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Greetings in our Lord Jesus,

I just wanted to post a brief update for those of you who have been asking how my dad is doing. We have been seeing a steady improvement in him over the past few weeks, and this week has continued in that direction. We are very grateful for all the continued prayers, the words of encouragement, and financial gifts you have generously shared over the past weeks. I cannot thank all of you enough, but I pray the Lord returns a great blessing to each of you.

My dad is now getting around quite well with a cane- He has started walking up and down the dirt road where he’s been staying, and seems to be able to go further and further, which is a great blessing. He is even walking around in the house more often now without the help of a cane, which I love to see. 🙂

The past week has also brought some progress to my dad’s clarity of mind and ability to read & comprehend what he’s reading. It’s a blessing for me to walk in and see him reading his Bible, and even to start discussing some things with him along those lines. Communication is still one of the big things he’s working on, and while he seems to be steadily moving forward, it is still a process to walk through.

We praise the Lord for His great grace He has shown us through this time. He always knows exactly what we need, and is faithful to provide it in the right time, whether it be encouragement, physical aid, wisdom, etc., we serve a God of perfect timing, who has limitless resources.

We are planning to move my dad back into his home in the coming week, and would appreciate your prayers in that. He is ready to get back to his familiar surroundings, and to spend time with his dogs. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll be catching up and reading emails and things of that nature as he’s able, so feel free to write to him. At the same time, it will probably be a process and might take some time for him to get back into writing much. You could join us in prayer for restoration in that area.

May God bless and keep you.

In Him,

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  1. ray

    Best to you, Joseph, and the hounds. m


    Please let Joseph know I am praying for him.



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