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by | Jul 6, 2018

Joseph Herrin (07-06-2018)

My daughter Kristin has gotten her new album done 2 weeks before she is to go to Poland. Kristin, Nicole, and MaryAnn worked with George on the album at Fountain of Praise studio for almost 3 months. George was the producer and engineer, and he worked closely with the young women to get the sound just the way they wanted it. Overall it came out just fine. They didn’t use auto-tune, or pitch correction, which has become a rather large thing today. They wanted their voices to sound as authentic as if you were sitting down listening to them. They have very lovely voices and they blend wonderfully.

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They wrote all of their own songs. They really say a lot, which is something that a lot of Christian music is getting away from today. All three of the women wrote songs, which are as follows.

Nothing to Prove – MaryAnn Kauffman
Psalm 139 – Nicole Yoder
Joy is Coming – MaryAnn Kauffman
Sacrifice – Kristin Herrin
Kingdom of Heaven – Nicole Yoder
When You Saw the Cross – Kristin Herrin
My Prayer – Nicole Yoder
The Lord is My Shepherd – MaryAnn Kauffman
There Will Be a Day – MaryAnn Kauffman
Dandelion Dust – Nicole Yoder
Run Free – MaryAnn Kauffman
Scripture Blessing – Kristin Herrin

The young women have been singing together for about 10 years. They had enough songs to do about 3 albums, but they had to select the proper ones for this one.

Nicole, Kristin, and MaryAnn

Nicole and MaryAnn performed on the piano and vocals. Kristin performed on the guitar, djembe, hand percussion and vocals.

I was talking to George this morning and he said the album really showed forth a move of God to get it done at this time. If you knew how many years Kristin and her friends had been planning an album, you would know what that means. Yahweh really brought all the things together for a beautiful album. In a way, it is like a going away present for Kristin.

My daughter does have disks available for shipping. She said she didn’t want to put a price on them because they are also for those who do not have much to spend. She would ask that people pay whatever price they can afford. She does need $3.00 for shipping, and whatever people can afford for the months in the music studio and the cost of getting them printed. Kristin does not have them in mp3 format yet. They are going to let their CDs sell first before they look into converting them and posting them online.

If you would like one of the CDs before July 19th (the day she is leaving for Poland), you can contact Kristin, or simply send the money with your mailing address to She has PayPal set-up. To use it just log into your PayPal account and send her whatever you decide along with a note telling her what address to send it to. I am sorry, but the prices are only good for the U.S.A.. If you do not have a PayPal account you can send me the money with my posted PayPal links on Heart4God or Parables, using whatever card you desire (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa) and I will just forward the money to her. You can also send me or Kristin a check.

Kristin, Nicole, and MaryAnn have created these albums as a loving gift for the Father. If you can only afford $3.00 for shipping, do not let that stop you. All are welcome to receive of the gift of music. It is a blessing for all. Below are the prices for shipping.

1 CD: $3.00
2 CDs: $3.50
3 CDs: $4.00
4 CDs: $4.50
5 CDs: $5.00

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