Gender Benders – It’s About More Than You Think

by | Apr 21, 2016

Joseph Herrin (04-21-2016)

The issue of transgender people being given the right to use whatever gender bathroom facility they identify with has garnered much attention recently. When some states’ politicians passed compromise legislation intended to protect women and children from being preyed upon sexually, the media, federal government, corporations, and numerous special interest groups labeled the states as haters, bigots, and socially backwards. The voice of reason is being aggressively targeted on all issues such as this, with those who speak out for traditional views of morality being punished and their opinions silenced.

Such was the case recently when the Disney owned cable sports network ESPN fired baseball commentator Curt Schilling for expressing his personal views on his own time. It is becoming common for businesses to punish employees for making public statements away from the workplace, when those views do not reflect corporate policy. The employee essentially becomes the slave of the corporation, where their entire life, whether on or off the clock, must conform to the dictates of the corporate slave master. Curt Schilling was fired for a FaceBook post where he stated the following:

A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.

ESPN posted a public statement regarding the firing of Curt Schilling.

ESPN is an inclusive company. Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

Obviously, ESPN is not actually an “inclusive” company, or they would make accommodation for individuals who embrace traditional and Biblical moral views. They have no compunction when it comes to firing individuals who do not meet their standard of political correctness. They manifest an extreme intolerance toward conservative and traditional views.

Homosexual issues are being used to accomplish much more than the redefinition of deviant and criminal behavior. As observed in the case of Curt Schilling, they are the vehicle of choice to subdue the masses to the will of the corporate and government masters. Although the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, the entire society is being induced to surrender this right in order to avoid jeopardizing their jobs, their potential for advancement within the corporate workplace, and the comfortable standard of living they are accustomed to. A case in point is observed in the following video which is being touted on numerous websites. It shows college students being asked whether a 5′-9″ man should be able to demand that others recognize him as a 7 year old Chinese female, or a 6′-5″ tall Chinese female.

The comment of the young woman who stated “I feel like that’s not my place as another human to say someone is wrong or to draw lines or boundaries” reveals where Satan is really going with his agenda. Satan, and those global powers and sources of influence under his control (corporations, media, governments, etc.) are seeking to cause humanity to abandon the exercise of judgment. Satan desires for people to abnegate their duty to exercise discernment, ultimately setting himself up as the sole source of good and evil, right and wrong, for mankind.

In doing so, Satan is usurping the role of God for, from the beginning of man’s creation in the Garden of Eden, man was to look to Yahweh to know what was righteous behavior and what was unrighteous, what was good, and what was evil. In the book titled Sabbath I shared the following.

Adam, in his original created form had no sense of good and evil present within him. All of his ways were determined by communication with Yahweh. Yahweh spoke to Adam and made known to Adam that which He would have him to do. Both good and evil were made known to Adam by direct communication with Yahweh God. Yahweh told Adam the things that were good and desirable; Adam should tend the garden and eat of its trees. Yahweh also told Adam what constituted evil. There was only one thing that was described as being outside of the will of Yahweh. Adam was not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Things were very simple for Adam. If he did the things Yahweh commanded him to do he was walking in obedience and adhering to good. If Adam did the one thing Yahweh commanded him not to do he would be walking in disobedience and this would be evil. Both good and evil for Adam were made known through direct communication with Yahweh. In this we see that good equates to doing Yahweh’s expressed will, while evil is doing that which is not His will.
[End Excerpt]

The lie which Satan used in order to entice Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit contained an element of truth. Most Christians have failed to rightly comprehend the words Satan spoke in the Garden. Many jump to the conclusion that Satan said Adam and Eve would be like God, while failing to define in what manner they would be like God. Satan’s statement was “You shall be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Knowing good and evil has always been an attribute reserved for God alone. In order for the creation to be in a state of rest and harmony with Yahweh, the creation must embrace the judgment of the Creator. No creature, whether of men or angels, was ever granted the authority to determine right and wrong for themselves. Please note that I said they were not granted the “authority,” for they obviously have the “ability” to choose a course that is contrary to that of the Creator.

What Adam and Eve gained when they ate the forbidden fruit was the innate ability to look inside their soul and make a determination of good and evil for themselves. They no longer needed to look to God to know right and wrong, but man’s judgments are frequently not the same as God’s judgments. Mankind has exercised self-determination ever since that fateful day in the garden. Although this was a triumph for Satan in that it divorced mankind from obtaining their judgments of good and evil from Yahweh, the victory would not be complete until humanity looked to Satan to know right and wrong, good and evil.

This is what we are seeing occur now, at this time at the end of the age. Satan has established a coercive form of thought control through his monopoly of the media, global corporations, and key government officials. The weight of influence of these servants of Satan is compelling men, women, and children to abdicate all exercise of personal judgment. Mankind is being told what to believe and what values to hold. If they go along with the Satanic agenda they are rewarded by being allowed to continue to pursue life in this Satanic system. If they do not go along – if they hold to views and judgments which do not originate in the mind of Satan – they are punished.

Consider what you have just viewed in the video above. These young adults who have intelligence and are endowed with the ability to perceive and reason, have been brought to such a state of subservience to the “prince of the power of the air,” and “the god of this world” (Satan), that they are hesitant to even declare that a 5′-9″, white, adult male is any of these things. If he insists that he is a Chinese female, they have been conditioned to not dispute his statement. If he says he is 7 years old and wants to attend first year elementary school, they believe that is acceptable if that is the identity he feels comfortable with. Certainly this is no more egregious a folly than saying men can use the same public bathroom occupied by girls and women if the men identify themselves as female.

Brothers and sisters, the truly frightening event occurring in this hour is NOT that men are going to be given legal authority to enter an occupied girl’s and women’s bathroom, or shower facility, or dressing room. What is frightening is that we are observing humanity handing over the role of judgment to Satan, the adversary of man and of God. Satan is declaring his values through the global elite, the mainstream media, the corporations, and the governments, while the majority of people are offering no resistance to this abdication of judgment.

What is being observed now is merely the beginning. Soon it will not be exclusively transgender men and women who can use the bathroom of their choice. Sin and moral debauchery never remains in one place. It always seeks more devilish means of expression. Before long there will be no restrictions at all regarding who can use a facility. A man will be able to say, “I felt like using the girl’s bathroom today” and that will be all that is needed. The subservient public will say, “Who am I to judge?” Even now the groundwork is being laid for adults to engage in sexual intercourse with children of any age, as long as it is deemed to be “consensual.” It will not be long before even the criteria of such actions being consensual will no longer be required. Note that the following article in the Washington Times was published 14 years ago. Many more people and groups have gotten on board the child/adult consensual sex bandwagon since then.

Harmful to Minors

If you have a Biblical concept of morality and were told there was a book on the subject of childhood sexual activity titled “Harmful to Minors,” you would undoubtedly believe the title was a reference to the dangers of adults preying upon innocent children. Yet this book’s author makes the opposite statement as the subtitle reads “The perils of protecting children from sex.” In an hour when the prisons are filled with convicted child molesters, one might reasonably ask why the author of this book is not behind bars.

What we are observing is that the legal code is lagging the public propaganda campaign by some years. It was only after homosexuality had been firmly established as a persecuted minority that laws began to be written to correct “societal discrimination.” In short order we have seen marriage between same-sex partners made legal, and bathroom, shower facilities, and dressing rooms opened to those who are transgender. The movement to legalize sex with minors is at a stage akin to that of the homosexual movement in the 1980s. However, things are moving much more rapidly now for society has become accustomed to suspending all judgment and allowing others to define morality for them.

In this advanced hour of Satan’s kingdom where darkness is covering the earth and gross darkness the people, the greatest enemy of Satan and his servants are those who manifest the mind of Christ. To be certain, Satan wants even unregenerate men to abandon the exercise of personal judgment (Curt Schilling being an example). Yet, his greatest enmity is reserved for those who are guided by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures. Satan is not content to act in defiance of Yahweh. He wants to usurp Yahweh’s role, becoming the god for all humanity. That remnant of holy men and women on the earth who are living Spirit-directed lives are the focus of his greatest wrath. Yet Yahweh has not slackened in His role as the highest authority over His creation, and Satan is presently restrained.

Let us walk wisely, for the hour is very dark, and increasing in darkness.

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  1. Skip

    Before watching that interview video, my expectations were almost spot on in regards to what would be communicated by the interviewees. So many people today, have been molded and programmed in their thought processes to explain 'how they FEEL' about this, that or the other thing, rather than 'what they THINK' about this, that or the other thing.

    This programming began subtly, years ago, by what I call the 'mental wellness' programmers who started asking 'How do you feel about …?', rather than 'What do you think about …?'. The distinction between the two questions might seem trivial, but that distinction is a vital part of the dumbing down process that has been progressively foisted upon the public worldwide. You can be sure that this effort is part and parcel of Satan's plan to expand his control and manipulation of the minds of the masses, particularly in so called Christian nations.


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