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by | Jul 5, 2017

Joseph Herrin (07-05-2017)

On August 21, 2017 a stunning sign will be seen all across the United States. A total solar eclipse will be visible from the coast of Oregon to the coast of South Carolina. The United States will be the only nation to observe this total solar eclipse. The last time a total eclipse was seen only by this nation was in 1918. That eclipse was in the year that World War I ended, and it was possibly an indication of this nation being the new world superpower it became after World War I.

June 1918 Solar Eclipse

The June 1918 solar eclipse was very nearly the same track as the August 2017 eclipse. The green dot with the GE symbol in it marks the point that the eclipse was at its greatest duration. If you wanted to see it at its longest duration you would need to be here. In the coming eclipse next month the point of the greatest eclipse will be where the star is on the track. It is near the bottom of Illinois at a town called Carbondale. Coincidentally, this is also the place another solar eclipse will pass during 2024.

The point of greatest endurance during the eclipse of 2024 will be in Mexico. There is much talk about the place of the two eclipses intersecting seven years apart. Some are saying this is an indication of the New Madrid earthquake fault experiencing a cataclysmic shaking. I have not heard anything from Yahweh about the fault, so I am not predicting an earthquake.

This is a very important solar eclipse coming up next month. The whole earth is talking about it. Americans have not seen an eclipse in their land like this for 99 years. I believe the eclipse in 2024 is a part of the sign. Two total eclipses seven years apart when we have not had one since 1918 is incredible. In 1918 America was loaning money to all the nations that fought on the side of the Allies. In 2017 America is in greater debt than any nation ever. Could this be a sign that America is going to experience a great economic downfall? Could it be that she is not to be the world’s superpower anymore? Let us look at some more signs.

On September 29, 2008 the stock market in America fell 777.7 points. It was the last day of the Shemita year. The first day of the year 5769 on the Jewish calendar began the next day. Add 2008 to 5769 and you get 7777. This is the same number as the point drop on the day before. The only difference was the period occurred one point sooner in the point drop than in the date. This was the single largest point drop in U.S. history.

Moving forward 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days we arrive at the day of Brexit. June 24, 2016 is the day that Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Brexit caused a great shaking of the European stock market.

Moving forward to the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017 and we find that the new President was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on the day he was inaugurated.

Why do we see so many sevens? Seven is the number of something being finished. There are 7 days in a week. Don’t rush by this fact too quick. Yahweh could have made the earth in any number of days. The first week could have been five or five hundred days, but it is not. It is 7 days. In the book of Revelation there are 7 churches, 7 Spirits of Yahweh, 7 golden lampstands, 7 stars, 7 seals, 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 trumpets, 7 thunders, 7 plagues, 7 golden bowls, etc.. So we see America being marked at this time with 7. Her stock market is marked with 7’s and her President is marked with 7. Is it unusual that she should experience solar eclipses seven years apart?

America has been enduring signs that she is going to fall since at least since 9-11. America had two beauty queens fall on their back sides during the Miss Universe pageant. In 2007 Rachel Smith fell down while walking on stage at the Miss Universe pageant, and in 2008 Crystle Stewart did the same thing. No other contestant experienced the same. Consider for a moment how appropriately this contest was chosen. All the nations of the world are gathered for this event. Each country is symbolized by one woman. And for these two years, the woman symbolizing the USA has fallen down as she stood before all the world, in a moment when she hoped to impress all those who looked upon her.

Interestingly, the Miss Universe pageant at the time that these women participated was owned by Donald Trump. The same is true of the Miss USA pageant. At the Miss Universe 2007 Rachel Smith fell. That is a full 10 years prior to the solar eclipse. We will see what these things symbolize soon, for the solar eclipse is next month.

I encourage you to get your glasses so you can view the solar eclipse if you live in the United States. The closer it gets, the harder they will be to find.

To be continued…

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  1. GBS

    In 1918-1919 there was also a great plague which killed more people than World War I….. Interesting

  2. "End Times Watcher"

    Hello there Joseph!

    I have been a reader of your Parables blog for many years now.

    And, I am ***very glad*** to see that you are getting well enough to where you are back to, once again, posting things like your series here on the upcoming "Great American Eclipse."

    Joseph, you have a gift from Almighty God as to where God gives you deep insight into things that are happening around the world.

    Again, I am VERY GLAD to see that you are posting things, once again, where you are looking into the "Parables" that are hidden in plain sight in events that are happening around the world.

    In closing, Joseph, I am looking forward to reading what our Lord gives to you to share with all of us in your upcoming articles on this "Great American Eclipse"; (Lord willing of course!)

    Steve Longenderfer

  3. Gordon

    Dear Joseph,
    Just a thought: 99 years ago was the last eclipse. 9+9=18 (1=8=9) 9 being the number of judgement.



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