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by | Jan 18, 2019

Joseph Herrin (01-18-2019)

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The coffee shop in the picture above is my regular work area. It is about 3-4 miles from where I park my bus. It is owned and operated by a man named Daniel who is an elder at the church my daughter goes to (when she is not in Poland on missionary duty). The coffee shop is open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. I usually go either in the morning, or after lunch. It is quite packed out at lunch.

About 4 months ago I got rid of my Internet connection at home. This has necessitated that I work outside of my home during the day. I have found this to be very helpful to me as it aids in being free of YouTube and other temptations during the day and evening. Instead I am reading books and doing other things around the house. I also go to Starbucks, or one of many fast food restaurants in Perry during the weekend. Perry is about an 18 mile drive one way.

I still have a large desktop computer in my home. I am beginning to take a look at Bible translation again. What has helped me tremendously in this is that George has taken an interest in Bible translation also. He has purchased all of the software he needs to do translation work at his rental home (right next to where my bus is parked at). This has given me the encouragement to take up the task again.

In the meantime the Bible software (Bible Works) I was using for translation has gone out of business. I will still use it, however. George in the meantime has found that the Logos software is an excellent product. He is working with the Logos software, and is highly enjoying it. In case people don’t know about Bible software, the products are available in several packages. The beginning package for doing translation work is about $1,000 dollars, and the packages go up to more than $3,000. I find it necessary to have a copy of the interlinear Bible running right alongside my translated words on the screen. I also use about 3 regular translations to compare/contrast with, and about 10 others for infrequent checks.

I would urge people to not be in a hurry for the Heart of David Bible (the name of my Bible translation) for it is quite a lot of work. I will be giving updates on it from time to time.

Going back to the Oasis Coffee Shop, I find that it is also a good place to take my visitors when they come over, which is not very often. Just last week Joe (Joachim) Boes came down for a visit. I have always had a good time when Joe comes around. He likes to talk about the same thing that I do, the Bible and the ways of Yahweh. I asked George to join Joe and I when he came down. Joe lives in the Atlanta area.

That is Joe Boes in the blue shirt, and George sitting at the end of the table in the red shirt. I am holding things together wearing a plaid shirt that has both blue and red.

The above photo show Joe (Joachim) Boes. Joe got in a batch of slow traffic coming out of Atlanta, so he was a bit late in coming in. After we spoke for a little while we all loaded up in his vehicle and went to the Mennonite restaurant, which is only about 5 minutes away. After lunch and some talking we then headed down to Oasis which is about 5 miles away, and where we took the pictures. The coffee shop closes up at 7 P.M.. This is also the time that Joe Boes has to head back home.

It is always a pleasure to speak to Joachim. I look forward to our next visit.

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