The Barren Kingdom

by | Nov 17, 2017

Joseph Herrin (11/17/2017)

I have been studying the news on the Internet for the past week and I have an array of items to present. I will just jump right into it. The above image is from a video by former Vice President Joe Biden and rock star Lady Gaga that was attached to an article in the Independent ( The article was titled “Joe Biden and Lady Gaga reteam to establish sexual assault trauma centres.” It is tragic that Joe Biden has one eye closed. This is the last frame of the video and it stays on the screen after it has played. Look at some of the pictures of Lady Gaga with one eye emphasized.

Lady Gaga and Joe Biden are well aware of what the one-eyed symbol stands for. It is the same symbol on the back of the dollar bill.

With Lady Gaga’s (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) penchant for nearly nude and bi-sexual dancing, it is extremely difficult to think of her as a champion of ladies sexual trauma. She has also been involved with spirit cooking which surely saw her involved with much that is evil. This also overlooks her Joe Calderone persona where she comes out as a man.

What does she know about ladies sexual trauma? Joe Biden is no better. I have little fear of any women who read this ever going to one of her sexual trauma centers. This is merely Satan trying to call those who are unrighteous righteous. Brothers and sisters, there is nothing righteous in either Hollywood or government. Stay clear of them both.

I have studied some hours-long Vladimir Putin documentaries of late. If anyone is interested in this man as a righteous counterfoil to American politicians I would tell them they are on the wrong track. I have told men for years that there is nothing attractive about Putin. Russia has been a player of the anti-type of America for many years. Do you think that Ford Motor Company would have built the plants there, as well as the other American corporations such as General Electric, International Harvester, DuPont de Nemours, and more than a hundred other companies, if there were no profit. These were built from the 1930s on. Their existence proved that the Soviet Union was secretly in league with America. Also the fact that they went along so much with the American space program is a tell-tale sign. I would suggest that Russia’s countenance to everything that is done in the Olympics is another tell-tale sign of their being in on the game. Look at the pictures of the Sochi Olympics.

Vladimir Putin has maintained the relationship with the West that has proven so successful to the men in the upper echelons of the nation’s corporations. He is considered by many to be the richest man in the world. His wealth has never been measured, but it is anticipated that he owns more than $40 billion dollars worth of investments, largely in oil. Russia is the world’s largest country after all. If anyone wants to do some research on Vladimir Putin they will have to be a good reviewer of biased reporting. There are documentaries by CNN and the BBC on Putin. These are some of the “mainstream documentaries.” You will not get the truth by taking the mainstream news as its given. I will give you an example.

In one of the documentaries it speaks of a bunch of apartments that were bombed in Russia just as Putin was to take power. He wasn’t very popular then, or known. As soon as the apartments were bombed he spoke of their being a Chechen trail to the bombings. They were having problems with Chechnya and immediately went to war with the area. The Russians were extremely brutal with the Chechnyans and made a quick end of the fighting. Afterwards Putin was very popular.

During the war with Chechnya another apartment was discovered to have explosives in its basement. The explosive was examined and found to be a type that the FSB, a subsequent branch of the KGB which Putin was from, used. Several groups of police, etc., started to launch an investigation into it, but they were quickly shut down. It was said that the FSB were practicing a test there and that was all that came from it.

The documentary said that Putin used the apartment bombing like the New York City event that occurred on 9-11. Now, if you were believing everything that you are told you would think the events on 9-11-2001 were a tragedy that was handled skillfully by the U.S. President, Vice President, etc.. You would guess that the apartment bombings in Russia were an event by Putin that he played off of brilliantly to bring about the same type of praise for his government even though he was the one who caused it to happen. You will know however that even if it is true that Putin killed some of his own people that the same was true of the U.S. President and rest of the government.

It is hard to believe that it was 16 years ago, but time is flying. The documentary also shows that Putin was a good friend with George W. Bush and he spent time in this country taking photos with the President and singing at some shows here in America.

There are multiple documentaries on Putin, but all of them that I have seen present the information with a point of view that would like you to believe something that the presenter believes. A Christian must not be so naive, but neither must he be overly hostile to the world. If Yahweh had let Satan have full access to any of us we would surely be on our way to hell right now. I am amazed that Yahweh would choose me to be one of His children today when my flesh wants to go such a different way.

Galatians 5:16-17
But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please.

I have been born again of the Spirit. I must feed the spirit if I desire to walk by the Spirit.

Another thing I have taken a deeper look at has been Google. I have known for a long time that Google is a product of the CIA. You may ask “Why would the CIA have an interest in Google?” Why not? Google has its hands all over the Internet. If you want to know what people are doing you could do little better than Google. Most of the people who work there have no idea they are working for a government spy agency. Nevertheless they are building the trap quite solidly.

I use Google all the time. I use it for searches some of the time. I use their free email program. I share my blog on their free blog program. I use their maps, translate, and YouTube. I formerly used their browser, Chrome. When it became too difficult to control its content I deleted it and went to Opera and Edge. It would be difficult to use the web today and not use a program that is compromised. It is all watched.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and on and on the list goes. Your computer is completely hooked up to the government just by virtue of being connected. There is not an Internet Service Provider today that does not send its data to the NSA. We are all being watched. Store your info in the cloud and it is no longer yours.

I have been watching what Google is doing to the search program on Google and YouTube. They are increasingly making it harder for you to find what you want. They are hiding the truth away from you. Here is one YouTube video that testifies regarding how they are hiding it.

With the Internet search engine they are even worse. Pretty soon you will only be able to find things that the Global Corporations produce or approve of. I have been looking at some other search engines that will let me see other things online, but I have yet to find a good alternative. If you are looking for alternative news sites then you will be doing some digging to find the good ones.

One site I watch from time to time to get some of the info I am wanting is the Corbett Report. James Corbett is not a Christian, but he doesn’t use bad language and is committed to creating highly creative pieces. Believe me, I know how much time goes into creation of high quality reports. Recently he has had two reports that are special. They are “How” and “Why” big oil conquered the world. Both of the reports are in excess of an hour long, but they are both excellent.

You may wonder what the reports have to do with Christians. They go far beyond oil in your car. I really do encourage you to watch them. I will say this though, I don’t agree with James Corbett’s view on what the government should be. He is an anarchist. Again, if you can read between the lines and hear truth for truth’s sake, you will be rewarded for the effort.

One last thing that I will mention is from my recent blog on the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I mentioned that the pastor, who was out of town at the time of the shooting, was mistaken in his beliefs and teachings. This is shown by his flying the flag of the United States and Texas alongside the Christian flag, his church having a Christmas tree inside it during December, their celebrating a Halloween date at their church, etc.. I have listened to a number of his messages and can tell that he is a Christian. I have had a couple people write to me and suggest he was of the Devil.

I do want to point out that I too was raised in church in America. I went to a number of churches growing up that did the same things as this church. You can be a Christian and believe many right things about Christ and Yahweh while at the same time believing some wrong things. In fact, I believe Yahweh called me out of the church so I could learn what is wrong with it. You cannot see the forest for all the trees at times. I do want to say that although the man who is a pastor at the Baptist church in Sutherland Springs is in error on a number of things, he is yet a Christian. We would do well to pray for him that his eyes might be opened to see all the truth, including that which is difficult.

This is part of my research for the past week. I hope you enjoy dividing truth from error as much as I do.

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  1. ByWaterAndBlood

    James Corbett is a great source for alternative news. Much of what he produces is fact-based and speculative in a healthy way. I appreciate his work even if he is not a Christian. I pray that he will see the light sooner than later, Yah willing.

    It's great to see you covering such a broad spectrum of subject matter and sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you for your dedication to the truth and praise Yahweh for all that he does through you.


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