What Does It Mean – Part 2

by | Jul 20, 2017

Joseph Herrin (07-20-2017)

The total solar eclipse is set to pass through five state capitals on August 21. The solar eclipse begins over the Pacific Ocean and ends over the Atlantic Ocean. No other nation except the United States of America will be able to see the total solar eclipse.

There is definitely some message for America contained in this sign. The Lord put two major lights in the heavens to serve as signs, along with many others. What does it mean when the greatest light in the sky goes dark all across America?

Donald Trump has an extra turn in this celestial sign. He was a mere realtor and no one had any expectation he would be president one day back in 2007 and 2008. (No one besides the New World Order.) He was the owner of the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and the Miss Universe Pageant for nearly 20 years. In 2007 and 2008 a misstep sent a shock through the winner of the Miss USA Pageant. As she made the evening gown event at the Miss Universe Pageant she slipped on stage and two years in a row the contestant for Miss USA fell on her backside in the midst of women vying for the honor of being the next Miss Universe.

Donald Trump was the owner of the Miss USA Pageant during the time that these missteps took place. He was also owner of the Miss Universe Pageant in which the actual falls took place. It is odd how one contestant was dressed in black and the other in white. It is like they were two halves of the same person, each falling at the appointed time.

During the years we have had other signs of the coming collapse of America. We have had tornadoes. We have had tornadoes foretelling the loss of what is coming.

West Liberty, Kentucky Before

West Liberty, Kentucky After

West Liberty, Kentucky UMC Church Before

West Liberty, Kentucky UMC Church After

This was in 2012. Liberty, especially Christian liberty, took a very hard hit. A tornado even struck Washington. That is Washington, Illinois.

Washington, Illinois During

Washington, Illinois After

On November 12, 2013 a football game took place in Buffalo, New York. They stretched out a large flag of the USA on the field.

Everyone faced toward the flag as the national anthem played. They did not expect the next thing that happened. Suddenly the flag ripped in two.

In fact, much damage has been done to the US flag lately. They have split in two, caught fire, and fallen in a breeze while everyone was watching.


This last one was while the whole world watched. It was the awards ceremony for female tennis at the 2012 Olympics. Serena Williams had won the championship only to watch her nation’s flag fall to the ground. One doesn’t need to have it explained what these signs are indicating. Whether they took place five, ten, or fifteen years ago, America’s fate is certain. She will not much longer be a country of freedom and liberty. The horrors have caught up to her. The prognostications of her founding fathers will be seen.

Recently, a sister in Christ has sent me some stamps to use with my mail. They have a prophetic message. It is the first time that stamps like this have ever been made.

Don’t let anyone cease believing because something doesn’t occur on August 21, 2017. The date is a sign. It will occur. It may take some time before all her liberties are stripped away, but they will be. I encourage you to get out your solar shades on August 21 and watch. Spend time before and after praying for peace. Yahweh will honor the prayers of the righteous. If that doesn’t describe you then pray for mercy.

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  1. Rambler

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Richard,

    I don't believe you will ever find me calling myself a prophet. I am a teacher of Yahweh's instructions to mankind. I know you have been following my blog for many years, but not everyone has been doing so. Therefore not all have been able to catch all of the signs that Yahweh has given to the nations concerning what is going to happen to America. My purpose was to remind them, and I have hardly given a full accounting of them. This is my second article on the Total Solar Eclipse for America this year. I have intentionally given a history of past signs so that people might know what to expect. God has been giving signs, and I wished everyone to know about them.


    Joseph Herrin

  3. Rambler

    God certainly gives signs, but it is dangerous territory for man to take carnal events and attribute them to God giving a message. This is how astrologers, numerologists and tea leaf readers earn their livings. God gave us his scriptures which interpreted correctly give man kind the path to repentance and reconciliation through Jesus Christ to God the Father. Your predictions in the past give out the clear message to the naive that you are a prophet. So it is disingenuous for you to back away from the perceived cloak of prophecy. If you would like me to remind you of the predictions you have made which did not come to pass, I will. We live in dark times where Satan is about to unleash his final wicked swan song because he knows his time short. You know this, I know this, just don't use sensationalism, numerology or any other carnal means in place of scripture.

    Sincerely Richard

  4. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Richard,

    I am not using astrology, numerology, or the reading of tea leafs in making this prediction. I am taking the following verse seriously.

    Genesis 1:14-15
    Elohim said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of sky to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the expanse of sky to give light on the earth," and it was so.

    The expression, "let them be for signs" means specific signs given to nations. If you have found some problem in my signs then let me know about them. You talk of signs, but you have not given a single one that is wrong. If you are going to talk about this article then address some attribute in it that you believe to be wrong. I spoke of signs with flags, signs with tornadoes, and signs with beauty contestants falling down.

    All such signs may appear wrong until they are fulfilled, but you haven't addressed a single one of them. The main sign that has precipitated this post is the total solar eclipse next month that is seen only from America. A sign such as this has not been seen in 99 years.

    If this was really what was bothering you I would take more time to explain it to you. Over the last 7 or 8 years you have done nothing but complain about my writings, or some part of them. You even criticized my daughter for not wearing a headcovering in a photo (She was wearing a headcovering, you just could not see it). Is this criticism like that one? Are you trying to find something I am doing wrong so you can feel better?

    Richard, I must do what I am doing. I live a very modest life in a school bus that I converted to a motorhome. I stay on my daughter's property at the leading of the Holy Spirit. My daughter would not have it any other way. I mow her grass, keep up her yard, and it is good rehab for the stroke I had 14 months ago.

    Brother, I am sorry my writing does not please everyone, but I knew it would not when the Father called me to it. I pray that you might find peace with the Lord in whatever way He chooses. I don't have any stones to throw at you. I wish you only that you might receive a good report on that day when you are called to give an account of your life before Christ.

    Joseph Herrin

    • Rambler

      Dear Joseph,
      I was repulsed several years ago by your continual reference to numbers on such things as the speedometer on your car, which you took to be a message from God. If i was repulsed I assume God was repulsed because the Spirit of God resides in me. As far as the head covering on Kristin goes, you are right that I did not notice that small circular cloth on the back of her head. Some would call that tokenism. At the judgement we will learn what Yahweh calls it. The only reason why I came across your ministry all those years ago was because I googled head coverings, believing that the scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit and wondered if any in Christendom still believed in this teaching. You did not disappoint. Your teachings then opened up to me many other truths, which at first I struggled with due to my previous indoctrination, such as the ultimate reconciliation of all through future ages to God the Father. Your teachings on the moon landing hoax I already knew, as I also believe that Satan and his servants are behind the assasination of JFK and the 911 events. We are on the same side I hope Joseph, and I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for showing to me that man's approval means nothing, but Yahwehs approval means everything; let God be true and every man be a liar is a truth I live by.



  5. Skip

    Brother Herrin:
    I have downloaded and read most of your writings for several years now. While my comprehension of all of your subject matter might not be perfect, I do have a fairly good understanding of your words. I will say that AT NO TIME have you ever inferred to my knowledge, or outright stated that your writings were prophetic. (Or the you thought yourself to be a prophet.)
    I have no doubt that IF someone had described you in such a manner, as being a prophet, that you would quickly correct them and set them on the path of rightful understanding. I know that by His Spirit, our Creator DOES reveal truths, and give understanding to some people, above and beyond what the average person receives. This is probably due to having a great desire to KNOW the truth within yourself – truth from Yahweh Himself.
    I pray that you be not troubled by anyone, ever, who makes false accusations through malicious intent, who through simply being unable to comprehend the 'big picture' as Yahweh reveals it to you. Satanic forces can be brought to attack in many different ways as you undoubtedly know. May the peace of Yahweh be with you Brother Herrin.

  6. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Richard,

    I still stand by the numbers I saw on my speedometer. You would have to have been there to see the full significance of it. The number 153 and other numbers showing up on my car while I was going across the country teaching were very significant. There are significant things on earth as well as in heaven.

    Luke 21:25
    "And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars, and on the earth; distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring…"

    This verse is often translated wrong with the comma before 'earth' being a semi-colon. There are other verses that back up there being signs on the earth.

    Acts 2:19
    I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath…

    These are just some of the signs that are mentioned being on earth. I wonder why you got so bent out of shape because of these signs. You were a very good friend before. We had great numbers of very intelligible correspondence where you were really being challenged. It seems that your enmity toward me had to do with much more. I do remember canceling a $1,000 gift from you because all of your email were so negative. Please know that I do not cancel email gifts easily or readily. When I discern someone to be dangerously in trouble due to their exchanges, I am led to make such decisions.

    Richard, I am not being overly unkind. I truly want to know what it was that set you off as my critic. Certainly there are a lot of teaching websites out there that could have drawn your attention. Your enmity seems to have been because of some very hard things I was sharing with you. It was back in the day when you were following God and living in a hostel. That was the last I had heard from you in a number of years.

    Richard, I would gladly continue this conversation privately, but I do not have your email address so I have to respond to your posts to emails. If you should think differently then I will gladly switch to e-mail.

    I do not in any way hate you. I just want to know what the real reason was for your offense.

    Joseph Herrin

  7. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Skip,

    I thank you for your kind writing. I do not think I have told anyone I am a prophet either. Though I certainly teach on prophetic signs, I am very often careful to identify myself as a teacher. I also teach much on doctrinal matters.

    I have thought on the subject of what calling a man should identify himself with, and I have thought it to be a serious matter to get it right. God has called me and I have been doing this ministry since 1999. I do not know of anything more fitting than to call myself a teacher of the word of God, even when I am speaking about prophecies. That is not to say that a teacher does not prophesy at times, but prophesying does not make a man, or a woman, a prophet.

    I have made a number of mistakes over the years, but I believe I have always confessed them when I am made aware of them. What is true, is that we will all need much mercy when we stand before God.

    Joseph Herrin

  8. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Richard,

    I wish to explain my choosing to not post anymore of your comments. You had said in your last email that you would not answer my questions and that you were not going to comment anymore. This seemed like a way to get out of discussing that which was important, or needful. With this concluding remark I chose not to post anymore comments since they were ending peremptorily.

    The following day you posted 4 more comments. The first one was what you claimed to be from an "admirer" of mine who was commenting on the writing American Pharaoh. In it he made the comment that I had claimed Barack Obama would be the very last President. This comment was not posted to my blog, and the subject was not mentioned in the blog. I invite you to read it and you will not find any mention of Barack Obama being the last President.

    The following 3 comments were written about the article above (American Pharaoh). You should have read the article first before concluding that I had said Barack Obama would be the last President.

    Richard, I won't comment anymore with you about such egregious things. If you want to comment without replies, you are welcome to. Or you can do as I suggested and send me an email. I always respond to emails as long as they are worthy of a response. I don't feel that comments on such dark and divisive topics would be useful to the readers of this blog. I don't mind someone questioning something I wrote, but your letters have been answered. I have asked you in all honesty why you made such a drastic turn from a friendly commentor and supporter to such a negative one. It is not as you have said. I believe it was something that happened back around the time you were at the hostel.

    Joseph Herrin

  9. ByWaterAndBlood

    I for one can attest that God can and will use almost any means necessary to reach us. All things were created by Him and for Him. Whether it be through the Spirit speaking softly to our hearts or the total of your bill at the supermarket, it all depends on your prayers and your follow-up to look for His answer to your prayers in earnest expectation. Granted, I understand that it can sometimes seem quite ridiculous and sometimes it appears that we who look for answers to our prayers might reach a bit too far. I myself have winced at some of the things I've read in Joseph's writings, however I have found God to use similar methods with me. So I can't be too critical. Joseph often times points out things that many people have a hard time accepting, I myself included, but upon further examination, in prayer and meditation on the word of God, I find little-to-no fault.

    On another note I wonder if you had heard this fact about the eclipse, Joseph:
    "Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country's independence in 1776."

    BTW, it never really hit me before, but I like the fact that I have to voluntarily check "I am not a robot" in order to post a comment on your blog. It feels like a statement against the transhumanist movement and the mindlessness of the complacent, indoctrinated masses.


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