Money Soon to be Worthless

by | Mar 5, 2009

Joseph Herrin (03-04-09)

Note: I thought I was through with my van repairs, but yesterday the Father revealed that He wants to overhaul the transmission as well. I am meeting the tow truck driver this morning to have it towed to the transmission repair shop. The Lord’s hand has been marvelously present in all of this, and I consider it one more thing to get it ready to “run with the horsemen.”

Due to my limited availability to access the Internet during the time my van is being repaired, I would ask people to be understanding if I am not able to respond to e-mail quickly. I do not have Internet access in the home in which I am staying.

Money Soon to Be Worthless

James 5:1-3
Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure!

The Lord continues to speak to many of His sons and daughters through dreams, visions and prophetic events. I have compiled here a few very recent messages that all point to the same thing: Money is soon to be worthless.

The Spirit is testifying of this fact to many in this hour. What will you do when the money fails? I am interspersing this message with that of The Supernatural Character of Coming Days, lest some should be overcome with fear. We must ever keep in mind that when this world system fails, our God remains faithful. He is a very present help in a day of trouble. Those who have learned to hear His voice and obey will do exploits, and many of God’s people will find that His abundant provision begins when the fleshpots of Egypt fail.

Let me share these prophetic words and experiences in the order in which I received them. A brother in the Lord named Shane, wrote to me the following. It spoke of a dream he had early in the morning of January 4th of this year.

To be brief, in the dream I was walking down the concourse of large regional shopping mall and I was passing people walking the opposite direction I was walking who had a “stunned” look on their faces. They were all in small groups of like two to five or so people. I also noted that the stores were empty, which I thought was odd, but I kept walking.

Finally, I rounded a corner and there was large group of people standing around in front of what appeared to be a “mall branch” of some bank, with several teller windows. The scene was strange in that all I could hear were whispers coming from the crowd and I felt “a fear” that seemed to be coming from them. Another strange thing was that there were these guys dressed in suits standing outside the perimeter of the crowd and they were wearing white gloves. They sort of looked like butlers or something but they had their hands crossed in front of them and were wearing these white gloves. To be honest, it sort of felt like I was at some kind of funeral.
Well, really didn’t know what to do. So, I turned around and started to walk back the same way I had come and with the intent of moving quickly, but not running. However, before I had made it just a few feet, something caught my eye on the floor. I looked down and there were large denomination bills laying on the floor. I saw $100 bills, $50 bills and so on. Well, my first thought was to reach down and pick them up. However, something restrained me and reminded me of two things: One, it’s not yours, and Two, look at it. It’s laying on the floor! Then I thought; “What does this mean?”Then an understanding came to me: It dawned on me that it is on the floor because it is worthless! If it was worth anything, surely someone would have spotted it before me and picked it up by now!
Wow! I thought, then I began to move as quickly as I could to get away from these guys in the white gloves and the group of people standing at the bank. It seemed that I was walking for some time until I came to a white hallway sandwiched between two department stores and something inside me told me to turn and walk down the hallway, so I did. When I came to the end of the hallway, it was like I was somehow “transported” to another place inside the interior of the mall, like the mall security offices or something. When inside I noted that there was nobody there so I just walked around looking at things until I came to this room that had mirrors on the walls. I could see the reflection of the office furniture in the mirrors, but one thing that struck me was I could not see myself, or my reflection in the mirrors. Then the dream ended.
I don’t know what all the dream meant, but from the feelings I got from being around that group of people at the bank were not good. They all seemed to have this “panic look” in their eyes, or worry at least, and they were all whispering among themselves, although I could not make out what they were saying. It was a very strange dream indeed. However, I just thought I would chip in with my own dream experiences here lately, as it seems to confirm what others are experiencing in their own dreams. I don’t know if you have heard one like this or not. However, I believe that with all these strange dreams going on, and all of them pointing, more or less, to similar warnings, I don’t think I am alone at all.

This dream doesn’t need much interpretation. The people speaking in hushed voices, the palpable fear that was emanating from the crowd, the men at the bank branch with the white gloves, and the funeral atmosphere all point to the imminent collapse of America’s banking and financial system. The collapse has been prophesied in a myriad of ways which the readers of this blog will already be familiar with. One of the most recent signs was observed when the US Airways flight crashed in the Hudson River just after takeoff. Aboard were many executives from Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank. This prophetic event foretold of a sudden event which will occur that will cause America to descend precipitously. The banking system will fall all the way to the ground, which was also signified prophetically when the World Trade Centers collapsed on 9-11-2001 with the resulting closure of the New York Stock Exchange.

The stores in this dream were also empty. This will occur for two reasons. There will be no more merchandise to buy, as some have prophesied that the stores will be emptied in one hour when calamity strikes. Additionally, people’s money will be worthless, therefore shopping will be impossible. The money being worthless was additionally observed in Shane’s dream as he saw large denomination bills left carelessly scattered on the ground.

Although Shane dreamed this in January, I received the description of it from him just a week ago. Around the same time I received the following e-mail from Andrew Eberly, who has been receiving many things from the Spirit in this season.

Just yesterday I took a nap in the late afternoon/early evening time-frame and the Lord gave me a dream. I don’t remember the specific details of the dream, but basically the Lord showed me that all currency and credit cards would be rendered useless and no longer a means to transact business. The only thing possible was doing some bartering, but this was considered illegal. When I woke up from the dream I sensed that the time of the beast government and the mark required to buy or sell was soon to be upon us. I sensed the Spirit leading me to use the rest of my savings up to either give away and/or buy supplies, because soon any cash that I have will not be worth the paper that it is printed on.

Andrew has repeatedly asked the Lord to show him if there is anything he might do to prepare for coming days, and to mitigate the loss and difficulty that will occur to all people. He has desired to make preparation for his immediate and extended family, as well as all others that the Lord should bring his way in that day.

I believe that because Andrew has taken the warnings of the Lord seriously, and had responded with an attentive ear and quick obedience, the Lord continues to give him many insights into that which is at hand. I for one consider all that he shares, weighing it carefully in my spirit.

The next testimony I will provide comes from my own experience. March 1st blew into Georgia in a big way. I reside in the center of the state, and on that day we experienced a rare snow fall. In fact, parts of Georgia experienced a rare meteorological event called “thunder snow.” This occurs when there is lightning and thunder along with a snow storm.

Georgia wasn’t the only area of the country to experience storms that day. They extended all up the Eastern seaboard. The mayor of New York commented on the way the month of March began. Andrew Eberly sent me the following comment.

I know that you are already aware of the winter storm hitting the eastern seaboard, but I found this comment by Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, very interesting.
He says, “It’s the first of March, which, as you know, is the month that we say comes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday. “It’s pretty clear that the lions are getting ready to roar.”
Possibly a case of prophesying in ignorance?

I had spent the day writing, sitting at a local Panera Bread restaurant where I am able to utilize their internet access. As I sat there I watched the snow falling outside. There were periods of time when it came down quite heavily, and it was cold enough to accumulate on the ground and various surfaces. Following is a picture of my van that I took.

Upon leaving Panera I sensed that I needed to go and buy some staple foods. I had considered doing so for a long time, but had never known a release from the Spirit to do so. That day, March 1st, I sensed that I should do so and do it quickly. I drove to a Dollar General Market store and got 8 large plastic storage bins. I then proceeded to fill my buggy up with food stuff, mostly dry goods such as rice and beans and such.

I had the buggy filled to the top and went and checked out. After ringing me up, the clerk told me to come back again. I obliged her by taking all my goods out to the van and then returning to the store with my empty shopping cart and filling it up again.

The next morning I was praying about whether I had gotten enough and the thought came to mind that if I received any money in the mail that morning I would go and buy some more goods that day. When I arrived at the post office I found that three envelopes were in my mailbox, each containing a financial gift. The amount was nearly precisely what I had spent the evening before, so I went out and purchased a couple hundred dollars more worth of non-perishable goods.

But I have jumped ahead in my story. Let me back up to the previous evening. After completing my second trip at the Dollar General store I drove across the parking lot to the Murphy Gas Station. I inserted my debit card to purchase gas and a message appeared on the screen telling me to see the clerk inside the store. When I went over to the store I noticed a hand written sign on the door saying that they could not accept debit or credit cards. I asked the clerk about it and she said that all their machines were down and they could only accept cash. This occurrence reminds me of Andrew’s words that very soon people’s money and credit cards will be worthless.

I then proceeded to top off my gas tank, paying with cash, and I headed home. When I arrived at Mr. Stanfield’s home, the 83 year old gentleman and brother in Christ who has generously opened up his home to me, I found him sitting at the kitchen table with a portable radio in front of him, listening to it. I was struck by the image and thought of how it reflected what would be occurring across this nation very soon. People will find themselves in troublesome days and will be huddled around their radios seeking some news about what is happening in the world.

Mr. Stanfield explained that his television had gone off completely. He has a satellite receiver and I told him that snow had probably built up on the dish causing him to lose his signal, which turned out to be the case. All of these things together, the unusual snow storm, the urgency in my spirit to purchase some supplies, the debit/credit machines not working, and Mr. Stanfield sitting at the table in front of the radio all seemed like individual parts of a message that was being conveyed to me.

A couple weeks ago the Lord conveyed the message to me that “the horsemen are coming.” These horsemen which are spoken of in the book of Revelation include famine, plague and the sword. They speak of very difficult days which are close at hand. The Lord gives his people warnings in order that they might prepare themselves.

This does not mean that the people of God should run around in a panicked state, fearfully hoarding up supplies, and buying guns and ammunition. The Lord tells us what is coming that we might inquire of Him as to what He would have us to do to make ourselves ready. We should them promptly obey Him. As I have stated repeatedly, hearing the voice of Yahweh and responding in obedience is critical to passing through the coming days safely as overcomers in Christ. Trust and obey. There is no other way.

This morning when I checked my e-mail I received the following words from a precious couple in Arizona. Kathy wrote to me the following:

Dear Joseph,

Two nights ago I had a dream. Randy, my daughter Michelle and I were driving home in our truck. We had stopped to get the mail and I was going through it. When I got to the last envelope I knew that it was a check and I started to cry. They were tears of joy because I knew that Yahweh was providing. In the dream, I knew the check had come from the insurance company that handled my mother-in-law’s funeral arrangements. I wondered why they were refunding money to me again (After my mother-in-law died in 2002 I had overpaid the cost of the flight for her body to be returned to Ohio and the funeral home sent me a refund.). I opened the envelope and the check was made out for $0.00. The dream ended.

When I woke up, I heard the word “listen” very clearly. I looked it up in Strong’s Concordance and saw that it only occurred in one verse, Isaiah 49:1. The word is actually in scripture over a thousand times, but only translated as listen once. Shama <8085> is to hear intelligently, discern and obey. I told Randy that I needed to listen to what the Father was trying to say. I made it a point to say that I needed to listen to Karen (she is a friend…) Shortly after that, Karen called with a question. She was reading in Jeremiah and wanted to know what it meant to gird up your loins (1:17). I explained that it was gathering up the tunic and tucking it into the belt so that it looks like a pair of baggy pants and makes it easier for a person to run. After I hung up I knew that it was the Father telling us to get ready to run. It is not a run of fear, but a run of spreading the Word that He is going to place in our mouths.

Last night I had another dream. I was walking through a restaurant and stopped to speak with a woman at one of the tables. I felt something under my foot but didn’t look down. The woman looked down and I followed her gaze. There on the floor were a few bills that were folded up in a unique way – similar to origami. The woman stooped to pick them up and I said I guess you’ve been blessed. Then she offered to split the money with me. I refused, saying instead that we should turn them in because someone had lost them. It looked like there might have been a hundred dollar bill and a couple of other denominations but she said it was a total of $11.00.That is all I remember.

We feel that very soon the financial system is going to fail. Perhaps that is why the check was worthless and the money that should have been a large amount was only worth $11.00. The number 11 also seemed significant. And Yahweh’s means of provision may involve stripping us of any connection to the Babylonian money system. We have never leaned more heavily on Him than we are doing right now. We feel weak and empty, but we are at peace.

Be blessed in the midst of this storm,

Randy and Kathy

Some observations I have on these dreams I received from Kathy follow. Kathy experiences tears of joy knowing that Yahweh was going to provide for her, but then she opened the envelope to find that the refund check had a value of $0.00. We truly can have tears of joy at this season, knowing that Yahweh will provide for His children. He will do so even when our money is worthless. Yesterday’s post spoke of a man named Michael having numerous experiences of God manifesting a supernatural provision. On one occasion he was even instructed to fill up a milk jug with water and pour it into his gas tank. As he obeyed the water was turned into gasoline and he was able to return home. Yahweh will provide for His people in coming days even when money is no good and they are unable to buy or sell.

Yahweh is not limited in the ways He can and will provide for His people in the days ahead. Many supernatural manifestations of provision will occur. Truly, as the Spirit recently reiterated, God’s grace will prove sufficient for His people in that hour.

Girding up the loins and getting ready to run also relates to the recent message that I posted titled Preparing to Run with the Horses.

Kathy also mentioned the amount of money on the floor totaling $11.00. The article found at the link above begins with the following words:

Jeremiah 12:5
If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace, how will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?

This article is being written on 2-11-2009. I did not plan this. God did. It was after I wrote the title and listed the date that the Lord drew my attention to the significance of these numbers… E.W. Bullinger shares the following concerning the significance of the number 11.


If ten is the number which marks the perfection of Divine order, then eleven is an addition to it, subversive of and undoing that order. If twelve is the number which marks the perfection of Divine government, then eleven falls short of it. So that whether we regard it as being 10 + 1, or 12 – 1, it is the number which marks disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration.
[Source: ]

We see in this that God is giving yet one more witness that days of disorder and disintegration are upon this land. That the money in Kathy’s dream totaled $11.00 indicates that disorder and disintegration will strike the nation’s financial sector. We are already seeing evidence of this everywhere, but soon things will turn downward in a state of free fall. The decline will not stop until all has been laid low in the dust.

Things will change swiftly, and we must be ready to run with the horses. The days of peace will be over, and if we have been wearied in the day of peace, how will we compete in the day of calamity? We must truly gird up our loins, preparing ourselves to run.

The fact that large denomination bills were folded into origami shapes and left lying on the floor also signifies that the money has become worthless. It will no longer be valuable for buying and selling. It’s purchasing power will be rendered impotent. People will use it for other purposes, such as origami. It will be so lacking in value that it will be left lying carelessly on the floor.

Both Kathy and Shane’s dreams contained the same symbolism of money on the floor. This indicates that it has fallen to its lowest possible level. It can fall no further.

People of God, are you heeding the things the Spirit is testifying? If you have money in the bank and you are hoping to save it for a rainy day; if you are counting on using it as a hedge against looming disaster, you will be greatly disappointed. When the banking system fails many people will not even trouble themselves by going to the bank to collect what is theirs, for it will have no value.

Andrew expressed the following thought: “I sensed the Spirit leading me to use the rest of my savings up to either give away and/or buy supplies, because soon any cash that I have will not be worth the paper that it is printed on.

I do not counsel any son or daughter of God to do a similar thing based upon the testimony of myself, Andrew, or another. We are commanded in Scripture to “test all things.” “Examine all things carefully.” We are told to not despise prophetic utterances, but we should always look to the Lord to provide a witness to these utterances.

What I do exhort you to do is to press into the Father and see what He is declaring to you. I think that many of the saints of God will end up like the servant whom the Lord reproached because he took the money that had been entrusted to him and buried it in the ground. He gained no return and no interest on it. The money was not gainfully employed for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.

Although money is the least of the gifts available to the children of God, being called by Christ “unrighteous mammon,” we are told that he who is faithful with a little will be given greater things.

Luke 16:11-12
“If therefore you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous mammon, who will entrust the true riches to you? And if you have not been faithful in the use of that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?”

Should you not be asking the Lord whether these things that are being indicated by dreams, visions and prophecies are true? And if they are, should you not be asking the Lord how you might use that which has been entrusted to you while it still has value. When its value is gone, the opportunity to use it for good will have passed.

Fear and unbelief will certainly have to be overcome in order to act on that which the Spirit would speak to you. Even when I was at the store buying supplies a few days ago, I was confronted with doubts. I looked around me and observed that everyone around me was living as if all was normal and would continue so indefinitely. There was no apparent concern on people’s faces. It was still a day of peace. The banks were still open. Money was still being tendered, and goods exchanged.

For a brief moment I wavered in unbelief. I thought, “Am I crazy to be making preparation for something that most people around me would deny could ever happen?” Yet I know what the Spirit has testified. America is about to fall. The signs have been given, the hour is late, these things are at the door.

In that moment I chose to walk by faith, not by sight. Faith arises out of hearing a word from God. It is the substance of things unseen. The natural mind says that it is folly to prepare for things unseen, but the spiritual mind hears the words of God and acts accordingly.

So test these things. Ask God whether these things be true. Inquire of Him as to what He would have you do to make yourself ready. Gird up your loins, and be ready to run, performing that which God directs without delay.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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