A Prophecy and a Dream

by | Jul 22, 2008

Joseph Herrin (07-22-08)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I wanted to pass along to you a prophecy and a dream that I received from two Believers today. Both are remarkable, and speak of great and terrible things that are about to come upon the earth. May you be blessed with peace and understanding as you read them.

From a believer who prefers to be known as Gus, I received the following prophetic word received from the Spirit of Christ on July 8, 2008.

Say unto My people that Lo! I am coming quickly. My rod of judgment is in My left hand; My reward is in My right hand. These things happen simultaneously – judgment and reward – to awaken the world to My righteousness and mercy. Only a few shall remain standing after the initial move, but these few comprise the “little” stone cut out of the mountain without hands. They shall grow and multiply until My glory covers the earth and the saints of the Most High completely overcome the kingdoms of this world and establish My kingdom in the earth.

Yet a very little while and you shall see My glory manifested in My seed, My sons. These are those whose lives are totally mine. They have no desires of their own. Their only desire is to do our Father’s perfect will and to glorify Him in their lives. No other hope or expectation governs their thoughts or their actions. This is the army spoke of by the prophet Joel. They are doing great things in My strength, because they have none of their own. They have become as ashes in their self-lives so that I, the Conqueror, might rise from them and overcome all evil. It is through their deaths to self that I am given Life. Together we shall deliver all creation and return it to our Father Creator. This has begun and shall continue until God becomes ALL in all. Keep looking up and believe!
[End Prophecy]

The sister in Christ who received this prophetic word was led to my website through a roundabout manner, and there she encountered the writing Bootes – He is Coming! When she saw the image of the constellation Bootes, she was struck by the correspondence between it and the prophecy the Spirit had given to her.

Bootes means “the Coming One.” If you want to read about this spectacular sign in the heavens, you can find the article here: http://www.heart4god.ws/id655.htm
I also received the following dream, and interpretation today that was received by David Weber.

In this dream I was on a plane; in the rear of the plane, actually, where I felt more like an observer than I did a passenger. This plane seemed as though it was preparing for a landing for we were slowly descending, but during this descent something went terribly wrong. In an instant it seemed as though the pilots completely lost control of the plane, and the plane then took a nosedive. It was headed directly for the ground.

Now, the pilots at this time were panicking while trying to pull us out of the dive. I knew though that we were going to crash, but I had no fear. None at all.

For some reason, the cockpit of this plane was not separated from the rest of the cabin, so I could actually see the pilots panicking as well as see through the front windshield of the plane to the ground below. I must say that I was actually quite taken in at this time by the view that I saw through the windshield. There I saw lush green trees and beautiful blue water, though I knew that we were not going to land in these things apart from a very great calamity.

I then woke up ….

Now after praying considerably about this dream, it seems that the Spirit bears witness that the plane represents the United States of America and the pilots somehow represent the “leaders.” It seems that the “slow descent” of this plane represents the presently faltering US economy, which somehow is going to take a nosedive … and that quite suddenly.

I find it interesting that I had absolutely no fear through any of this, and I believe that this represents the people of God who find their peace (and put their trust) in God alone and not in their outward circumstances. I also believe that the view of the green foliage and of the blue water below represents vision for the blessings of God that will come to those who actually survive (in heart) this calamitous “crash.”

It seems that Daddy is now giving many of us a “heads up” about things like this, beloved, lest these things come to us like “a thief in the night.” Oh sure, many do not want to hear about such things, for “Peace and safety!” is all that their itching ears want to hear right now! But the scriptures are clear that sudden destruction will come upon such as these like birth pangs come upon a woman with child, and these then shall be overwhelmed with fear to the extent that their hearts may even fail them.

But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that things like this should overtake you like a thief, for you are all sons of light and sons of day! So let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober — fully prepared for whatever may come our way.
[End Quote]

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