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by | Nov 2, 2012

Joseph Herrin (11-2-2012)

This writing contains some responses relating to the recent post titled Following the Cloud. In that post I shared my experience of Yahweh’s guidance in relocating to a remote rural location. I asked for feedback in that article, that I might hear from other saints regarding what they are sensing and experiencing. Following are some of the e-mails I received.

Bro. Joseph,

In response to this blog, I can’t say the Lord is saying anything specifically at this time to us as a family, but we know He moved us here because He instructed us to get out of the city. That is part of the word we received a while back as to the reason He moved us to a more rural area. We do feel we are somewhat in hiding where we are. We live only 15 min. away from a small downtown area of a nearby city that has a Walmart. Otherwise you have to drive a few long, windy roads back to our property which is near the end of a dead end street. At the end of our street is a large horse barn with an apt. in it where an elderly man lives taking care of his son’s horses. The last few streets back to our property have no street signs. Although we are not in an extremely rural place, most find it a little difficult to find our property without a gps. The home we were led to purchase has a very large dining room and a very large living room. We anticipate holding meetings here one day. I don’t think it’s a coincidence we have a large residence with over 4000 square feet with 5 bedrooms, and another room that could be used as a bedroom. We also have a large spring fed pond, a barn and large shop for storing items. We purchased two wood stoves and are currently using them and have stocked up on wood all summer in two separate sheds we have. There is plenty of room for growing several large gardens as well. We have two pantries and have stored up some food although not a huge amount. I’m guessing the garden will be for the rest of the food. One project on our list is building a chicken coop in the barn. At this point we are out of funds and not able to do that project as the barn is also in need of some restoration in order to make it habitable for animals so we wait on that. Although we were able to finish the project of getting water and electricity working out at the barn…
(A Sister in Christ – Name Withheld)


Dear Brother Joseph,

Since moving from Texas back to Michigan last Feb 1, we have not had TV and now that we are moving into an apartment Nov 5, we decided to continue to not have TV to watch. It has been a good thing to be delivered from this time waster . . . for even the so called “good programs” are often just entertainment, and the Christian programs need to be scrutinized and not just “swallowed.”

The news has become “pablum” and tends to bring deception rather than clarity.

The Internet HAS been our source for news (sparsely) and also our source for spiritual food, such as your teaching etc.. I’m glad this brother from Australia wrote about his downloading everything saved on an external hard drive/ or other such device. I remember that 2 years ago I wanted to obtain an external hard drive for this purpose, but the price of it made it beyond our reach. I will begin to trust the LORD now to make that provision in the near future. We are moving and the expense of moving is stretching us right now in a very big way. But, hopefully there is some time yet. These are all landmarks we need to give heed to.

Thank you for giving such a detailed report of how the LORD has led you in your various moves. We feel like “nomads” as well, moving from here to there for years now, always reminding us that we are not to be attached to earthly things, and that our citizenship is in the heavenly realm.

May you continue to be blessed with His abiding Shalom.
(A Brother and Sister in Christ – Names Withheld)


Dear Brother Joseph,

I wanted to respond to your request from you latest blog entry. I have spent a great deal of time considering all the things that have happened over the past 3-4 years. I was certain that the collapse of the USA was impending in 2009. I did not know when for sure but many signs were present and they continued into 2010. I spent money weekly for supplies for my family and I was preparing myself emotionally and spiritually. Then one day I felt completely satisfied that I had made all arrangements the Father had asked of me. I had peace, so I waited and waited. The signs diminished and I started to get complacent and perplexed. To be honest I still don’t know what to make of it. Clearly the US is in dire straights financially and as far as I can tell morally bankrupt. I still believe this country is moribund and it is just a matter of time. But there seems to have been a short reprieve from God’s judgment. Both you and Nathal Leal from Watchman’s Cry have discussed the significance of the 2012 Olympics and I find the analysis profound and accurate. If 2013 is the year of rebellion we are not going to have to wait long to find out. I will continue to watch and wait until the appointed time. I hope to be of comfort and support for those in need. I think there is already a famine for the Word and when the material comforts are removed people will seek Him passionately again…

Keep up the blog. It is real blessing for me and I look forward to them.

 Your brother in Christ,
(Name Withheld)


Thanks for sharing your journey, Joseph. You are a valued servant of Yeshua and you are in my prayers.

As I have meditated further, I sense that this is actually the season of being led from Cherith to the widow at Zarephath. Cherith was a wilderness place where provision was through ravens and the brook. (I believe the raven was an unclean animal).

And then the brook dried up. Personally I am experiencing a real squeeze financially. My tent-making (school teaching on a relief basis) has dried up. It is a drying up of the brook, as it were. And yet I’m in faith’s rest knowing, as Elijah would have, that Father has another place prepared. At Zarephath, Elijah stepped into supernatural provision. Supernatural, miraculous provision that not only met his needs but also those who received him. That’s what I believe the wilderness prophetic voices are stepping into. We will be supernaturally provided for along with those who receive us.

We see miracle deliverance as we allow ourselves to get between the devil and the deep blue sea by holding the line, staying the course, keeping the faith, preaching the word and refusing to bow our knee in compromise. Have you read my word, We Would Rather Burn Than Bow Down? I’m sure you’d be encouraged.

And Moses said to the people, Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD which he will shew you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. Ex 14:13

(A Brother in Christ – Name Withheld)


I just read your most recent blog and thought I would write quickly those things which the Lord has pressed upon me as well.

1. I just mowed the lawn this morning 🙂

2. I have had a strong sense of urgency to print out the books I have just read (previously mentioned in my last email)…a feeling of needing these teachings in a ‘wilderness’ setting has been powerful.

3. I too have not been spending time on NWO news and events. I have had a strong sense of spending as much time as possible reading scripture and only your books.

Change is coming

In Christ Yahshua,
(A Brother in Christ – Name Withheld)


Joseph, Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am sure many of us can relate to this article at this time. My husband and I have felt the prompting to store the grains and supplies to, but the door to move out of this little town has not opened yet. We live in (City Name Withheld) with about 60000 in pop. Our hearts desire is to move to a rural area where we can continue with our growing of Heirloom veg. plants. Something Yahweh called me to 3yrs. ago. I am not allowed to have a greenhouse in my subdivision so we are waiting for that open door from Yahweh. We rent so moving can be quick. Being a banker I am privy to some things that the public doesn’t know. I have to believe I am there for a purpose at this time and when that purpose is over I will be gone. I can hardly wait for that day!!! I see so much confusion with the customers not knowing what to do with their money. Many are taking their money out and storing at home. I hear many talking about storing up food because their afraid of this economy failing. So much fear out there. So this is where we are at for this time. Be Blessed
(A Sister in Christ – Name Withheld)


Hello Joseph,

I can’t comment on your blog’s comment section, so I thought I would
send an email regarding your latest article. While reading your article
today I remembered that I had a very short dream last night where my
father was mowing the lawn with a reel mower. My father hasn’t mowed the
lawn for many years, and I rarely have dreams that involve my parents,
so to me it was an interesting coincidence (if it was one).

I haven’t felt an urgency to gather supplies similar way to you, but I’m
relocating to a more quiet place in a few months, due to my family
members moving. I do not what significance the 12/21 date might have,
but it seems the world is getting darker every year.

Thank you for an inspiring blog!
(A Sister in Christ – Name Withheld)


Hello Brother,

Ask and you will receive, Seek and you will find, Knock and He will be open to you !ASK)…..a wonderful Acronym designed by our Father.

You have asked and……., YES, the manifestations of relocation, the impending changes, the Reaping, by you, the Aussie Brother, and other Brothers and Sisters of my contacts, are being expressed in all circles of His Kingdom believers and doers at this hour.

All Watchmen, including myself, are expressing heightened Alert and have all been ministered to, by His Spirit, in a similar spirit of readiness as 2013 approaches. Preparations have been made by many in different ways as the Spirit has led them, including yourself, which is all G double O D, in our lives.

Be Blessed Brother as you carry on forward. The Grass will be cut, shaped, and textured as He allows you, me, and others to carry out His Will in our lives and the lives of those we encounter.

You are a blessing as you write and share what He has laid on your heart!

In Him,
(A Brother in Christ – Name Withheld)



I Noticed that you have 42 five gallon containers of dried goods. Seems that each one of those should last about one month. That’s what I am thinking.

There was no way that I would have ever come out of the comfortable situation that I was in to place our family where we now are IF not for the fact that God forced the issue by opening my eyes. Even now it is a bit difficult to believe that we could be about to go through that time. As a Christian I do not think that it is possible to be a Christian and not long for the coming of this time. No doubt it will be a horrible time, but it must come. It means the throwing down of the kingdom of satan and the setting up of the earthly kingdom of Christ. Therefore, I am not ashamed to state that I desire this time to come and soon.
(A Brother in Christ – Name Withheld)


Dear Joseph,

I am writing you to let you know that I have had promptings to print off your materials as well. I was also going to write you to ask how I would contact you in the case of an internet blackout. I ended up not writing you about this until now. I was thinking about this for several weeks now. I am sure you will get similar feedback from others.

I lift you up in prayer in Yashua’s name.

your sister,
(Name Withheld)


Joseph, the profundity of your latest message cannot be expressed in mere words. As we speak we are literally following the cloud. Your teachings, including the Heart4God website, have been invaluable to us during this season. Suffice it to say that the Spirit of God is speaking to His people in incredible ways. We, like yourself, find ourselves in a place of perplexity in the wilderness. We have known for several months that we would have to move from the house the Lord has provided for almost three years. (Due to the former owner’s financial difficulty we have been living here rent free for almost a year. This occurred in such a complicated way that only God could have arranged it.) The fascinating thing is that we have not had enough income to pay rent during most of this same year. However, notwithstanding our finances, the Lord saw fit during the summer to allow us to purchase a new car after ours “died” on the freeway while we were driving it. We were loathe to take on any debt (nor did we believe we could) but we were desperate for transportation so we most definitely sought His will in this circumstance. With our credit having been completely annihilated and no cash on hand, this could only happen by His providence. (This is after having owned, at one time, five cars. I’m sure you can identify.) The car that “died” was an eight year old Jaguar that was on its last legs. Our father has now removed every semblance of our old life. Hallelujah. Around the same time during the summer we received a 90-day notice to vacate the property we are living in. It was sold back to Bank of America at the foreclosure auction which was held this past June. Our move out date is less than three weeks away and we have no money and no place to go. After seeking the Lord about what He would have us do, we have been commanded in no uncertain terms “not to move until the cloud moves by day, or the pillar of fire by night.” The pressure to try to find a new home is tremendous but we must walk by faith and not by sight. It is very difficult to explain this to our friends and family that are concerned for us. After having to short sell our home three years ago we ended up where we are living now only through God’s providence. We didn’t begin packing up that house until He gave us the leading, very clearly (“START PACKING”) to do so. When we tried to find a place on our own a sister in Christ called and said, “God said to stick to plan A!” (Plan A was to wait on the Lord.) She was completely unaware at the time she called us that we were on our way to look at properties with our list in hand. We turned around and went home, and waited on the Lord. When the time came for us to actually move, everything happened so fast it made our heads spin. That was the very first time that we had ever been in the position of not having any money, credit or resources of any kind to rely on. We could only look to Him. So here we are again, three years later, in the same position. Only this time there is one more addition to our family, our new daughter-in-law. Our oldest son got married three weeks ago and they are staying with us until it is time for them to move on. So now there are six of us and, fortunately, we are a family of believers and we know our Redeemer lives. We don’t know where the Lord is taking us but we trust Him. We have been intensely focused on Exodus 13 and Numbers 9-14 since getting the leading to follow the cloud. Also Isaiah 4. We have not been led to pack yet or to prepare for anything in any way. We have been led to watch for His miraculous provision, which He has shown us time and time again. When our journey began eleven years ago it began with a teaching about Elijah and the brook, that is what we named our ministry after. We feel that our journey has been parallel to that of the Israelites. We have crossed over the Jordan and are now poised to enter the promised land. We have no clue what that means for our future, but we are excited to see what God is going to do next. Thank you, Joseph, for your diligence in proclaiming the true gospel of Christ. You are continually in our prayers.

Be a blessing and be blessed,
(A Brother and Sister in Christ – Name Withheld)


Dear Joseph, Greetings in the wonderful, powerful name of our Lord and Savior, Yeshua Ha Meshiach!! I also have been perceiving that I need to relocate to a specific, rather isolated, area which I believe the Lord has shown me. I am so excited to do this, but He has not empowered me to do so yet. Therefore, I have been doubting that He ever really told me these things. I was thinking that I made it all up myself and repenting again and again for doing so. After reading parables blog tonight, I am encouraged that if He has spoken to me, He will send the anointing in His time frame – and just maybe, I’m not crazy after all. So thanks a bunch for sharing!
(A Sister in Christ – Name Withheld)


Joseph – I read with interest your article about moving to a more remote area. My husband and I just recently moved from Denver to northern Montana at the leading of Yahweh. Our time in Denver came to an abrupt end when the landlord of the house we were renting nailed an eviction notice on our door and told us to leave in 30 days. We are good people and the notice was unexpected and shocking. Needless to say, Yahweh got our attention and we spent the rest of the summer moving to a place in Montana that we feel Yahweh had been showing us for about a year. Interestingly enough, many of our friends who rent in Denver, Las Vegas, and other places, are getting abrupt notices to leave where they are and go someplace else. Many are sensing to leave the cities and go to more rural areas. Even some of our friends (Americans) who have been living in Israel for years have also received a leading from Yahweh to leave the country and come back to the States.

My husband and I are finally settled in our new place here in Montana and we feel that any final preparations that we need to make need to be done before winter sets in. Everyone is sensing that the other shoe is about to drop but no one has yet received any revelation as to what the “shoe” is. Your feelings of being “in limbo” right now seem to be in line with what many others are experiencing, including my husband and I. We have taken one step of obedience by moving out of Denver and now we are wondering what’s next but have not received direction yet.

As for TV, we no longer have one. As for the mainstream news, we never listen anymore. The radio? Well, its on sometime but I have no interest in the politics of the day. Everything about the world we live in is fading away for us and we are pressing into Yahweh more and more in order to “be about our Father’s business.” Yeshua said that He came to set the captive free, and this, I believe, is the mission that Yahweh has placed before my husband and myself. Setting people free from the layers and layers of webbing that the enemy has spun around our minds – layers of lies and deception.

As in the case of your friend from Australia, I have printed off almost all of your teachings on paper. I think I will burn them to a CD as well so that I have a backup.

Be blessed this day, Joseph. You have been faithful in sharing with all of us what the Father has inspired you to learn through the parables of life. He will show you your next step in His perfect time.
(A Sister in Christ – Name Withheld)


I could relate the experiences of many more Christians with whose lives I am familiar. For example, I know a family with young children who were led a few years ago to move from Denver to a remote, small town in South Dakota. It has been quite an adjustment, but Yahweh has gone before them and provided the husband with a good job in a completely different occupation from that in which he formerly found employment. The wife (and mother) was led to begin home schooling her four children, and Yahweh has been continually guiding their steps.

I know a brother in Christ who had earned much money in the mortgage industry prior to the collapse. He eventually sold his business which was dwindling rapidly. He has a home in a very urban part of California which had been his primary residence. He was led of the Lord to renovate a ranch he owned in a very rural part of the state (accessed only by dirt roads). He has a large multi-function building on the property that also includes an apartment that he and his wife have repaired and now live in. He has a deep well for water, and there is a lake with many fish, and wild game and berries on the property. He is now seeking to sell his home in the city.

I know another family who relocated from Fort Wayne, Indiana to a property on the outskirts of a much smaller town. The husband was also led to purchase a travel trailer and a vehicle to pull it, and to make other preparations for a time of dislocation. He and his wife have a number of young children.

I have been corresponding with a brother who was led a couple years ago to relocate his family from Texas to Idaho. He does not own any property, but rents. He has had a desire to own a piece of property, but has not had the financial means. He is an incredibly handy person with machinery and fabrication of all sorts. He has a tractor the Father has been directing him to make ready to use as a back hoe, though he is unsure what it will be used for. However, he has given himself to doing that which he senses the Father directing him to do at this time, trusting that the Father will faithfully guide him and his family.

Another brother was led to move from the outskirts of Seattle to a remote location in Eastern Oregon. He also is incredibly handy and has built his own home, and laid in a large store of firewood. He has found occasional work as a commercial roofer. The Father always brings him a job just when he needs it, in order that he might pay his bills and continue to make those preparations the Father has guided him to make.

A brother (Randy) I have traveled and ministered with continues to work with the homeless in the city of Macon, Georgia. He is daily in an urban environment, but the Father has directed him to live with his grandfather a short distance outside of the city in a rural, and lightly populated area. His grandfather has property with approximately 24 acres, including a pond stocked with fish. There are also deer in the area. Despite having had the property up for sale in recent years, and a number of people looking at it, the property did not sell. Randy’s grandfather quit trying to sell it a couple years ago as it seemed that it was not the will of God that it be sold. Randy was also led to purchase an old motorhome, 32 feet in length, and to renovate it, making it ready for living.

I know another brother in the Atlanta area. He was also led a couple years back to purchase a used motorhome and ready it for use. He has taken a couple trips in it to see what needed repaired, and what works and he has kept the RV maintained and ready to travel at any time.

I have been corresponding with a sister in Christ whose husband divorced her. They owned several nice homes, and she lived a very affluent life while she was married. Since her separation from her husband she has lived with a grown son in a modest sized class C motorhome. This sister in Christ and her believing son take positions as resident caretakers at state RV parks in a southern state. Their camping site, water, sewer, electric, cable, and use of laundry facilities is provided free in return for a limited number of hours work each week at the campgrounds.

I am intimately acquainted with a couple in Arizona who have lived a nomadic life for years, but were led to purchase forty acres in the high desert some years back. They built their own modest sized home from scratch, and have chickens for eggs and meat. They grow vegetables in the desert, and the Father has continually met their needs in many remarkable ways, as they periodically take whatever odd jobs the Father provides for them as a source of income.

As you can see from these examples and the correspondence shared, the Father is using a great variety of means to relocate His children and to alter their manner of living. Although not all are downsizing, a goodly percentage are, and they are becoming less dependent upon this world system. With decreased material possessions, and decreased financial obligations, comes an increasing freedom from entanglement with this fallen world system.

II Timothy 2:4, 7
No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier… Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.

The Father is guiding some through circumstances, such as having their homes foreclosed on, or a landlord suddenly issuing them an eviction notice. Such experiences may seem troubling to the natural eye, but it is often Yahweh’s method of moving His sons and daughters to places that have been prepared for them.

I encourage those who have a desire to relocate, or to make provisions of various kinds, but have not had the means to do so, to not give into despair or frustration. Yahweh will not guide every son and daughter in the same way. It is necessary that the Christian not be driven by fear, but rather led by the Spirit. You must divide between soul and Spirit that you might be assured that any actions you take are the will of God and not initiated by self. Where the Spirit directs He will also supply every need. When the Spirit initiates some work, He will provide the wherewithal to accomplish it. He can be trusted.

If, however, your inability to follow the Spirit is due to entanglements with this world, having adopted the mentality of American consumerism; if you have been directed by a covetous spirit that has led to financial bondage, then you need to be zealous and repent. Confess to the Father your transgression of loving the world and the things in it, and ask His forgiveness and deliverance. Truly, many Christians are not free to follow the Spirit wherever He would direct because they are attached to worldly possessions, and associations. Many will perish, being unwilling to turn loose of the idols of their heart.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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  1. The Fathers Heartbeat 4 Nations!

    Hi brother Three months ago the Lord told me to sell everything and travel and pray over certain areas in the U.S. I am a single women and now I have finally landed in Texas. I have to say I am receiving things from the Lord in this hour in regards to what lies ahead. I have a heart after my Jesus and beloved Father. I hear you and I too have gone through major stripping and purging in the last three years as a forerunner as well. So I am with you brother. love this site.NoreCte1


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