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by | Mar 5, 2016

Book Now Available

The book Lunacy and the Age of Deception is now available as an e-book in PDF format. If you want to have a copy of this recently completed book to read, print, or share with others, you can now access the book on the Heart4God Book page. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF button below the book’s image.

I made completing this book a priority the last few weeks, pushing other matters to the side. I was glad to wrap up the book which was begun on December 15, 2015. This three month project (81 days) required extensive research and many long writing sessions. From the correspondence I have received on the book, it appears to have been an eye-opener for many. To open Christians’ eyes to the extent of the illusory world we dwell in, demonstrating that even hoaxes of the most profound and widespread character have been foisted upon an unsuspecting populace, was the goal of the book. Only those with their eyes open, and an understanding of the pervasiveness of deception and lies from every quarter of society, will be prepared to recognize even greater deceptions which will attend the end of this age.

This morning I was able to catch up on most of my e-mail. I then turned my attention to prison ministry. I have accumulated a stack of inmate correspondence over the last three weeks. I have more than 30 letters to answer. Some will require several hours to reply to.

Last week 36 men on the prison newsletter mailing list reached the end of all the material I currently have available. There are at present 144 newsletters in the complete series. At a pace of 1 newsletter per week, it takes a man nearly three years to go through the complete series. I need to take time to create additional newsletters. I would like to create approximately another 20 newsletters at this time which will provide material for another 5 months.

This afternoon I started the weekly print run of newsletters. The Xerox Colorqube 8880 printer gifted to the ministry 7 months ago has been performing flawlessly, but it crashed today. It is reporting a print head problem. This is the most expensive and complex part of the printer. I will have to get a Xerox technician out to work on it. It should be covered under warranty. I believe the first year is covered by Xerox. I purchased a 3 year extended warranty through Amazon for the printer when I acquired it through their website. I will see how all that works out. Your prayers are appreciated. The printer reported that it had printed 113,959 pages at the time of its crash. That is 228 reams of paper. That is a lot of printing in a 7 month period. A high capacity and high quality printer really is an indispensable part of the ministry. The Colorqube 8880 meets both criteria, but everything in this world breaks down eventually.

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  1. ByWaterAndBlood

    Congratulations on finishing the book. Reading it has been an eye-opening experience. Thank you for your hard work towards the edification of your readers and the kingdom of God. Is the book different in any way to the series of blog posts? Also, keep us updated on you printer. I pray that Yahweh's will be done in regards to it's repair.

  2. Joseph Herrin

    Hello George (By Water and Blood),

    The book is identical to the posts which have been uploaded to the Parables Blog. It does, however, contain an index with hotlinks to each of the chapters which makes it easier to navigate.

    May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,


    P.S. I contacted Xerox on Monday and they were here the following day to fix the printer. It did not cost me anything and it is now working fine once more.


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