Two Writings from Readers

by | Sep 23, 2013

Following are two writings I have received from the saints that I believe will speak to the readers of this blog.

Stallone Two Weeks Into Recovery

(Note the prominence of his ribs.)

Testimony of Healed Dog

Brian Klumpenhouwer
September 13, 2013

In 2012 the Lord directed our family to move from the east coast back to our home province of Ontario. He opened many doors for us that would have been impossible for us and we felt His hand on us and His Spirit leading us. After we had made the move we began the process of switching our various things such as driver’s license, health insurance, etc from our New Brunswick address to our new address. We ran into all sorts of resistance as we were doing this and at one point after leaving a government office I looked at my wife and said I think we need to pray about our health cards (Government health insurance) because I think the Lord is trying to get our attention. For the next few weeks I struggled with the idea that God wanted me to give up our free health insurance and step out in faith and trust Him to be our Healer. One evening we were watching a movie where a knight was in a jousting tournament and was injured during one round. He was unable to move or hold his lance while continuing to wear his armour. So he stripped out of his armour and prepared to face his opponent against the advice of his aides who were convinced he was going to die. With the freedom of movement he gained without his armour he was able to continue the battle and beat his enemy. As I watched this I felt the Lord speak to me about being ready to take off Saul’s armour. Referring to the time David was about to face Goliath and King Saul tried to press him to wear his armour. Saul’s armour represents a trust in manmade things to protect us and is the world’s way of doing things. God has made it clear to us that he is wanting us to move into a place of taking our trust off the world’s way of protecting us and to walk stripped down and to have faith in him alone. This sounds foolish to those who are worldly and are not led of the spirit, but to the ones who know God it is the way of obedience and salvation. After all we believe that God will save us and bring us into his eternal kingdom which is a far greater thing than protecting or healing our physical temporal body, yet we struggle to believe that he will look after us in this life without the added protection of worldly armour such as health insurance or doctors.

After making the decision to begin living by faith in the area of our health we almost immediately began to be tested. Our son began to break out in a rash that was very itchy and spread all over him in a matter of a week. Then my wife began to break out as well. Of course we had to deal with our fears and second guessing our decision, knowing that a quick trip to a doctor would likely bring fast relief. Our family pet, a German shepherd named Stallone had gotten chronic diarrhea and during this time his health also seemed to be failing rapidly. He developed a greatly distended swollen belly and for a time his feet and legs swelled to twice their usual size. We tried switching his dog food but he continued going downhill. After eating it would come out of him like water. We laid hands on him and prayed over him and declared him to be healed. He showed no sign of improvement. We had chosen the Lord to be our healer and remained committed to that path. After a few weeks of enduring large boil like sores, my wife and son recovered. Since we did not go to the doctor we do not know for sure what it was that caused it. Our dog however did not get better.

After more than six months of decline our dog looked like he was running out of time. One Sunday when we came home we found him shaking and drooling. His head hung down and he could hardly stand. We all laid our hands on him again and anointed him with oil. Then we continued proclaiming him healed. He picked up a little later in the day and that week, but clearly he was struggling. On Wednesday night of that same week I had a nearly sleepless night wrestling with my thoughts. I felt terrible seeing him in this condition and I cried out to God. I wondered if I could continue this path of trust if this were one of my family members that were going through this. But in the middle of it all I always had a sense that God was allowing us to grow and he was mercifully training us with our dog rather than one of us. I managed a couple hours sleep early in the morning and then got up and went to work on Thursday morning. Thursday evening when my son and I drove in the driveway, before we got out of the car we both noticed a difference in our dog. I commented that he appeared different. We saw him moving around and he seemed to have some energy that he had not shown for a long time.

I knew that I was looking at a miracle as our dog had virtually come back from the brink of death. In the next couple days he returned to his usual playful self with unlimited energy. He was eating lots and his stool was coming out formed and hard for the first time in over six months. He began filling out again and the bony protrusions were disappearing almost overnight. Other people who visited us saw the difference right away and we shared with some how he had been healed.

About two weeks after this miracle we began to notice some troubling things. His stool was not firm anymore and he seemed to be losing the weight gains he had made in the two weeks. In no time he once again had full blown diarrhea and the weight just melted off him. Back to cleaning up a bad mess every morning and wondering what had happened.

For the next three months we watched our beautiful pet decline back to a state where he looked as though he was ready to pass away at any time. He didn’t run or play he was so skinny you could nearly blow him over. I spent much time spiritually searching for the reason we were seeing this.

One day I was reading an article about a family who lost one German shepherd to sickness and nearly their second one just as they were discovering the hazards of feeding their dogs the commercially mass produced dog food kibble. The brand they were using was marketed as one of those “premium, natural, healthy foods.” But apparently they were being sued by some dog owners who felt that the food was making their dogs sick. This family had switched over to what is called the raw diet and was the natural diet that dogs have had for thousands of years. Very simply put, it is a diet of raw meaty bones and certain vegetables and a little fruit. This family had seen their dog fully recover in a short period of time after they began preparing his natural food and took him off kibble. The commercial foods use grains and grain by products as filler which were never consumed naturally by dogs.

After reading this I felt the Lord once again trying to show me something. We switched our dog over to this natural diet the very next day. He was literally at the point where I did not know if he could even recover (although we know with God all things are possible to those who believe). We fed him his first meal which was very different for him than he was used to. He quickly discovered that he liked raw chicken legs, wings, etc. We fed it to him bones and all. (There is no danger of bones the way there is if the meat is cooked. They are actually good for him.) One recipe we made for him included some grains such as wheat germ, oats etc. This was not part of the raw diet even though it was mixed with raw ground beef. The next day his stool was soft and runny again. We took the grains completely out of his diet and within a day his stool was hard and proper. Now after many weeks he has gained so much weight in that short period of time it is truly hard to imagine. He was always high energy when he was healthy in the past and as a result was always a little on the skinny side as he ran non-stop. Now his energy level is going through the roof but he is putting on weight. He is more filled out than any time in his life before he got sick. We are amazed at what we see and it’s easy to be excited when we see what God has done.

Stallone Today

Now here is what God was showing me when we switched to this diet of foods that are natural for dogs. The fact remains that our dog was healed when we prayed and believed. Faith brought about the manifestation of the finished work of healing that was done on the cross at Calvary. (Even though he is our pet dog, the fact remains that sickness is a result of the curse because man sinned. If the curse affects all creation so does the remedy – the cross.)However, the Lord was showing me a principle at work. The cause and effect of continuing to consume the unnatural foods was bringing the body repeatedly into weakness. If God allowed the miracle to remain, we would have continued merrily along feeding him that which was deadly to him. As soon as that was removed, his health re-emerged.

If you are reading this far you are probably thinking that I am all about healthy foods and natural products. That is not what the Lord was teaching me through all this. We are under a new covenant which is a spiritual covenant. The emphasis is on our spiritual health, not our natural health. God wants us to grow up in the faith and become the mature sons of God. Remember, all creation is groaning for the revealing of the sons of God. That is those who have matured in the spirit and do not walk this earth according to, or going after the things of the flesh but instead are led of the Spirit of God. God was using our dog and his diet to reveal a spiritual parable. The natural diet that will cause our spirit to grow is the word of God. When we mix the word with other “foods”, we end up with pretty much the same result as eating bad foods alone. If you prepare a meal with ninety nine percent healthy wholesome food and then just mix in a pinch of poison what result will you expect? By that I mean if we mix the world’s ways with how the Bible teaches us to walk we cannot expect the results that we were hoping for. Spiritually we become weak and sickly, unable to do even the smallest thing that the bible teaches that we should be doing – those things that Jesus did when he walked on the earth. Healing the sick is one thing that has been given to those who believe, yet there are hardly any instances of the church healing the sick – mainly because they can’t. It will require us taking back the trust we have placed in the worldly system and putting it where it belongs…. in God and his word. Through Christ the price for our healing was paid.

To continue the parable God revealed to me about our experience with Stallone. We love our pet and see him as a gift from God to our family. However, as a dog he is a beast and a type and shadow of the beast nature that is rising upon the earth. That this beast type is a shepherd is telling, in that many of those who are shepherding the people in this time are of the beast nature. Literally, wolves in sheep`s clothing. The beast is a consumer of flesh or fleshly things. People who are given over to the pursuit of worldly, carnal things and are not interested in the things of the spirit of God are being transformed into the image of the beast. Jesus said he is the Word of God, the Bread of life. Bread is made out of grains such as wheat. He also called those who are following Him wheat. He said at the time of the harvest he was going to separate the wheat from the tares, gather the wheat into his barn and cast the tares onto a great fire to be burned. So we are called to be wheat, bread just like Him. To be changed into his image. You are what you eat. So we are called to be consumers of wheat, of the Bread of life. We must feast on the Word of God and purge all the fleshly carnal things from our spiritual diet.

Our dog who is the type of the beast in this example was designed to thrive on flesh. While he consumed the commercial, mass produced food he was being given a mixture of grains and flesh. The grains were literally putting his flesh to death. When we took away the mixture, his flesh fully recovered and took on strength and size that we have never seen before in him. This is a picture of the carnal world purging the spiritual grain from their diet. As the true word of God is becoming more and more scarce to the peoples of this world, the fleshly beast is growing at a rate that is truly astounding.

The mirror image of this picture is the church. God`s people who are being called out of their carnal ways. They too have been eating the commercial, mass produced “Christian” diet. The teachers have been serving up a mixture of the word and the flesh. They are trying to use the spiritual for fleshly, lustful gain. As a result many (most) are spiritually weak and sick among us. We were told this would happen if we did not discern when we eat and drink of the Lord`s body and blood. We have not discerned his body, but we have mixed it with the flesh.

The good news (there’s always good news when we look to God for our healing) is that if we hear what He is speaking to us and do as He commands, beginning to eat the pure word, without adding the flesh, then in a single day we will see the spiritual diarrhea come to an end. The spiritual man will grow at an astounding rate, and become greater than at any time in history. The grain (word) will put our flesh to death. Those who will walk on the earth in these last days in the power and strength of Jesus, doing the works of Jesus, are the ones who will have purged the carnal thoughts and ways from their diet.

So then, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh: for if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if by the Spirit ye put to death the doings of the body, ye shall live. For as many as are led by God’s Spirit, these are God’s sons.
Romans 8:12-14

Will you be faithful to the end?

By Joy Heasman

7th Feb. 2013.

From Joy’s Journal.

Lean on Me, My beloved ones.
Hope in Me for all else will fail and fall.
The Creation groans; sin abounds.
Corruption has white-anted the very fabric
Of the Western economy and culture.
Like the working of termites, all that is left
Is the appearance of a house that stands
But in reality all that holds it up
Is a very precarious shell,
Honeycombed with empty spaces
Ready to Fall.

What will you do when it falls, O Man?
For a prosperous economy
Has been taken for granted by all.
But it is an illusion;
A projection of false reality
That is about to fall.
The true state of the economy is being hidden
By the architects of the collapse.
The worshipers of Lucifer,
Who want to take control of the world economy,
World government and one-world religion.

Where O Man will you run and hide
When your money falls with a mighty crash?
The stock exchanges will be filled
With weeping and wailing.
The banks closed; the docks deserted.
The warehouses closed for business;
The supermarkets shelves empty,
The people hungry and crying.
The gods of mammon fallen from their pedestals.
Politicians clueless as to what to do.

Where O Man will your help come from? 
Where is your source of supply?
What is your trust placed in?
Your income, your pension, your bank account, your silver and gold?
All these will fail.
If you are put in prison for your faith
Where will your comfort come from?
If you lose your house,
Will you also lose the comfort of a safe house for your soul?
If you have to flee the city
Will you be like Lot’s wife?

Evil abounds, virtually unchecked
As people go on in wilful ignorance
As they pursue their daily lives of surviving and having fun.
Evil rules in the leaders now
And the ordinary citizens pursue comfort and pleasure.
Who cares about righteousness and truth?
Do you?
If so, how much are you willing to pay to defend it?

Who cares for the suffering in bombed-out
Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria?
As NATO and the Western world have done to others
So it shall be done to them.
And who rubs his hands in glee?
The evil one! Whose agenda is it to rob, kill and destroy?
To create chaos so that out of the ashes…

Their phoenix will arise – the New Atlantis,
The New World Order – the Anti-Christ system.
The population traumatized and culled
So that they will accept the new super-race
Of cyborgs, hybrids, super-soldiers –
The “illumined elite.”

Did I not say that, “Unless I shortened those days
No flesh would survive?”
And that, “When I come will I find faith on the earth?”
And that, “When evil abounds
The love of most will grow cold?”

Will your love for Me grow cold
Because of what the evil one does on the earth?
He knows his time is short,
So that is why there is an escalation
Of satanically created wars, diseases and disasters.

Where will you hide in the day of trouble?   
You may not always actually have a physical shelter
But you are always safe when you shelter in My refuge.
I have My Goshens of safety for My people.

Similarly, when the plagues were
Visiting judgement on the gods of Egypt
My people were safe in the midst of it in Goshen.
But they had to be in the right place,
Obeying My instructions.
During the Passover they had to put blood on their doorposts,
And they had to be ready to leave when I said GO!

They could not take all their possessions
But had to flee for their lives.
If they were obedient they were provided for in the wilderness.
They had their needs met:
They had manna but not leeks and garlic,
They had water but not champagne.

Their shoes and clothes did not wear out,
There were no fashion shops on the way.
They had cloud cover by day
And fire to keep them warm by night.
But most of all they had My Presence and Protection,
But it was conditional on obedience.
I delight when My children trust Me,
But I am very disappointed when they complain and grumble.

Will you trust Me when you see no worldly source of provision?
Will you trust Me when the money fails?
Will you still love Me if you are put into prison?
Or is your love conditional?
Are you a fair-weather friend who will desert Me
In times of trouble.
Will you be like those disciples who ran away
When the temple police arrived to arrest Me?

Are you fully surrendered to My will?
Do you love My righteousness, truth and justice
More than your own life?
Are you daily being transformed into My image?
Are you practicing daily laying down your self-life
In order to please Me and be like Me?

My saints will shine like the stars in the time to come
The martyrs will have the highest honour.
Did I not say, that those who are faithful to the end will be saved?
Will you be faithful to the end?

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  1. Randy & Kathy Furman

    "We are called to be consumers of wheat.." A further spiritual parallel can be seen in the genetically modified wheat and grains (GMO's) that have infiltrated the food supply.

    The bread that the Church is serving is a GMO gospel, one that has been modified from the true Gospel. People eat of it and the body becomes sick. The people think they are full, but what they have eaten is destoying them.

    We are living in the days that Amos spoke of in (Amos 8:11) Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

  2. Deirdre

    This was super encouraging! We are without a job and once again finding ourselves on the brink of homelessness. So be it. We have learned that there is purpose in pain.

    A few years ago, I had a gallbladder attack. We had insurance and a good job. I had surgery to remove the gb. However, right before the surgery, FATHER told me, "no pain meds." I was sad and didn't understand why, but I was lead to obey. I had NO IDEA how much pain I would encounter. It's a simple surgery, but my pain and recovery were great. I questioned whether I had heard correctly, but my husband supported me, prayed over me. And long story, I endured till the end of the recovery.
    In olden times when there were not these big pain killers available, pain was very much a part of life. Sick people were quarantined and it took 'time' to heal. We are in such a rush for everything, we are missing everything: people being able to serve (when its their turn to serve), settling down and really praying for others. While one is in a lot of pain, you can be praying for others who are in a lot of pain!
    And you are right Joseph, we don't like pain (especially physical) but there is plenty of spiritual, emotional, financial and other kind of pain that we too must endure.

  3. Unknown

    Indeed these two writings are very encouraging and challenging. I'll have to pray over this and make decisions as the Spirit leads.
    I loved the part about Saul's armor. This is so true! I believe Organized Religion is all about Saul's armor. I've seen through it and it's disgusting. I honestly do not want to be a part of any human system.
    Lately I've been reflecting on what a poor substitute is human mediation as opposed to the mediation of our One True Advocate before God. I've discovered how prevalent and subtle the religious spirit is. The person may speak against empty religion and give specific examples which are correct, and yet be completely oblivious to the fact that their brand of teaching is just another flavor of the same poisonous food. Therefore, I have come outside the camp of institutional religion and seeking God's counsel on how to come gathered in His name. My husband is also a believer so already we have a church at home.

    Kathy, you're so right about the Amos passage. The reason for the famine is that we're going to and fro to seek someone who will speak for God and have forgotten the Scripture which says, in former times He spoke through the prophets, but these last days has spoken to us in His Son.
    Jesus has been appointed by God the heir of all things, through whom also He made the world. If we will not lift His Name up, if we will not understand in CHRIST and in Christ alone we are complete, God has nothing more to say to us. If we won't hear the message of His preeminence, if we won't accept that we have to decrease and He has to increase, no teaching from God will do us any good.
    The so-called church wants many things, but doesn't really want Jesus. We've left Him out and tried to serve Him and Mammon, Him and our self-interests, Him and the flesh. Can't be done!

  4. JAD

    I too am being tested as some of you are. It's almost a relief for me to read other trials and testing, because 99% around me are sleeping or in denial. It's difficult. A back and forth pull from worldly comforts to overcoming the world because we are not of it. No one said it would be easy….and it isn't.

    This post reminds me of "The Obsolete Man", a Twilight Zone episode that is kind of a foreshadowing/foretelling of some of what we believers are experiencing today or soon will be. It's really good and one of their most popular episodes:


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