Signs of the End

by | Mar 21, 2009

Joseph Herrin (03-20-09)

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The Spirit is testifying of some very troublesome days which are just ahead. I do not know how close we are to the fall of America, other than that the Spirit is testifying that during the time of the 111th Congress that the Union will disintegrate, the economy will collapse, and things will radically change in the lives of all men and women in America with the effect being felt throughout the world. The 111th Congress convened this past January and runs for a period of two years.

There are many voices who are suggesting that this coming Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, could be the time when the nation collapses. I believe Rosh Hashanah begins on September 20th of this year at sunset. Some people are led to suspect Rosh Hashanah could be a significant time due to what occurred on the eve of this feast in 2008. On that day the Dow Jones Index of stocks closed down 777 points. This was the single largest point drop in history, and equated to 7% of the total value of all the listed stocks.

The numbers 7 denotes finality, an end, and the conclusion of a matter. Some have supposed that this event was a testimony that the end is very near, and may indeed occur during the same period in 2009 (in the FALL of the year). I am not prophesying any dates, for the Father has not spoken to me concerning specific dates. For me to speak anything beyond a time-frame of the 111th Congress would be presumption, so I encourage the saints to simply be alert and ever vigilant, for the things the Spirit has testified about the collapse of the nation are certain and are approaching quickly.

I want to share with you here some unusual facts that have been brought to my attention. That the details of these matters bear striking resemblance to signs God has brought to the minds of myself and many merits looking into them, and asking the Lord to bring forth understanding.

Last week I received an e-mail from a sister in Christ who was commenting about the number 222, also written as 2-22 and 2:22. This is a number that God has brought to my attention. In yesterday’s blog posting I mentioned that the vehicle God has provided for me is a model 222 Xplorer van. This is a number that bears much significance for the hour in which we live.

I have heard from a number of people who have been seeing these numbers recently. The sister who wrote to me, Gailia Johnson, asked if I knew that on the reverse of the $100 bill the clock atop the image of Independence Hall reads 2:22. She mentioned that this information was made widely known in a recent movie. Interestingly, Gailia’s birthday is also on February 22nd (2-22).

I sent her the following response:

Dear Sister Gailia,

Note the time stamp on this e-mail that you sent me concerning the number 2-22.

From: Gailia Johnson
Date: 3/13/2009 12:22:20 PM

Both forwards and backwards, the time reads 2:22. Now, I am sure you planned it that way. LOL

I had heard about the clock being set to 2:22 on Independence Hall on the back of the 100 dollar bill. I think it was the movie National Treasure that spoke of this. This number has certainly been featured prominently in many ways. Barack Obama is, of course, the 44th President, which is 2 x 22. The current Congress in session is also the 111th Congress, and each Congressional session runs for 2 years. (2 x 111=222.)

We are currently in the year 2009, which is when the 111th Congress and 44th President were seated. If we go back 222 years we come to 1787. The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17th, 1787. The Constitution ratified in 1787 was signed in Independence Hall.

It has been prophesied that America will experience a constitutional crisis during the time of the 111th Congress and the nation will be divided similar to what occurred in the days of Lincoln. This would seem to me to be the significance of the clock atop Independence Hall, the building where the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed, as well as the location of the signing of the Constitution, being stopped at 2:22. That which began at Independence Hall, and has been assured by a Constitution for the past 222 years, will come to an end at this time.

Perhaps the fact that your birthday is also on 2-22 indicates that you were born for such a time as this.
[End Letter]

I did some further checking on this sign and found the following image of the $100 bill on the website Wikipedia.

Following is a closer view of the clock face. Note the time of 2:22.

The Bureau of Engraving reports that the time on the clock is 4:10, but actual examination reveals it to be 2:22. One can observe that the hand by the number 4 is longer than the other hand, and the minute hand is always the longer hand.

Another unusual feature of the bill featured on Wikipedia’s website is found in the lower right corner.

This is not found on all bills, as it is a number relating to the printing plate used, and it varies with the bills. However, I found it unusual that this was the number on the bill featured there.

As I mentioned, Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. In 1969, all larger denomination bills; the $500, $1,000, $10,000 and $100,000 bills were retired. This left the $100 bill as the largest bill in circulation. In other words, it is the end of the line of Treasury notes issued by the federal government.

According to the website Wikipedia, “approximately 7% of all notes produced today are $100 bills.”

I want you to consider this statement in a couple of ways. 7 is a number denoting finality, and the end of a matter. We see this in the first chapter of Genesis. God formed the earth in 6 days, and on the 7th day He rested from all His work. Thus 7 days is the summation of all the work of God relating to this present creation, and it encapsulates the history of man. There are seven colors in the visible light spectrum as seen in the colors of the rainbow. There are seven feasts of God. There are seven churches who are written to in the book of Revelation, etc.. Thus from the beginning to the end of God’s work, we see the number 7 denoting totality and the end.

There are currently 7 Treasury note denominations that are currently acceptable for legal tender. These are the $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills. Thus the $100 bill is the seventh in the series and the end of all.

This Treasury bill, therefore, signifies the end, and in a very real sense it contains a parable of the end of America as a nation. The Spirit has been testifying that America’s liberty is about to come to an end. This liberty has been assured by her constitution, and the Spirit is testifying that a constitutional crisis similar to that experienced during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln will occur at this time.

As it has been well noted, both Lincoln and Obama were state legislators from Illinois, and Obama took his inaugural oath with his hand upon the same Bible used by Lincoln.

Barack Obama taking his inaugural oath.

There have been many testimonies given that the liberty assured by the constitution will end soon in a very sudden fashion. Recently I have reported on a number of visions and dreams people have received where they saw the Statue of Liberty toppled to the ground, or having her head cut off. There have also been other testimonies of the sudden end of liberty.

Liberty Street in Manhattan on 9-11-2001.

Another way that I want you to consider the statement extracted from Wikipedia is as follows:

According to the website Wikipedia, “approximately 7% of all notes produced today are $100 bills.”

In recent writings I have spoken of the sign given recently in the Continental Connections crash in Buffalo, New York. There were three musicians among the passengers aboard who perished, and this occurred at a time when the song American Pie was being brought to the minds of Americans in profound ways. As a result I wrote two posts titled The Day the Music Died, and America’s Swan Song.

The $100 dollar bill is called a Treasury NOTE. The word note is also a musical term. Money has been the music of America. It is what has caused her people to sing. It has become the joy and exultation of their hearts. A $100 bill is referred by some as a C Note. The Lord is indicating that America’s dollar is about to experience a sudden and final end. The music of America’s bank NOTES will be silenced.

Not coincidentally, there are seven musical notes in an octave just like there are seven distinct Treasury notes. (This has been the common practice in music since 1600, and is observed in the diatonic scale.)

The final Treasury Note produced by the U.S. government provides a parable of the day the music died. When America’s money fails, the Union will also disintegrate; the constitution will be abandoned; liberty will fall to the ground, and the day of joy and song will come to an end in the land.

If there were only the testimony of the sign on the back of the $100 bill, then these things would merely be speculation. Yet God has given a myriad of testimonies to that which is approaching. Let us examine these things carefully, and act as the Spirit of Christ directs.

In yesterday’s post I spoke of the adventure of following the Spirit wherever he leads. If we are able to get past the fear of such an abandoned lifestyle, there is truly an adventuresome aspect to following the Lord. I am reminded again of the missionary journeys of the apostle Paul. The Spirit of Christ rarely showed Paul more than one step at a time. When he and his companions followed there would be seasons of fruitful ministry. When it was time to move on, the Spirit would shut the door and open another.

During many years of following the Lord, I have learned to be content with simply knowing the next step and obeying. At this hour I have understood it to be the will of the Father that I go to Long Island, New York and arrive there on 3-22. This morning as I awoke I was reminded of the similarity to this event and the movie National Treasure, which Nicolas Cage starred in.

National Treasure is an adventure movie. Nicolas Cage and his companions are following clues throughout the movie in hopes of arriving at the prize that is at the end of the journey, after the last clue is unraveled. This is a parable of the life of the Overcomers in Christ. There is a reward that awaits the Overcomers, and the way to arrive at the destination is simply to follow the Lamb wherever He leads. He very often only shows us the next step in front of us.

In the movie National Treasure this is also the manner in which the plot proceeds. Nicolas Cage is given one clue at a time, and each clue leads to a new destination and the discovery of the next clue in the chain. One of these clues is observed on the back of the $100 bill, and this leads these adventurers to Philadelphia to Independence Hall. They must be there at a very precise time, and the time is revealed on the back of the bill.

Although some might think that they must be at that place at exactly 2:22, one of Cage’s companions tells him that due to Daylight Savings Time, they actually need to be there are 3:22 to discover what they are looking for. Remarkably, it is the Sun that reveals the location of that which they seek.

At this very hour I am led of the Lord to be at the destination He has set before me on 3-22. I do not know what awaits me there, but I am also looking to the Son to reveal what is hidden. In these days it is very important to follow the Spirit closely, and to pay attention to His leading. We will all need to be where He desires us to be at the precise time He indicates.

God provided a rather unusual testimony to following the clues on the 18th when He revealed to me I was to go to Long Island, New York. God has blessed me with a precious older sister in Christ who lives there (Patty Hunt). She often sends things me things an older sister would share with a younger brother. On this day a box arrived and among other things it contained three packages of cookies, one of them being Ginger Bread men.

The post office puts large boxes in lockers and then places a key to the locker in the patron’s Post Office box so they know that have a package. On the 18th I found such a key in my P.O. box, and for the first time I can remember it was for locker # 22. I knew this was significant and waited upon the Father to show me what it indicated. I did not immediately understand how a box of cookies was related to flesh cutting.

Also in my Post Office box was an envelope from a brother in Christ that contained a check for $500. When I opened this, and then observed the box of goodies, the Spirit made known to me that the money was to be used for travel expenses for me to go to visit this sister on Long Island. A few minutes later as I was exploring the contents of the box, God provided another witness.

Some weeks earlier Patty, had sent me another box and there was a small package of cookies in it, and when they arrived they were all broken up. I thought it was funny, and I took a picture of the broken cookies (which I ate with a spoon) and sent it to Patty. In the box that arrived on the 18th Patty had taped a spoon to two of the packages of cookies, including the package of Ginger Bread cookies. As I looked at this, the story of Hansel and Gretel came to mind, for the story speaks of both crumbs and Ginger Bread, as well as featuring a brother and sister who are looking out for one another.

In the story, Hansel and Gretel leave a trail of crumbs in the forest so they can find their way back home where they started out from. The Spirit showed me that I was to follow the Ginger Bread and cookies back to the place they had been sent from. I already had received a profound witness that this was the Father’s will for me, and this simply provided a second witness to the matter.

Like Nicolas Cage in the movie National Treasure, God would have us to be alert to the clues He places in our lives that indicate His will for us. He speaks to His children in many ways, using images and signs that they will recognize and be able to understand. It requires attentiveness, however, to understand when and what our Father is speaking. He will not always set a neon sign in front of us, but often speaks in a still small voice that requires that we be listening closely to discern His words clearly.

Remarkable days are ahead for the children of God. They will be days of tribulation, yet the grace of God will be abundant, and He will see His people through all that lies ahead.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello Fellow Brothers and Sisters-
    Posted just hours ago on you tube by change change is a video that reflects upon this writting of Josephs, it was reported by a christian as an overheard conversation with Fema. Here is the link to part 1, there is a part 2 also.
    In Yahushua

  2. Anonymous


    After reading your article today and your possible prediction of 9/20/2009, it reminded me of one of your earlier posts in which an Australian gentleman received a vision about this specific date. I posted have posted your text below:

    “On the 20/9/07 the Lord gave me a dream in answer to a prayer request of mine. The Lord had put on my heart to start asking Him when He will allow the next major judgment to fall upon America. This request stayed with me for around 10 weeks, when one night, the Lord spoke clearly again to me through a devotional saying ASK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. I asked, and a few nights later I had the following dream:

    The form of a person appeared right before me, though I couldn’t see the person clearly, and it was told to me, “TWO YEARS, IN TWO YEARS” (the judgment will fall).”

    I just thought it was worth mentioning.


  3. Anonymous

    I forgot to add this to my previous comment. I must admit sometimes I have a hard time following all of your writings on the significance of numbers. But I also believe that God speaks to people in different ways and shows them things in a way that is relevant to each individual. That being said I did find interesting your posting on the #’s 2:2:2. Just this morning I was looking at a website that featured an ad for birthdate jewelry. It was a necklace that had a medallion with your birthdate inscribed on it. The reason I mention this is because it jumped out at me. The numbers listed on the medallion in the ad where 2-22 which is my birthday. Just food for thought.


  4. Anonymous

    Dear Brother Joseph, regarding the number 7, please also note that Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 20th is the 1st day of the 7th Hebrew month Tishrei.

    In addition, there is a Messianic teacher with a website that has mathmatically figured this next Hebrew year beginning in Aviv as a Sabbatical (7th) year in the 119th Jubilee since creation.

    So, Sept. 20th would have even more significance with the sevens.

  5. Tim Carpenter

    The Almighty has also been showing me "222" for many months now. He has confirmed to me very powerfully your article. Yesterday I found a spoon and some cookies!!! I found these on the side of the highway while I was doing street evangelism. Also I found a small fragment of a dollar bill. The fragment showed the plate number "11" and of course the "1". So this is our 111 but the 111 is split/broken!
    Blessings, Tim Carpenter
    P.S. My word verification for this post is "forseee"!!!


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