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by | Sep 11, 2015


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The Internet has been awash with dire predictions for the Fall of this year. The dates from the middle of September forward have particularly been the focus of calamitous prognostications. Due to many other pressing responsibilities, I have not been able to give this subject much attention. However, with these dates now upon us, and with people beginning to write to me to inquire what I think will occur over these upcoming weeks, it seemed needful for me to post a writing on this topic.

In the next weeks there will be a partial solar eclipse, a total lunar eclipse, the observance of the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the end of the Shemitah year and the beginning of a new year on the Jewish Civil Calendar, and several Biblical holy days, including the highest holy day of the year, the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur. In addition, there will be a visit by the Pope of Rome to the United States where he will be welcomed at the White House, address a joint session of Congress (a first for any Pope), and will give a speech at the United Nations in New York City. The significance of these papal events should not be underestimated, for they mark a key milestone in Satan’s agenda to establish his overt rule over the earth. It is no doubt NOT coincidental that the date the Pope is officially welcomed at a ceremony at the U.S. White House, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will reach its full power. The LHC has been ramping up for months, and this date was set long ago with great purpose.

It should not be overlooked that CERN’s official logo is a stylized 666, and there is a statue of the Hindu god Shiva the Destroyer outside their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The statue was unveiled June 18, 2004. This date contains multiple 666 reference as the number 18 is (6+6+6). June is also the 6th month, and the digits of the year 2004 add up to 6 as well.

CERN Logo and Shiva Statue

Let me begin by listing the significant upcoming dates which are represented on the calendar above. I will follow this by explaining what I anticipate to occur on these dates.

September 11
The 14th anniversary of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

September 13
Shemitah Year Ends at Sunset.
Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year), the Jewish New Year begins at sundown. This marks the start of the first month of the Jewish Civil Calendar, but it is the seventh month of the Ecclesiastical Calendar. The Biblical name for this date is Yom Teruah (Day of Shouting/Raising a Noise), commonly referred to in English as the Feast of Trumpets.

Leviticus 23:23-25
Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, saying, ‘In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, shall be a solemn rest to you, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, a holy convocation. You shall do no regular work; and you shall offer an offering made by fire to Yahweh.’”

Partial Solar Eclipse.

September 15
Jade Helm Military Exercise Ends

70th Session of the United Nations begins. During this session, it is anticipated that member nations will vote on recognizing a Palestinian State.

September 22
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), begins at sundown.
Pope Francis Arrives in U.S. at 4 P.M.

September 23
Autumnal Equinox Observed – 3:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time in U.S.
CERN/Large Hadron Collider Reaches Peak Power

(Note 666 Imagery)

Pope Francis Welcome Ceremony at White House 9:15 A.M.
French Ambassador Declared this Date to be Last Day to Avert Climate Chaos.

September 24
Pope Francis Addresses Joint Session of Congress 10 A.M.

September 25
Pope Francis Addresses U.N. General Assembly 8:30 A.M. (Has other events in New York City)

September 26
Pope Francis Visits Philadelphia – Numerous Events Scheduled

September 27
Pope Francis Concludes Visit to U.S. – Returns to Rome
Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles Begins at Sundown According to Chabad Organization. Continues for 7 days.

September 28
Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles Begins at Sunset According to Karaite Jews. It continues for 7 days.

Leviticus 23:33-36
Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel, and say, ‘On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Feast of Sukkot (tents, tabernacles) for seven days to Yahweh. On the first day shall be a holy convocation: you shall do no regular work. Seven days you shall offer an offering made by fire to Yahweh. On the eighth day shall be a holy convocation to you; and you shall offer an offering made by fire to Yahweh. It is a solemn assembly; you shall do no regular work.’”

4th Blood Moon of Tetrad Occurs. Begins shortly after midnight on the morning of the 28th. This is a “Harvest Moon,” being the closest full moon to the Autumnal Equinox.

The Significance of These Dates

There has been much discussion of these matters, with a large portion of the focus being upon the wildly popular Shemitah discussion that Jonathan Cahn popularized in his books. I have made mention of the Shemitah, and the patterns associated with it of economic collapse, in past blog posts.

Come What May – Are You Ready?

Although the U.S. stock market has been quite volatile recently, partly due to economic difficulties in China, there has not yet been any fall off reminiscent of events that occurred at the end of the Shemitah years in 2008 and 2001. Some are predicting a complete economic collapse by the end of this Shemitah year, or soon thereafter, with a corresponding devaluation of the American dollar, but I have no revelation from the Father of such events occurring at this time. If you will read the article posted above, or many similar writings of mine, you will know that I certainly do anticipate dire things coming to America and the nations. I fully expect there to be an economic collapse. I anticipate civil unrest, societal breakdown, martial law, and an end to the prosperity Americans have known. However, Yahweh has not given me a timetable for these events to occur. Like many others, I am making preparations as the Spirit of Christ directs, and I continue to watch and wait.

So let me convey what I believe is the significance of the approaching dates. In the book Dragon Flood, I mentioned that the world powers under the influence of Satan have from days of antiquity chosen astrologically important dates to begin new ventures. Auspicious dates were chosen where it was believed that the heavens would favor whatever undertakings were being entered into. The kings and rulers of nations would engage the services of soothsayers, magi, augurs, or court astrologers to tell them when it was most favorable to go to war, begin new building projects, engage in diplomacy with foreign powers, to conceive children, etc.. Following is a quote from the book Dragon Flood.

In the book of the prophet Isaiah we find a passage where Yahweh pronounces judgment upon Babylon. Mentioned in the passage is the sorceries and dark arts of Babylon, including the various incantations and astrology. In ancient times kings consulted astrologers to determine appointed times for their various actions, for going to war, or to prophesy the outcome of some event. The stars were studied closely that their influences might bring success to the endeavors in which men and nations committed themselves. Yahweh speaks the following to those who put confidence in such things.

Isaiah 47:12-13
Stand fast now in your spells and in your many sorceries with which you have labored from your youth; Perhaps you will be able to profit, perhaps you may cause trembling. You are wearied with your many counsels; Let now the astrologers, those who prophesy by the stars, those who predict by the new moons, stand up and save you from what will come upon you.

It would surprise many people, particularly Americans, and Christians in the United States, to learn that the practices of Babylon are not extinct. In fact, they have been practiced by the founders of this nation and continue to this very hour. Those who guide the counsels of America have consulted with the stars, and no significant work has been undertaken without first doing so. The practices of Babylon have been preserved by Satan and carried forward by secret societies, foremost of which in America has been Freemasonry.

David Ovason in his insightful and exceptionally well documented book The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital has demonstrated quite convincingly that Washington, D.C. was designed as a Masonic city. Ovason is writing from the viewpoint of a man much learned in the esoteric rites and symbols of ancient mysteries. Ovason is an teacher of astrology by trade, understanding the ancient practice of casting horoscopes to determine auspicious days in which nation’s would begin new works. His understanding of arcane lore is revealed in his book.

Not surprising is the fact that Ovason is not a Christian. What did strike me as surprising was to learn that Ovason was not a Freemason when he wrote this book. However, he received such warm encouragement from some top Freemasons in America when his book was published, that he afterwards became one.

In his book on the secret architecture of Washington, D.C., Ovason explains the significance of casting a horoscope to determine the optimal time for beginning various works such as laying the cornerstone for important national buildings. Ovason writes the following:

The formal laying of a cornerstone was no new thing, even in America. It was already a ritual sanctified by Masonic tradition, a throwback to an age when it was believed that all human activities were overseen by the gods. In essence, the cornerstone ceremonial was designed not only to gain the approval of the spiritual beings, but also to ensure that these were content that the building was being brought into the world at the right time. That is one reason why it was commonplace for those designing cornerstone rituals to examine the time of the ceremonial in the light of astrology.
[Source: David Ovason, The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital]…

The Dragon’s head has found a resting spot in this city, and the government that resides there.

Ovason recounts time and again how key events in the nation’s history were coordinated with the influences of the heavens. One of the most common recurring themes in the astrological charts for significant dates in American history is the influence of Caput draconis.

“The chart for the first Continental Congress, which met at 10:00 A.M. on September 5, 1774, in Philadelphia, is outstanding for several astrological reasons. First of all, there is scarcely any equivocation about its timing or date. Secondly, the event it marks had a very distinctive consequence for the history of the United States…

The emphasis of the chart is in Virgo: no fewer than four planets and one nodal point are in the sign, with the Sun exactly upon the Dragon’s Head, in trine to Jupiter. At ten in the morning Venus was exactly upon the mid-heaven. All in all, this is a very beneficial chart.”

Satan has deceived myriads to believe that he is a bringer of good things to mankind. From his first offering of the forbidden fruit to Eve, he has masqueraded as a beneficent being, and millions continue to be deceived to this day. David Ovason speaks of the heavenly symbol of the Dragon’s Head commenting on its benefit to mankind. The Freemasons embrace the image of the dragon as their own. It has previously been observed that the HEADquarters of the American Revolution was the Masonic owned Green Dragon Tavern.

Let me emphasize that casting horoscopes, and consulting with the stars, is not limited to the establishment of buildings. As the last example above indicates, the convening of meetings, such as the beginning of the first Continental Congress, was aligned with what were perceived to be favorable signs in the heavens.

I believe the upcoming dates, particularly those relating to the papal visit to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia, will not likely be attended with calamitous events on those dates. Rather, they mark the announcement, or inauguration, of very significant, and exceedingly wicked policies of Satan which will lead to the deaths, enslavement, and ruin of millions, even billions, of people throughout the world. The dates chosen for the inception of these evil works are filled with portents of calamity and distress for the nations, though those who are the willing servants of Satan see these same dates as the most auspicious times to commence their activities. Very briefly, I will describe the policies to be set forth by the Pope in Washington, D.C., and before the member states of the United Nations.

Decades ago, a meeting of world leaders in finance, industry, and politics met in Rome to devise a strategy to bring all humanity under the control of a small cabal of men and women. This group was called The Club of Rome. They determined that a crisis was necessary to justify the actions they planned. They would have to promote the idea that the very existence of humanity and the planet was threatened, for once this threat was established as reality in the minds of men and women it would serve as justification for them to enact draconian laws restricting human freedom and personal liberty. All mankind would be brought under the control of this cabal, and they would largely submit voluntarily as they were deceived into thinking that their participation and surrender of personal rights was necessary to insure their very survival. The false crisis selected by the Club of Rome members to institute their planned global slavery was the promotion of the idea that the world ecology was threatened.

Climate change that would lead to droughts, famines, and other global crises was selected as the threat to humanity to be championed. The cause of climate change would be linked to carbon emissions. Thus every activity of man would fall under the auspices of those who were deemed to be the protectors of mother earth. Every use of energy, especially fossil fuels, would be meted out. An individual would no longer have an inherent right to be an energy user. They would be allotted carbon credits which could be put toward use of electricity, or to purchase fuel for their automobile.

Additionally, every purchase made by an individual, whether it was for a sofa, a toaster, or even the food they ate, would come under the control and oversight of the world leaders tasked with saving the planet. The size of one’s home, the number of children a person is permitted to have, the type of employment or business they could engage in, the freedom to travel, all could be mandated by a central group who declared it necessary to oversee all aspects of human endeavor in order to safeguard the planet. By promoting the idea that climate chaos would lead to the deaths of billions of people unless drastic emergency actions were taken, these evil men and women would be able to assert control over every aspect of an individual’s life.

The incessant drumbeat of the media for the past 30-40 years has perpetuated the lie of climate change. Statistics are bandied about that declare the vast majority of scientists and citizens themselves to believe that climate change and the threat to the global ecology is very real. We have now arrived at the time for the policies of the Club of Rome to be implemented fully. Chosen as their global spokesperson is a leading figure from Rome, the Roman Catholic Pope. For the past two and one half years the powers that be have utilized every possible media resource to champion Pope Francis as a man of compassion, good sense, and trustworthiness. He has literally received billions of dollars worth of positive press, appearing on the front covers of the most renowned publications throughout the world. He has received millions of mentions, always in a positive light, in television broadcasts. His image has been carefully formed in the minds of humanity so that they might embrace Pope Francis as a man who is a gentle, kind, and wise grandfatherly figure whom they can trust.

Already, Newsweek has planned a collector’s edition for the Pope’s 2015 visit to America. He is being presented as a champion of the people, a global savior. Protestant church leaders such as Rick Warren and Joel Osteen have already publicly embraced him as “their Pope.” The church at large has been so dumbed-down, they have so forgotten history, that they no longer know anything of the evil of the Jesuits, and have forgotten the terrible predations of the Church of Rome which has slaughtered millions of the true disciples of Christ and suppressed the preaching of the gospel of Christ.

The image above appears in a recent article in Newsweek. The color green is prominent, as it stands as a symbol for the ecologically conscious. There are doves being waved about, the symbol of peace and of the Holy Spirit. The photo was taken in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican in Rome. It was most certainly staged. The signs read “Protect Creation,” “Custodian of Creation,” “Pope Francis.” It is made to appear as if the people themselves are demanding action on the ecology to save the planet. As Satan frequently does, those who have been groomed to carry out his purposes will be made to appear as if their choice was not their own, nor predetermined by a group of global elite. It must always appear as if the people chose them. The Newsweek article is titled Pope Francis: Eco-Warrior. I encourage you to take the time to read it with a critical eye. I will include additional links to articles revealing the Pope’s agenda at the end of this post.

The dates which many people have been talking about which fall in this month of September, have been chosen because they are considered auspicious times for Satan’s works to be advanced. They correspond with signs in the heavens that the soothsayers and astrologers of Satan believe to be favorable to their undertakings. Annuit Coeptis!

Yes, the god of this world (II Corinthians 4:4) favors the undertakings of his servants. Now is the time appointed to move forward the Luciferian agenda to bring forth a New Order which is in actuality a very old order. It is Babylon reborn.

Let me now quickly share some of the significance of upcoming dates. The Pope will be officially welcomed to Washington, D.C., at the White House on September 23rd. This is the date of the Autumnal Equinox. The word Equinox denotes equal parts day and night. There are 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness on the date of the Equinox. It is significant that this is the Autumn Equinox, rather than the Spring Equinox, for every day following the Autumn Equinox there is more darkness than there is light. In other words, the darkness is increasing and is prevailing over the light commencing at this day.

It is not coincidental that this is also the date chosen for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to attain to its maximum power potential. As we have seen, the logo for CERN is 666, and CERN has embraced the image of Shiva the destroyer of worlds as its symbol. There is a testimony being given that the power of Satan has reached its pinnacle at this time as the Pope of Rome travels to America. The Pope’s entrance to Washington, D.C., stands in counterpoint to Yahshua’s triumphal entry to Jerusalem. Only the Pope will not be entering as a lowly man seated on a donkey. He will be flying in on his personal jet with a full entourage of assistants, press, and security.

It is interesting to note that the Autumn Equinox will fall precisely at 3:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time in the United States on the day in which the Pope will be welcomed at the White House. Although Washington, D.C., falls in the Eastern Standard Time zone, the heart of America is in the Central Time Zone. The number 322 has evil associations. It is found in the symbols of the Skull and Bones secret society of which the Bush family have been members. America’s current Secretary of State, John Kerry, is also a Bonesman.

Three of America’s cities with the highest murder and assault rates are Chicago, St. Louis, and New Orleans, all of which are in the Central Time Zone. The Pope will be presenting his message to the American Congress and the United Nations as a savior figure, a protector of life. In actuality, however, he is a bringer of death, for he is a chief servant of Satan of whom Christ declared that “he comes only to kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10).

In the book Dragon Flood which I previously cited, I mentioned the practice of Satan’s servants to cast astrological charts to determine the favorability of some undertaking. This has been a practice observed in America by its Masonic founders from its inception, as David Ovason points out. I was curious to find out what message the servants of Satan are receiving from the heavens relating to the papal visit, and particularly the dates of September 23rd and September 27th. A search on the subject led me to the website Stars over Washington. This is the website of Jude Cowell, who bills himself as a “political astrologer.” Location is important, so it was needful to find an astrological chart cast specifically for Washington, D.C.. Following is an excerpt from the post related to the date of September 23rd, 2015.

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox Sep 23, 2015 (Libra Ingress)
Autumn Equinox 2015: Venus and the Statue of Liberty
by Jude Cowell

With the equinox Sun @00Lib00:00 and Moon @24Cap29 (in 2nd and 5th houses, respectively) we find the moment of Autumn 2015 begins during an Hour of warrior Mars with Mars @28Leo54 rising, Ascendant 27Leo55, royal star Regulus @00Vir in tow. Plus, expansive Jupiter @9Vir15 in 1st house provides what we may hope is protection in what looks to be difficult circumstances this Fall season. For only 10 days earlier, a Solar Eclipse perfected @20Virgo and as most people know, Washington DC is heavily imprinted with the stars of constellation Virgo, the Virgin…

As you see, activist Mars (the warrior) is rising…

For the date of September 27th, 2015, the same author writes the following.

DC Horoscope: Sept 27, 2015 Lunar Eclipse
The excellent Earth and Sky website has lots of information on the Lunar Eclipse of September 27-28, 2015 including viewing details for this Harvest Moon so called because it’s the closest Full Moon to Autumn Equinox 2015, traditionally a season of crop harvesting. This prominent Lunar Eclipse pairs with the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse @20Vir10 in the 18 North Saros Series.

Adding to its cosmic significance, the September 2015 Lunar Eclipse, a Super Moon (Nolle), is the fourth in a series of what some believe are prophetic Blood Moons and is, as you know, a Total Lunar Eclipse @4Aries40 in the Tropical Zodiac opposing the Sun @4Libra40. Perfection occurs at 10:50:29 pm EDT in Washington DC, an Hour of Venus (22Leo10) with Venus acting as lead planet in a Locomotive pattern… Venus may describe someone or a group of someones who worships ‘the goddess’ such as the ones found all over Washington DC…in a word, pagans.

Astrological charts and the positions and influences of the heavenly host are subject to interpretation, so I have sought to remove most of the commentary from the above author’s citations. I did leave in the last line above, because I believe he spoke profoundly with his statement that the influence of Venus in the astrological chart “may describe someone or a group of someones who worships ‘the goddess.’” There are no more evident worshipers of the goddess in this present world than those who hold to the Roman Catholic veneration of Mary as the Queen of Heaven.

David Ovason remarked on how much Venus has influence over Washington, D.C.. As I also mentioned in the book Dragon Flood, the land upon which Washington, D.C., sits was formerly called Rome, and it was owned by a man with the last name of Pope. Georgetown University, the leading Jesuit institution in America is located within Washington, D.C., and is the oldest Jesuit and Catholic institution in the United States.

Both the lunar and solar eclipse this month fall within the 18th Saros series. The Saros series is a means devised to predict solar and lunar eclipses. Each cycle lasts approximately 18 years. This is the 18th series of the Saros cycle (pronounced like “sorrows”). 18 again is (6+6+6). The eclipses are, of course, another testimony of the diminishing of light and the triumph of darkness. The Pope’s visit falls between the eclipse of the Sun and the eclipse of the moon. It is a time of reigning darkness.

To summarize, Mars, the warrior, is ascending. The Pope is being heralded as the Eco-Warrior. He is coming to wage covert and deceptive warfare against mankind with the goal of bringing all people into a condition of slavery. In the stars, the servants of Satan find testimony that the worshipers of the goddess will be the best ones to lead the people (in locomotive fashion) into bondage and deception. We are entering a time of sorrows for the people’s of the earth.

Please note, I am not advocating this Babylonian form of astrology as a means for Christians to receive guidance. I have cited this information for the sole purpose of demonstrating that there is a reason the servants of Satan have chosen these dates to commence this most important work which is a critical part of their scheme to wrest all freedoms from mankind and to bring everyone into subjection to Satan and his human servants.

The Pope’s arrival in America follows shortly after the Feast of Trumpets. One function of trumpets in the Bible is to sound an alarm, to warn of an invading army in order that the people might prepare to defend themselves. Tragically, in the majority of the churches there are no trumpets being sounded. Some have even gone so far as to openly welcome the Pope and to embrace his person, not knowing that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Consequently, the people of America, and the church in particular, have let down their guard. The wolf has entered in among the flock of God and the wolf’s intent will be revealed in time to be predatory. He comes to America to kill, steal, and destroy, while the nation’s highest political leaders will roll out the red carpet for him.

The Pope will arrive at 4 P.M. on the 22nd, the eve of the Day of Atonement. On the Day of Atonement a blood sacrifice was to be offered to Yahweh as an expiation for the sins of the people. Satan also requires blood sacrifices. The Popes throughout history have spilled massive amounts of blood, and it is in accordance with their character that they would take the lead in this final work which will also result in the slaughter of multitudes.

Revelation 17:4-6
And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, and upon her forehead a name was written, a mystery, “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Yahshua.

The Pope has already announced that he believes the world needs a new governing body which will be empowered to deal with the crisis at hand. The New World Order handwriting is on the wall. That reminds me, just yesterday a sister in Christ wrote to tell me that the newest James Bond movie’s theme song will be “Writing’s On the Wall.

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  1. Gracias Merci

    I am grateful for your clarion voice reflecting the grace and truth of Yahweh. May we be strengthened and be led of Him.

  2. Mark T.

    Dear Joseph, in Genesis 1:14 the Lord Himself declared the lights in the firmament of the heavens to be for signs and seasons, the Magi knew of the birth of Jesus by way of His star in the East (Matt 2:2) and there are myriad other references to what we call astrology in the Word. A seemingly harmless inquiry as to positions of stars and constellations at key moments in Biblical history reveal startlingly, (perhaps coincidental?) stellar alignments which when coupled with their ancient symbolism serve to further enhance the Biblical narrative. The stellar events and alignments surrounding the events of the crucifixion and resurrection are astonishing! I'll share them in an email if you like.
    My question is, is there such thing as a Holy astrology, a Gospel in the Stars that we can point to and trust. I believe that everything the Lord God has made points inevitably to a knowledge of Him. The joy comes in the digging for the truth. No matter how hard or fast they smash atoms at CERN, or with what motive they do it, they will only uncover the vast perfect God that made them and the more they dig, the more perfect it becomes. Man can assign whatever nonsense he chooses to it, but in the end it is the Lord and nothing else!
    God Bless.

  3. Joseph Herrin

    Hello Mark,

    I do believe there is a divine message in the heavens. Please note that I specifically said I did not want to promote "Babylonian" astrology. Satan has a counterfeit for that which was established by Yahweh. If you will pull up the book "Foundations" on the Heart4God website, you will find that there are four chapters I included in the book on the subject of the Mazzaroth, or the witness Yahweh has placed in the stars.


    May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

    Joseph Herrin


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