1941, “The Dies committee had assembled a large amount of evidence which more than confirmed suspicions which we had entertained on the basis of surface appearances: It was clear that the Japanese were preparing to invade Pearl Harbor and that they were in possession of vital military information.”

This information was made available to the Roosevelt administration by Congressman Dies personally. But this was the second time that Dies had appealed to Roosevelt about Japan’s intention to attack Pearl Harbor: “Early in 1941 the Dies Committee came into possession of a strategic map which gave clear proof of the intentions of the Japanese to make an assault on Pearl Harbor. The strategic map was prepared by the Japanese Imperial Military Intelligence Department.”

Dies telephoned Secretary of State Cordell Hull who talked to President Roosevelt.

Congressman Dies was told not to release the document to the public, and the Roosevelt Administration did nothing.
[Source: The Unseen Hand, Ralph A. Epperson]

During this same period Roosevelt refused to have upgrades to Pearl Harbor’s radar installations performed, which were being done at other installations. Roosevelt also had Admiral Richardson replaced, for he was too outspoken about Pearl Harbor’s vulnerabilities.

On December 7, 1941, Japan launched a “surprise attack.”

The American forces were not prepared for the attack…

As their air force attacked Pearl Harbor, [the Japanese] reported that the American planes were having difficulty in getting off the ground.

This was because the American planes had been grouped in circles, with their propellers all facing inward as the result of an order by President Roosevelt. It was reported that Roosevelt had ordered the planes grouped in this fashion because he feared “acts of sabotage” against the planes and he was acting to protect them.

Since airplanes do not have a “reverse gear” the grouping of the planes in this manner made it extremely difficult for them to rapidly get out of the circle and into the air. One critic of the circling of these airplanes, Harry Elmer Barnes, has written: “Bunching the planes in a circle, wing to wing, would [make them] helpless in the event of a surprise attack.”
[Source: Ibid]

2,341 servicemen were killed that day and 1,143 wounded. Additionally, 68 civilians were killed. 18 ships, including 8 battleships, were sunk or heavily damaged. More than 200 Army Air Corps and Navy planes were destroyed. The following day Roosevelt addressed Congress and asked for a declaration of war. The newspapers took up the cry and persuaded the American citizens of the righteous indignation of their cause.

A very evident pattern is observed in these events. Time and again the government either manufactured some false atrocity, or they provoked an attack, deliberately sacrificing American lives. They did so to fulfill the desire of the money powers to bring America into war.

So successful was this pattern of deception that it has been employed again and again to lead the American people into supporting wars that profit unseen powers whose aims are inimical to those of Americans and all mankind. Once again, in 1964, President Johnson used a false report of an unprovoked attack as a pretext to engage in war against a country. It was reported that three Vietnamese PT boats attacked two American Destroyers. What has become known as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident has been revealed to not have occurred at all. Nevertheless, major news media once more touted the incident, giving it massive press exposure with the express intent of leading Americans into another war.

Various news sources, including Time, Life and Newsweek, ran articles throughout August on the Tonkin Gulf incident. Time reported: “Through the darkness, from the West and south…intruders boldly sped…at least six of them… they opened fire on the destroyers with automatic weapons, this time from as close as 2,000 yards.” Time stated that there was “no doubt in Sharp’s mind that the U.S. would now have to answer this attack,” and that there was no debate or confusion within the administration regarding the incident.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_of_Tonkin_incident]

Once again the report of the media was far different from reality. If you are not already persuaded that the current conflict, known as the War on Terror, was also precipitated by an event engineered by members of the visible and invisible government of the United States, you should consider that the government has shown a willingness to sacrifice its own citizens in order to gain the consent of the governed as they are deceived into supporting wars that profit others.

There is so much evidence available that supports the conclusion that 9-11 was an inside job of an elite group within the government that this writer has no doubt about the sinister nature of the event. There are those in government who are so cold, so calculating, and so given over to the nature of Lucifer, that they think nothing of joining Satan as he comes to “kill, steal, and destroy.”

I am unwilling to spend more time on the subject of 9-11, but will leave the reader with some resource links, should they be interested in pursuing the subject further.

Loose Change – 9-11 Documentary

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth


USA False Flags to Go to War


Parables Blog on 911


People of God, we live in an hour when deception is flooding the earth. The Christian need not be swept away by the deluge of lies. We have been given the Holy Spirit that we might know truth from falsehood, that we might walk wisely in the midst of a dark and evil generation.


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