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by | Jan 31, 2017

Joseph Herrin (1-31-2017)

This weekend was another opportunity to prepare newsletters for men in prison. It takes two full days to print and prepare the newsletters for shipping. I have about 7 full years of newsletters to send out to men in prison. No one has finished the whole course yet, but there are about 40 men that have 6 months left of reading. I don’t think I will be adding any more, for I have culled through the stockpiles of old articles and have added anything that I thought was worthwhile for them.

The men continue to tell me how much the letters mean to them. I thought I would share some of their letters that those who support this ministry with prayers and finances would be encouraged.

Dear Joseph,

My name is Victor H. I have been getting your Parables Newsletters for about 3 years now and I really enjoy your writing and I love how your mind is to the world. I have been talking to God about you a lot asking Him to keep you well because I got that note from you saying you had been sick, so I hope everything is going well for you now.

Joseph, I have been in prison 10 years. I’m about to get out 12-13-17 and I don’t have anyone or anything, but I know it’s some work God wants me to do for Him. I have a testimony that I know God wants the kids of this world to hear. So when I got the Lunacy and the Age of Deception I understood that it’s so what’s going on in this world today, and my testimony is about all the lies and deception the world wanted me to go along with. The world would have killed me if I didn’t have God on my side at all times because my eyes have been opened.

Joseph, I’m asking you to pray and talk to God for me and let me know the feedback you get because God is the one who put it in my heart to write you. I love and understand the Bible, but keep teaching me the truth because mankind is walking in a cold world today.

Thank You,

Victor H.

Mr. Herrin,

How are you? I hope and pray all is well. I apologize for it taking so long to get back to you the last time. I was aware of the postage rates and all, but we cannot buy 22 cent postage. I have never had problems with 8 or 10 pages of notebook paper till here recently, so I was reluctant to put an extra stamp on it till I had to do so. I’m on a budget of sorts, and try to stretch my folks money as far as I am able. Sometimes I may be out of stamps or envelopes and have to wait a week or so to write back, but that doesn’t happen often. I consider myself truly blessed to have the support of my family while I’m here in prison. A lot of guys don’t have that and I know I don’t deserve it.

About the MacArthur Study Bible, the only reason I was seeking that particular Bible is because it is the only study Bible I could acquire for free. I just received the workbook titled “Fundamentals of the Faith” from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. After reading the history of John Calvin and MacArthur’s alignment with Calvinism I don’t feel that I should complete this workbook or acquire this particular study Bible. As you are aware, I’m in no position to research anything on my own accord. If I were a free man, or had an internet service, I would definitely research any material that I was thinking of considering for study purposes. I think this makes at least the 2nd time you saved me from veering down the wrong path. The first being when you looked up the so called college I had been considering. So I thank you. I do believe I would have eventually realized some error or untruth in the content as I studied it, as I did with the Armstrong guy, but only after wasting a lot of time that could have been put to better use.

I thank you also for the advice concerning my family. You said what I believe I would have told someone else had they asked me the same questions. I know there is no way to “make” someone want to get closer to God. I just worry about them, is all. I did write them and give them your web address. I pray they will allow God to take things from there.

You are also correct about the work I can be doing here in prison. I am very aware of the need of Godly men to spread His message here in prison. I was never intending to wait till I got out of prison to start this work. These past seven months in lockdown have been necessary to prepare me to be a different man when I go back to the regular population. I know that I was put into the tier by God to prepare me for something different. I pray daily to be open to do His will and remind myself to get out of my own way. Do you know what I mean? This is a completely new way to live life for me, and that’s one reason I need to request your guidance and opinions.

God’s already working through me here in the tier. I am still writing and encouraging my last cell-mate. He got a terrible guy moved into his room after I left, and he started having some very troubling ideas float back into his head. I think we have worked past that now. I pray so.

My current cell-mates dad just passed away, and I have been helping him work through that as well. He is a very troubled 25 year old kid who has been in lock-up since he was 13. He has had a hard life growing up, to say the least. Mostly foster homes. He only has about 2 years left until he goes home, and he has hundreds of questions about how to live in the free world. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with his questions. He knows absolutely nothing about how to live outside these walls. He tells me he looks to me as an Uncle. I feel like more of a therapist/father figure that doesn’t have the right answers. I pray that my desire to help, and the advice I have given this young man, is led by the Holy Spirit and is not getting me in the way again. This guy has a lot of potential and I wish him nothing but the best. He will be transferring to another prison in 2 months when we get out of the tier. I hope and pray our time together has encouraged him and given him hope.

I also got a note from another guy back here. I had sent him your book “Dragon Flood” and he really enjoyed it. He says he is going to write you and request your Newsletter. Praise God.

Now I don’t even know how to begin to adequately thank you for ordering me the Nave’s Topical Bible. I’m speechless. Um…, “Thank You” just doesn’t seem to say enough… Wow… I’ll tell you this. I will put it to good use. It will not sit idle or unopened. If I ever have a way to repay you I will. If there is anything I can do for you, it will be done. “Thank you again.”

In the last letter I told you I was going to re-read all of the material you sent me, mainly “Yahweh’s Book.” I have not been able to get into it very far yet. On the topic of actually reading or studying the Bible, how should I go about starting an in depth study? Something like that should not be random should it? Is there an organized, structured way to go about my daily Bible readings? I use a Daily Bread devotional, but it leaves me unfulfilled most of the time. Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all you have done. May God bless you.

Kenneth D.

Joseph Herrin,

Good morning! I woke up this morning to your Parables Bookshelf. I was reading about your bus that you turned into an R.V.. You were talking about how life is much simpler now and how you have more time to write newsletters to men in prison. That statement really touched me and I wanted you to know I really appreciate what you are doing and I really respect your dedication to Christ. You are a man after his own heart and the world needs more dedicated to Him and serving His kingdom like you.

I just wanted to write you and let you know I love ya brother, and so does our Father. Thank you, and know that your faithfulness is not overlooked.

God Bless


Ryan W.

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