Unleash The Beast – Anarchy Coming

by | Jun 16, 2015

Joseph Herrin (06-16-2015)

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the Holy Spirit is testifying that we need to be preparing for days of anarchy. These days are swiftly approaching. The plan of Satan and his servants all along has been to destroy this present world system in fire and death and chaos so that a New World Order might arise out of the ashes of destruction. Signs are being given at this time indicating that the destruction of the old world order is near at hand. As we saw in the previous post in this series, Yahweh has been using the symbolism of a great storm coming, a flood of destruction, and the figures of monsters and beasts, to help us visualize the things we will experience soon.

This past weekend another sign was given. Torrential rains struck the city of Tbilisi in the nation of Georgia which is located in Eastern Europe. Historic flooding occurred and the city’s zoo was inundated. Many of the animals escaped. Because the zoo is located inside the city, many wild beasts were freed to wander the streets and lanes of this modern metropolis of nearly 1.5 million people. Among the animals loosed were elephants, zebras, a hippo, a large crocodile, 7 bears, 6 lions, 6 tigers, a number of jaguars, and a pack of 13 wolves.

Crocodile in the City Streets

Hippo Wandering City Streets of Tbilisi

One of the Escaped Jaguars

Residents of Tbilisi were warned by police to stay indoors until all of the wild animals could be caught, or killed. This event serves as a potent parable of the coming political and economic storms that are coming, which will be accompanied by the unleashing of the beast nature as men and women given over wholly to evil and wickedness walk around in broad daylight in the towns and cities of America and the world in coming days.

One of the more revelatory details of the recent story of American Pharoah winning the Triple Crown of horse racing, was the large financial deal made with Monster Energy, the primary company to sign an endorsement contract with the owner. As previously noted, the logo of Monster Energy is a stylized letter M that resembles both a triple repetition of the Hebrew letter Vav, and the claw marks left by a monster or great beast. The triple Vav is a 666 symbol, and the date of the last race of the Triple Crown was held on 6/6/15 which is a 666 reference. The company slogan is “Unleash the Beast.”

I was riding with my daughter Kristin last week to pick up a riding mower in a truck she borrowed from her place of business. I was relating the details of the Triple Crown and the sponsor of American Pharoah to my daughter as we rode. When we stopped to fuel up on the way home I discovered that one of the company employees who drives the truck had thrown an empty can of Monster Energy Drink into the back. I picked it up and examined the can. On the outside of the can I found the words written that appear in the graphic at the top of this post. I was particularly struck by the mention of “anarchists” being listed as part of the target audience of this beverage.

Anarchy is defined as “a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.” Synonyms for the word are: lawlessness, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, and turmoil. As I looked around Monster Energy’s website, I came across a page where they list some of the music groups the company sponsors. These groups are predominantly focused on promoting a spirit of anarchy. One of the groups is called ¡MAYDAY!. The character of this group can be discerned by the repeated refrain of their song titled Tear Sh_t Down. (Pardon the expletive, but it too reveals the nature of this group and the vile spirit being promoted by Monster Energy.) This song is featured on the album titled BELIEVERS.

Note that in the cover artwork there is a young man holding a slingshot. He is possibly representing an anarchist trying to fight against the system. In front of him there is a tornado, and at the base of the tornado an explosion. In the smoke filled sky are what appear to be military helicopters. The scene is one of ruin, destruction, and chaos. The album is filled with songs that evoke a similar picture, even encouraging the listener to engage in acts of wanton destruction, looting, and violence. Many of the song lyrics are so obscene and filled with expletives that they cannot be repeated here. I have selected a limited number that reveal what it means to “Unleash the Beast.”

Tear Sh_t Down
We came to tear sh_t down tonight
Do what we want this our life
We came to tear sh_t down tonight
Like it’s the last day of our lives
We came to tear sh_t  down tonight
Do what we want this our life
We came to tear sh_t down tonight
Like it’s the last day of our lives

In another song by this same group titled Shots Fired, we have the following words.

You sippin triple six I’ll see where you’ve been
Illuminated, but I’m not in with them
There’s places that we should just never attend

Focus the lens ’till it makes sense
Kill ’em all quickly and kill ’em all dead
Making ’em run for the hills cause they scared of the things that’s about to begin
Kickin em shins givin’ ’em blood
But don’t kill my buzz
I’m doing this all for the crew with the M
And the rest gets no love
That’s nuff

Note the reference to the “triple 6” and “the crew with the M,” an obvious allusion to Monster Energy. “Sippin triple six,” is understood to be a reference to drinking Monster Energy Drinks. Later in the song, the band member known as Wrekonize, who is an avowed atheist, speaks the following words.

I’m a sinner with no one to judge me
A killer with no one to cut me
A menace to innocence from the beginning

On the same album is the song Last One Standing.

Who’ll be the last one standing? When it all goes up in flames
Who’ll be the last one standing? When the cold ice melts away
Who’ll be the last one standing? When the smoke drowns out the day
Who’ll be the last one standing? When it all goes up in flames
I’ll be the last one standing!

Coming out from the middle of the map with a limited attack
And I fight it till the end before we get it to the idiots, illiterate attack
Diss that, belligerent we’re never that!
[Expletive] peace, gimme a gun and get it back…
Spinal chords struck with a bat

This is representative of the type of music acts that Monster Energy is promoting. Like Satan, the theme is to “kill, steal, and destroy.” There is a promotion of anarchy, and there is little wonder that the news brings us increasing reports of rioting and chaos in our towns and cities. From Ferguson to Baltimore, those burning and pillaging are behaving as if they have been imbibing the spirit of Satan. They are acting as if they have been “sippin triple six.”

The above is a promotional advertisement for a song remix contest. Again, there are scenes of destruction in the background. There is an Interstate highway sign fallen over amid a scene of ruin. The image is filled with smoke. The very word Mayday is the international sign of distress. The inverted characters in the group’s name signify confusion, disorder, and distress. All this is promoted, funded, and underwritten by the 666 Monster Energy company whose company slogan of “Unleash the Beast!” is much more than clever advertising. It is indicative of a spirit that is being loosed throughout America and the nations at this time.

Another group sponsored by Monster Energy is The Word Alive. Following are excerpts from a few of their songs.

Dragon Spell
I’m still the king of the world
I’ll never falter or squander my dreams
I’ve still got control over my enemies
They still beg me for mercy
Show no mercy
Show no mercy

I’ve fought for this kingdom
I’ll take hold of what is mine
I’ll be the lord of the universe
If you want me, I’m right here

The Hounds Of Anubis
I’m the king of the world, and it’s crumbling down.
All around me falls the ruins of my enemies.
You can’t control me.
Or can you not see?
You can’t control me.
It’s time to admit defeat.

Smoke Monster
The storm is coming, run!
It will swallow you whole
And crush your soul.

Tell me what you feel right now.
You can’t escape,
It’s the end of this town.
Tell me what you feel right now.
You can’t escape,
It’s the end of this town.

It will swallow you whole,
Run for your life.
It will swallow you whole.

These songs appear on the album titled Life Cycles.

The album cover features a container filled with bullets spilled out onto a work surface. The message is one of violence, selfishness, pride, and defiance. The message is boldly declared that “I will submit to no one.” This is the spirit of rebellion, of anarchy. It could be Satan speaking in the lyrics of the songs from this group. It could also be the words of those who embrace the spirit of Satan, “sippin triple six.” What is being indicated by this company sponsoring American Pharoah in the final race of the Triple Crown is that the spirit of Satan is the one empowering and animating the one who is the American Pharaoh. Satan is the chief sponsor of the American Pharaoh. That which will occur is the unleashing of the beast nature, the casting off of all restraint, until society begins to melt down under the weight of the spirit of anarchy that is driving the wild beasts roaming freely through the streets.

The Bible compares evil men to beasts. In the book The Mark of the Beast, I expounded upon the parable of the six days of creation recorded in the opening chapter of the book of Genesis. On the fifth and sixth days of creation, Yahweh formed the creatures of the sea, the birds of the air, and the beasts that move freely upon the earth. Having done so, He then gave the very first commandment to mankind. He instructed Adam to “subdue the beasts and rule over them.” These words are a parable. If we are to arrive at the seventh day, the Sabbath rest of God, where all is in harmony and agreement with His divine will, we must rule over the beast nature that manifests in our own flesh.

The message given at this year’s Belmont Stakes, the final race of the Triple Crown, is that the beast nature is being unleashed. No longer will it be restrained. The result in our nations will be societal breakdown and anarchy.

I have mentioned previously that I am alert to aberrations, things which are out of the norm. They often contain messages of spiritual significance. There were a number of aberrations related to this year’s running of the Belmont Stakes. My thanks to a brother in Christ (Marc), for pointing out the following.

For the first time, the draw was held in New York City instead of at Belmont Park, and it was magical to watch horse racing’s elite congregate in Midtown at Rockefeller Center.
[Source: http://www.americasbestracing.net/en/the-latest/blogs/2015/6/3/belmont-diaries-draw-day]

Not only was the drawing to see which position each horse would race in moved to Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, the event was located prominently under the large figure of the statue of Prometheus.

In other posts I have shared about the significance of this statue, that Prometheus serves as a type of Satan. Those who understand the mysteries of the Luciferian doctrines know that Satan seeks to portray himself as the friend of man. He has reinterpreted the Genesis account when he tempted Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Lucifer is presented by his disciples as the friend of man, bringing the light of knowledge to the world.

The statue of Prometheus bringing fire down from heaven and giving it to mankind is a re-telling of the story of Lucifer who offered to mankind forbidden knowledge. An Internet website shares the following commentary on this statue found on the Rockefeller property.

This statue depicts Prometheus, a Titan of Greek mythology known for his great intelligence. He has however betrayed the god Zeus by stealing fire and giving it to mankind. He is credited to have taught mankind the arts of civilization such as writing, mathematics, agriculture, medicine, and science. Zeus then punished Prometheus for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day.

Paul Manship’s sculpture featured in the Sunken Plaza of the Rockefeller Center portrays Prometheus holding the fire stolen from Zeus and gliding towards humanity. He lies inside a ring in which are outlined the signs of the Zodiac. Behind the statue is an inscription saying:

“Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.”
[Source: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=329]

Substitute the name Lucifer for Prometheus, and you will perceive the true substance of this monument. Lucifer was judged by God, not for a benevolent act on behalf of mankind. Lucifer’s fall actually occurred prior to Adam and Eve’s residency in Eden. Satan is seeking to sell an image of himself as a benevolent friend to mankind. No doubt this is why Yahshua was so blunt in speaking the truth about this angelic rebel and those who imbibe his spirit.

John 8:44
“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies.”

 John 10:10
“The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy…

By moving the drawing for this race to this location under the watchful eyes of Satan/Prometheus, we are presented the message that Satan was carefully guiding this event. Everything about it was planned and carried out to provide a witness and testimony to what Satan is about to accomplish in the earth. This unprecedented change of venue reveals the importance of the hour we now live in. Many things the world has never witnessed before are about to occur. There will be an unleashing of the beast nature to a degree never before seen.

Mark 13:19-20
“For those days will be a time of tribulation such as has not occurred since the beginning of the creation which God created, until now, and never shall. And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect whom He chose, He shortened the days.”

We have seen just the tip of what is coming as we daily read about riots in cities across America and Europe. In the manifold testimonies of the atrocities committed by ISIS we are being given a preview of the types of unrestrained evil that will be common in days not far hence. Men will behave like beasts, and Christians will be among their chief targets. This is not new, but the degree to which it will occur will be unprecedented.

I Corinthians 15:30-32
Why are we also in danger every hour? I protest, brethren, by the boasting in you, which I have in Christ Yahshua our Lord, I die daily. If from human motives I fought with wild beasts at Ephesus, what does it profit me?

Did the apostle Paul fight with literal beasts? Or was he speaking of men acting like wild beasts? The book of Acts records that it was with men that Paul struggled in Ephesus. The apostle Peter also describes ungodly men given over to the spirit of Satan as beasts.

II Peter 2:9-13
The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries… But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption, and will receive the wages of unrighteousness, as those who count it pleasure to carouse in the daytime.

Looting and Rioting in Baltimore

Even as the outcome of the race for the Triple Crown was predetermined, so too have Satan and his human servants planned the anarchy that is to be unleashed upon the earth. The American Pharaoh is a chief servant of Satan, and will do much to precipitate that which is coming. Barack Obama has already been caught fomenting chaos, death, and destruction. His chosen head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder, was revealed to have been complicit in providing guns to violent drug gangs in Mexico in what has become known as the “Fast and Furious,” gun running scandal. It is the CIA and American government who have also created ISIS.


The plan of Satan is to destroy the world through the promotion of violence and destruction, an unleashing of the beast nature in all its fury. The present world order will appear helpless to stop the assaults, the chaos, and the destruction of infrastructure, inducing the people of the nations to cry out for a New World Order, a global power that will restore peace and prosperity to the earth. The methodology of the wicked is the creation of crisis to prepare people for a predetermined solution.

“President Obama is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously. “You have India, Pakistan; you have the Jihadist movement. So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”
[Henry Kissinger at the New York Stock Exchange, January 2009]

Anarchy among the nations is not just a crisis. “It’s a great opportunity.” It is declared by one of the greatest globalists that President Obama can at this period of time create a New World Order. The use of crisis to bring about a New World Order is a widely declared fact by the architects of the NWO themselves.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
[David Rockefeller]

In order to prepare the nations for a New World Order the American Pharaoh will unleash the beast.  Law enforcement agencies will be hobbled, prevented from doing their jobs. We are seeing this as the Immigration and Border Control agents are being commanded to no longer hinder illegal aliens from entering the nation. They are being instructed to release known criminals, many of the most violent men, into American society.


An interesting revelation came forth from the riots in Baltimore. Mayor of the city, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, in a televised interview during the riots, stated that she had instructed the city police department to give those who wanted to destroy, the space to destroy.


This is part of an agenda. It is to make the current system of local law enforcement appear impotent in the face of chaos. It is to instill in people’s minds that the present system is incapable of protecting the lives, property, and rights of the citizens of the nation. This will prepare the minds of the people to accept the idea that only a militarized Federal police force can protect them. The plan is to induce the citizens to cry out for the very thing the global elite desire. The people will be primed to accept a totalitarian police state. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has publicly stated that she believes the Federal government needs to be more involved in local law enforcement.

People of God, anarchy is coming. We are going to see men like beasts freely prowling the streets of our towns and cities. There will be a breakdown of society with murder, looting, rape, and destruction of property, until the people are themselves convinced that the old system no longer works. Until they are ready to accept the changes that Satan and his servants have planned. The government themselves will arm the anarchists. They will fuel the fires of destruction. They will do all they can to unleash the beast.

What will be your response when your city is on fire? Do you have the faith to trust in God in that hour? Are you able to hear His voice? Are you practiced at being guided by the Holy Spirit in all you do? Have you made what preparations God would have you make for that hour which is coming on the earth? This is a heavy message, but a true one. It is better to receive a true message of ill news and prepare, than to hear a false message of peace and prosperity and perish.

I encourage those readers who have made it this far to listen to the excellent message below by Carter Conlon, the pastor of Times Square Church where David Wilkerson formerly preached. This is a message posted this week. It is a message for this hour. Listen and be instructed by the Spirit.

(Note: Brother Conlon believes in a rapture event that will catch the church up before the tribulation. I believe this is error. Nevertheless, he is a godly man, and is giving a warning to the church at the time of suffering coming soon that will impact the body of Christ. He does believe it to be the will of God for the body of Christ to experience suffering.)


[Thanks to Andrew and Yolinda for the notification of the zoo animals being unleashed in Tbilisi. Thanks to Jim for the link to the Carter Conlon message.]

To be continued…

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  1. ray


    Hi Joseph —

    Georgia, of course, is both a nation and a U.S. state. Also btw the name of my deceased mother.

    'MAYDAY' image — the use of twin exclamation marks (the first inverted) is part of Spanish grammatical construction. May-day or May First is also one of the principal pagan/wiccan/satanic feast days, typically celebrated with fire and blood-sacrifice. The rituals of that day, which are very ancient, involve fertility (sexual licentiousness as a way of 'ensuring' crops).

    When I first saw the 'slingshot' photo, I thought of biblical David. The image is of a young(ish) male and the posture is one of, perhaps, overwhelmed perplexity and impotence. Brought a slingshot to a helicopter war.

    Of course, in his scuffle with Goliath, one slingshot was all David needed. It was David's faith in, and indignation for, the Lord that brought victory. Amazingly, David went on to accomplish even greater things.

    However I think your interpretation is what is intended here by Monster Energy — that 'anarchists' etc. are the true heroes of our time, bravely standing up to yadda yadda yadda. "I'll do whatever I want, and that makes me a hero." So much modern advertising/propaganda seeks to sell the Blasted Generations the conceit that wildness, cynicism, and anarchism are 'cool'. Also, the word anarchist is similar to 'antichrist'. The spirit of leftism, 'women's liberation', and 'progressiveness' are all spirits of deconstruction and destruction. Those who cannot build, tear down. Those who cannot rise to the accomplishments of others, seek in resentment and rebellion to tear-down the accomplishments of others. Only in this way can they 'feel better about themselves' . . . much less Be Cool! :O) We see this everywhere in America, from grade schools to the presidency.



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