The Church Bells All Were Broken

by | Feb 24, 2011

Joseph Herrin (02-24-2011)

I want to mention a singular phenomena that occurred when the earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand this week. In instance after instance, the  bell towers collapsed on prominent churches, some of which were historic landmarks.

St. John’s Anglican Church Bell Tower Destroyed

Christchurch Basilica (Roman Catholic) – Both Bell Towers Destroyed

Christ Church Cathedral – Bell Tower Destroyed

While meditating upon this event, I was reminded of the song American Pie, which the Father has been speaking much through recently. In this song there is mention of the church bells all being broken. Following is an excerpt.

American Pie
Don McLean (1971)

I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news,
But she just smiled and turned away.
I went down to the sacred store
Where I’d heard the music years before,
But the man there said the music wouldn’t play.

And in the streets: the children screamed,
The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed.
But not a word was spoken;
The church bells all were broken.
And the three men I admire most:
The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost,
They caught the last train for the coast
The day the music died.

This song had some very poignant prophetic references from its very first release. The record label it was released on contained the words “Yahweh Tunes,” and “Mayday Music.”

Close-up of Record Label

Mayday is the internationally recognized distress code. This song was released 40 years ago, in the month of November.

Forty is a number denoting trials and testing, as well as the judgment of Yahweh. During the flood of Noah it rained 40 days and nights. Readers of this blog know that the Father has been speaking to me, as well as many others, about preparing an ark in preparation for the judgment to come. I have referred to the bus I recently renovated as an ark. It is a mobile habitation for use in days of judgment.

American Pie was released in November which is the 11th month of the year. 11 signifies disintegration, and disorder. Look again at the images of the churches after the earthquake. Do you see disintegration and disorder? This year, forty years after the song was released, the world will experience a very unusual date. The date is 11/11/11.

In an earlier post I wrote of the significance of the song American Pie being performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremonies in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Why choose a song whose chorus repeats “This will be the day that I die,” for what was supposed to be a festive and merry event?

I believe the Father is testifying through these events that judgment is at hand. A great shaking is coming to the nations. The shaking will test all that the church has built. Much will crumble. Many lives will be tragically lost. The faith of multitudes will fail, for it is not sufficient to carry them through coming days.

I was gripped by a photo I came across yesterday as I was researching the aftermath of the Christchurch quake. It was a picture of a man and his two children grieving right after police informed them that there was no longer any possibility of finding anyone alive under the rubble of a collapsed building. The children’s mother was in the building, and the grief and pain is evident upon their faces.

My heart is very heavy when I consider the grief, the sorrow, and pain that this family is enduring. It is also heavy as I consider that this same grief will be multiplied astronomically in coming days as judgment falls upon the nations, and especially upon the house of God

I Peter 4:17-18
For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God? Now “If the righteous one is scarcely saved, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

A sister wrote to me this morning to share with me an update on the news out of Christchurch. It was reported that 22 people who were inside Christchurch Cathedral when the quake struck were all thought to be dead. The number 22 stood out to this sister, as it does to me, for it denotes flesh cutting. The Spirit is crying out:

Revelation 18:4-8
“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her. In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.’ Therefore her plagues will come in one day – death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.

People of God, the body of Christ has lived sensuously. Rather than following the pattern of Christ and the early disciples, the church has made many accommodations for the flesh. Rather than crucifying the flesh, the flesh has been pampered, petted and pleased. The Spirit is entreating the people of God to come out of this Babylonian religious system, this harlot with all her loves that compete with the love of Christ.

Those who remain inside, will not escape when the judgment strikes. Surrender your life now to the direction of the Spirit of Christ. Lay aside worldly pursuit and set your affection squarely upon Christ. Depart from sin. Embrace a life of faith where you hear the voice of God and obey. May we all avail ourselves of the grace of God while we have the opportunity.

Note: Peter Boag, a brother from Christchurch notified me that the picture I had labeled as “Unidentified Church Destroyed” was in actuality a municipal building called the Early Provincial Chambers.

Peter also gave me the following report the day after the quake.

Dear Brother Joseph,

The aftershock that hit our city yesterday was the exact ‘Polar Opposite’ to the September 4th quake of last year, as our Prime Minister said today. Although it was registered as  6.3 magnitude as against the 7.1 registered in September last year, the force yesterday was far greater, due to the 10 kilometers distance from the epicentre, as against 40 kms last year, and the depth yesterday was 5kms as against 10 last year.

As a consequence, the violence, though of much shorter duration, caused a tremendous amount of damage in comparison to the big one last year. Coming at a different time of day, the lunch hour, on a working day, with schools open, and tourists and shoppers about, many were caught up in the horror of the event, and many have been injured or killed, and at the moment hundreds are still missing, trapped under fallen buildings. Emergency services have been working around the clock since it happened to find and rescue those trapped and to treat the injured. Many are without homes and many many more are in shock. There have been about a hundred aftershocks in the last 24 hours, many very strong and unnerving  to an already nervous population, from the more than 4000 aftershocks recorded up till yesterday from the September shake last year. Last year there were no deaths and we had about a month of fine weather to clean up. Last night it rained, as it is again doing tonight as I write, and there is a mounting death toll.

We had all thought that our situation had settled down pretty much since last year, and the city was just getting back to a normality of sorts, when yesterdays’ nightmare shake put us back way beyond the situation existing after the 7.1 magnitude quake of September.

The city is just devastated. Some modern buildings have pancaked. Church buildings have been completely brought down to the ground, and the Anglican Cathedral probably destroyed. The Roman Catholic Basilica has also been very badly damaged. One of the tallest buildings in town, the Grand Chancellor hotel is sinking into the ground, and is expected to fall anytime. Bridges are broken and causing massive disruption to transport, buildings have fallen and blocked streets, and liquefaction has again reared its ugly head causing much water and mud damage.

Probably most of the inner city will have to be rebuilt, as the stresses of so many shakes have taken their toll on many buildings, and consequently their futures are suspect.. Infrastructure is severely damaged and much of the city is still with out power and water and sewer services. My heart goes out to those who are having to deal with this appalling situation and also for the businesses and workers whose lives have been so dramatically affected by this act of God.

I’m sure that you are aware that the aftershock occurred on the 22-2-2011 as we record it in New Zealand. You would say in the USA, 2-22-2011.

Our side of town was not as affected as the city centre was, no doubt because of being more distant from the epicentre. Personally, I didn’t expect to experience another major quake in my lifetime such as we had yesterday, after experiencing the big one last year. However the experts tell us that we can expect the occasional big aftershock for some time to come!

It has been and is a momentous event in the life of our nation, and I am sure is a further sign for God’s Watchmen at this time to interpret, building on the sign given in September last year to those with ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to respond.

Blessings to you my Brother and to all who follow your writings,

In His Love,

Peter Boag, Christchurch, New Zealand

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  1. Anonymous


    For many years I have observed you taking disasters,films,football games and other carnal events and spiritualizing them to find messages from God hidden in the events. How is this different to a tea leaf/palm reader or observer of times (a practice considered an abomination by Yahweh)? When the tower fell in Siloam killing 18 people, I don't see Jesus explaining to his disciples the significance of the number 18 or the hidden meaning of Siloam. I do read Jesus telling his disciple that if they didn't repent they too would perish.

  2. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Anonymous (?),

    God has always spoken through many ways.

    Hebrews 1:1-2
    God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son.

    A large segment of the church today has been taught to accept only one form of speech, that being expository preaching of the Scriptures, but God has in all ages, and continues to this day, to speak through many means.

    Just because Satan counterfeits a work of God does not mean that the original from the Father is to be rejected. God has always spoken through dreams, and Joel prophesied that He would do so in abundance in the last days. The Gentile kings also had their wise men to interpret their dreams. Joseph was called to interpret Pharaoh's dream when the rest of his wisemen could not. Similarly, Daniel interpreted dreams for Nebuchadnezzar when his pagan counselors could not unravel their mysteries.

    God has spoken through the stars, even announcing the birth of His Son to the wisemen in the east through a star in the heavens. Yet, Gentile rulers have also had their court astrologers. This does not negate the true messages that God sets forth through this venue.

    God has also spoken through carnal events, as you describe them. These are physical experiences that many would never consider to have any spiritual import, unless God revealed it to them.

    When Joash struck the ground three times with the arrows, little did he know that every strike represented a victory over his enemies. Had Elisha not told him, he would not have perceived it.

    In the Old Testament God called men who were shepherds by trade to shepherd His people. Among them were Moses and David. In this way He signified through their natural occupation what their spiritual calling was.

    In the New Testament Christ called men who were fishermen, and appointed them to be fishers of men. Once more God used men's natural occupations to signify their calling in His kingdom.

    Paul in writing to the Corinthians told the church that the Rock the Israelites drank from in the wilderness was a symbol of Christ. Crossing the Red Sea and Jordan were symbols of baptism. Who among them perceived that there was a spiritual message in these natural events?

    I encourage you to read the writing titled "Parables" in order to see that God has always spoken through means that most men, even those in the church, have rarely recognized.

  3. Dave

    @ anonymous,

    In addition, those consulting tea leaves and reading palms are not doing so with the God of the Bible in their hearts, being submissive to the Holy Spirit. While nobody should have their interpretations taken in unquestioned, I believe if you hold Joseph's observations in light of the messages of scripture, they are often profound.


  4. Disciple of Christ

    Thank you for this post and this divine revelation, my brother-in-Christ. This is yet one more sign from our Heavenly Father that His judgments for His church and for the world continue on because most churches are teaching doctrines of men instead of teaching the True Word of Jehovah God.

    The Spirit of Christ just recently led me back to Houston,Tx from San Antonio,Tx for a very short season to warn the children of God still residing in Houston(Gomorrah of Texas)of His coming judgments to this evil/wicked city. I was at peace living in San Antonio but just as other watchmen of Christ have been called out of the boat and onto stormy seas we must be obedient to His leading for the sake of the Kingdom of Jehovah God. Praise be to our Father and Jesus Christ!

    Alvaro A. Zertuche

  5. Stacy

    I agree God speaks to us in many ways. A fews weeks ago, I fasted for a day, meditating on God and his word. I also read about what you had written about hurricane Katrina, and the significance of names. I was about to go to bed when I believe the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to find out the meaning of my name. I knew it came from Anastacia. I searched on the computer the meaning of the name Stacy. It is from the Greek name Anastacia, and means resurrection. In all my 41 years I had not known the meaning. I believe God wanted me to know this, now, for whatever reason. I believe it is these subtle ways that God speaks to us that speak volumes, and resonate in our spirit.

  6. Anonymous

    Dear Bro. Joseph,
    I had an experience last June. While having a gallbladder attack and praying for wisdom (should I go to the hospital, see if it passes….) I heard in my spirit, "If the pain never ended, would you deny ME?" I said 'no'. Since then, I have examined that experience and believe the Spirit was letting me know that indeed I (other believers too, but I will not speak for them) may experience all kinds of pain in the days to come.

    I have watched both my parents die. I held my Mom in my arms. Though they were both believers, there was still intense pain with peace.


  7. Anonymous

    Dave Sandford from Auckland New Zealand said…

    New Zealand's National Anthem is beautiful and "prophetic":
    It starts – 'God of Nations at thy feet, in the bonds of love we meet, here our voices we intreat, God defend New Zealand'…
    The earthquake death and destruction in Christchurch has brought everybody to God's feet. A lot of separated families and strangers are now living with each other creating bonds of love.
    God promises to turn ashes into beauty. It's a hard road ahead for everybody in Christchurch and New Zealand. But I'm assured and confident in our God's love.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  8. Anonymous

    @ Deirdre;

    I have just experienced a severe and painful swelling of the throat. During this trial, I was reminded of Bro. Joseph's daughter. I was very desirous of wanting to do only what the Father would have me do, just as she was.

    I feel what you are saying about these type of trials coming to believers may be correct – we are very spoiled and we must be tested in all areas to see if we will still walk with the Father even during adversities.

    Now, on the other side of the ordeal, I feel the Lord was using that (and a subsequent physical difficulty I am having) to purify me, produce patience and test my love and obedience.

    I so long to have a better hearing ear!

    @ Joseph;
    As the Lord leads you, can you please speak more about the roll of the married woman in hearing the Father? I was very mindful during my ordeal to hear what my husband had to say about how to handle my situation. This question is not pertaining to areas of sin and following the written Word of God, but just everyday, general circumstances.

    Shouldn't married women pray that the Father would speak clearly through their husband and then be confident in the council that comes forth from the man?

    I know it seems like I am saying that there should be a mediator between me and the Father, but I am trying to understand clearly my role as one 'created for the man'. I have read your book on the daughters of Sarah but I guess I still have questions.

    I know this is not your emphasis right now so if you can't really respond at this time I understand.

    Thank you for your writings; they have blessed me greatly.


  9. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Roni,

    The Lord certainly desires to speak to women as much as men. All are given the Holy Spirit that they might know the thoughts of God.

    Regarding everyday decisions, I think this has a lot to do with the roles assigned to you. Each person is given some authority to carry forth their individual responsibilities.

    For example, your husband may ask you to oversee the meals for the family. He may give you some guidelines, such as wanting the meals to be healthy, as well as kept within a certain budget. He may even tell you what some of his favorite foods are, so that you can work them into the menu.

    The degree of liberty you have in fulfilling this role will vary from one home to the next, depending on how much the husband wants to be involved in the matter.

    Knowing the desire of your husband to have healthy, enjoyable and economical meals, you can then seek the Father to guide you to be the best helpmate you can be in this regard. This will most likely involve some diligent study (The typical American diet is far from healthy). You may need to educate yourself on what is healthy, and how to prepare various foods. At all times, you should look to the Father to guide you. (We have not because we ask not.)

    This is merely one example of the outworking of a daily responsibility, but the pattern extrapolates well to many other areas. The management of the home, clothing choices for the family, the education of the children, being a godly encourager to the husband, and many other things would all require that the woman be led of the Spirit as she goes about her daily life.

    I believe one of the most crucial aspects of this is attitude. It is very easy to fall into the trap of viewing daily responsibilities as duties to be discharged as quickly as possible, with a minimum of effort. Instead, we should look at everything God has given us to do as sacred. We should seek to do all things "as unto the Lord" knowing that it is from Him we will receive the reward.

    Think about the power a woman has to transform every aspect of her home. There is a tangible difference between a woman who does so with a spirit of excellence, and one who does so with a spirit of sloth.

    One of the telltale signs of an excellent attitude is that the woman will abide in the Lord throughout the day, communicating with the Father that He might guide and empower her in the carrying forth of the works He has called her to. The woman who truly sees her role as vital to the health of the family, and desires to give a good accounting before the Father on that day when everything will be examined, will be continually looking to the Father to guide and empower her.

    Some women do only what their husbands ask them to do. They manifest little understanding that they will also have to give an account to God. They are like the unprofitable servant Christ spoke of. They do only what they are told to do. The profitable servant will go beyond what is asked of him/her, seeking to find ways to improve upon everything under their influence.

  10. Joachim

    Brother Joseph,

    the thought occurred reading about the bell towers all being destroyed, that the bell towers purpose is/was to call the people to worship. Looking at the destroyed bell towers, these churches have lost the ability and the means to call the people to worship.


  11. Anonymous

    In reference to the above comment about the earthquake bringing everyone to God's feet in New Zealand. As a New Zealander I can tell you, that within a couple of days of the earthquake, street prostitutes were once again on the corners of the devastated streets. The leaders of the destroyed churches interviewed, never mentioned the need for repentance. A major fund raising effort has commenced to rebuild the ruins of the cathedral. People are more interested in the pyhsical ruins of Christchurch than the ruins of the souls of mankind in New Zealand. The church should be the pillar and ground of truth in this world. This end time church is nothing more than a pile of rubble.

  12. Steph

    To understand this event fully we have to look at the origin of the church bell.

    What's being destroyd here are the parts of the church that don't belong to the one true God.

    According to the Lexicon of Freemasonry (by Albert Mackey), "Bell, Baal, or Bul, is the name of God as worshipped among the Chaldeans and Phoenicians.

    When viewed from below bells are a point within a circle.A sign of Baal.A point within a circle also represents Sons of God/Daughters of Men (see Gen 6)

    Interestingly the grieving family you showed commented that they were a family of faith to the press.To test their faith further
    ,their mother's house was burgled the night of the quake while they gathered in town for news.

  13. midspoint

    This breaks the heart. The earthquakes, the flooding in Australia, the enormity of the winter storms in America… all over the world, it all signifies a call from God, and I wonder who is listening. God always warns, but few take heed. Now is not the time to judge, but to pray for a greater harvest of souls. Physical events are growing in magnitude and strength, while in the spiritual realm, the battle intensifies. We have a great part to play in both realms, if we keep ourselves in tune to the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for your timely message!

  14. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Sister Stutsman,

    Thank you for your comments. I will share a thought on your statement that "now is not the time to judge."

    The Father has been indicating through these quakes in Christchurch that it is time for people to judge themselves. If people will examine their lives, and the foundations of their homes, and make corrections as the Father directs them to, they will be able to be spared unnecessary loss and suffering.

    Paul said, "If we judge ourselves, we need not be judged." I believe this is the message the Father is bringing through these experiences.

    May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.

  15. Unknown

    I would like to know:

    a) How many church steeple were there in CC?

    b) How many were completely destroyed?

    c) How many were damaged?

    d) How many remained intact?


  16. Joseph Herrin

    Dear Suzanne,

    I have focused on the most famous churches and bell towers in the city of Christchurch. There were many more damaged or destroyed. I will have to leave it to you to find the answers to your questions.

    In a spiritual sense, you should also ask, "How many churches today are ringing forth the truth of the gospel of Christ? How many are telling their members that they must take up their cross daily and follow Yahshua? How many are telling those who sit in the pews that they must not love the world, or the things in it? How many are teaching conformity to Christ as the goal of discipleship, knowing that He never said or did anything of His own initiative?"

    I believe you will find on these accounts that the church bells all are broken.

    May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days.


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