News Headlines Indicate Judgment

by | May 7, 2008

News Headlines Indicate Judgment
Joseph Herrin (05-07-08)

I continue to hear from various people concerning events in the news. Of particular interest are those things considered “acts of God,” such as weather related disasters. A couple of news items have stood out as particularly significant recently. These are the outbreak of tornadoes in the American central states, and the Cyclone named Nargis that has killed thousands in Myanmar (Burma).

Yesterday I was struck by a headline on CNN’s website. It declared 22,000 Dead in Wake of Cyclone Nargis. Tjose of you who have been reading these recent writings will realize that the number 22,000 was spoken of at length in the recent article titled Primogeniture. The number 22 is a symbol of flesh cutting, the removal of wickedness. It was mentioned that when a number is raised to the level of the thousands that it speaks of the heavens. I am reminded of the following verse.

Genesis 18:20-21
And Yahweh said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous; I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.

There are times when the Scriptures declare that the sin of man has reached such a level that its cry has reached to God in heaven. This is symbolic speech, for Yahweh observes all things done in creation. What is indicated is that the cry has become so odious that Yahweh can no longer bear patiently with those who are giving themselves over to unrestrained evil.

In 2005 Yahweh sent a message to America about the evil in her midst, particularly that centered in the wicked city of New Orleans. Just as New Orleans was set to celebrate Southern Decadence, a homosexual festival, Yahweh sent Hurricane Katrina and deluged the city and the festival was canceled. Katrina means “pure,” and it made its final landfall at the mouth of the Pearl River. Pearls stand for purity throughout Scripture. This was a prophetic sign that God demanded purity from this nation, and He would no longer tolerate their blatant promotion of “decadence.”

A further witness was seen a month later when New Orleans was just beginning to be pumped dry. The May of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, rather than being repentant, boasted that the city would be back up on its feet in time for Mardi Gras, another perverse festival. Then Hurricane Rita hit. Remarkably, the name Rita means “pearl.” Yahweh sent a second witness of His displeasure, and because the city has still not repented there awaits it a further and more devastating judgment.

A similar message is observed in this cyclone that struck Burma. Burma, and the area of Southeast Asia in which it is found, is known for its sexual exploitation of children. This has become an international problem, and thousands of young children from the region are sold or kidnaped and placed into the sex trade as early as 10-12 years old. Within a few short years, many of them have become infected with HIV and AIDS. It is reported that those who return to Burma after being infected are then locked in prison by the Burmese military government.

All of this tragic ruin of human life calls forth God’s judgment. There is one particular transgression that appears to have fallen upon God’s sights. This is the practice of pederasty, which is widespread in Burma and the region. Pederasty is the attraction of men to young boys for sexual purposes. Hurrican Nargis has a very pronounced reference to this practice.

Nargis is the Muslim word for Narcissus. Those familiar with Narcissus as a mythological character, know him as a vain youth who fell in love with his own image. As the story goes Narcissus rebuffed the love of another, and then having ventured into the woods he came upon a pool of water, and being thirsty, he approached the pool. Seeing his own reflection, he fell in love with it, and was therefore unwilling to disturb the water. He died of thirst as he sat by the pool gazing at his own image.

What many do not know is the origin of this tale. I will quote from the website Wikipedia.

There is an older version than the one related by Ovid in his Metamorphoses, which is a moral tale in which the proud and unfeeling Narcissus is punished by the gods for having spurned all his male suitors (see pederasty in ancient Greece). It is thought to have been intended as a cautionary tale addressed to adolescent boys. Until recently, the only source for this version was a segment in Pausanias (9.31.7), about 150 years after Ovid. A very similar account was discovered among the Oxyrhynchus papyri in 2004, an account that predates Ovid’s version by at least fifty years.

In this story, Ameinias, a young man, loved Narcissus but was scorned. As a way of rebuffing Ameinias Narcissus gave him a sword, which Ameinias used to kill himself on Narcissus’ doorstep; he prayed to Nemesis that Narcissus would one day know the pain of unrequited love. This curse was fulfilled when Narcissus became entranced by his own reflection in a pool and tried to seduce the beautiful boy, not realising it was himself. He only realised that it was his reflection after trying to kiss it. Completing the symmetry of the tale, out of sorrow Narcissus took his sword and killed himself; his body then turned into a flower.

This oldest existing account of the story of Narcissus was employed by the Greeks in support of their practice of pederasty. In order to teach young boys to not rebuff their older male suitors, they were told about the curse that would fall on such ones, and they were branded as simply being vain for not wanting to satisfy the abominable desires of these corrupt men.

It can hardly be a coincidence that this Cyclone which was of such unusual strength, and which has wreaked so much destruction, bore this name as it struck perhaps the greatest center for the practice of this abomination in the world. The nations are truly entering into a period where the judgment of God will fall with greater severity upon those who give themselves over to the unrestrained impulses of the flesh.

Another weather item that was recently in the news was the report of the tornado outbreak in the central states of America. A sister in Christ sent me one headline that held particular significance. I will quote from the article. The bold and red text has been added to emphasize details.

Deadly Storm Kills Siloam Springs Teen, Six Others
By The Morning News

SILOAM SPRINGS – Disbelief. Stunned disbelief.

Neighbors lined the roadway to stare. A procession of cars rolled by as if everyone in Siloam Springs had to see the tree personally, despite warnings from the police about the dangers of downed power lines.

The soft sunlight of an early spring morning after a storm should have warmed them. But they seemed to shiver. The girth of the tree’s midsection – so large a man couldn’t embrace it – lay on the bunkbed where 15-year-old Eliana Chacon died, apparently in her sleep.

Rescuers had peeled back some of the shell of her family’s mobile home at 228 Lake Francis Road to free Eliana and her 10-year-old brother, who was treated and released at the local hospital.
[End Excerpt]

Some may be offended at the suggestion that a prophetic message could be contained in that which is undoubtedly a personal tragedy for those related to this individual. Yet the Scriptures reveal many instances of the details of events, even tragic events, bearing great prophetic significance. Since God has numbered even the hairs on our heads, it is not too difficult to conceive that He has ordained everything about a person’s life. The Spirit has testified that the name my parents chose for me was at His leading, albeit unknown to them, and they would deny it to this day. The day of our birth, the significant events of our lives, and the time and manner of our death, are all ordered by the Lord, and He speaks profoundly through these things.

Consider that the Lord revealed to Peter that the manner and time of his death had been pre-ordained, and it was also a parable.

John 21:18-19
Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to gird yourself, and walk wherever you wished; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will gird you, and bring you where you do not wish to go.” Now this He said, signifying by what kind of death he would glorify God.

Let us look at the details of this event that was reported in the news. The Location bore the name of Siloam. This name stands out in the parallels that are found between what occurred recently, and what occurred two thousand years ago in the town that bore the same name in Israel.

Luke 13:4-5
“Or do you suppose that those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, were worse culprits than all the men who live in Jerusalem? I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

Here the Lord speaks of a disaster that occurred in the town of Siloam. A falling tower killed 18 people. A similar event occurred when this tree fell on a house and killed this sleeping girl. The girl’s name was Eliana. According to the website , the name Eliana is of Hebrew derivation and it means “my God has answered.” In type, this young girl stands as a symbol of the church. Judgment is also about to fall on it as they are sleeping.

Consider that which the Lord spoke to His disciples concerning this disaster in Siloam. He said, “Do you suppose those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, were worse culprits than others? I tell you, NO, BUT UNLESS YOU REPENT, YOU WILL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH.”

Consider that God is speaking to the church, and He is saying that this is His answer. He has been calling the church to repent for many years. He has borne long with her. His grace has been fully extended to the ultimate measure (Eliana was 15 years old, being 3 “completeness” times 5 “grace”).

Revelation 2:21-23
“And I gave her time to repent; and she does not want to repent of her immorality. Behold, I will cast her upon a bed of sickness, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of her deeds. And I will kill her children with pestilence; and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts; and I will give to each one of you according to your deeds.”

Is not what is spoken of here “God’s answer”? When He says, “I will give to each one of you according to your deeds,” is He not saying “I will answer you according to your works”? What is the answer? The church will be cast into great tribulation, unless they repent. Most thus far have shown no interest in repenting, though numerous judgments, and many warnings have already been given.

Note also the address of this house. It was number 228. The number 22 has been that which the Spirit has been bringing forth more profoundly than any other number at this time. It speaks of flesh cutting. Additionally, the number 8 is a number pertaining to Christ, for He arose on the eighth day, the first of the new creation to enter into resurrection life. In the sign of Bootes, we declared how Yahshua is figured in this heavenly sign as a Shepherd carrying a scythe in His upraised arm. He is coming to remove wickedness from His people. He will descend as a cutter of grass. He will fall upon a sleeping people and great will be the tribulation of that hour.

These two numbers also speak of that which Yahshua would do in those appointed to be the Bride. Only by cutting away their flesh can a spiritual creature arise. This will be a difficult process, which only a remnant will surrender themselves to pass through. Woe to those who fail to submit to this necessary work.

One may wonder why God would send such a sign, knowing that a sleeping church will not discern it, much less heed it. Truly the church will react to sudden judgment with “Disbelief. Stunned Disbelief.” God has said that He does nothing except He reveals it to His servants, the prophets. There is a remnant that are awake, and they will understand when these things occur that they were foretold in many ways. They will recognize the tribulation for what it is, and they will understand the reason it has been sent.

Everywhere around me I am observing witnesses of that which is coming. I am sobered by the understanding of the great trouble to come to myriads of the children of God. Great terror will fall upon many. It is truly an hour to walk circumspectly. Repent quickly of any transgression that the Spirit of Christ reveals. Turn from any course that does not meet with His approval. Pursue humility, pursue righteousness, that perhaps you might be hidden in the day of the Lord’s anger.


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