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by | Jan 5, 2022

Joseph Herrin(01/04/2022)
Books. There is a number that is unique to my ministry. The number is 22. My address is 22 Pheasant Drive. I wrote a book (Evidence of Things Unseen) that was a testimony of Yahweh working in my life. The book was written in 2004, with two additional chapters added in 2011. In the book I shared the following.—–A couple years previous I had bought a used push mower at a yard sale for ten or fifteen dollars, and I had been using it to mow the sparse amount of grass that I had. Now I had the better part of an acre of thick grass to mow, and I thought of purchasing a riding mower to do the job. The Spirit closed every door that I knocked on as I looked for a riding mower, and I became convinced that He desired for me to continue using my 22” push mower.

The Spirit has for quite some time spoken to me through numbers, and I noticed the prevalence of a certain number when we moved to this home. The house number was 2231, and the road we lived off of was County Road 22. When the Spirit showed me I was to use my push mower, the first thing I noted was that it was a 22” mower. I began to wonder about the significance of this number, and I was certain it had something to do with cutting grass, that is, removing sinful flesh. Before I was to leave this house, which would be our residence for two months, the Spirit revealed the significance. I did a search in my Bible software for the number 22 and I came up with the following.

Jeroboam, the king who made all Israel sin with the two golden calves he set up reigned 22 years and God cut him off (I Kings 14:20). Ahab, the king who did more evil than all the kings who preceded him because of his wife Jezebel, reigned 22 years and God cut him off. Furthermore, the Scriptures record the following about these other wicked kings:

II Kings 8:26-27 Ahaziah was twenty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned one year in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Athaliah the granddaughter of Omri king of Israel. He walked in the way of the house of Ahab and did evil in the sight of Yahweh, like the house of Ahab had done, because he was a son-in-law of the house of Ahab. II Kings 21:19-23 Amon was twenty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned two years in Jerusalem; and his mother’s name was Meshullemeth the daughter of Haruz of Jotbah. He did evil in the sight of Yahweh, as Manasseh his father had done. For he walked in all the way that his father had walked, and served the idols that his father had served and worshiped them. So he forsook Yawheh, the God of his fathers, and did not walk in the way of Yahweh. The servants of Amon conspired against him and killed the king in his own house.

The number 22 has a correlation to wicked kings. As saints we are a nation of kings and priests, and there are among the saints those who are also wicked, for they have allowed the flesh to rule in their lives and have not dealt with it as they ought to. The number 22 speaks of cutting off this wickedness from our lives, even as my 22” mower was used to cut the grass that surrounded my new home on County Road 22. Another astounding confirmation of the symbolism of this number came at this time when a sister in Christ who sends out a daily Scripture, was led by the Spirit to send forth the following:

Ephesians 4:22 Strip yourselves of your former nature [put off and discard your old unrenewed self] which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion…Amplified Bible—–

I have written  of this number in other places as well. The number 22 represents the menorah, the candlestick, that includes 22 bowls that hold the oil to burn (Spirit). The number 22, besides signifying the removal of the flesh, also speaks of the filling of the Spirit. This relationship is seen in the following passage of Scripture:

Exodus 25:31-35Then you shall make a lampstand of pure gold. The lampstand and its base and its shaft are to be made of hammered work; its cups, its bulbs and its flowers shall be of one piece with it. And six branches shall go out from its sides; three branches of the lampstand from its one side, and three branches of the lampstand from its other side. Three bowls shall be shaped like almond blossoms in the one branch, a bulb and a flower, and three bowls shaped like almond blossoms in the other branch, a bulb and a flower – so for six branches going out from the lampstand; and in the lampstand four bowls shaped like almond blossoms, its bulbs and its flowers.

There are a total of 22 bowls to hold the oil on the candlestick. One has to add the number of bowls together to arrive at the total.

So what has this to do with my books? I have written 22 books. These are 22 books written by the anointing, as Yahweh directed. No, I am not saying these books contain no error. What I am saying is that each of these books were written at the direction of the Father. To the point that I followed the leading of the Lord, they are totally correct. I am convinced that they are filled with very many good things, and are a blessing to those who read and study them.

So, what are these books? They are as follows.

Attractive Deception

Is the Hebrew Roots Movement for you? What is the origin of the Hebrew Roots Movement? Is it apostate Judaism? Is it Kabbalah? What does Talmudic and rabbinic Judaism teach today? If you would like to know more about the Hebrew Roots Movement today, are entertaining thoughts of joining it, or know someone who has, this book is for you.

Babylon Burning

A collection of writings on prophetic signs that have occurred from 9-11-2001 to present are gathered here in one volume. A common theme of impending judgment on America and the spiritual preparation of the saints is revealed.

Christ in You – The Hope of Glory

This book contains some of the depths of Yahweh. It reveals who will attain to the first resurrection, and having taught on this it reveals when the other resurrections will come. It unveils why every Christian should have the future ages on their mind. It also explains what kind of a life will please the Father and win one a place at the first resurrection.

Dragon Flood

An expose of the deception being poured forth by the disciples of Satan today. Both in government and the media the falsehoods are being strenuously related regarding American history, wars, and the reasons they were fought. The only way to not be swept away with the lies is to recognize that they are all around us.

Evidence of Things Unseen

An autobiographical account of one family’s journey from the apostate realms of today’s religious system into a walk of faith with the Lord. The challenges of faith are detailed all along the way, and the church’s rejection of them are recounted. In the end it is but a few who will pay the cost and move forward with Christ into the glorious things to come.


Foundations of the Bible. Foundations of truth. Foundations are laid in a variety of ways. When it comes to spiritual foundations what is being taught must be practiced. This book takes a look at the reason for so much falsehood being taught today. It then delves into some of the foundational teachings of the Bible. Teachings such as the origin of Christ, the Genesis Gap, the hosts of heaven and the rulers of this age, the Serpent Seed Doctrine, prophecy in the heavens, the tower of Babel, giants on the earth, and many more foundational teachings are taught on. Each of these teachings will give you a firm grasp of the Bible as you delve into it.

God’s Plan of the Ages

This book is a must-read for Christians. It will establish a foundation for understanding Yahweh’s work among man, the angels, and all of creation. Is it possible that what you have been taught by men is wrong? The scriptures state that “the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.” How much of the scriptures have been taught falsely?

Laying Down the Law

This book was travailed over more than any other writing I have published. Since I was a child I prayed that the Father would give me an understanding of the role and duration of the Law. In an hour when many Christians are claiming to be Torah observant, a more excellent way is set before the saints of God.

Living Epistles

These are wonderful testimonies from men and women who have cast themselves wholly over into the hands of God. This book is a modern hall of faith offering great encouragement to the saints in a time when we desperately need it.• Watchman Nee• Jose Alvarez• Boris Sorokovsky• Rees Howells• Bill Britton• George Muller• Brother Yun – The Heavenly Man• Maurice Reuben• Hudson Taylor: Growth of a Soul• Hudson Taylor: Growth of a Work of God

Lunacy & the Age of Deception

One of the most consistent messages in the New Testament is “Do not be deceived.” Let us embark on a mission to explore and examine the extent to which the ruling powers of this age will go to pull the wool over the eyes of the whole world. This book examines NASA’s Apollo Moon Program in order to illustrate the pervasiveness of extraordinary deceptions which have been successfully carried out in recent generations. The purpose, however, is not simply to provide a monumental mound of evidence that the manned missions to the Moon were faked, but to demonstrate to Christians that we live in an age of profound illusion, and the majority of men and women in and out of the church are ripe for even greater deceptions to come. It is important to recognize that much of what is promulgated in the media is taken for granted as fact by the conditioned mass media culture who believe without reserve what they are fed. Serious exploration of the truth is largely ignored.

Satan and his fallen angels are the rulers of this age. They have been cast down to the earth for their rebellion and they seek to deceive and corrupt the hearts of men by any means necessary.

No Apologies

During my entire adult life I have been made to feel as if I must apologize for teaching a Biblical view of womanhood. What God has to say to women is highly unpopular today. Yahweh’s instructions to wives, and all women in the church, flies in the face of political correctness and current societal norms. The Biblical definition of a godly woman is offensive to the fallen human nature. God’s instructions to women in both the Old and New Testaments are viewed as backward, chauvinistic, and the undesirable offscouring of an ancient patriarchal society. The spirit of Jezebel has even found a home in the church. If you want to understand the Jezebel spirit, this book is a good place to start.

Overcoming Addiction by the Spirit of Christ

For those struggling with addictive desires; drugs, alcohol, pornography, or any other besetting sin, this book will show you God’s path to victory. Christ does not expect us to figure things out for ourselves. He does not expect you to carry out His will in your own strength, nor according to your own wisdom. Oftentimes when confronting sin in our lives He will lead us to places we would never have gone ourselves, to do things we would never have anticipated. There will be many trials, sorrows and heartaches along the way, but there will also be an abundance of grace to enable you to stay the course. What you need is a change of heart – a heart for God.

Push Back

Christians are facing an onslaught of lies and deception that are promoting the normalization of homosexual behavior. Purity and innocence are being trampled in the name of unfettered hedonistic liberty. Satan is a great deceiver. He couches his wicked agenda in the garb of pursuing equality, freedom, and protecting the rights of all people. Yet Satan is no friend of man. He comes only to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). Satan is the enemy of all that is right, holy, and good. His plan is to debase mankind until the human race no longer bears any resemblance to its Creator.

Many Christians are unable to answer the attacks of the enemy, or withstand the wiles of the devil. I suspect that if most Christians were asked why homosexuality is wrong, they would reply, “Because the Bible says it is wrong.” A Christian would be greatly benefitted, however, if they understood why Yahweh has declared something to be sin. This book provides the information and understanding Christians need to “Push Back” against the forces of evil.


Sabbath rest. It is the high calling of every Christian. If you are not experiencing Sabbath rest you are not imitating Christ. Yahshua/Jesus Christ said, “I can do nothing on My own initiative… I do not seek My own will.” He was very practical when He stated, “I did not speak on My own initiative.” Everywhere He went He did only the will of Yahweh God. The Bible says that only those that are doing the will of the Father in heaven are experiencing Sabbath rest. Christ’s actions and words should manifest our behavior. We should be able to say with Christ, “I can do nothing of my own initiative. I only do the will of the Father.”

Do these words describe your life? The apostle Paul said, “There remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God. For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His.” Entering into God’s rest is the most vital task for the people of God.

Sarah’s Children

“Like a lily among the thorns,So is my darling among the maidens.”Song of Songs 2:2

Do you long to fulfill Yahweh’s purpose for you? Do you want His will to be fulfilled in your life more than anything else? It follows, therefore, that the woman who desires to be successful in the Kingdom of God must know what the will of the Father is for her. Having come to an understanding of the Father’s will she must then seek to be conformed to that will. As a woman, you can know for certain that the Father does have a specific desire and calling for your life. For all women who aspire to godliness! Modesty, humility, submission, a crucified life, all the things society and the church have rejected in this day are revealed to be an integral part of Yahweh’s design for women.

The Divine Quest – God’s passionate pursuit of faith in the heart of man. 

“When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?”

The extreme importance of Christian faith is seen in the Bible through the words of Paul, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Pleasing God should be the aim of every saint. If we understand that we have no possibility of pleasing God apart from faith, we can discern that it is among the most vital and essential needs of every saint. If you find yourself asking the following questions in your Christian life you are certainly on the right track: What is the foundation of faith? Why is faith so important to God? How might we be increased in our faith? Why does God allow, and even desire, for our faith to be tested? How is God glorified by our faith?

The Gate and the Way

Being a disciple of Christ requires much more than believing and confessing certain things about the Son of God. Christ testified that He is the Gate by which all men must enter to be reconciled to God. Yet, Christ also said there is a Way that must be walked, and few there are who find it.

The Mark of the Beast

Is it an implanted chip in your right hand? Is it a national ID card? A tattoo? What exactly is the number 666? It’s all spelled out clearly in The Bible. All who have ears to hear and eyes to see can come to know its significance in their hearts. Understanding what it is you are trying to avoid will help you overcome the flesh and be led to victory over the beast. Let the saints be preserved and strengthened by the truth.

Revelation is a book of symbols rife with meaning. This is why many preachers try to avoid the murky waters of its difficult passages. However, God did not give us this book so it would be, for a large part, ignored. He wants us to understand the spiritual message waiting to be unlocked by the Spirit of truth within you. If you have ever wondered what the beast of Revelation is, what the many waters upon which it sits represents, what the 10 horns, 7 heads and the dragon are pointing to, this book is for you.

The Marriage Covenant

There are many beautiful and profound parables in God’s design for sexuality. We must approach this subject with mature hearts and sound minds to arrive at a full understanding of His will for the union of man and woman. Almost half of marriages end up in divorce today. What does God think of that? The Bible clearly reveals His mind on the matter.

The word apostasy means “a divorcement from the truth.” Those who have fallen from truth have done so because they love their own lives. They want to fulfill their own soul’s desires, rather than to love God above all other things. This great fall of Christendom has certainly impacted the doctrines surrounding the sanctity and holiness of the marriage covenant. To break faith is an act of treason. To divorce the wife of one’s youth is a treacherous act, and it happens with great regularity among Christians today.

Great error has gone forth concerning the doctrines of marriage and divorce. Every Christian who fears God should study this topic with great diligence. They must rightly divide the word of God, not searching for something to support the conclusions they desire to arrive at

The Remnant Bride

The Lord Yahshua the Messiah is soon to return for His Bride; a Bride that has been prepared; a Bride that is suitable for Him. The idea implanted in the minds of much of the church is that this Bride will consist of all believers who will be a part of the ”Rapture.” It is believed by many that the Bride will encompass the entire Body of Christ. Is this an accurate conception?

To understand this we must first ask some other questions. What does it mean to overcome and who are the overcomers? How and why does Father Yahweh give honor and rewards?

The Road From Babylon To Zion

The spirit of Babylon lives today in the world. The works of men’s hands press on to build a kingdom to the heights of heaven. At the same time the Spirit of God lives in the hearts of those who have come out of Babylon seeking to dwell in God’s field of righteousness. 

Herein unfolds a roadmap for the Overcomer who is journeying to Zion, with many snares and ambushes of the enemy clearly marked. Get ready to put on the full armor of God as you traverse the terrain of thorns and briars doing the will and work of Yahweh.

Yahweh’s Book

This book is all about The Bible and how we came to have so many translations. The Bible has gone through many phases in its writing. It has taken thousands of years for the word of God to culminate in what we call the Bible today. Yet how does one discern which translation is best? Could there be corrupt versions out there? Understanding how translations occur and where God’s holy book comes from will help you see the truth about the Bible. If you are questioning your faith, or are just plain confused because of apparent discrepancies, vagaries, or contradictions, “Yahweh’s Book” may help you clear the air and encourage a diligent investigative attitude regarding Scripture. Remember, we must gird up our minds and prove the perfect and acceptable will of God!

This in-depth look at Scripture reflects upon such subjects as: • The story and history of the Bible • The Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) • Translation errors • How the King James Version of the Bible was written • Why so many versions of the same book? • Hidden truths in the Bible and how one small word makes a difference • Looking at the original languages of the Bible, Greek, Hebrew & Aramaic • Definitive answers regarding interpretation and exposition • Is the Bible inerrant? • The two covenants/testaments • The manuscripts of the Bible • Chapter and verse • Naming (Mis)conventions • The necessity of a literal translation • Variant readings • Bible bias and the KJV-only believers • Unlocking the Bible – Knowledge will increase • Use it or lose it!


All of these books are freely available to read. They can be found at Books. How do I know that these are the 22 books I have been appointed to write? Directly after I had finished the 22nd book, I had my stroke (5 years ago). I haven’t written any books since then. Nor can I write anymore.

So please take the time to read the books as they are posted. You will find them being published here, or you can read them at the link provided.


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