Pornography – Part Three

by | Oct 12, 2017

Joseph Herrin (10-12-2017)

Pornography. It’s time for a change.

When I wrote about porn the first time I said I was installing Content Protect, but I did not notice it was sold only to companies. The fewest licenses I could get for Content Protect was 5. I did a little checking around and found out that Net Nanny is the same program as Content Protect. They are both put out by Content Watch. Net Nanny has the Internet Categories that are found in Content Protect, and Nudity is automatically blocked when it installs.

Net Nanny can be purchased for $27.99 at this time. Just add the code RETAIL30 in the appropriate spot. This will drop the price from $39.99. If you need additional licenses you can purchase them online. This is a one year subscription. It is definitely worth it.

I have wondered why I have only had one person write to me and ask about Content Protect. About 6 people have written to me total. It makes me think that not too many people are taking the matter seriously. Of course I don’t expect everyone to tell me about their plans, but I would think that more than one person would to come across the same problem this brother wrote to me about. Content Protect is a business product, and it is an excellent solution for those who need 5 different people enrolled. It is quite a bit more expensive than Net Nanny though.

Once you get the program installed, you may want to go to the Administrative Console to make changes. The changes can be made exactly as they were done in Content Protect. The only difference is the log in screen. They have added a Net Nanny login. If you have difficulty finding out how to get to the Administrative Console you just need to go to the system tray and click there (if you have Windows).

Admin Console

Setting up the categories is all you need to do if its just for one person. Setting up a range of users is necessary if you are doing it for a family. It’s a simple process that even I can do.

I can see that it is about to get a whole lot more sleazy on the web. If you haven’t safeguarded yourself against it yet, now is the time to do so. Now is the time to do so! NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO!

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  1. Skip

    Brother Herrin,

    Over ten years ago, I was periodically working on a state senator's private computer. I helped him to maintain that desktop as it seemed to encounter a lot of malware. Then, I started 'looking through the history' on his computer and discovered a lot of pornography sites had been visited by the user, thus causing continual computer infections. This 'fixing' became a monthly event. Since I was able back then (still do) to do a complete image file of my own PC, and was able to restore that image within 15 minutes if something went wrong, I set up a test computer of my own. I imaged the entire operating system. Then I went to various porno websites with the test setup. and clicked on everything that popped up on my screen. Within 15 minutes on some sites, the test computer was thoroughly infected. I did this test with NO anti-virus installed. I restored the computer after each test and tried other avenues of infection, even going to known, listed malware sites. Same results. Then I added various levels of protection – hosts files, anti-malware and anti-virus software, Net Nanny or some other prominent content protection service, and so on. I even set up the built in Windows content protection, which was easily bypassed, after I figured out how to do so. My intent was to surreptitiously install protection on this man's computer so as to prevent him from going to such sites, without his knowing of my efforts. The man did not have the experience to bypass such software or security settings, but the Internet is designed to aid a person's search for any subject matter, even if the first few attempts fail. Yet, he was still able to get his computer infected again, the last time with something that changed everything in his language settings to Russian. I gave up.
    Then I realized that no matter what security steps are taken, there will always be a way to bypass, or 'hack' a personal PC's software and settings. Ultimately, this man's persistence to view what he wanted to view on the Internet was going to bypass any security I installed – no matter what. His wife caught him in the act one day, and that was about when I stopped working for him. I did not want to have to lie about whether I knew about his actions or not.
    In my opinion, the ONLY way to successfully beat the spiritual powers that drive people to pursue pornography websites, magazines or movies is to call upon the strongest spiritual power available – the Spirit of our Creator. There is no other way in my opinion to be successful in this insidious battle. The software will help, but eventually only the spirit of Yahweh within, can win this battle, and this is a battle of immense spiritual proportions. This is not an exaggeration.

    I offer my thoughts with all due respect for your efforts to help yourself and others.

  2. Kevin

    Skip! Thank you very much for your letter full of much wisdom and understanding! You might say I have a full understanding of pornography as I was infected by it at nine years of age many many decades ago and I can tell you that skip is right on it literally takes an act of God to get you delivered from those demons! Then it takes a very strong relationship with the Holy Spirit to keep you from ever going back! Skip God bless you sir!

  3. Skip

    Brother Herrin,

    I just finished reading your writing today about Las Vegas. After reading that, I went back to these previous posts dealing with pornography and I saw my comment to you from 9 days ago. Then I read Kevin's comment that followed. I do not know if you allow comments to be made this long after the article was written, but I will make an attempt.

    Brother Herrin – what Kevin wrote is unfortunately so very true. He said that he was "…infected by it at nine years of age many many decades ago…". I will state now that I was likewise affected (not infected) at 8 years of age. There is absolutely no logical or rational explanation for the behavior of a child to change so strangely at that young an age – 8, 9, 10 or any age before puberty. There is no concept of sexuality, of sex – nothing at that young age, yet behaviors begin to be exhibited, and remembered years later, behaviors that went without explanation for decades. There was never any pornography brought into our home to my knowledge. But my Dad made some bad decisions during those years, and I know now that such decisions involved the spiritual realm in ways I still do not understand.

    An adult can, by the choices they make in their lives as parents, unknowingly bring into the home evil spiritual influences, of various sorts, including those of a sexual nature. Those influences can STRONGLY affect the behavior of even a prepubescent child. And once those spiritual influences are manifested and have begun to affect the child, those spiritual influences will also affect others around the child, even other children and how they react in the affected child's presence. These influences will continue into adulthood. The spiritual influences can best be described as a contagion, because the affected child, teen, young adult and so on, will continue to ‘spiritually’ influence others by this evil presence, who are in their company.

    I do not understand why such evil influences are allowed to affect innocent children, who literally may have absolutely no understanding of how or why they are being so affected. What I am describing dates from my own experience in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, probably very similar to Kevin’s experiences. Such influences today are even more apparent and bizarre, when we read stories of a 10 year old boy who molested an 8 year old girl and the like. These spiritual influences are very real and powerful and they will affect others behavior in the midst of those spiritually affected people. When a person becomes born again, the new spirit within does result in a ‘new creation’. However the evil spiritual influences which once affected the individual directly, are now redirected towards others who are around the new creation by Yahweh’s spirit within. Those others bring new temptations and bizarre behaviors in attempts to bring the person back into the bondage of the sexual sins again. While we are delivered from the direct bondage of the former spiritual influences, these attacks continue, using others as a means to bring the born again child done to the pit, and this will continue until our mortal bodies are separated from our spirit and soul. Pornography is only one means by which these spiritual influences are enabled to continue influencing all manner of people.

    Oh Yahweh – help us in the midst of all of this evil.


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