Follow Up to An Urgent Message by David Wilkerson

by | Mar 11, 2009

Joseph Herrin (03-11-09)

The recent word I posted by David Wilkerson has been widely distributed across the Internet. I had over half a dozen people send me the message, and it was obvious that many people who have blogs and mailing lists had forwarded it on to those receiving writings from them, even as I did.

I want to share some additional words that build on this message and are very affirming. I will begin with a follow-up word that David Wilkerson posted.

Monday, March 9, 2009
A Further Word“If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?”

Recently I felt compelled to send out an URGENT message warning of an impending great calamity — such that will cause even God’s elect to tremble.

One Bishop asked, “Is there no further word: How should the righteous respond to such a word?”

I can only answer by sharing what the Holy Spirit is speaking to my own heart and what I am to do. I shared that I was led in a practical way to lay aside a month’s supply of food — because I have witnessed the panic in the wake of terrorism. That has to be a personal word for every individual.

This is what I hear the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart concerning my own spiritual response to impending calamity. It is simply this —STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD.

“And Moses said to the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show you today…The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace” (Exodus 14:13-14).

This is the attitude of faith in the face of calamity. What could Israel do on the brink of the Red Sea? Pharaoh’s army is pressing in, mountains are on both sides, and there is an impossible sea ahead. The flesh cries, “Do something!”

The flesh cries hopelessness. Can God’s people dry up the sea? Level a mountain? Fight a great army without having weapons? They are in what appears to be a dreadful, frightening situation. God’s people tremble — and in this hour of trembling comes a word from God. In essence:

“Stand still. Fear not. This is the hour of salvation. You are going to witness the pulling down of the foundations of a world power. But in the same hour, I will fight for you. Hold your peace — be still and see my works.”

Beloved, my warning is just one voice among many who are saying the same thing. We may all tremble for a season, but those who truly know God’s Word will be quickly comforted by the Holy Spirit. We will be baptized with a great peace — a supernatural quietness — which will be a tremendous witness to the fearful multitudes.

In Christ,
David Wilkerson

The same week-end that David Wilkerson shared his urgent message, Jerry Golden, a believer living in Israel who has a ministry with some influence, shared the following word. I find much in this word that relates to the message I posted yesterday that spoke of the judgment on the ministers which is to come, these things being foreshadowed in the death of the minister in Maryville, Illinois.

I feel a strong leading of the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit) to write the following.

Posted: Friday, March 06, 2009
– written by jerry golden
After going to bed this evening I was compelled to get up and write the following, it’s for you to judge and to decide if it is from the Holy Spirit or not.

America, Europe and much of the world have had their wilderness experience and they have been tested three ways, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life. Unlike that of the blessed Messiah they have miserably failed all three tests and now is the time for repentance and there seems to be none coming forth therefore judgment is on the way. It will be harsh and without mercy. For those who have known prosperity and easy living but still complained that they wanted more while the majority suffered hunger and disease will now suffer hunger, fear and deep despair. For those who satisfied their flesh, greed and pride with gluttony and sexual exploits will find no peace in the misery that lies ahead. God has given many over to a reprobate mind and their suffering will be long and terrible. For those who God has given mercy they will have but a short time to accept that mercy and the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) is the only way out for them. They will not find in Him an end to their search to satisfy their hunger but an inward joy knowing that eternity and favor with God through the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) awaits them.
For those who have been mislead by evil Pastors and Spiritual Leaders have but a very short time to search the Word of God themselves and know that their salvation is not in their denominations but in a personal relationship and the full knowledge of God’s Word. There will be many false Prophets to lead them even further astray from God’s truth while looking for the easy road but will only find more and deeper agony in their souls.
The final destruction in all that they thought was security will fade before their very eyes and despair and mental anguish will cause many to die of heart failure and many more will wish themselves dead but will find no escape for their sins have found them out. God is given some the opportunity to give their all to Him and put their hands to the plow and not look back, knowing that eternity with God awaits them, even they must make a choice who they worship and serve for the only peace to be found will be in the Prince of Peace and for those who love Him above all else will provoke others to find Him as Messiah.
This is a hard Gospel and one that most will reject, but the road that leads to heaven isn’t easy but filled with decisions and those decisions must be made by man not by God for He is looking for sons and daughters who love Him above all else.
Matt. 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen. If God has chosen you to bless the Apple of His Eye you are also blessed among men.
It’s been a while since I’ve written a report that I felt was totally from God, in obedience I offer this to you to consider for much lays in the balance of your decision.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, jerry golden
[Source: The Golden Report]

There is also an excellent video, ten minutes in length, in which David Wilkerson is speaking about the days just ahead for the churches. I highly recommend it.

I am going to close this blog by sharing a word I received from Andrew Eberly on this topic.

Dear Saints of the Most High,
The Lord has not been speaking specific words to me over the past week regarding things to come. I did read and test David Wilkerson’s word and believe it to be from the Lord, but I still think there may be a small delay. The one thing that I have heard the Lord speak to me recently is, “Hold on for one more day.” I don’t know how long that is in the Lord’s timeframe, but I believe it will be very soon. For me personally, I think that the Lord is telling me not to look too far ahead, but simply to trust Him for each day He gives us.

We need to be making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. The Lord has really been showing me lately how wicked and defiled this land has become. I have been grieved over all the abominations committed in the land and have sighed and groaned much. Everyday you turn on the news and hear about greater and greater perversion. Surely, as in the days of Noah, the imagination of every heart is continually evil. I’ve been crying out to the Lord for both His judgments and mercy, and I believe that He gave me an answer.
This morning when I woke up, I heard this verse, “For a man’s ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all his paths.” This comforted me to know that God sees and that nothing has escaped His eyes. When I looked the verse up, I found that it was in Proverbs 5:21 and I also saw the next verse that reads, “The evil deeds of a wicked man ensnare him; the cords of his sin hold him fast.” The Lord is patient with us and does not delight in the death of the wicked and He gives us space for repentance, but a time comes and will soon be here when sin is full grown and gives birth to death.

I was again reminded of the passage from Ezekiel 9 when judgment began with the house of God and God sent out six destroying angels. Ezekiel 9:9-10 reads, “Then said He to me, The iniquity and guilt of the house of Israel and Judah are exceedingly great; the land is full of blood and the city full of injustice and perverseness; for they say, The Lord has forsaken the land; the Lord does not see [what we are doing]. And as for Me, My eye will not spare, neither will I have pity, but I will recompense their wicked doings upon their own heads.”
Yahweh has established His throne with justice and He will repay. I must never forget that God rules over the nations. I have been greatly encouraged from the words in Psalm 9. Verses 7-10 read, “The LORD reigns forever; he has established his throne for judgment. He will judge the world in righteousness; he will govern the peoples with justice. The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Further down in the same chapter, verses 15-18 read, “The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug; their feet are caught in the net they have hidden. The LORD is known by his justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands. Higgaion. Selah. The wicked return to the grave, all the nations that forget God. But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish.”
Finally, the Psalmist closes with the following prayer, which has become my prayer of late, “Arise, O LORD, let not man triumph; let the nations be judged in your presence. Strike them with terror, O LORD; let the nations know they are but men. Selah” God is in control and He will do things according to His own plan and purposes. Psalm 16:4 says, “The LORD works out everything for his own ends— even the wicked for a day of disaster.”
If we are to be sealed and be counted among the saints of God in this hour, we should be sighing and groaning over the abominations that are being committed in this land. Ezekiel 9:4 says, “And the Lord said to him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in the midst of it.” While there is yet time to work, let us also be like those described in Daniel 12:3, “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever,” and in James 5:20, “Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.”
Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us be led by the Spirit in all things as we are about to enter days of great tribulation on the earth, not forgetting, however, that God sees and is in complete control of all things!
Grace and peace be yours in Yahshua,
Brother Andrew

Another brother, Joe Boes, shared that the Lord had put the following verse upon his heart.

Jeremiah 11:11
Therefore thus says Yahweh, “Behold I am bringing disaster on them which they will not be able to escape; though they will cry to Me, yet I will not listen to them.”

Let us seek the Lord while He may be found. Days of judgment are upon us.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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