One Month Will Be A Year

by | Apr 5, 2017

Joseph Herrin (04-04-17)

Come May of 2017 I will have spent a year in recuperation from
the stroke that I had. I would like to tell you about it since I know that most
people do not understand strokes.
On one of the first days of May 2016, I am not sure which, I
experienced a stroke. I remember my daughter took me out to lunch. I had likely
had the first part of the stroke the night before. It was relatively easy to
hide, I thought, not having too many telltale traits. I wasn’t sure I had a
stroke because the evidence was too little to show, though I suspected
something was happening. Interestingly, my sister who is a year older than I,
had a stroke about a year earlier. I can roughly remember the date of my
experience because May 7th is my birthday, and it was a few days
Kristin and I went out to lunch and I spoke very little, but I
did speak. I figured if I spoke as little as possible that she might not be too
alarmed. I felt that the stroke was still happening and my speech was getting
progressively worse. About halfway through our lunch Kristin noticed something
was not quite right with her Dad, and though she never mentioned a stroke she
began to watch me more closely. She drove me back home after our lunch and went
over to her house. I felt it was a good opportunity to take a nap.
A little later Kristin came over to my motorhome and said she
thought I had a stroke. She said she had invited some people from her church to
come pray for me. That is all she said, though I suspected she was going to
want to keep a close eye on me for the foreseeable future.
A little while later about a dozen people from her church
showed up. I wasn’t talking too well by this time as the stroke had debilitated
my right side. I welcomed the people into my motorhome, and sat at the desk
while some managed to get past me and the rest stood around me. They began to
pray for me. I remember one of the elders from Kristin’s church praying for me.
Several people prayed. There were also young people around Kristin’s age who
prayed for me – Kristin is 29.
After they left Kristin told me that she wanted me to go to
Nicholas’ house to stay for a while. Nicholas had a double wide home and had a
man I knew staying with him. This was George. Nicholas was about 22 and George
was 39. I knew that I should not give Kristin too much grief about staying with
people for a little time. She was doing all she could to care for me. I told
her I would go for a little while, being concerned for my two dogs, and my
mother dog who had puppies a few weeks before. Kristin said she would take care
of them.

with a Couple of Her 8 Pups
When I got to Nicholas house he was more than happy to have me
stay with him. He had earlier spent a number of months with me in my motorhome
when he first moved to this area. He had been out for some time in his own
place, and welcomed guests.

At His Rental House
My daughter came by to visit me every day, usually in the
morning and evening. She had to work during the day so she would sometimes even
come by for lunch. I began to learn how much debilitation I had suffered from
the stroke during this time. My daughter would get my mail, and my email, and
read them to me. Oftentimes I would read them myself. I could not answer them
because the stroke had taken from me than my ability to write. Handwriting was a
non-starter because my right hand would not do what I wanted it to do. Typing
was also very, very slow. I had trouble thinking of what words I was going to
use, and often I could not think of the word.
This slowness of speech does not mean that the person is slow
of mind. I could think, but I couldn’t put my thoughts into words. If you were
to ask me today if I believed all that I espoused in my 22 books, I would tell
you I sure did. I simply could not tell you why in plain speech. I would just
point you to my books. They are every bit of me in very good English. I can’t
talk in very good English now, but I can still write.
Walking was also very difficult. I would get up and go walk
circles on Nicholas’ back porch. It was a couple weeks before I was brave
enough to walk down the steps, and the first few times I tried it I had someone
to catch me if I fell. After a couple of weeks there I was able to walk around
the house to the front yard and sit in the nicely shaded areas under the pine
trees. There was a dirt road in the front of the house and in about 3 weeks I
was able to walk down part of it. By the 4th week I was walking to
the end of the road, turning around and coming back. I was always worn out
after one of these treks. I had to use a cane, also because my balance was not
too good.
The steps at Nicholas’ house were not in very good shape. I
did not use the front door except for a couple of times near the end of the
month that I spent there. It did not have handles and the steps were very small
and in poor shape. I was afraid I would spill myself into the front yard. The
steps at the rear on the porch were a little better. They were twice the height
of the front steps, but they went down along one side of the wall. I could
brace myself with the wall while traversing them, but it was still into my
third week before I tried them.
George was at the home the whole time I was there. I suspect
that this was my daughter’s plan. She would have gotten someone else to stay
with me if George had to go somewhere. George played me a couple games of
Scrabble. I really struggled to come up with some good words. Most of them were
no more than four letters. My mind felt like it had a trap set upon it. Try to
think too hard and it would snap shut. I really learned about this when George
and I tried to talk about spiritual matters. I knew there was something I
wanted to say, but getting the words to come out was a non-doer. It’s not that
I felt frustrated, but I couldn’t think of some word, or remember a verse.
George said he knew what I was going through and waited patiently for me to
fill in the blank, or in resignation to confide that I could not say what was
on my mind.
After a month there I told Kristin that I wanted to go home.
She had been good to take care of the dogs, and the puppies were big enough to
be given away. Fleas had overrun them though. They already had fleas when they
were in the whelping bed with Girlfriend. I had put them on a type of mulch
that was supposed to kill fleas, but it wasn’t doing the job. They were in a
much nicer bed area, but still had fleas. It was 10 feet by 10 feet, underneath
a roof. Kristin and Nicholas had raised the walls a little, and had closed a
couple holes.

Kristin in
Puppy Bed Showing Off Puppy
Kristin had already given a couple of dogs away while I was at
Nicholas’. The job was made easier in that 7 of 8 puppies were male. We
continued to give them away while at home. One day she gave two of them a bath
to get rid of fleas and she asked me to bring one over to her back porch while
she dried the other one. I picked one up and I began to walk over to her back
porch with it. Perhaps I was feeling good that I had gotten so far, but I
stepped on the first step of the staircase and lost my balance. My whole
thought was on not dropping the puppy so I swiveled my back around and landed
on my side against the wall and the step. Kristin checked on me, and took the
puppy. I said I was okay. Nothing broken. Just then she had some friends come
up who were getting one of the dogs, so I went to my motorhome to get
straightened up then I came back over. Kristin was to find out later that I had
bruised my side rather badly when I fell down. Yet it wasn’t a break, so I
didn’t think too much of it. Balance is one of the things that goes the most when
one has a stroke like mine.
Around the same time Kristin had a friend who was younger than
her die. She was washing dishes and said “Oh no” and collapsed and died. She
had a heart defect since she was born, but no one expected her to die like she
did. When the girl’s Dad heard about it he had a stroke. His stroke was much
worse so that he couldn’t walk or talk at all. About 6 months later he had
another stroke, which put him even further behind.
I know my stroke was a mild one. Within 3 months I was driving
my car to Montezuma. Within 4 months I was driving to Perry. Now I regularly go
to Warner Robins, which is a good sized city about 30 miles away. I am
perfectly fine while driving, and the traffic in Warner Robins is stop and go.
It’s not a problem.
I have mowed the yard four times this year, but not everything
comes so easy. I spent about 9 months walking with a cane. My balance was not
that good. Only in the past two months have I hung up the cane and begun
walking without it. I walk about 2-1/2 miles in one walk.
 I could always walk,
but I did not have excellent control of my right leg. When I left Nicholas’ to
return to my motorhome I plopped down twice outside when I was hanging up my
clothes to dry. That was the first month I was home. I haven’t fallen since
Typing is another area I have seen improvement in. I wrote how
I had gotten a Dvorak keyboard to make me faster. I couldn’t find the right
stickers to go on the keyboard that resisted peeling. I had some before which I
put on my keyboard when I wore the letters off, but I couldn’t find anymore
like them. When the substitute letters wore off the Dvorak keyboard I was still
learning it, so I returned to my Dell keyboard. I did some thinking about a
keyboard, and since my typing has come back I have used a smaller keyboard
without a numeric keypad. I am using it today, and it seems just right for me.

I can type better and better as the days go by. I am close to
the speed of my typing before I had the stroke. I wish everything would improve
as much. I guess my talking would be better if I talked very much. In recent
years I have lived apart by myself and haven’t had many opportunities to talk.
I don’t get many phone calls as I do most of my counseling through Email. I
also generally only see my daughter once a week as she is so busy with her own
schedule. I do see her drive to work each day and back home at night. A funny
thing about seeing her is that I have since my stroke called her Mickey. Mickey
is the name of my younger sister and she lives in Colorado. I recognize that I
have called her the wrong name and correct it to Kristin. Maybe it’s the
similarity in sound, but I find myself calling people things I haven’t thought
of for many years. Nicholas and George have gotten used to me calling her
Mickey, though I do correct myself.
One thing I have observed is that I need a nap every
afternoon. I feel a drooping sensation come over me and I know it won’t go away
unless I take a nap. Well, sometimes it will if I force my way through it and
continue working. I suppose my body is still healing and it needs a nap.
I do know that my care by my daughter has been made much
easier because people have continued to share with me from their finances. I
even have been able to buy a new computer, I will share a blog on that soon. I
know during the past 11 months I have started to study in some areas, but have
not finished. I started in looking into music, intending to write a book on
music listening. I have found it is a good time to listen to music, but my mind
has not gotten back to the point where I can read the many books that are on my
shelf, and the writings on my computer, and digest them all. I can say now that
my mind is a lot better than it was a few months ago. I think after a year has
gone by that I will be a lot more inclined to tackle some things I have set on
the back burner.
I have not forgotten the translation of the Bible that I have
begun on. I am still committed to seeing it through. There are so few Bibles
that are correct in any passage. Most of them have taken out the name of
Yahweh. I continuously have to make changes to the most common Bible
translations. There will be a major push to see it through.
If I have left anything out that you can think of, please
write and let me know. Yahweh is so good in bringing us to ends that we can be
sustained in, for He is the Lord of life.

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  1. MV

    Take your time Brother Joseph. Your health and well being is more important right now. In my prayers. God Bless

  2. Mark T.

    Bro. Herrin, I tend to view these things from the perspective that the Lord allowed it to happen. If we believe that our lives are governed in every respect by the Spirit, then this stroke was ordained for you. Do you know why? Was Satan allowed to afflict you in this way to silence you for a time, or do we just put it down to genetics etc. Obviously the story of Job comes to mind.

  3. Unknown

    Thank you for all your efforts,brother Herrin;your work has been instrumental to my walk.Thank you Father for healing him,and continuing to heal him Lord.i hope to see a finished copy of your translation,but please do not rush yourself as i do feel your so important to the body.Love in Christ Jesus.


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