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by | Sep 30, 2010

Joseph Herrin (09-30-2010)


1972 Carpenter Bus Conversion Floor Plan

As I mentioned in the last post, my updates on this project have much more significance than to simply provide details of a conversion project. What is being shared has ramifications far beyond the scope of my life. This will become evident as you read the post.

Upon discerning from the Father that it was His will for me to transform this former church bus into a mobile habitation, I set my face to accomplish the work. One of the first things necessary was to draw up a floor plan of what I wanted to accomplish. I went to the website www.downloads.com and searched for some free floorplan software. I found a program, Sweet Home 3D, and I am favorably impressed with it. The above graphic was drawn using the software.

You may note that I have included a small cast iron wood stove in the design. I want to be as independent from the grid as possible. It doesn’t take much to heat a confined space, especially if it is well insulated, which I intend the bus to be. I had been looking on Craigslist, and through local advertisements, and at stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot for the materials I would need. I did find a few things that will be helpful, albeit unusual.

The bus has an outer steel skin and an inner steel skin, with s tubular steel frame in between. It is therefore very solid, and does not need any more strength added to the structure. I can therefore build with lightweight materials inside. I had read a number of other bus conversion stories online, and picked up some helpful ideas. A few accounts I would recommend are as follows:




I knew that insulating was a very important matter, especially as I want to be as independent from the power grid as possible. I was brainstorming on some ways to insulate the curved ceiling, and had read positive things about foam insulation. As I was thinking about where I could find some flexible foam material that would also be suitable for ceiling material, I thought of the interlocking floor mats that many company’s sell that are made from out of foam. The foam is a bit more dense than what is ideal for the best insulating values, but I thought it would serve admirably.

I looked at many of these foam blocks online. The prices were a bit high, and I didn’t really want to order something that would have to be shipped to me. I thought I would look locally, and the thought came to mind to check at Big Lots, the store that sells surplus, closeouts and overruns. They generally have very good prices. Sure enough, they had the interlocking foam flooring, and their prices were 25% lower than the best prices I had found online. They also had an abundance, so I was able to purchase all that I needed.

Interlocking Foam Mats

Doing some research, I found that Weld Wood’s Contact Cement would be the best product to use to adhere these tiles to the ceiling as it will form an instant bond. Other products, such as Liquid Nails, have to be held in place while the glue cures, and this can take 24-48 hours. The tiles are gray, but they can be painted any color. This was my first purchase on the bus project, as I figured that insulating is one of the first things that must be done.

I did not have as much immediate success looking for fixtures such as a cast iron stove, a sink and cabinet, shower stall, RV toilet, plumbing and electrical fixtures, a dining table, etc.. There is a local Camping World, but their prices are exorbitant. I will not shop there unless I cannot find something at another location. I had spent a few hours online looking for things, but nothing was panning out.

This morning while in prayer I asked the Father to guide me to that which I needed to be able to accomplish this project. I confessed that I did not know where to find all that I needed, and I asked that He might reveal His provision.

I went back to Macon to empty out the bus. I had been using it for storage, and needed to move things into a storage building. When I had driven the bus last week the rear brakes were binding. I went on a short drive and they were smoking hot when I got back to the house. I had to get out the water hose to cool them off. I did not know who I would get to look at the brakes. I knew I could not drive it to a mechanic with the brakes binding, and I did not want to consider spending the money to have it towed, then paying a major repair bill.

I had been in Macon for a short time when one of Mr. Stanfield’s (Randy Simmons’ grandfather) sons came by. Alan is a mechanic, and used to drive trucks on his job. I asked him if he knew anything about air brakes, and he told me he had some experience with them. He volunteered to take a look at them for me. He also told me he knew a man who might have a small cast iron stove for sale that would work well in the bus. A short time later my brakes were adjusted and working fine. I also learned how to adjust them myself should I need to do so in the future.

I got the bus cleaned out and headed back to my campsite for the evening. I had received numerous e-mails. One was from a brother in Christ in Arizona. I had told him about my bus project, and he told me that if I would send him the floor plan that he would tell me how to wire things up. I really appreciated this offer, as electrical wiring is not my strong suit. In an RV one must deal with both AC and DC current, and I also want to install solar panels and a battery bank. This is over my head, so I know I will need some guidance on it.

(The solar power also seems symbolic. Body by Carpenter. Powered by the Son.)

Upon reading more of my e-mail I found that a brother in Christ from Tennessee who has a salvage business had e-mailed me. Mike told me he had some RVs he was parting out, and that I was welcome to any parts that I need. This was a great answer to prayer, as I had been looking for someone who had a wrecked, or abandoned RV that they would part out. I had not found any locally, and I am very willing to drive to Tennessee to get these needed parts. Besides, the fellowship was very precious the last time I visited with the saints there.

So, in one day I was able to get the brakes repaired on the bus, get a lead on a wood stove, receive an offer of help on the wiring, and find a source for many of the parts I will need to equip the motorhome. It was truly a day of grace.

As I pondered this, I discerned that the Father is helping me to make a quick work of this project. I believe this is an indication of the lateness of the hour. This was confirmed further by some other e-mails I received.

Yalana, the wife of the brother from Arizona who offered to help me with wiring, forwarded me an e-mail about a bill currently before Congress. In the House of Representatives it is designated as H.R. 4646. I went to the Congressional website to read about the bill, and alarm bells were ringing. This is truly an evil bill.


The bill includes provision to charge a 1% fee on every monetary transaction conducted by the citizens of America. The e-mail I received summed it up in the following manner:

The “Debt Free America Act”! 

One percent transaction tax is proposed. President Obama’s finance team is recommending a transaction tax. His plan is to sneak it in after the November election to keep it under the radar. This is a 1% tax on all transactions at any financial institution i.e. Banks, Credit Unions, etc.. Any deposit you make, or move around within your account, i.e. transfer to, will have a 1% tax charged. If your pay check, or your social Security, or whatever is direct deposit, 1% tax charged. If you hand carry a check in to deposit, 1% tax charged, If you take cash in to deposit, 1% tax charged.  This is from the man who promised that if you make under $250,000 per year, you will not see one penny of new tax. Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be amazed at what you learn. 
[End Excerpt]

Although the author of the e-mail focused on this being a new tax, there is actually a much greater evil involved. The government will acquire the authority to know about, and govern, every single monetary transaction conducted by the citizens of America. An excerpt from the legislation states the following:

      The purpose of section 3 of this Act is to establish a fee on most transactions. Such fee–

            (1) is different than a sales tax in that a sales tax is charged only on sales to the final consumer and the transaction fee would apply to intermediate users as well as end users,

            (2) is different than a value added tax (VAT), commonly used in European and other countries, in that a VAT is imposed only on a portion of a transaction’s value (roughly the difference between an item’s selling price and it’s cost) and the transaction fee would apply to the entire amount of the transaction…

      (a) In General- There is hereby imposed on every specified transaction a fee in an amount equal to 1 percent of the amount of such transaction.

      `(b) Specified Transaction- For purposes of this chapter–

            `(1) IN GENERAL- The term `specified transaction’ means any transaction that uses a payment instrument, including any check, cash, credit card, transfer of stock, bonds, or other financial instrument.

            `(2) TRANSACTION- The term `transaction’ includes retail and wholesale sales, purchases of intermediate goods, and financial and intangible transactions.
[End Excerpt]

The only transactions exempted are those involving stock. This means Big Brother is getting immensely bigger. The IRS has already been approved to add 18,000 more employees to be able to handle the Healthcare Reform Bill changes that were recently passed into law. They will certainly have to add many thousands more as they will not be tracking every single transaction that every person in America makes.

Once the government gets the authority to enter an area, they soon will take it over. This is evident with what they have done in the banking industry, the mortgage industry, and the healthcare industry. Now they want the authority to monitor and tax every transaction you make, even if you are merely transferring money from one account to another. All this is setting the stage for the day when a person will not be able to buy or sell without taking the mark of the beast.

There are some other tell-tale signs of an evil and occult hand behind this legislation. Consider the number of the bill. It is H.R. 4646. If you will go to the link provided for the Congressional website, you will read that it was introduced on 2/23/2010. 2 times 23 is 46. This is evidently by design. The number 23 is a very symbolic number to those involved in the occult, Freemasonry, and the illuminati.

There are 23 Supreme Councils of Worldwide Freemasonry. The Knights Templars had 23 Grand Masters. Jacques De Molay was the 23rd and final Grand Master of the Knights Templars. DeMolay is the name Freemasonry has given to their youth organization which is used to introduce boys and girls to freemasonry.

Henry Price is buried in the cemetery of Townsend, Massachusetts. His monument is an obelisk that measures 69″ tall (69 / 3 = 23). On the side of the monument facing west it says: Henry Price “Founder of Duly Constituted Masonry in America.”

W is the 23rd letter of the English alphabet. It was the moniker for President George W. Bush, who was very clearly an Illuminist. The letter W has 2 points pointing down and 3 points pointing up, giving it an additional relationship to the number 23. George W. Bush was very much involved with secret societies, notably Skull and Bones, a Yale Fraternal organization.

According to the Congressional website above, the bill was introduced by Mr. FATTAH.  This is a reference to Chaka Fattah – D, PA.

Knowing that Satan and his disciples seek to imitate the significant details of Yahweh’s works, and observing already that the number 46 and 2/23 were prominently exhibited, one might ask why this particular representative was given the task of introducing this bill. It is doubtful that he was the originator of it, or its author.

The name Fattah is very similar to the Palestinian Terrorist organization named Fatah. The Fatah’s stated goal is defined in Article 12 of their Constitution, “complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.” They will not be satisfied until Israel is wiped off the map. They are the enemies of the natural descendants of Abraham. The word Fatah is the Arabic word for “Conquering,” or “Victory.” One must agree that the passage of H.R. 4646 into law will constitute a great victory by the shadow government that controls the nation of America.

I received an e-mail from a brother in Christ who shared the following website link with me.


Following is an excerpt.

Economic Collapse Update: Acceleration In Autumn 
By Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press – 09/29/2010

Our current economy is a shell game. A grand fraud designed to siphon more and more tangible wealth (not fiat wealth) from the average person and transport it post-haste into the silk lined pockets of a corporate banking minority. The goal? To reduce the self sufficiency of American citizens to the point of total fiscal and social dependence on the top 1% richest men in the world…

Every time you hear the term “bailout,” or “quantitative easing,” just think “wealth transference.” Every dollar that is printed from thin air by the private Federal Reserve and handed to a globalist entity like Goldman Sachs or AIG through our Treasury represents yet another dollar of debt (and another percentage of interest) that you, the U.S. taxpayer, and your children, are expected to eventually pay for without ever seeing any benefits. Right now, at this very moment, you and your descendants for generations to come are being enslaved by forcefully imposed usury. Our country has been “volunteered” for a financial debasement on a scale that dwarfs the Great Depression or even the Weimar catastrophe. We ignore this reality at our peril.

Since the initial meltdown began in 2008, we have seen two and a half years of stall tactics and skewed statistics designed to prolong total collapse while central banks position themselves for optimal gain. Simultaneously, the concrete underlying factors of our economy, including employment and purchasing power, have gone down the tubes…

Today, as Autumn 2010 begins to settle upon us, many notable and even dire trends are beginning to break the surface of the water and circle the sinking wreckage of our financial system. I believe these factors signal an extreme acceleration in the possibility of “trigger events”, which we have discussed in previous articles, and herald a new dynamic, a process that will directly contribute to a final breakdown of the present system. Let’s examine these trends now…

Dow Bubble Until November Elections?

If you look back at the history of economic collapses across the world, you’ll find a strange and ironic constant preceding most breakdowns; the disproportionate values of stocks and securities when compared to actual profits and consumer activity. The Great Depression saw record breaking rallies in the Dow and relentless financial propaganda claiming recovery was imminent just before total derailment. In many cases, investor confidence seems to be most heightened just before a brutal plunge. Perhaps it’s the power of reactionary denial, or maybe it’s the increase in false data supplied by establishment economic goon squads.

September has seen a very uncharacteristic stock rally, especially considering the fact that U.S. poverty levels are now at a 15 year high:


Food Stamp usage has hit a record high every month for the past 18 months:


The income gap between the very rich and the very poor has hit a record high:


Consumers have cut back on their credit use for 23 consecutive months:


Median household incomes fell in 34 states last year, the worst income depletion since the Great Depression, according to Census data released this month:


Stock Market volume has been dismal, down in some cases by 50% (which would explain how the Dow has been so easily pumped up):


The Federal Government has now had to bailout three large credit unions, making the American taxpayer responsible for the backing over $30 billion in bonds while at the same time managing $50 billion worth of troubled assets inherited from the same institutions:
 (Joseph’s Note: This comment does not bring out the fact that these were commercial Credit Unions that provide loans to local Credit Unions. The government in taking them over is consolidating its control of all sectors of America’s financial sector.)


Moody’s has (finally) lowered the Illinois debt rating from stable to negative, and California is now asking Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan for $5 billion dollars in cash just so their state government can continue to operate for the rest of the year:



Most disturbing is new Federal Reserve data revealing that foreign central banks are dumping record levels of U.S. Agency debt. Agency Bonds support government funded organizations like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae, etc. This means that this autumn there will be an even more pronounced destabilization of the mortgage giants, and we will have to foot an even greater bill as the Treasury continues their endless bailout with increasing amounts of fiat capital. Foreign banks recently dumped $57 billion worth of Agency debt all at once! Some analysts, like Jim Sinclair, believe this heralds a major proliferation in quantitative easing by the Fed (more than they have openly forecast), and a severe debasement of the dollar in the near term. I tend to agree…


With all of these factors and hundreds more widely visible to anyone who wants to see them, how is it possible for the Dow to sustain its current upward trend? Witchcraft? The point is, when there is such an incomprehensible discrepancy between real market data and illogical market behavior, it is often a sign of a bubble; one that is dangerously close to failure.
[End Excerpt]

People of God, I do not know when the moment of America’s economic, political and social collapse will come. It is evident, however, that things are quickly reaching critical mass. This may perhaps be why the Father is permitting me to make such a quick work of this bus conversion. I have spent months on the road testifying to others of those things to come, and the Father’s reasons for taking His children through troublesome days. Now the Father is leading me to make preparations, and He is performing a quick work. I encourage you to seek Him daily to know what He would have you to be doing.

Even if the collapse should delay past 2010, it will certainly come. If it arrives sooner, let us be found in readiness, having done all that the Father has instructed us to do.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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