Forced Vaccinations Will Be Mandated For Covid-19?

by | Sep 20, 2020


I have continued to hear about vaccinations which are soon to be offered for Covid-19. I believe at this time it is necessary to be reminded of the previous attempts of the government to get people vaccinated, even when the illness being targeted was man-made. The serious injuries incurred by taking the government mandated vaccines is terrible. I encourage the people of God to read this with great attention.
There are public conversations going on at the present, for Christians are not the only ones opposed to the spread of vaccines. Following is one conversation.
Forced Vaccinations
Joseph Herrin (06-29-09)
I have continued to see many signs of the government setting in place all the apparatus to vaccinate the entire population of the United States, and these steps are being taken in other nations as well. Such steps are unprecedented, and there is certainly an evil agenda behind it.
Consider that sources independent of the government are reporting that the H1N1 virus is man-made. It contains strains of bird flu and swine flu viruses that have been intentionally mixed together. Earlier this year an independent lab testing some vaccine it received from Baxter International Inc. discovered that the vaccine had been contaminated with bird flu. This particular strain of bird flu has killed nearly two thirds of the people who have become infected with it.
The government would have their citizens entrust their lives to these big pharmaceutical corporations when their history of crippling, and even killing people is well known. Laws have recently been passed protecting these big pharmaceutical companies from lawsuit should their vaccines result in injury or death due to the government rushing them forward with inadequate testing. This is precisely the scenario being set in motion at this very hour.
The current swine flu pandemic that has drawn so much attention has had very little impact upon the populace, yet officials from the President on down, and all the news media outlets, have been giving it massive attention. Even though the number of people in America who have died of swine flu is miniscule with 127* deaths being reported among a population of 300 million (annually 36,000 die every year from normal flu strains), the government is preparing to vaccinate the entire population this fall.
*Note: The reporting of these numbers is likely exaggerated as most of the cases being counted as swine flu are said to be “similar” in symptoms. The symptoms are not much different than a bad cold. A news report this week states that there have “likely” been 1 million infections of swine flu so far in the nation. Such reports are guesswork, and words such as “likely” and “possibly” reveal that there is no hard evidence behind their claims. This is not to discount that more serious strains may be released upon the public in the future.
Recent history has shown that the vaccinations can do far more harm than the sickness itself, and the vaccination is not a cure, it is merely intended to lessen slightly the effects of the flu on a person’s body. In 1976 four men at Fort Dix military base became sick and were diagnosed as having contracted swine flu. It is well documented that the American government has often used the military as guinea pigs. Following is an excerpt from an article detailing just a few of the known ways in which the American government has sickened, injured and even killed members of the military for the sake of research.

 VA Still Using War Veterans As Guinea Pigs
By Jon Christian Ryter
June 30, 2008
The US government has a questionable history of using military personnel as guinea pigs to determine the potential health risks soldiers experience when they are exposed to caustic and sometimes deadly agents. During the period between the two world wars soldiers were deliberately exposed to mustard gas. Between 1945 to 1955 military personnel were exposed to radiation from nuclear bomb tests. In experiments conducted by the CIA and the US Army Biomedical Laboratory (under Project MKUltra), veterans were given the psychedelic drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD. None of the military subjects given the drug consented to be guinea pigs, nor were any of them advised that LSD could cause long-term bizarre hallucinogenic psychoses. The experiments took place because the CIA and military intelligence believed LSD could be effective in interrogations and, the military believed, mind control. Some believed that LSD might lead to a cure for schizophrenia. When they realized LSD caused the problems they were trying to cure, the military moved on, leaving their victims to cope with the problems they induced.

In the 1960s and 1970s, military personnel in Vietnam were exposed to herbicides like Agent Orange. In the Gulf War US military personnel were tasked with the responsibility of burning up Saddam Hussein’s recovered caches of chemical and biological weapons whenever and wherever they were found. The soldiers were not told that the weaponry they were destroying contained toxic chemicals and biological agents that could do serious harm to them if they breathed the toxic fumes. Confirmed by testimony from scores of military victims in sworn US Senate testimony in 2002, few if any of the military guinea pigs were informed of potential health risks from exposure or consumption of the chemical or biological agents. In fact, it is doubtful that the officers of these men even knew what it was they were destroying.

The worst experiment by the US government thus far exposed is reminiscent of the sadistic experiments performed by Nazi war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz in 1942. In 1932 the US Public Health Service initiated a study known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. The subjects were uneducated black sharecroppers who contracted syphilis. When World War II broke out, all of the subjects were drafted into the army where they could be completely controlled by the Public Health Service. All of the subjects were denied any medical treatment for syphilis. They were simply told they had “bad blood” and there was nothing that could be done for them. The study tracked two generations of their families. Of the initial participants of the study, 28 died from syphilis and slightly more than 100 died from complications caused by syphilis. Forty wives and 19 children got the disease. And the US Public Health Service got reams of data about how syphilis progresses and how it passed from infected mothers to their offspring…

It immediately raises eyebrows when I read of the 1976 swine flu outbreak on a military base. How did the military so quickly identify swine flu as the culprit? Where was it contracted? It is well documented that the government, acting in concert with private labs, have developed strains of influenza to be used as weapons of mass destruction. These four infected servicemen served as the reason for President Gerald Ford to launch a nationwide vaccination program with the intent of vaccinating every man, woman and child in the United States. Following are examples of the propaganda employed by the government at the time to encourage people to take the vaccine.
Forty million people had received the vaccine when problems with it became evident. One side effect of the vaccination is that it resulted in Guillain-Barré syndrome in a small percentage of the population. Officially 532 people were identified as having contracted it, and of these 25 died. All this was the result of taking a vaccine for an influenza virus that failed to spread among the population as it had been forecast.

President Ford Swine Flu
What is unknown is how many other physical maladies are attributable to having taken the flu vaccine. America is a nation of sick and infirm people. In 2007 $2.6 trillion dollars was spent on healthcare in the United States, amounting to 15% of the entire Gross Domestic Product of the nation. Vaccines interfere with the bodies natural immune system, and it was this interference that resulted in the development of Guillain-Barré syndrome in 1976.
The Centers for Disease Control had set a goal of vaccinating 95% of the population in 1976, but after concerns became known about the harmful side effects of the vaccine the government was unable to get large numbers to submit to voluntary vaccination. In the end, less than a third of the country was vaccinated. There is much evidence that great effort is being taken to prevent a similar result this time around. The media is putting massive amounts of attention of this matter, building a mindset in the psyche of America that uses fear as a motivator, and which characterizes those who refuse the government’s health policies as selfish, uninformed, or religious or political radicals. It is apparent that those who opt to not receive a vaccination will be vilified. 
In tangent with this we are seeing new legal precedence established as very prominent stories in the news that have bearing on these things are coming to the fore. Some may remember the story of the Neumann’s, a Christian family whose daughter died in a diabetic coma. They were charged with reckless endangerment for not taking their daughter to the doctor, and could face 25 years in prison. Despite what one believes about the decisions made by the parent’s in this case, and truly they have suffered much sorrow and loss, a precedent is being established where others can be faced with similar charges unless they allow the government and medical profession to determine all decisions relating to their health.

Neumann’s & Daughter
A quote from a New York Times article on this case includes the following statement:
Shawn Peters, the author of three books on religion and the law, including “When Prayer Fails: Faith Healing, Children and the Law” (Oxford, 2007), said the outcome of the Neumann case was likely to set an important precedent.
More recently we have observed the story of the Hauser family whose 13 year old son Daniel is suffering from a form of cancer called Hodgkins’ Lymphona. After the son became extremely ill following chemotherapy, the parents and their son chose to pursue alternative treatment methods. The physician reported the parents to the state and a judge ordered that the parents had to follow the physician’s prescribed medical plan and Daniel had to take chemotherapy.
In response, the mother fled with her son, and a nationwide manhunt was launched with police across the nation on the look-out for this woman and her son. The mother eventually returned with her son, and was ordered by the court to submit to treatment, and the child was placed under the jurisdiction of Child Protective Services while being allowed to remain at home. The media has given considerable coverage to this story, while running leading articles that decry all forms of alternative medicine.
The minds of Americans are being shaped by these events. Laws are being altered and precedents established. FEMA is preparing containment camps on military bases to be used for national emergencies (H.R. 645), and there are few even in the church who are discerning the character of the days to come.
If you have not yet done so, I recommend reading the text of House Bill 645. 
There is much that is important in it. Note that it was the work of the 1st session of the 111th Congress and was set forth on 1-22-2009. These numbers are very significant and have been observed in great abundance recently as America reaches the end of her run as a nation of liberty and freedom. It is to be noted that Sonia Sotomayor, who has been put forth as a nominee for the vacant position on the Supreme Court, would be the 111th person to sit on the nation’s highest legal court. I also see symbolism in the strange occurrence of Sonia Sotomayor strumbling at LaGuardia airport on her way to meet with the President at the White House, fracturing her right ankle. The next week Hillary Clinton fell in the parking garage of the State Department and fractured her right elbow, requiring surgery. There are a lot of high officials favoring their left side these days.
My intent is not to instill fear in the hearts of God’s people, but rather to alert them to the lateness of the hour. It is a time to walk soberly and to be seeking to know the will of the Father for our lives day by day that we might walk precisely as He directs us.
Ephesians 5:15-17
Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.
May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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