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by | Jul 24, 2008

Joseph Herrin (07-24-08)

There is so much happening in the news of late that is of significance that I find myself amazed at the witnesses being given of what is coming to America. I want to touch on several very recent news items here. Let me start by sharing a bit of historical information on Port Isabel and South Padre Island, where Hurricane Dolly came ashore yesterday. This information was sent to me by a brother in Christ.

Historic Port Isabel

Welcome to historic Port Isabel, the “Point” of the Laguna Madre with a 30-foot bluff where the Point Isabel Lighthouse now stands. The point’s strategic location was instrumental to the settlement of Point Isabel and early maritime industry.

The Coahilitecan Indians originally inhabited this land. During the 1500s, Spain sent explorers to the area, but the land remained inhospitable to European settlements until the mid-1700s when Spain awarded land grants to new colonists. Doña Rosa Maria Hinojosa inherited several land grants including the Santa Isabella Land Grant on the Texas coast. Her son, Padre Nicholas Balli, later obtained the grant to what is now Padre Island.

The Texas coast gained importance to Mexico, the U.S., and smugglers from both countries during the 1800s. Legend has it that pirate Jean Lafitte took refuge in this area and dug a well in Laguna Vista. Local ranchers formed business alliances with pirates who sailed their contraband between the Rio Grande and Corpus Christi. During the 1830s, Don Rafael Garcia established El Fronton de Santa Isabel (Point Isabel) to become the base for the growing Port of Matarnoros and the privateer fleet.

In 1846, Fort Polk, named in honor of President Polk, was established on this site as a supply unit for the U.S./Mexican War. Many notable men, including Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, and Robert E. Lee, were stationed at this fort. In 1852, the Point Isabel Lighthouse was built to serve the maritime industry. It survived the Civil War and numerous hurricanes, finally becoming T exas ‘ smallest state park in 1952.

In the early 1900s, Point Isabel became a recreational spot and at one time had the largest shrimping fleet in the nation. Wanting to attract more visitors, the newly renamed Port Isabel decided to develop a beach by removing the bluff. The hill on which the lighthouse stands is the original elevation of the area. The removed soil was used to fill in a salt flat where the Port Isabel Yacht Club is now located. Several businesses and a hotel replaced the historic homes that once surrounded the Lighthouse Square. The booming tourist trade, however, bypassed Port Isabel for South Padre Island.

Today , the Port Isabel Lighthouse Square has blossomed once again with shops, restaurants, and museums.
[End Article]

After reading this, I sent the following note to the brother who provided the information.

The history of this area paints quite a picture. It is interesting to see how this history also weaves together all three of the locations mentioned in the writing I posted on Hurricane Dolly; Port Isabel, South Padre Island and Corpus Christi. That there was “illegal commerce” between these locations is a picture of the idolatrous and immoral influence of Jezebel upon the body of Christ.

It is mentioned here that the largest shrimping fleet in the nation was once located here. In the Old Testament God gave the criteria by which all seafood was to be judged as clean, or unclean. Seafood had to have fins and scales, and shrimp have not been considered to have met this criteria. Much of the seafood that fails to pass this test are scavengers, and shrimp are certainly among them. Shrimp are bottom feeders, and they are known to eat the sores off of fish. (I apologize if you were about to sit down to a nice shrimp cocktail.) What is interesting to me is what is symbolized in this. In the passage from Revelation that speaks of Jezebel, and her influence upon the church, we read the following:

Revelation 2:20
But I have this against you, that lyou tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray, so that they commit acts of immorality andeat things sacrificed to idols.
Revelation is a book of symbolic language. Eating things sacrificed to idols is a parable of those who are feeding on doctrines of demons. God lays the blame for providing these detestable foods to His church at the feet of Jezebel. There are many who qualify to be labeled as Jezebels today, who are providing things for the children of God to feed upon that are detestable in God’s sight. They are passing off doctrines of demons as the word of truth. The result is much sickness in the body of Christ resulting from embracing immorality and idolatry.

In Hurricane Dolly there is a warning of the judgment to come upon those promoting idolatry and immorality in the church. To find out who they are just go to a local Christian bookstore and look at the list of Christians best sellers. Paul’s prophecy is being fulfilled where the people of God have heaped up to themselves teachers to tickle their ears and tell them the things they want to hear. In this last hour the church will not endure sound doctrine, but have turned aside to myths and fables. Even what is being touted as revival in this hour is of this nature. There is clear idolatry present, and many impure teachings being presented to the body of Christ which distract from a pure devotion to Christ. God will give sorrow to the body of Christ that she might be purified from her idolatrous and immoral ways.

This message has been coming forth for many years. The events of 911 spoke of God’s judgment upon a people who have used their liberty to pursue all of the things of the world. The World Trade Centers were located on Church Street and Liberty Street in Manhattan, and the church has been filled with the noise of the merchants and money changers for generations now. Look at the best selling authors, and the popular television ministries. They are all promoting prosperity, worldly success, and a feel good gospel that promises material blessings now and heaven when you die. James called such ones “adulteresses,” but such straight talking is seldom heard today.

Mississippi River Collision

I had noted yesterday that there was a collision between a ship and barge on the Mississippi river near New Orleans. I looked at it again today when a brother in Christ mentioned to me that there were 22 crew members on board the ship involved. I also noted that the barge, which was split in two and sunk spilling all of its contents, was carrying #6 Fuel Oil. The numbers 6 and 22 together speak of God’s judgment on the flesh. 6 is the number of the flesh man, and 22, as noted in yesterday’s blog, is the number of judgment upon sinful flesh.

If you have read the writings on the Heart4God website that speak of the Hurricanes of 2004-2005, you will have noted that these multiple hurricanes that struck the United States in those years bore a message relating to God judging America for her unrighteous pursuit of oil, and for her immorality. This event on the Mississippi River yesterday at New Orleans, contains the very same symbols as the hurricanes. Both the ship and the barge were transporting oil products, and the ship bore the name Tintomara. This is a Scandinavian name of a literary character who was sexually indistinct. The person was described as either being an effeminate male, or a masculine female. Other characters in opera and music have had the same confused sexual identity.

That this collision took place at New Orleans which is renowned for its immoral festivals and decadent lifestyle, as well as being a hub for the oil industry, seems very symbolic. Interestingly, the barge filled with # 6 fuel oil was headed for Memphis, Tennessee, intended for American consumption, and it was completely destroyed and all of its contents spilled into the Mississippi. The tanker ship Tintomara was heading to Europe where its petroleum products were destined for Denmark and Germany. It suffered only minor damage and lost none of its product.

A hundred mile stretch of the Mississippi has been closed due to this collision, as the oil has polluted the river.

All shipping from the Mouth of the Mississippi has been halted, and it could be days or weeks before it is all cleaned up.

Another Crane Collapse

Recently I posted a writing on some significant crane collapses that have occurred this year in America. I did not report nearly all of them, though I had compiled a lengthy list of such events. A brother was asking me what I saw in all of them. I told him that these crane collapses were across a range of industries in America, and they typified a great collapse coming to each industry that was involved. The two cranes that collapsed in Manhattan were being used in the construction of high rise housing developments. We are seeing the demise of the housing industry even as we speak. Congress is voting now on a bailout package for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the two huge mortgage conglomerates. Any witnessing this action should be concerned in light of what was shared in the article The Coming Enslavement of America. The legislation being passed gives the government the right to buy stock in these huge corporations, and for the Federal Reserve to supply financial resources to them. In one fell swoop, one half of all mortgages in America will be transferred to the control of the government and Federal Reserve. It is one thing to owe your money to a bank that can harass you with phone calls when you get behind on your payments. It is quite another to owe money to the government who has authorized the use of the military against her citizens and can lock a person up without charging them and hold them indefinitely without trial. The borrower is the lenders slave.

There have been cranes that have fallen in other areas of significance. A crane collapsed working on a highway overpass. This is a symbol of the collapse of America’s infrastructure.

Another collapsed at an oil refinery in Houston. There have been so many witnesses of the collapse of America’s oil industry that there can be no doubt this is coming. Another collapse occurred at the construction site for the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium. This is a symbol of God’s judgment upon America’s idolatry over sports and sports stars.

There was a collapse of a building at MGM Universal Studios when a fire broke out and destroyed a large production lot. This speaks of judgment to come upon Hollywood, and the immorality and idolatry clearly seen there.

There was the collapse of a grain silo in Nebraska. The silo was 110 feet tall, and it stood next to an identical silo that was hit in its collapse, requiring that it be taken down as well. A parallel is seen to this in the World Trade Towers which were each 110 stories tall. The collapse of the grain silos speaks of the collapse of America’s food supply.

There have been other strange events similar to this, such as that which occurred on June 11th of this year when an explosion occurred in a grain storage facility near Thackery, Ohio destroying 400,000 bushels of corn. One witness described it as like an atomic bomb going off. Great damage was done to the facility in what was described as a “rare event.”

Today, another crane toppled over while installing a steeple on a church in Oklahoma City. An 80 year old man died while sitting in his car watching the work being done. The crane fell on the car, and also injured his 78 year old wife who was also in the car.

This comes a day after Hurricane Dolly bore the message of judgment coming to the people of God due to their idolatry and immorality. I noted in a previous post that on Mother’s Day a tornado struck Macon, Georgia where I reside. The churches in the town closed by the hundreds due to loss of power and impassable roads. More than one church was damaged, and I observed the steeple of one church laying on the ground afterwards. I would encourage those who are interested to read Ezekiel chapter 16 to read a description that is well fitted to the Christian religious system of the day. In this chapter God describes the buildings His people meet in as houses of prostitution, and describes the high vaulted ceilings that are typical of church architecture today. In this passage we also find the words:

Ezekiel 16:26
You also played the harlot with the Egyptians, your lustful neighbors.

As I mentioned, the barge with #6 fuel oil was headed to Memphis, a city named after the ancient Egyptian city, and which has as a landmark a building styled after the pyramids.

The Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee

There is certainly much in the news to be paying attention to in this hour. God is sending many warnings of what is coming to America, and particularly to His church in her borders. It is a time to come out of Egypt and all her ways. Throw away your prosperity books and humble yourself before God. The hour is very late.

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