The Fellowship of His Sufferings

by | May 18, 2010

Joseph Herrin (05-17-2010)

On Friday May 14th Randy Simmons and I struck out on the path the Father has appointed to us. Our immediate destination was Fayetteville, TN where I was to speak that night at 7 P.M.. The picture below is of our two vans at our starting point of Macon, Georgia.

Just before setting forth the Father began to set a number of prophetic signs before me. The day before I was to leave an e-mail was forwarded to me which was a compilation of a large number of prophetic words that all had the theme of “2010: The Beginning of the REAL Crisis.”

These prophecies came from a wide variety of individuals. Many are Christian prophecies, some are predictions, and some are by sources outside the Christian community such as economic forecasters, and political commentators.

It is evident that America is well on its way to a coming collapse and transformation of its government. Barack Obama promised “change” as a campaign theme, and this is precisely what he is delivering, albeit not the change most expected, or desired. Freedoms are being stripped away. The public business sector is being gobbled up by the government in huge annexations. We have seen the banking and financial sectors socialized. The automotive industry, and most recently the healthcare sector. When the full impact of these changes are realized Americans will awake to a very different nation than the one their forefathers knew.

Another looming manifestation of the President’s promised change is that very soon the dollar will be worth mere pennies. As you will see in the article linked above, there are many predicting that this “change” will occur in the latter part of this year.

The Father has not given me any definite dates on the timing of the collapse of America, but I have shared previously the reasons that I believe it is not far off. One of the signs that were observed in recent times was the crash of Metrolink 111 in California. This train left Union Station in LA and crashed at full speed into a Union Pacific freight train traveling in the opposite direction. The calamitous impact occurred so suddenly that the Metrolink conductor never even applied the brakes. I believe this is symbolic of a sudden disintegration of the Union of America.

If you have not read about this event, you can find a blog on it here:

That the train was number 111 is quite possibly related to the present Congress, which is the 111th. Truly there have been some very disturbing things done by this Congress, including the takeover of the healthcare system, the auto industry, and the delivery of trillions of dollars of American dollars to multinational bankers who are now reaping record profits. America is being looted, for the Father has delivered her into the hands of evil men for judgment.

Each Congress runs for two years, and we are now in the second year of the present Congress. This equates to the 222nd year of America. I found it very symbolic that on the morning that I left to depart on this current trek across the nation that when I got into my van to leave my odometer had the following reading on it.


Although the Spirit is testifying that very dark days lie ahead, darker than this world and nation have ever observed before, all is not black. The morning of my departure found me camping in Perry, Georgia and the Spirit bore witness that my site number was equally prophetic.

Campsite 91

I had a strong witness of the Spirit that this number related to the Psalms.

Psalms 91
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to Yahweh, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust!” For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.
You will not be afraid of the terror by night, or of the arrow that flies by day; of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, or of the destruction that lays waste at noon. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not approach you. You will only look on with your eyes, and see the recompense of the wicked. For you have made Yahweh, my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place. No evil will befall you, nor will any plague come near your tent.
For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, lest you strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and cobra, the young lion and the serpent you will trample down.
Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name. He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him, and honor him. With a long life I will satisfy him, and let him behold My salvation.”

People of God, the Spirit is testifying that days of tribulation are near at hand. He is sending me to prepare a people to stand in the midst of troublesome days. It is those who give themselves to a full surrender and absolute pursuit of the will of the Father who will be sheltered in His presence. It is a time to put aside all double-mindedness, all compromise and partial devotion and obedience. The coming days will lead to the purification and glory of a remnant, and the fall of many who do not accept the cost of discipleship.

I had prayed and asked the Father to guide me to the next place He would have me to speak to His people. The same day I received an e-mail from Mike Mitchell in Tennessee. He wrote to say that a group of saints who meet in his home would like to receive encouragement in this dying process that I had been speaking about. I could not envision a more welcome invitation, nor one more pleasing to our Father.

I cannot describe adequately to you the difference there is in the fellowship of a group of saints who desire with all their hearts to bear the cross and follow Christ, from what one normally encounters in churches. Everything is more precious, more vibrant, more alive. The hearts of the saints are more fervent, and the presence of the Spirit is equally intense. There also is a marked increase of compassion as each saint understands the afflicted path to which all are called.

Mike and Donna Mitchell – Hosts of Tennessee Meeting

What a great blessing this past week-end of meetings was. One sister (Julie Trommeter) flew in from Denver, Colorado to attend the meetings. She gets the long distance award for coming from the farthest distance. Julie was familiar with the hosts, having met them via the Internet. I also had the privilege of becoming acquainted with her last year through e-mail. It is a great joy to be able to sit down face-to-face with those whom we have only corresponded with.

Julie Trommeter

Julie sent a note from Denver today. She said she had experienced the true Philadelphian Church. There was truly a spirit of brotherly love found in the Mitchell’s home throughout the meetings. People lingered in fellowship, and there were tears and heartfelt farewells in parting.

Though Julie came the farthest distance, Carolyn Barney (pictured above on left), may have traveled the longest time. She drove six hours to attend the meetings, having come from North Carolina. Carolyn was also able to attend the meetings in North Georgia. Mike and Donna Mitchell graciously provided rooms for Julie and Carolyn to stay in. Some of the most precious time during the week-end was lingering until bedtime, in fellowship, sharing words of encouragement, and getting to know our far flung brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe one must experience such a time to fully appreciate it. I have no doubt that the relative isolation of many of Christ’s scattered remnant makes these rare times of gathering a very precious time. They are like an oasis of refreshing to those who have wandered in wilderness places.

The Spirit of Christ truly guided in the meetings. Once more the message of a full surrender to the leading of the Spirit was presented. Understanding the significance of the hour we live in and recognizing the work our Father will accomplish among a remnant of His people was set forth.

A profound move of the Spirit was experienced in the session that took place Saturday afternoon. The Spirit was powerfully wooing the hearts of His people to embrace the path He has chosen for them, and to accept the life He has foreordained. One after another, Yahweh’s sons and daughters came to be prayed for and to express their intent to not fall short of the will of the Father for their life.

There were twelve or thirteen in attendance at each session. Many of those gathered have already experienced the cost of surrender. Some have found that family and friends have withdrawn. Christians they formerly had fellowship with have chosen a broad and easy path, and a separation has occurred there as well. A portion of the talks focused on the separation that is the natural consequence of following Christ. When one accepts the call of the Spirit to follow Christ down paths that are the antithesis of the desire of man’s soul, they find that there are few traveling companions.

Matthew 7:14
“For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.”

If you consider this matter, perhaps you can see why these small fellowships and intimate meetings are so precious. They are populated by fellow sufferers. There is truly a FELLOWSHIP in Christ’s sufferings.

Philippians 3:8-10
More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Yahshua my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ…, that I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death…

Revelation 3:10
Because you have guarded and kept My word of patient endurance [have held fast the lesson of My patience with the expectant endurance that I give you], I also will keep you [safe] from the hour of trial (testing) which is coming on the whole world to try those who dwell upon the earth.
[Amplified Bible]

I believe the meaning of this passage is often misunderstood by the saints of God. I do not believe the Father is saying that the Philadelphia church will be bypassed by the hour of testing. Rather, they will be guarded and watched over carefully by the Father in that hour. Because they have stood faithful to Him, He will not forsake them.

It is my hope and earnest expectation that as the Spirit continues to lead me across America that He will bring together His last days message with those overcomers who have been prepared to receive it.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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  1. Kim

    I prayed for you this a.m., Joseph. If you get near SW Ohio, please let me know. I would love to attend a meeting. Is there anything you need? How can I help?

    God bless and keep you,


  2. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Kim,

    It would be a blessing to meet you at some meetings along the way. I cannot think of any outstanding needs I have at this time, but I do appreciate your kind offer.

    I will be keeping my traveling itinerary posted, so keep watching, and perhaps soon we will be able to have fellowship together.

  3. Joe Brazzeal

    Dear Joseph, Brothers, and Sisters,

    Wake Up Call

    Last Sunday (June 13) my truck wouldn't start. Not fretting any, I shrugged it
    off and went about my day. Monday morning, getting ready for work, same
    thing happened. I had planned on
    putting in as many hours as I could
    this week. Midday, when the shade of a
    tree was over the truck, I cleaned the
    battery posts, terminals, and wiggled
    some wires. Nothing.

    I said, "Okay Father, you don't want me
    to go to work, you must have something
    important to tell me." So I commenced
    downloading all the messages from the
    O'Connell and Mitchell meetings. For
    most of each day, from Mon.-Sat., I
    listened to the messages and took
    notes. Not once did I insert my truck
    key in the ignition.

    Because of my hearing impairment and
    the below par quality of the audio
    files, I couldn't use just any player.
    I had to use Audacity audio editor to
    amplify, normalize, remove noise, and
    slow down different sections
    throughout. I believe this is the will
    of Yahweh, to slow me down and make
    sure I chewed and digested the manna

    Before long, I knew this was the last
    opportunity for me to heed my calling.
    But what precipitated that thought, was
    the feeling that the Gulf oil spill
    disaster was the last nail driven into
    the coffin where America's corpse lies.
    Soon, the coffin will be lowered into
    the grave.

    And I fervently believe, that in the
    weeks and months ahead, when disasters,
    chaos, and catastrophes abound all
    around us, I only have two choices.
    Walk with God or be left alone. And
    being left alone without guidance and
    direction in these end times, really
    scared me.

    For the past seven years my beer
    drinking had gotten out of hand,
    sometimes every evening for a month
    straight. Plus I have problems with
    anger and unforgiveness sometimes. I
    never could come up with good enough
    reasons to stop. This week, our Father
    gave me an ultimatum. Get on the bus,
    because He won't be coming by anymore.
    That was all I needed.

    Here's an excerpt from "Evidences of Separation"…

    "Now it doesn't matter what you've
    done in your past. Suppose you've
    stumbled and fallen and suppose you've
    known you had this call, but have
    shrunk back. It doesn't matter. Put it
    behind. Set your eyes on the goal now
    and say, 'That is what I'm going to
    pursue.' And God will give you all
    grace to run that race, to finish that

    Then Mike says, "Thanks, I needed that."

    Me, too!

    I love you all,
    Joe Brazzeal


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