Lunacy & The Age of Deception – Chapter 7

by | Sep 26, 2022

Shelf Life of a Deception

Truth will come to light…, at the length, the truth will out.
[William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice]

Although some lies have shown a remarkable longevity, persisting for millennia, in the end the false character of every deception will be exposed. Some lies, having served their intended purpose, are admitted by those who perpetrated the lies. Other deceptions, such as that which declared cigarette smoking to not be injurious to one’s health, simply cannot be maintained perpetually. Ultimately, with the appearing of Christ to establish His kingdom upon the earth, every lie will be cast down in order that Truth might reign supreme. The moon deception is one of those lies that cannot be maintained perpetually. Those who designed and carried forward this massive hoax understand this. Already they have been giving intimations that the lies will be admitted at some point in the future.

There is a frequently cited statement on the Internet asserting that President Lyndon Johnson sealed many of the Apollo space program records, with the stipulation that they not be declassified and made available to the public until the year 2026. It is argued by many truthers that the year 2026 was chosen for the unsealing of the Apollo records in order to allow all the primary participants to have died before the lies are exposed. I have not been able to verify this claim of the sealing of the records of the NASA Moon program. Nevertheless, I believe the powers-that-be will likely admit the ruse at some point, justifying the deception as having been necessary to address critical threats in the world during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s.

The hidden powers which rule this world have ownership of all of the most influential media sources. It has been often reported in the past decade that these global rulers use the media, particularly television and movies, to reveal openly, yet in a plausibly deniable way, that they are the true perpetrators of many of the evil, deceptive, and at times massively destructive events which occur in this world. Many videos have been compiled revealing that the events of 9-11 were foreshadowed in subtle and blatant means through television programming and in movies.

Back to the Future – 1985

Terminator 2 – 1991

The Simpsons – 1997

The Matrix – 1999

The images above represent just a small percentage of the 9-11 references found in media programming prior to the events of September 11, 2001. There is also the very blatant episode of The Lone Gunman which aired on March 4th, 2001, just 6 months before the events of 9-11. The plot of the program predicted in an uncanny fashion the events of that day.

Because these examples of predictive programming occur in fictional works, any assertions that there were people in high places of power who were signaling things which they would soon do is readily denied. They are explained as nothing more than coincidences, no matter how great the correlation is between the programs and the events which followed.

The rational Christian who understands that Satan is the ruler of this fallen world, and recognizing that he appoints men and women to positions of power, entrusting to them vast wealth and resources, will be better prepared to accept that wicked and deceptive acts are not an anomaly in this world. They are the modus operandi of the one whom the Bible describes as “the great deceiver” and “a murderer.” Those whom Satan bequeaths power to will invariably manifest his nature.

The television and movie corporations are run by individuals who manifest the nature of Satan. This is readily observable as one notes the promotion and glorification of all manner of wickedness in these forms of media. Fornication, adultery, homosexuality, theft, murder, rape, violence, rebellion, profane and obscene speech, witchcraft, sorcery, and every form of moral depravity is packaged into a form of entertainment and sold to the masses who consume it as a steady diet. One can follow the careers of actors such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and many others as they are transformed from innocent children to morally compromised youth, and ultimately to thoroughly debauched adults. That the television and movie industries stand in direct opposition to God and His Christ while advancing the agenda of Satan is beyond credible disputation.

What then if Satan and his human subjects choose to employ the same forms of media to deceive mankind, enveloping the entire world in illusion and deception? What if they use the media to reveal their hand in every evil work, yet they do so in a manner which will not be sufficient to indict any individual for the role they play? Such things should not surprise the disciple of Christ. As the apostle Paul stated, “We are not unaware of Satan’s devices or schemes” (II Corinthians 2:11).

On November 7, 2014 a remarkable movie titled Interstellar was released. It was a major production costing an estimated $165,000,000 to produce. The movie featured numerous top-tier actors, including Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, John Lithgow, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Caine. The movie was directed by Christopher Nolan, a man who is well connected to the global elite, privy to many of their schemes, and a man who I deem to be a profound esotericist who has used his movies to subtly reveal much of the plans and workings of the global elite.

The tag line on the movie poster reads, “THE END OF THE EARTH WILL NOT BE THE END OF US.” The discerning individual will readily question to whom the word “US” refers. I would suggest that it is intended to convey one meaning to the profane masses, and another meaning to the initiates and adepts of the New World Order. It is the elite, the servants of Satan, who are chosen to survive the destructive events coming upon the earth.

Christopher Nolan, who along with his brother Jonathan, also co-wrote the screenplay to this movie, acknowledged his admiration of director Stanley Kubrick and his debt to Kubrick’s movie 2001, A Space Odyssey. Anyone who has done serious research into the moon landing hoax will understand the relevance of this. Stanley Kubrick worked on his famous movie about space exploration during the years 1964-1968. These are the same years the Apollo moon program was being prepped for its global debut in 1969. There is abundant and compelling evidence that Stanley Kubrick was hired by NASA to fake the moon landings, a view I find both persuasive and credible. Kubrick’s research and development for 2001, A Space Odyssey would have provided a convenient cover to enable NASA to develop the infrastructure and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to present to the world a convincing facsimile of a televised lunar space program. I will be addressing this subject in subsequent chapters.

Stanley Kubrick at Front Center, with Frederick Ordway – NASA Advisor, Deke Slayton – NASA Astronaut, Arthur C. Clarke – Science Fiction Writer, and George Mueller – Senior Administrator of the Apollo Project

If one is to understand the esoteric messages contained in the movie Interstellar, it is necessary to
know of Stanley Kubrick’s association with the Apollo Moon Program. This will explain Christopher Nolan’s many allusions to Kubrick in Interstellar. One of the occult (hidden) messages which reappears throughout Interstellar is that the Apollo moon landings were faked, being a fabrication of the U.S. government. In at least one stunning disclosure, this message is stated overtly and is not hidden at all. Following is a clip from Interstellar where Matthew McConaughey’s character named Cooper (also a name of an Apollo astronaut) is having a parent teacher conference to discuss some trouble his daughter Murphy has gotten into at school. Murphy’s teacher explains that the conflict between Murphy and some other students was precipitated by an argument over whether the moon landings were faked. The teacher asserts matter-of-factly that their old “Federal textbooks” falsely taught that man landed on the moon, but the new revised textbooks they are using admit that this was a necessary deception due to global threats at the time.

Principal: Miss Hanley is here to talk about Murph.
Miss Hanley: Murph is a great kid, she’s really bright. But she’s been having a little trouble lately.
She brought this in to show the other students the section on the lunar landings.
Cooper: Yeah, it’s one of my old textbooks. She always loved the pictures.
Ms. Hanley: It’s an old federal textbook. We’ve replaced them with the corrected versions.
Cooper: Corrected?
Ms. Hanley: Explaining how the Apollo missions were faked to bankrupt the Soviet Union.
Cooper: (After long pause) You don’t believe we went to the Moon?
Ms. Hanley: I believe it was a brilliant piece of propaganda, that the Soviets bankrupted themselves, pouring resources into rockets and other useless machines.
Cooper: Useless machines?
Ms. Hanley: And if we don’t want a repeat of the excess and wastefulness of the 20th century then we need to teach our kids about this planet. Not tales of leaving it.
Cooper: You know one of those useless machines they used to make was called an MRI. And if we had any of those left, the doctors would’ve been able to find the cyst in my wife’s brain before she died; instead of afterwards. And then she would have been the one sitting here listening to this instead of me – which would’ve been a good thing because she was always – the calmer one.
Ms. Hanley: I’m sorry about your wife Mr. Cooper. But Murph got into a fistfight with several of her classmates over this Apollo nonsense. So we thought it would be best to bring you in and see what ideas you might have for dealing with her behavior on the home front.
Cooper: Yeah, you know what, there’s a game tomorrow night. She’s going through a bit of a baseball phase, her favorite team is playing. There’s gonna be candy and soda – I think I’ll take her to that.

There are a number of observations to be drawn from this exchange. At some point in the future the film is indicating it will be admitted that the Apollo moon landings were faked. Interestingly, the old textbooks which presented the moon landings as truth are referred to as “Federal.” Although the American government does not overtly create textbooks, nor do they dictate what specific information must appear in them, it is accurate to describe school textbooks as “Federal.” As has been pointed out in previous chapters, there is a collusion between corporations and government. Large publishing companies, like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, produce school textbooks, and they are most certainly promoting the globalists false view of the world to students. These “educational” textbook suppliers are deeply tied in with the transnational corporate powers and consequently must be viewed as their instruments to promote whatever agenda the globalist leaders desire.

Ms. Hanley states, “I believe it was a brilliant piece of propaganda, that the Soviets bankrupted themselves.” This explanation given by Ms. Hanley is itself a feint within a feint, or a deception within a deception. Even when the government admits the Apollo moon landings were faked, being brilliantly executed propaganda, they still present a lying explanation regarding the motive for the ruse. In actuality, both the Soviets and the Americans were financed by the same international bankers. Both nations shared technology. Both nations presented a disingenuous view of the Cold War and the Space Race to the public in order to justify huge military and government expenditures. These narratives served as a pretense to wrest vast amounts of money, labor, and national resources and place them into the hands of global corporations.

One last thing I would comment on regarding the dialogue in this clip from the film is that Cooper was formerly a NASA employee, yet he appears ignorant of the hoax perpetrated by NASA. I believe this is a reflection of the truth, for only a small core group at NASA would need to know that the Apollo moon landings were faked. The time-line of the movie furthermore places Cooper’s tenure with NASA more than 60 years after the Apollo program, so he would not have been a direct participant in the program.

Aside from this overt declaration of the Apollo moon landings having been faked, the movie Interstellar is rife with more subtle cues proclaiming this same truth. The movie opens with Cooper’s family having breakfast together at their farmhouse. Some physical phenomenon has been occurring in Cooper’s ten year old daughter’s room causing books to fall from the bookshelves onto the floor. On this particular morning, a model of the Apollo lunar lander was also knocked onto the ground and broken. Murphy brings this broken model to the breakfast table.

Murphy with Broken Lunar Module

This scene establishes a symbolic theme found throughout the movie which most viewers fail to pick up on. The theme is that a historic deception regarding the lunar landings has taken place in the past which cannot be held together perpetually. At some point the deception will “break down” and people will discover it was all a fiction. Murphy asks her father Cooper if he can “fix it.”

Can you fix it?

Significantly, when the model is returned to the shelf in Murphy’s bedroom, we see a long row of Encyclopedias. Yet the model is not placed in front of the Encyclopedias which represent true history. Instead, it is placed in front of several books of fiction. The image below appears late in the movie when a now adult Murphy is placing the model back on the shelf. I believe this symbolizes a coming of age intellectually.

File It Under Fiction

The largest fiction book which can be viewed directly behind the lunar lander is The Stand by Stephen King. Christopher Nolan, as was Stanley Kubrick, is meticulous regarding the placement of visual cues in his movies. These visual elements are intended to communicate hidden messages to those who have understanding. Stephen King also wrote the novel The Shining which Stanley Kubrick made into a major motion picture starring Jack Nicholson. Kubrick’s The Shining was used to announce in subtle and covert ways that he had been hired by NASA to fake the moon landings. (Much more on this later.)

The image above is from a scene in The ShiningThe Shining was released in 1980 after Kubrick had devoted years of his life to the Apollo moon project. The young boy is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater. This is one of an immense number of covert allusions to the Apollo project in this movie, a movie which ostensibly has nothing at all to do with the moon program. It would perhaps have been too blatant for Christopher Nolan to have placed a copy of Stephen King’s The Shining on the bookshelf, but those with an alert mind which searches for subtle clues will recognize the connections.

Right beside The Stand is a smaller book titled The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. This too is a work of fiction and is infused with meaning. This novel details the story of a 9 year old German boy named Bruno whose father works for the Fuhrer in 1942. The family is relocated to Auschwitz where the boy’s father is employed. They have a home near the Auschwitz concentration camp which can be seen from their yard. The story is about how the young boy is presented with a false view of the purpose of the concentration camp and what occurs there. In short, it is a story of a deception, and how the truth eventually becomes known. Perhaps Nolan also had in mind that the American space program arose from the NAZI V-2 rocket program, for he has placed a book which focuses on the NAZI regime directly behind the model of the lunar lander.

Also on the bookshelf in this section of fictional writings one can see the book The Night Listener by Armistead Maupin. The book’s publisher begins their description of this novel with the words, “The lines between reality and illusion are intriguingly blurred in this novel from the author of the Tales of the City series.” It seems apparent that Christopher Nolan is attempting to tell us something fundamental about the blurring of reality and illusion in the NASA moon program. There were undoubtedly real aspects to the NASA space program, while illusion was also integral to it. That Interstellar features this “model” of the lunar lander so often serves to convey subtly that the Apollo moon projects were carried out using models, and the lunar landers were not authentic functioning vehicles.

Aside from this very telling emphasis on a model of the lunar lander, Interstellar focuses intensely on NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Cooper is led, through an anomalous occurrence, to discover the secret location of NASA, an agency of the government he believed to be no longer extant. Arriving at NASA’s remote headquarters he is brought into a meeting of top officials of the agency.

Cooper and Murphy at NASA Headquarters

Significantly, every person involved with NASA in the movie is either a deceiver, or they have been deceived. The two main deceivers are the elder Dr. Brand, and one of the Lazarus Program leaders whose name is Dr. Mann. Cooper, as well as Dr. Brand’s daughter Amelia Brand who is a key member of the Lazarus Program, along with other astronauts, are deceived regarding the viability of the Lazarus Program. Dr. Brand and Dr. Mann engage in an enormous deception in order to gain the participation of other personnel in the program. Following is a portion of the transcript from the movie at the moment the deception is revealed. It begins with Cooper’s adult daughter Murphy informing Amelia Brand that her father has passed away. Murphy discloses that at his death Dr. Brand revealed the terrible lie he had kept concealed.
Murphy: Brand did you know? He told you right? You knew? This was all a sham. You left us here. To suffocate. To starve. Did my father know too? Dad! I just want to know, if you left me here to die? I just have to know!
Amelia Brand: Cooper, my father dedicated his whole life to plan A, I have no idea what she’s talking about.
Dr. Mann: I do.
Cooper: He, he never even hoped to get the people off the Earth?
Dr. Mann: No.
Amelia Brand: But he has been trying to solve the gravity equation for 40 years.
Dr. Mann: Amelia, your father solved his equation before I even left.
Amelia Brand: Then why wouldn’t he use it?
Dr. Mann: The equation couldn’t reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics. You need more…
Cooper: More? More what?
Dr. Mann: More data. You need to see into a black hole. The laws of nature prohibit a naked singularity.
Cooper: Romilly, is that true?
Romilly: If the black hole is an oyster, then the singularity is the pearl inside. The gravity is so strong that it is always hidden in darkness, beyond the horizon. That’s why we call it a ‘black’ hole.
Cooper: Okay, what if we see beyond the horizon?
Dr. Mann: We can’t Cooper. There are some things that aren’t meant to be known. (Speaking to Amelia) Your father had to find another way to save the human race from extinction. Plan B, a colony.
Amelia Brand: But why not tell people? Why keep it from us?
Dr. Mann: Because he knew how hard it would be to get people to work together to save the species instead of themselves. Or their children… (Speaking to Cooper) You never would have come here unless you believed you were gonna save them. Evolution has yet to transcend that simple barrier. We can care deeply, selflessly about those we know. But that empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight.
Amelia Brand: But the lie? That monstrous lie?
Dr. Mann: Unforgivable. And he knew that. He was prepared to destroy his own humanity, in order to save the species, he made an incredible sacrifice.

We find in this exchange a demonstration of the rationale of an “enlightened minority” who employ deception in order to manufacture consent and obtain the cooperation of those whom they consider to be less enlightened. Dr. Mann is unapologetic about the use of deception, describing it merely as what was necessary to insure the continuation of the human species. He further describes Dr. Brand, who in the movie is the head of NASA, and the one who made the decision to deceive others, as being heroic, having “made an incredible sacrifice.” No doubt, similar ploys and arguments were used to gain the cooperation of the men and women who were key players in the Apollo moon program.

One can only speculate regarding what date the powers-that-be have chosen in which to acknowledge the lie which was carried out upon the public in the Apollo program. Yet, as disciples of Christ we need not wait for liars and deceivers to admit their actions. Christopher Nolan appears to have given indication of the need to be both perceptive and to investigate all matters thoroughly, for one of the astronauts in the movie has the last name of Doyle, and on the bookshelves in Murphy’s room the camera shows us a shot of a book on Sherlock Holmes, the highly skilled sleuth which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made famous.

Doyle and Brand

Those who are Christians need not rely only on their rational capabilities to arrive at truth. We have been given the Spirit of Christ to guide us.

John 16:13

When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth…


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