Ten Questions Christians Can’t Answer

by | Nov 13, 2023

People of God, I came across a video that was called “Ten Questions Christians Can’t Answer.” I watched it and was able to answer every question. I wonder though, if the readers of this blog could do the same, or are you often left to the whims and false controversies of the world around you? It is not a good time to be a doubter. Things will occur in this present hour which will disturb the faith of many. I will list the first question and provide the Bible’s answer. I will leave the other nine for you to answer.

Following is question #1 from this video, followed by my answer.

Question #1: When Noah’s ark landed, how did the kangaroos make it back to Australia?

Can you answer the question? If your answer is “No” I would ask you “Why not?” Have you not taken the time to answer the many questions that come about as people think about the Bible? Do you suppose Yahweh has left Christians to scratch their heads and just assume the Bible provides no answer.

Joseph’s Answer: The Bible declares that the continents were divided AFTER the flood.

This provides a very good answer. If you assumed that the earth always existed as it does today then you might have trouble answering this question. Where does the Bible say the earth was divided?

Genesis 10:25
And two sons were born to Eber; the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided…

Chapters 6-9 of the book of Genesis recount the story of Noah. In chapter ten we find a genealogy of nations that resulted from the three sons of Noah. This section is often called “the table of nations.” Chapter 10 of Genesis tells us that Peleg was a descendant of Shem, one of the sons of Noah. Peleg was born four generations after Shem. The Bible provides an exact time-line in Genesis chapter 11, verses 10-19. We are told the following:

Shem was one hundred years old, and became the father of Arpachshad two years after the flood…

Arpachshad lived thirty-five years, and became the father of Shelah…

Shelah lived thirty years, and became the father of Eber…

Eber lived thirty-four years, and became the father of Peleg…

Peleg lived thirty years, and became the father of Reu; and Peleg lived two hundred and nine years after he became the father of Reu, and he had other sons and daughters.

Adding 2 years plus 35 years plus 30 years plus 34 years we arrive at Peleg who was born 101 years after the flood. Peleg lived 239 years, so sometime in the second, third, or early part of the fourth century after the flood of Noah, the earth was divided. This was plenty of time for the animals Noah brought onto the ark to multiply and disperse across the face of the earth before the earth was divided.

Both the Bible and science agree that the earth used to be one super-continent. This continent is often referred to by geologists as Pangea, or Pangaea. This name is derived from the Greek “Pan” meaning “entire,” and “Gaia” meaning “earth.” Following is an animation of what the separation of the continents is envisioned to have looked like.

Science often develops theories that contradict the narrative of the Bible, particularly when it comes to the span of time in which an event took place. For example, science would say that languages developed over thousands of years when the Bible says that the different languages came into existence suddenly at the Tower of Babel when Yahweh confused the languages of men and divided them into families. Similarly, science says that continental drift began about 200 million years ago and that the continents drifted apart over the course of millions of years. The Bible, however, states that there was a single landmass as recently as 4,500 years ago, and the earth was divided into continents rapidly.

Although present scientific theories differ widely from the Biblical account on WHEN the continents were divided, scientific theory and the Bible agree that all the continents were previously joined together. This explains how kangaroos were able to travel from Mt. Ararat to Australia after the flood of Noah. Science refers to the movement of the earth’s landmass as “Continental Drift Theory.”

Science assumes that this drifting apart of the continents occurred over the course of millions of years. They base this upon observations of the speed at which the continents are moving today. This theory includes a big assumption, however. The assumption is that the continents always moved at the slow rate that is observed today. The Bible differs from the theories of man in that it says that the earth was divided quite suddenly. We are told that the separation of the continents occurred during the days of Peleg.

The Bible does provide answers. Christians should not be daunted when they are faced with a seemingly impossible question relating to Biblical teaching. We have the mind of Christ, and Christ has never been stumped by the questions of critics. (See Matthew 22:23-33)

Now, I ask you if any of the other nine questions give you problems, or have you already settled them in you mind?

Question #2: If the ark was covered in pitch, or tar, to make it watertight, it also made it airtight. How did the animals survive more than one or two days, living in complete darkness without any fresh air? Remember, the rain lasted forty days and forty nights. Noah couldn’t open the window in the top.

Question #3: Since Adam and Eve didn’t know right from wrong before eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, why did God then punish them for something they didn’t understand they were doing?

Question #4: Why would God place a forbidden tree in the garden so close to His innocent creation, and allow Satan to tempt them into eating from it, all the while looking on without doing a thing to prevent it?

Question #5: When the women went to Jesus’ empty tomb, was the stone already rolled away, or did an angel roll it away after the women got there?

Question #6: On the first day of the week, when Jesus rose from the dead, how many women went to the tomb, and which ones?

Question #7: If you believe the creation account in Genesis is mere allegory, then why don’t you throw out Paul’s epistles, because he believed that the creation account was a historical fact?

Question #8: How many donkeys did Jesus ride on His triumphal entry into Jerusalem? Was it one donkey, like Mark, Luke and John say, or was it two donkeys like Matthew said?

Question #9: Matthew and Luke both provide genealogies for Jesus, going all the way back to Adam. Using both of those lists, who was Joseph’s father?

Question #10: Was Jesus crucified on the first day of Passover like the gospel of John says, or the next day, like the other three gospels say?


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