Jade Helm 2015

by | May 16, 2015

Joseph Herrin (05-16-2015)

Military Men Wearing the Green Beret

I am receiving quite a bit of e-mail referencing the upcoming Jade Helm 2015 exercises to be conducted by the U.S. military in seven southwestern American states.

The dates for these 8 weeks of exercises are July 15th to September 15th. The following military groups will be involved in Jade Helm 2015.

US Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets)
US Air Force Special Operations Command
USMC Marine Special Operations Command
USMC Marine Expeditionary Units
82nd Airborne Division

It should be noted that the primary group involved with this military exercise is the US Army Special Forces Command. The Special Forces not only wear the Green Beret, but the words Green Beret have become synonymous with American Special Forces. The words Jade Helm are an alternate expression of the words Green Beret. One of the dictionary definitions of the English word Jade is:

Jade: Also called jade green. Green, varying from bluish green to yellowish green.

A somewhat archaic usage of the English word Helm refers to a helmet, particularly a military head covering. Such helms are often found on the badges used in British heraldry. When we combine these two words into Jade Helm, we find that they might be expressed as “a military head covering that is green in color.” This is a fitting description of the head wear chosen by the U.S. Special Forces known as the Green Beret.

Although there is much speculation about what the words Jade Helm refer to, further credence is given to the conclusion that it is a reference to the Green Beret by the fact that the military exercise has adopted a logo that is clearly a variation of the U.S. Special Forces insignia.

Special Forces (Green Beret) Badge

Note that in the stylized logo directly above, the Green Beret serves as a centerpiece for the artwork. In the artwork for the Jade Helm 2015 military exercises, the Green Beret has been replaced with a faint image of a wooden shoe. Much speculation has revolved around the wooden shoe recently, with some popular Christian and alternative news broadcasters suggesting a link to concentration camps. Although some prisoners held in concentration camps in World War II were given wooden shoes to wear, this type of footwear was not ubiquitous, and it seems an unlikely symbol to be chosen to represent concentration camps, or FEMA camps. Guard towers, barbed wire, or roving searchlights would seem to be better choices if one wanted to make a reference to detention camps.

Jade Helm 2015 Logo

The illustration above is taken from an official government document that can be found at the link below:


The short dagger and arrows are clearly borrowed from the Special Forces badge. The curiosity and alarm of many has been excited by the inclusion of the wooden shoe and the words “Master the Human Domain” underneath. The wooden shoe is of a type that is known as a “sabot.”


When this image of a sabot is placed next to the image on the Jade Helm artwork, it is clearly seen that they are the same image.

The image above has not been enhanced in any way. It is simply a cut and paste from the government document.

The significance of the wooden shoe can be reasonably deduced as one considers the objectives of this military training exercise and the role played by U.S. Special Forces. According to the government document, the exercise will include the following.

JH is a challenging eight-week joint military and interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.
JH is a US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) sponsored exercise to improve the Special Operations Forces’ UW capability as part of the National Security Strategy

So, what is Unconventional Warfare?

In United States doctrine, unconventional warfare (abbreviated UW) is the term for guerrilla warfare that is conducted or supported by units in the United States Special Operations Command. Guerrilla warfare is one aspect of the broader term insurgency. The American definition of UW is:

Unconventional Warfare consists of activities conducted to enable a resistance movement or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow an occupying power or government by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary and guerrilla force in a denied area.”
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconventional_warfare_%28United_States_Department_of_Defense_doctrine%29]

To make the goals of Unconventional Warfare clearer, it is helpful to define what is meant by the phrase “Guerrilla Warfare.”

Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants such as armed civilians or irregulars use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactics, and mobility to fight a larger and less-mobile traditional military.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerrilla_warfare]

Note that I highlighted the word “sabotage.” Sabotage is one of the traditional tactics employed by those involved in Unconventional Warfare. Most readers have probably seen movies based upon the World War II era where bands of guerrilla fighters wreak havoc on the enemy by blowing up railroad lines, bridges, or key infrastructure such as power plants. The word “sabotage” is derived from the word “sabot,” which is the name of the wooden shoe found in the center of the Jade Helm 2015 logo.

There are a number of suggested origins for the word “sabotage.” One possible explanation states that the word originated in the 16th century when Dutch workers protested the adoption of machinery in the factories and textile mills. As an act of protest, the Dutch workers would throw their wooden shoes into the machinery to damage or destroy it. Thus the destruction of property became known as “sabotage.” Another explanation suggests a French origin where the common workers who typically wore wooden shoes (also called sabots) would go on strike by intentionally slowing down the pace of their labor. This interruption of the normal flow of commerce also became known as “sabotage.”

In the Wikipedia entry for Unconventional Warfare, you will find that Sabotage is given special attention.

The U.S. defines sabotage as “an act or acts with intent to injure, interfere with, or obstruct the national defense of a country by willfully injuring or destroying, or attempting to injure or destroy, any national defense or war materiel, premises, or utilities, to include human and natural resources.
In a more modern context, sabotage may be one of many ways to attack a given enemy target system. If, for example, the POL target system is targeted, tank farms and refineries could be raided, or pipelines and tanker trucks ambushed or attacked with mines. These will be very evident to the enemy, and the resistance could be damaged if some of their combat teams are captured and interrogated.
If a saboteur were able to gain access to that tank farm, or fuel tanks of vehicles and aircraft, and add a chemical that slowly damaged engines, that agent could be far away by the time the enemy determines what had happened. Carefully planned sabotage can be one of the safest tactics for an UW force.
Sabotage is usually carried out clandestinely by the underground or auxiliary, but it can be carried out by the guerrilla force, under the cover of a combat operation. For example, while a raid on an airfield was in progress, and all available guards were fighting the main raid, guerrillas might infiltrate to the fuel tank farm and introduce contaminants into some of the tanks.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconventional_warfare_%28United_States_Department_of_Defense_doctrine%29#Sabotage_and_Subversion]

In the Jade Helm 2015 government document, it is mentioned that some military personnel involved with the exercise will be wearing civilian clothes, and driving civilian vehicles. They will try to operate without being discovered by people in the communities in which the exercises will take place. Citizens are encouraged to report any strange behavior to local law enforcement. In this way, the military and government personnel taking part in the exercise will be able to gauge the success of their covert and clandestine operations. Such operations are what one might anticipate if the military were practicing Unconventional Warfare and acts of sabotage in rural, and urban areas where they are trying to perform their actions undetected.

With this information in mind, I believe those who are suggesting that the wooden shoe is a reference to concentration camps, and who are suggesting that the exercise might “go live” and begin rounding up Americans and putting them in FEMA camps this summer, are on an unsure footing (pun intended). The more reasonable explanation is that the sabot, like the Green Beret in the other Special Forces artwork, is a reference to the military soldiers themselves, and not to the public at large. These soldiers will be practicing conducting acts of sabotage in predetermined locations in the American Southwest.

The Walmart Connection

As often happens on the Internet once someone starts sounding alarm bells about some real or imagined threat, the story begins to grow as new claims of suspicious activity gain traction. If you are a new reader to this blog, understand that I am not a wholesale conspiracy denier. Conspiracies do exist. However, I do believe that every conspiracy claim should be thoroughly vetted, for there are a great many conspiratorial theories floating about that have no basis in reality. There are real wolves in the woods, but it is unwise to cry “wolf” every time someone hears a rustling in the leaves.

The story emerged that Walmart had suddenly, with only a few hours notice, closed five stores and laid off 2,200 full-time and part-time employees. The store closings were supposedly done to correct “plumbing problems,” though Walmart had not applied for permits to perform plumbing or construction work in any of the stores. This much was true. That four of these stores were in states that would be participating in the Jade Helm 2015 exercise gave rise to much wild speculation about the stores being used as detention or processing centers to send people off to FEMA camps. Some took the story further by suggesting that there is an underground network of tunnels connecting all of the Walmarts to military bases and other government installations where people could be shipped off without ever seeing the light of day.

There were a number of problems with these theories. One of the stores closed is in Florida, about as far removed from the Jade Helm 2015 exercises as one could get while remaining in the continental United States. Of the other four stores, there was no tangible link to Jade Helm exercises, as the towns participating in Jade Helm, and the cities the stores resided in, did not have any correspondence. Also, no evidence was ever forthcoming of tunnels under the Walmarts. Tunnels such as those which have been suggested would be pretty difficult to hide since all Walmarts are placed in population centers and their construction is undertaken in plain view.

Although there were some things that did not seem right about the official Walmart explanation for the store closings, their being linked to Jade Helm 2015 seems quite improbable. An alternate, and more plausible, explanation presented itself when the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union brought suit against Walmart for shuttering at least one of the stores, and possibly more, because the employees there had been very active in seeking to unionize the labor and to force Walmart to pay them higher wages.


Should You Be Concerned About Jade Helm 2015?

Back around the start of the year there was much discussion in the alternative media about the cover of the Rockefeller publication The Economist. The cover contained the words “The World in 2015,” and it included many suggestive, and at times cryptic, images of what may be upcoming in the year. I wrote a post at the time titled Chasing Rabbits . The article suggested that the powers-that-be might be content for people to chase rabbits down rabbit holes (as indicated by the presence of Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, at the front of the image), in order to keep them distracted from what is actually occurring. Is there any indication in this magazine cover that an operation called Jade Helm might be used to distract the people this year?

There is an individual on this magazine cover wearing a green hat. The character is the Pied Piper who played his pipe in order to get the people to dance his tune. The imagery is one of a person exerting an irresistible power that commands the attention and obedience of the people. Whatever one thinks about the real people and images of actual objects on the magazine’s cover, it is pretty plain what is symbolized by the inclusion of the Pied Piper. The global elite are declaring their power to mesmerize the masses and to lead their thoughts and attention in any direction they choose.

Is Jade Helm 2015 one of the distractions of the global elite? It very well may prove to be. Yet, there is good reason to pay attention to what is going on with this military exercise that is involving numerous “Interagency Partners.” It is concerning to consider in what ways the government might employ the military, FEMA, DHS, local law enforcement agencies, and other organizations, against the American populace in coming days. I have no doubt that those who perceive themselves to be rulers of the New World Order view the general population either as serfs to be controlled, or enemies to be exterminated.

Some very calamitous and evil days lie shortly ahead for the nations as the old order must be destroyed in a fiery cataclysm in order to prepare the stage for a New World Order to arise. No doubt, training exercises such as Jade Helm 2015 are preparing various segments of the government and military for that soon approaching hour. What better training could be had than to train America’s military in American towns and in the rural countryside, to carry out simulated attacks against key infrastructure points among the very people, and in the very states, where they will one day be called to do the same. Only then it will not be an exercise, and the party in America will be over. It will be the day the music died, Pied Piper, or not.

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  1. Unknown

    This is great research. Thanks for taking the time to parse thru the junk that is being put out there by the uninformed and putting together a rational set of explanations coupled with compelling visuals!

  2. Unknown

    I saw a posting somewhere online about the new military crowd deterrent device vehicle using microwaves in a convoy somewhere I believe in Texas. I was driving to Pueblo Colorado from Denver this weekend and when I passed by Fort Carson, there were 4 of these vehicles on an overpass. I am starting to wonder why these vehicles are showing up in different areas in the US. They are not really a device thats needed around the world in civil areas. Most areas with civil unrest would also have weapons, which means other types of armor would be needed, not non lethal equipment. Your article along with seeing these vehicles is really making me wonder how soon things are going to go down.

  3. Pat


    I saw on the internet just recently about a hawk hanging out at the White House; I think it hangs out at BO's residential area. I am sure you know about it. Is there a special meaning in it?

  4. Joseph Herrin

    Hello Pat,

    I had not heard about the hawk. In the arena of politics a "hawk" is someone who is militaristic. That is to say, they are in favor of war and armed aggression, or the free and liberal use of the military rather than diplomacy.

    May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,


  5. Pat


    Did you ever determine if the hawk hanging out at BO's White House residency has any special meaning (parable type meaning) to it? Would like to know. I think maybe BO will declare war on certain groups in America. Maybe not. I am not gifted in this area as you are.


  6. Joseph Herrin

    Hello Pat,

    A hawk is a symbol representing someone who is militaristic, quick to resort to force rather than diplomacy. Although Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize soon after his first election, a prize awarded without any merit for he had not done anything in the promotion of peace, either locally or globally, his actions have been those of a hawk rather than a dove.

    Obama campaigned on a promise of getting American troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet his actions did not align with his promises. He did not begin withdrawing American troops from Iraq until the last year of his first Presidential term (convenient for the upcoming election so he could say he ended the war in Iraq). Yet in his second term he has sent troops back into Iraq. He sanctioned the destruction of Libya, the meltdown of Egypt, the war against Syria, the use of drones against the citizens of Yemen, Pakistan, and other regions.

    There has been nothing peaceful (dovish) about the man in the White House. He is playing the role of a hawk as he fulfills the agenda of those who rule behind the scenes, yet the media who are owned by the same global masters disingenuously portray Obama as a man of peace.



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