The Grateful Inmate

by | Apr 17, 2016

Joseph Herrin (04-17-2016)

This writing continues a theme begun in the posts titled The Angry Inmate, and The Fearful Inmate.

As it is in free society, there are an array of attitudes manifested by men in prison. It is particularly satisfying to encounter men in an environment that has as many shortcomings as prison who exhibit contentment in their situation, and even gratitude. Such ones are usually humble men who have experienced the transforming work of the Spirit of Christ in their life, and despite their environment, they are sincerely thankful that inwardly Yahshua has made them into new creations.

Following are two correspondences which I received from men in prison who manifest an exemplary attitude in their words. These men both began receiving the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters in the past year as other inmates introduced them to the writings.

Brother Joseph,
May this letter encourage you and find you in health! Amen!

First, I would like to say thanks for continuing my program with the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters! Man, such understanding! Hallelujah!

Second, I feel that when a person sees something he wants, whether spiritual or fleshly, that person will most likely pursue it with a fervor. Now, if that something will give the person everything (the unadulterated truth) that person will go after it with no regard for cost or status because what he seeks is essential to his survival! He will do anything, whether cut his own arm off, or renounce his own family.

I see the truth, the Bible as the foremost in my life because of what I have been through, and was delivered from was for me to know that I was in the wrong and in need of a Savior. On this search I have encountered multiple people and beliefs, but understand that the absolute truth cannot be changed. 2+2+4. This is truth! To tell me otherwise would be foolish, yet many do this every day! I pray to not be one of these, but to be one who stands on the truth because it is an immovable foundation!

Honestly, I am at a point in life on this path where I will give up whatever is necessary I need to that the Spirit leads me to give up. Only if I am being led by the Spirit and know that it is Yah’s will! Hallelujah! His will be done!

Yeah, it sure is easy to say and write these this, and a whole other thing to live it, or walk the walk! I pray daily for strength and courage and guidance for help in walking in the truth! But I must have an accurate knowledge!!! I have to know and understand what I’m doing! Right? I don’t mind being told I’m wrong or confused about stuff, but you must show me!!! I tell people to prove it. Something may sound good or tickle my ears, but it must be truth! I have to stand on it, for Yahweh’s will is for me to be obedient and persevere!

This flesh is irrelevant, but necessary to be trained, tamed and overcome! But I yearn for truth, understanding, and discernment. Only Yah’s will be done. Not mine! I fear to mess up, or tell or show someone the wrong thing, so gladly your guidance is much appreciated and prayed for!

Mr. Joseph, I can only say Hallelujah, because that is the highest praise I can offer. But the truth and understanding in these parables are part of my foundation that I can stand on. I tell my mom repeatedly of how much I love and miss her, but I say that even right now in prison I am free. I have no desire to work on my case, or make plans for the future that might change. No! I am trying to learn and understand the truth, and I believe this is the will of the Father for me. Not everyone, but I believe it is for me.

I’ve been down 13 years, and I am looking to max out the other 12 so I won’t be tied to the state in any way. My mom lives in Idaho and maybe I’ll be able to go out there. But for now I must do the work that I believe the Father set before me.

Oh, to be in perfect Sabbath rest is hard, but if this is the Father’s will, who am I not to do it? Hallelujah, I love and serve Yahweh! I may not be perfect yet, but how I yearn for the Spirit, the truth, and the love of our Father. Hallelujah for you Mr. Joseph, and honor, grace and mercy are yours, and I would like to add my prayers for you and your family as well as mine.

Sincerely, I say Thank You!

A respectful, humble, and grateful servant,
Solomon (Joseph’s note: Yes, Solomon is his actual name.)

Joseph Herrin,
Hey, how are you? (Joseph’s note: For those who do not live in the southern states of America, it may seem odd to have someone greet another with the word “Hey,” but it is a common greeting here and serves in place of “Hi,” or “Hello.”) I started these parables through a friend who begged me to ask for them. As I have been reading your wonderful truths, my eyes seem to be open to a new look. I see things totally different now. These teachings of yours are very powerful. The book “Dragon Flood” opened my mind up to a new world. I see the world, not the same any more…

I really want to thank you Joseph for allowing me to receive your parables. Also, I want to know more about Yahshua or Jesus. All my life I truly never had a full understanding about Yahshua being the Savior. I always had doubt in believing in Christ. But as I’m reading your teachings I now see my faith growing in Christ. I want to know more about Yahshua and His promises. I thank you so much and may Yahweh continue to bless you!

From, A Seeker of God,

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  1. Skip

    For myself, the most difficult part of sincerely searching for the truth is not in the actual realization of the truth, but in the practice of the perseverance needed to receive the truth.


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