What Will the New Year Bring?

by | Dec 30, 2008

Joseph Herrin (12-30-08)

This will be a year in which everything will change. The following passage sums up much of what we will see:

Daniel 11:32-33
And by smooth words he will turn to godlessness those who act wickedly toward the covenant, but the people who know their God will display strength and take action. And those who have insight among the people will give understanding to the many…

Following are a collection of insightful words that were sent to me today concerning the year 2009.

by Pam Clark

Everyone has their words and little slogans for the New Year. I don’t usually join in the bandwagon of that too often but I am stirred about this year for some reason.

One of the ones I have seen that has stuck with me is that the 9 in 2009 means full term, ready for birth. I can relate to that one. I get a witness. January 1 is also my birthday and for me it will be year 58, which many say is the number of blessing. I’m looking forward to it.

As I prayed about it for the corporate Body, I felt I would call 2009 “the Year of Significance.”

And so I also just decided to look up what the meaning of the Jewish New Year 5769 – which was in mid-September – to see how that meaning ties in.

According to the author Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh, the Hebrew meaning of the numbers 5769 means: “May this be a year of a good sign.” (http://www.inner.org/years/5769/5769-blessing.php) I think when we think about the “sign of His coming”, we Christians can go along with that!

There will be many dramatic events as the time or season or Day of the Lord draws near. That is not just a “one day event”; it is a transition into a new life for us. The old “wineskin” will be done away with, and the new one is here to be used.

We need the new wineskin because the wine does ferment with age and the growth will be explosive. When we understand that God is forward moving and is in the process of vanquishing evil, we will learn how to co-labor and cooperate with Him. He is in expansion mode. His foundation of goodness is being laid.

He is in maturity mode. Just as the womb can no longer contain the baby and the baby must be birthed, so we must express the Christ seed that is growing in us. The Christ child in us is being matured as an adult and becomes more significant as the Christ (anointed) man expresses his presence and activities.

When a child is born from the womb, there is an AMAZING transition that takes place. There is a new way of breathing and feeling and hearing and living. There is vision. Needs are dramatically different. Skills are increasing. Responses are more senstive and dramatic. Interaction is closer and more dynamic. It’s a whole new realm.

Activation takes place within instead of just from without. What we ingest makes a difference as to what we put out and how it is assimilated. Instead of a transfusion, we go past milk into the meat of maturity. We become significant. We ourselves become the signs of His Expressions.

We are not rallying around the big UM of one harmonious note, we are a symphony orchestra with a majestic piece to play – notes that will touch every part and influence every aspect of the atmosphere. The arrangement requires that everyone does his and her part or it’s not the complete sound of the complete work.

The Maestro taps his baton to bring us to attention, are we ready with our own personal instruments in tune? There is a melody to be heard, a message to be sung, a word to be given, an impartation to give so that we might receive more again to give out in increase.

We are expanding, we are releasing what has been discipled and pent up, what we have been trained and prepared to DO by the Holy Spirit.
We have come full term. It’s time to take our divine rights as matured sons and daughters of the King, the Most High God who reigns forever and ever more. Submitted, yet confident, astute and yet listening for the holy commands, resilent and ready to respond, we are trained and gifted.

It’s not a time to cower back in timidity. It is time for the Expression. It is the year for a good sign.


Rene V. Parault
Dec 29, 2008

Around the years of 1995 to 2008 were the periods of warnings from the Lord to us especially here in the US as other places in the world. These warnings (signs) were to tell us even stronger judgments were on the way. We should have sought the Lord and repented; been sober minded, putting our houses in order. In those years and even now, were hurricanes, storms, fires, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, blizzards, ice, heat, strange insects, bugs manifesting, rivers drying up and all sorts of manifestations in the natural. Multitudes have been saying they had never seen such weather or these conditions before in their lifetime. The disasters are going on continually, one after another. There was the Sept. 11th attack, which took place when we were in England, and the Lord said, “Lamentations and Woe; and another woe is coming.” So we still have the “something else” coming- soon. There has also been signs in the sky, we ourselves seeing some phenomenon’s over the years, the Lord warning all along the way. But even when there has been signs, the eyes of the blind do not see, nor do the ears of the deaf hear; so when there is no perception of the times and seasons that we are in, as the worldly saying goes, “Business goes on as usual.” No spiritual preparation.

God always send out His prophets early to give the people a chance to repent, but because of lack of response, God begins moving in stronger measures. He has said prophetically, “I cannot look upon the wickedness, the evil, the abortions, the homosexuality, they are a stench to my nostrils and so I must judge to bring forth cleansing.” Yes, there are strong measures that will bring about repentance and change of mind, and brokenness. Pro. 10:13 “In the lips of him that hath understanding wisdom is found: but a rod is for the back of him that is void of understanding.”


We have been warned in previous years, but in 2009 we are going to experience what the warnings are all about. Whether we are saint or sinner, we will all be partakers in different degrees of the next events where the hand of God will be manifested. The changes that many are looking for since the election will not be joy as they thought, but as time goes on, will bring about weeping and wailing.

We will begin to experience these unheeded warnings in many different ways. At first the Lord warns, and when unheeded, He moves into a stronger warnings, turning into judgments. Some judgments will be catastrophic in nature. Others of these severities of the Lord will be economic, health, trials, and other losses for those who have not heeded; even getting caught up in false revivals and false anointing; being deceived. Yes, even deception and false revivals are a testing of the hearts of God’s people, a form of judgment. Do they want Him or do they want the signs, even as Israel of old. God will give you want you want, if you want it bad enough; and most people do. Because the people wanted what was in their deceptive hearts in 2008, they will eat of the consequences in 2009.

The Spirit of fear has been unleashed, and this is will be the experience for those who have not heeded the Lord; and also the unrighteous throughout the earth. Fear immobilizes and clouds the mind and senses to hear the voice of God properly. The wise and the prudent will show stability. Repentance and seeking the Lord, and being in the shadow of the Almighty have been their way of walking. They have been listening to His voice, knowing that the bridegroom is coming, just as the five wise virgins. Where there is security, there is no fear.

As the world spins into confusion, the righteous will have the peace of the Lord, and will be joyful in the midst of adversity. So in this new 2009 buckle up your Holy Spirit seat belts, for the ride has just begun; and it will continue onward and downward. As our pastor friend called us recently and said the Lord visited him and said “In ten years the world would collapse.” (This meant the systems of the word collapsing, and living standards going backward to the turn of the century or further.) The pastor cried out, why Oh Lord? And the Lord answered, read Proverbs 12: 15, “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.” So from this we can account, the world is full of fools and listening to their own carnal minds and hearts, which will bring them into destruction. Even so come Lord Jesus! Amen!

Wilderness Tears
(John Gray)

“For this is he who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, saying: ‘The Voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight.'” Matthew 3:3 NKJV
Love. Life. Loss. Longing. Pain. Desperation. Power. Fear. Strength.

Any one of those words could stand alone in describing me at one time or another as I embarked on this journey called MannaGod. Together, these words are symbolic of the life that I’ve lived through the manna over the past few years. Almost on a cycle, the issues of my heart would ebb and flow out of me based on these words. And whether accumulated over time, or singularly encountered, each manna written was a testament to a man in search of himself, at the same time attempting to help others find the path to The Most High.

Over these years I would see flashes of the anointing that God was calling me into. Flashes. And it was in these flashes that people would connect to me. I have been privileged to enter into relationship with some of the most dedicated, sincere, anointed and Holy Ghost filled people in this world. For some reason or another, these amazing people saw something in me, sometimes beyond what I could see in myself. But anyone who knows anything about the anointing knows that past the moments of power, there is a human in there somewhere with real issues that need resolution. I was, and am still, no different.

I could write manna indefinitely. I could write everyday if given enough time. I could share insights that The Father has given to me and I’m sure it would connect with someone. But some months ago, for no apparent reason, I stopped writing. I couldn’t do it anymore. Tired? Yes. Confused? Sometimes. Searching? Always. But this time was different. I was tired of writing about a God that I wasn’t sure I had met yet.

The patterns in my life were cycling faster than usual and I estimated a short amount of time was left before full demonic breach of what little remaining external armor I had left. Depleted in spirit, mind, body, emotions and resources, I was at my end. Crying for help silently. Through the laughs, tears would flow. Beyond the songs, pain would linger. Past the façade of invulnerability, I was slowly dying due to internal spiritual bleeding.

I have shared about the charade that is the reality in some of today’s contemporary churches. Many people like me who are talented are never confronted about who we truly are when the microphone is off and no one is looking or shouting or laughing. It’s that person that needs covering. It’s that person that needs mentoring. It’s that person that needs real friends. I kept trying to figure out why my life was manifesting fruit, but I had no joy. I was constantly left wondering what fulfillment and peace felt like. I wondered if I’d ever have an authentic relationship with someone who really saw me and chose to stay anyway.

All this was constantly in my mind and my heart every time I sat down to write manna. And so I existed, thirty-five years old, a few months away from 2009, and I still didn’t know who I was. And then, inexplicably, I came across a scripture that changed everything for me. And I do mean everything. After a year of momentous triumphs and incredible leaps into next-dimension destiny, I was still lost in key areas and in bondage in others. Seemingly prosperous yet totally dissatisfied. Beyond money, past notoriety, above finding and cultivating real love, I needed identity.

I used to always look in the mirror for no reason. It’s not because I thought I was cute. In fact, I really didn’t like me at all. That’s why I would allow pieces of me to be caressed by counterfeits through the years. God, that cycle is old. I was looking in that mirror in hopes of seeing past that mirror, beyond the reflection, into the eyes of the man staring back at me. I was hoping he would give in. I wanted him to break.

Just a teardrop.

One tear can start a revolution. It can definitely unleash a revelation. The mirror. I would stare but find nothing. I would stare and emptiness would stare back. All these ‘blessings’ coming my way yet I felt more bankrupt. All these accolades yet I felt more unworthy. Attack after attack. The enemy never stops. My heart was crying out for answers. I was screaming, “Help God! Are You there?”

The answer was found right in His word. And that word for me is a word for you today: two days to go before a new year but last January’s resolutions are strewn about the floor of a life left desolate by bad decisions, demonic attacks and misplaced hopes. You might be like me: an eternal optimist who would encourage others to believe God yet privately wonder if you really ever knew Him at all. You lived two years inside of one. You lived the year that people saw. Then you lived the year that your tears watered. That’s the nature of this walk. It is a fight. And 2008 was a bigger fight than I expected. No one was thinking about recession, lack, poverty, foreclosure, repossession, bad credit, divorce and loss of loved ones. No one thinks that at the start of a new year. But that was the year many of us had. If I’m talking to you, holler back.

In many ways, this has been the best and worst year for me. Maybe for you too. Great highs. Incredible lows. I want you to know that if that’s you, you’re not depressed. You’re not clinically insane. You’re not losing it.. You’re being made. And who God is making you into is about to be made known-within the next 48 hours. God has not finished working on you this year. This year is not over. God’s got 48 hours to manifest His word concerning you and me. God’s made some promises to you too. Don’t let Him off the hook! Keep believing and ramp up your asking! What have you got to lose? Fight for it! Cry out for it!

I thought something was wrong with me. As much as some people depend on me for a word, I felt lost at times. Atlanta doesn’t feel like home. Hotels don’t feel like home. My bed seemed foreign. Yet through it all I publicly kept declaring that Jesus Christ is real. I never stopped pointing the way for others to get to Christ. Is that fake? No! It’s faith! I had my personal pain, but I didn’t let it stop me from the task at hand: win souls at all costs. I learned this year like never before that what I wanted didn’t matter as much as I thought. My thoughts and feelings could be placed to the side in order to stretch for God’s will to be accomplished on this earth.
Many of you are just like me. You’ve had to keep believing for someone else’s healing while silently praying for your own. You rejoiced in someone else’s blessing while needing one for yourself. You fought in the spirit for someone else’s breakthrough but couldn’t see your way out of familiar bondage. Why? What was God teaching you and me? I’m going to tell you. Are you ready? This is going to bless you. And it’s probably going to make a lot of sense too.

Here it is.
God was naming a generation.
God was naming a generation.
God was naming a generation.

In order to identify the times, identify the generation. We are the John the Baptist generation. We are the ones expressly and uniquely gifted, qualified and chosen to make straight the paths of the Lord in preparation for His Second Coming. What are the requirements of a John the Baptist generation? You’ve got to have a voice. That voice has to cry. That voice has to cry in the wilderness. After you’ve lifted your voice and cried in the wilderness, in the desert, eaten locusts, worn camel’s hair, left family and friends, been called crazy, laughed at, talked about for your faith stand, cast to the side, marginalized, dismissed, dogged out, whispered about and publicly and privately been ripped to shreds, then you qualify to carry the mantle of the John the Baptist anointing for this generation.

After you’ve cried enough for your whole family to get saved, then you qualify. After you’ve cried for the things in your past that you thought were over and God allows you to see that you hadn’t fully healed from it yet, so He stops you in your tracks so you can get it right, then you qualify. And how does the John the Baptist generation make the paths straight for the Lord? By laying down and allowing The Father to break us. Our brokenness straightens the pathway for the Lord’s return. Our pain, our bondage areas, our transparency about our past crooked places, is the path that allows someone else to get it straight with God.

I have peace now. I know who I am. I’ve been in the wilderness for so long. I thought I was out of place. It felt like the wilderness. The tears didn’t seem to stop. But now I know why. I’m not crazy. I’m just chosen. My wilderness ministry has prepared the way for the Lord. Your testimony this year is going to bring someone into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Don’t be ashamed of the wilderness. Don’t be afraid to embrace it. Let the tears flow if they must. The wilderness portion of your testimony is only valid until Jesus shows up. 2009 is the year of Manifestation. Stop crying. He’s coming! Stop fearing. He’s coming. Don’t believe another lie of the devil. Jesus Christ is coming with power and healing and answers and manifestations to your prayers. It shall be as I say.

Let the tears flow in the wilderness. You have less than 48 hours. The wilderness ends at midnight on Wednesday. 2009 shall be the birthing of the miraculous, the impossible and unimaginable. Oh yes! After wilderness comes promise! Your tears have served you well.
Finish up now. Jesus is here. Your wilderness is over. You made it. All you have to do now is keep breathing. Make into 2009. Breathe. Promise smells so good.

Keep preparing the way.
John Gray

And here is a link for another article that is very good.


May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

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