The Remnant Bride – Part 19 (Conclusion)

by | Jan 16, 2019

Come, Lord Yahshua!

This book is not intended to answer all questions regarding the Bride of Christ. Instead, it is offered in hopes that it will stir up many saints to begin seeking the answers for themselves. There is much complacency in the body of Christ, much of it due to Satan’s deception in clouding our view of eternity and our understanding of the reward that awaits us.

The church today has lost much of its savor. Its distinctiveness has been diluted until her taste is similar to that of the world around her. When Christ comes to steal away, as a thief in the night, that which is appealing to Him, He will leave behind that which is unappealing. Many saints will be devastated as they realize that it was their idolatry, their love of the world and the things in it, that disqualified them from being chosen.

This book is offered in hope that some may awaken out of their slumber and break off their attachments to the world as they glimpse an inheritance and reward that far outshines all that the world offers. It is my hope that a passion for Yahshua the Messiah will be rekindled and that a pursuit of the One who pursues us will be renewed.

Yahshua mentioned one thing that would cause Him to remove a church’s lampstand, forgetting one’s first love (Revelation 2). His word to the church of Ephesus was to remember where they had fallen from, repent, and do the deeds they did at the first. In Christ’s words to the church of Ephesus we see that love, works, reward, these three are inseparable.

Our Lord does not desire service without love, nor does He desire words of love and devotion that are not proven in the way we live our lives before Him. Yahshua desires a harmony in our lives. Love first, followed by obedience and devotion. It was saints that were passionate for Christ who turned the world upside down in the first century and it will be similar saints who will do so again in these last days before Christ’s return.

Arise Bride, your Bridegroom awaits you. Be vigilant. Look to the One who is the lover of your soul. He is the fairest of the fair. He is the lily of the valley. He is the bright and morning star. He is  the pearl of great price. He is the treasure that has been lost and must now be found.
Come, Lord Yahshua!

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