Have You Been Played Lately?

by | Nov 28, 2023

Played: (slang) – manipulated, exploited.

Christians should be the most discerning people in this world. After all, they have the indwelling Spirit of Christ who is readily available to disclose to them truth and error. Those who have been born again of the Holy Spirit have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. The eyes of Christians have been opened so that they can see that which they were formerly blind to, things which no other people can see.

John 3:3
Yahshua answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Christians are instructed by both the Spirit and the Word. Both of these witnesses inform them that they have an adversary whose chief weapon is deception. Satan used this tool with great destruction upon our first forebears in the Garden of Eden. Eve, the mother of all living testified, “The serpent deceived me…” This work of deception is recorded in the first book of the Bible. The continuing deception of Satan is set before the eyes of believers all the way to the last book of holy Scripture.

Revelation 12:9
And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world…

Repeatedly throughout the New Testament, Christians are exhorted to be on their guard against deception and deceivers. We are informed that as we near the end of the age that darkness will increase. The disciples of Christ are admonished to be “vigilant and alert,” being “wise as serpents yet innocent as doves.” There is no reason for Christians to walk in darkness, or to fall subject to deception. Yahweh has furnished us with everything necessary to walk wisely and victoriously in the midst of a dark and evil world.

Despite all that the Son of God has provided to enable His disciples to walk wisely in a darkened age, Christians tend to be among the most gullible and easily deceived people on earth. I am frequently baffled to find the lack of discernment among Christians who embrace every urban legend as truth, who think the news media are reporting truth in an unbiased manner, and who accept everything that their government tells them as if it were reality.

I have written on the subject of media and government deception previously. I am not going to repeat the many things I have already set forth on this topic. I will, however, provide links to some posts on this subject.

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Despite having addressed this subject at length in many writings, I perceive a need to continually remind the people of God of the deception present in the flood of information spewing forth from the government and media spigots. These are not sources of truth. They are sources of falsehood and lies. If you are listening to the talking heads of government and the media you are being propagandized, conditioned to embrace thoughts and actions that further the agenda of those unseen powers that control the fate of nations.

As a reminder of the deception Christians are plied with on a daily basis, I have chosen to provide an illustration of the way in which government entities under the control of Lucifer not only deceive Christians, but manipulate them as puppets, inducing them to cry out for the government to do the very things that the global elite wish to be done. It is truly a masterful stroke of Satan when he can so exploit Christians that they will cry out for their governments to do the very things he wants the governments to do. It is truly tragic how frequently, and easily, Satan is able to manipulate Christians in this manner.

Let me begin by declaring the agenda of that cabal of globalists who are seeking to bring forth a New World Order. One of the aims of this group is to sow division among sovereign nations, thereby reducing the strength and will of any single people to withstand their wicked schemes. We have observed this occurring in many nations. There is even a term that has come to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a nation into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with one another. The term is Balkanization. We saw an example of it during the Clinton Presidency as Yugoslavia was splintered into numerous smaller states. What was formerly a single Eastern European nation was divided into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Break-Up of Yugoslavia

Despite any media or government narrative you have heard on the tragic wars in Yugoslavia, the true cause of the war was financial as the International Monetary Fund sought to bring this independent communist nation under its authority. Millions of people were displaced. Tens of thousands were killed, and the infrastructure and prosperity of the people was left in ruins due to NATO actions to enforce the will of the world’s financial masters.

A divided people are much easier to plunder and control than a united people. One of the often used ploys of the global elite is to incite sectarian strife among ethnic or religious groups in order to accomplish their divide-and-conquer policies of subjugation. In recent years this policy has been used to devastating effect by fomenting strife among Sunni and Shiite Muslim factions in Iraq, as well as among the Kurds of this same nation. Just in the past few weeks since there has been much press given to the ascendancy of ISIS, the radical Muslim group. The media and government have been stating that it may be necessary to divide Iraq up into smaller states due to the warring factions in its midst. This would lead to a Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish state where there was formerly one nation.


A 2002 article posted on the Global Research website reveals that this division of Iraq into three states was formulated even before the United States went to war with Iraq. Anyone who thinks the ascendancy of ISIS is a spontaneous event occurring outside of the planning and control of the global bankers is either naive or uninformed.


It should be noted that this plan was developed while Saddam Hussein was yet in power and the ruler of the sovereign nation of Iraq. Saddam Hussein was resistant to the global financial powers, and was working toward moving a number of OPEC countries away from trading in the U.S. dollar when war was declared against him on the false pretense of his having weapons of mass destruction.

More recently, Muammar Gadaffi, the leader of North Africa’s most modern, prosperous, and literate nation, was similarly seeking to create an African alliance of states that were free of Western control. War was similarly declared upon his nation. Like Saddam Hussein before him, he was subject to a humiliating death. Strife has been fomented among competing tribal alliances in Libya, resulting in it becoming a fractured state that will undoubtedly end up being divided along the same lines as Yugoslavia and Iraq.

At this time a similar conflict is being carried out against Syria. The global monetary powers have sought to overthrow the sovereign government of Syria by inflaming religious divisions among the Alawite and Sunni Muslim population of the country. The Alawite’s are a minority, constituting a largely secularist group of Shiite Muslims. President Bashar Assad is an Alawite. The U.S., Britain, France, and other nations have made no attempt to hide their actions at fomenting insurrection in the nation of Syria. What is left unspoken is that Syria is among one of the very few remaining sovereign nations that has not submitted to global financial control. Once it falls, the only remaining nations in this shrinking list will be Iran and North Korea.

I have presented this information to introduce to the reader of this blog the underlying motive for Western nations to engage in military action against each of these nations when there was no corresponding military provocation on the part of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, or Syria. In each case, the Western powers (who are all agents of the global elite bankers and industrialists who comprise the true shadow government that dictates the actions of nations) bombed and/or invaded sovereign and peaceful nations based upon various false pretexts. The nation whose military led in each of these incursions into sovereign nations was the United States of America.

In order for America’s government to rally popular support among its citizens, a majority of whom self-identify as Christians, it was needful to present to them lies and examples of atrocities that would overcome the natural reluctance present among Americans to involve themselves militarily in the affairs of other nations and to put their own sons and daughters at risk. In every instance, the media and government reported that the government leader, or elements within these nations, were committing acts of violence and atrocity against Christians. If no actual examples of such offenses could be found to be reported, the government would either lie about the matter, or precipitate such actions themselves, blaming them on the government they wished to depose.

Iraqi Christians in Germany
(Signs Read “Stop ISIS – Save the Christians”)

The media has been peppered with reports recently of Christians in Iraq being persecuted. The most horrendous atrocities have been reported, with incidents of Christians being told they must convert to Islam, or they will be slaughtered. Following is a small sampling of articles being posted reporting on Christians being persecuted in Iraq. Any considerate Christian disciple should wonder what the reason is for the liberal, often anti-Christian, media sources to be hyping this story.






Concurrent with these stories, reports are being posted of Republican leaders demanding that Barack Obama escalate the bombing of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, with some even calling for him to send in ground troops. This is certainly what the global elite want, as they seek to divide both of these nations into fragments in order to establish hegemony over these areas. This is all political theater. We are to believe that Obama is reluctant to use the military to pound other nations into subjection. The powers that be want Americans to think that Obama was actually induced to these invasions by the Republican opposition and the outcry of the people who demanded that he do something to protect the lives of Christians and other persecuted people worldwide.



It is no coincidence that at this same time the media is posting unflattering reports of Obama being an ineffective President who waits too long to act when prompt action could have prevented atrocities from happening. The reader is being manipulated to conclude that Obama is a do-nothing who spends all his time on the golf course while the world is going up in flames. The reader is being primed to accept, even to cry out for, the President to escalate America’s military presence in other nations.

Similar to the reports of Christian persecution in Iraq, the Western media treated Americans to reports of Christians being killed and driven out of their homes in Syria at the time when the U.S. government was pressing the issue of wanting to send ground troops into that nation.


Recent reports of ISIS threatening Christians in Syria are being played up at this time in order to justify Barack Obama sending in the military to protect Christians.


All of this is a way to manipulate the majority Christian population of America to support the globalists plan to bomb these rebel nations into submission. It is a small step from bombing ISIS in Syria to bombing Bashar Assad’s troops in the same nation. It all leads to the fracturing of these nations in order to render them more susceptible to global control.

One of the exceedingly nefarious aspects of this entire ploy is that ISIS is not a spontaneous uprising of militant Muslim radicals as the media and governments of the world have portrayed them to be. They were recruited, funded, and equipped by the CIA and Pentagon with the approval of members of the U.S. government. Recently I wrote the following to a brother in Christ about this topic.

One thing I would bring to your attention since you have mentioned ISIS in your correspondence is that these groups are not what the media and the government of America portray them to be. It has demonstrably been proven that Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. It was funded and equipped by the American government. For those with eyes to see, the same thing is true of ISIS. Where did they get their weapons? Where did they get their vehicles? The media and government would have us to believe that they are a spontaneous Muslim group that was underestimated until they suddenly grew strong enough to overtake military and government installations in Iraq and capture all of the munitions, vehicles, and other military equipment that the United States left for the Iraqi government to use.

This media and government portrayal of events simply does not stand up to scrutiny. It has been reported on certain alternative news sites that ISIS was actually trained by the CIA and American military in the training camps set-up in Jordan. These training camps were ostensibly to train and equip the Syrian resistance seeking to overthrow Bashar Assad, but in actuality they have been used to train members of ISIS. When the troops were trained, they needed massive amounts of equipment. Where were they to get it? It was readily available to them at depots all across Iraq where the Americans left it. ISIS simply waltzed in and took it. If anyone believes they did this apart from the U.S. government’s approval, they are deceived. The media is controlled by the same shadow government that controls the governments of nations, including the United States. They feed people lies to create a false view of world events that hides their complicity in orchestrating the very things that the masses of people are taught to fear.




[End excerpt from letter]

Brothers and sisters, I am NOT sharing this information to encourage Christians to protest the actions of the U.S. government, other NATO countries, or the United Nations. My purpose is to exhort you to be wise as serpents. We live in an hour where gross deceptions are being carried out on a daily basis. It is quite realistic, considering the past actions of Western governments, to suggest that our own nations are inciting the slaughter and persecution of Christians in Muslim nations in order to elicit the support of Christians for their nation’s military to slaughter and invade Muslims countries.

Don’t be a dupe. Don’t allow the Luciferian powers of this world to play you. In 2011 there were six corporations that controlled 90% of American media companies. This number has now declined to 5 corporations that control 90% of U.S. media.

These companies are ruled by the global elite. These are the ones who want to create a New World Order, a one world government under the rule of Lucifer. Is it wisdom for Christians to get their information from such a polluted source?

I urge my brothers and sisters to be discerning. Approach with skepticism everything you see reported in the mainstream media. Test carefully every justification of the government that seeks to persuade you to adopt its point of view. Ultimately, we must give an account to Yahweh for our words, our actions, and those policies we support. His ways are not man’s ways. Do not be driven, or manipulated, by the deceitful servants of Satan. Be led of the Spirit.

Romans 8:14
For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.


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