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by | Jan 2, 2016

Joseph Herrin (01-02-2016)

I have had a number of people write to me to express their desire to read more about the interactions I have with men in prison. Due to having started work on the recent book I have been posting to the Parables Blog, I sense the need of giving as much attention as possible to the completion of this book. I do continue to print and mail out newsletters to men in prison weekly, as well as answering the letters they send to me. I am saving some of these correspondences and I anticipate sharing more of them after the current book has been completed.

I have recently received two letters from men in prison which I deem to warrant sharing now. Both of them relate important and pressing issues that these men are dealing with. I want to give the readers of the Parables Blog the honor and opportunity of praying for these men for whom I feel a great compassion. I would also like to share one additional prayer request relating to ministry to men in prison.

Recently I have discovered that one of the prisons here in Georgia has not been delivering the mail to inmates which I have been sending them. All mail is opened and examined by prison personnel before being delivered. This is to prevent any contraband items from being sent through the mail. Because the mail is examined, the content of what I send to men in prison is made known to the prison employees tasked with this job. There are a significant number of men employed as prison guards, and in other staff positions, who are Freemasons. I have had requests from inmates who want to know more about Freemasonry, and I have sent information on this subject to those desiring it.

Today I received yet another letter from a man at this prison who wrote to let me know he has not received any of the material I have sent him for the past 10 weeks. There are more than 30 men at this one prison who have subscribed to received the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters. This adds up to hundreds of dollars invested in sending material to these men that has been thrown right into the trash. Yet, more than the money, I am grieved that all of these men who have requested to receive this spiritual material have been prevented from receiving it.

I suspect that someone with oversight of the mail at this particular prison which is in Valdosta, Georgia, has been offended at the material I am sending out and has been tossing the material in the trash. The standard prison policy is to return mail to the sender if it is deemed to violate prison policies, but none of the material is being returned. Nor does the material I send out violate state prison policies.

I do not believe Yahweh would have me pursue carnal means to attempt to resolve this matter. I could try to contact the prison Warden and complain about this issue, but the number of men who are Freemasons who also serve as Wardens is tremendous. I would not receive a fair hearing from such a person. I believe Yahweh would have me approach this as a spiritual conflict, for Satan is working through some individual at this prison to hinder the flow of spiritual material to these men.

Please agree with me  in prayer that Yahweh would intervene to restore the full flow of material to all these men who have requested it, and that Satan would be required to pay back with interest all that he has stolen and destroyed as a just compensation for his evil actions.

Following are the correspondences with the two men in prison whose letters I want to share with you. The first letter is from a man named David who has been receiving the Parables Bookshelf Newsletters for more than five years. He has always been receptive to the teachings I have shared with him, and has often expressed his appreciation for them.

From: David S.,

I’ve been down hearted lately. I was suppose to be released on the 16th (of December) to South Carolina to face some more charges. South Carolina decided they wouldn’t come get me. The warden here told me to call my family to come get me. I called my family instantly. One hour later they showed up. At that time I was told that my paperwork was the wrong ones and the prison had to have more paperwork. It could take up to 60 days to get them, but probably less.

Since then South Carolina has called and said they would come get me. Now I’m waiting for a new release date in mid-January to the 1st of February. With all this going on I am worried what’s going to happen when I get to South Carolina. My lawyer assures me he can take care of it. Still, I am disturbed and worried. I’ve been locked up 63 months (a long time). I long for my family.

I’ve learned a lot from your teaching. You’ve opened my eyes to many truths and I am grateful.

I’m asking you to say a few extra prayers for me. I’m very down hearted at this time. More than I can put into words!

Thank you for everything Mr. Herrin!

(I just needed to talk to you)

Yahweh Bless You

I invite the reader to pray for this man. It is sometimes difficult for those who have not experienced prison life to relate to the emotional roller coaster these men experience when their release dates are changed. They feel powerless before a capricious system. The yearning to see their loved ones again, to experience freedom, and to be released from such a dark spiritual environment can be intense.

What follows is a correspondence from another man in prison. His name is Dale. I have posted previously my first, second, and third interchanges with this young man which began about two months ago. You can find the postings at the links below.
(My letters to Dale are the 4th and 5th correspondences listed in the post above.)

I have since received two more letters from this young man, and have written him back once. His most recent letter arrived yesterday, and it is the reason I feel the need to share this correspondence. I will list our exchanges in the order they occurred.

Joseph Herrin,

How are you doing sir? I hope you are doing well. I received your letter. It seems that I must retract my last statement. I am a lover of truth, and obviously you know more about that subject than I do. You are right when you say that I was merely stating claims that I have read from one of Dan Brown’s books.

Also, you mention several times that Allah is a false deity who is a moon god. Can you elaborate more on that for me?? Because when the day of judgment comes I want to be following the Right Religion of our True Creator. I am only 20 years old and I admit I do not know much about religions besides Islam.

You speak much about Freemasons, and how corrupt and deceitful they are. I got family that are Freemasons. Would it be wrong to become a Freemason even though you know and follow the truth??

About the 911 attacks, I head a theory that there was a bomb that went off right before the first tower got hit. What do you think? Only someone who was working on the inside could have done that!! Do you think that our American espionage, the CIA, has assassins that they use? I believe they do. Also, how do you think one should prepare for the obvious Apocalypse of the government that is coming?

Can you print off the book for me by Charles Finney titled “The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry”?

Also, can you send me your book “Babylon Burning”?

Thank You,


Hello Dale,

Thank you for writing back. I appreciate your affirmation that you are in fact a lover of truth and you want to understand the world as it really is with the deception stripped away. I had a copy of Charles Finney’s book on Freemasonry on my computer, so I printed it off for you as you requested. I am also including a writing of my own on the subject. The writing is titled Freemasonry – The Spirit of Babylon. It was originally created as a slide show presentation, which accounts for the way the document is laid out. It was essentially my notes that I used when I gave the presentation.

In your letter you also asked if I would send you the book Babylon Burning. You will find that writing included in the packets I am sending you as well.

In your letter you made reference to the 911 attacks. I am also including a writing I have posted on that subject. This was written to post to the Internet, so it had several YouTube videos embedded in it. Unfortunately, you will be unable to watch the videos. They present a wealth of very convincing information that leads to the conclusion that 911 was an inside job carried out by people within the U.S. government.

You asked if I thought the CIA had assassins. The answer is “Yes.” I have seen so much evidence on the matter that I have no doubt. In fact, I believe most of the world has little doubt on that question.

You also asked if I believe people should prepare for the coming apocalypse that the government has a hand in. Certainly. As a Christian I believe that all who are disciples of Christ should be led of the Spirit of Christ to make whatever preparations God directs them to make. I think it is error for Christians to make preparations that they decide on by themselves, for they do not know what preparations they will need in a coming hour of calamity and trouble. All who are disciples of Christ should seek the Lord to know what He would have them to do.

I have personally been led of God to make a number of preparations. I have written of them in numerous posts to my blog site. I am always careful to tell others that I am NOT saying they should make the same specific preparations I have made, for I am doing what God has told ME to do. Each person needs to hear from God themselves to know what preparations to make. I will include a couple of writings for you that make mention of my preparations.

Well, I am sending you a lot of material, and I believe it will take you some time to study it all. I realize I have left some of your questions unanswered, but I believe it is best that you pace yourself a bit so that you can give adequate attention to each topic you are considering. I also need to pace myself in being discerning about how much time I devote to each correspondence as I am hearing from a lot of men. I also receive a lot of requests for material, and I try to supply each person with an adequate amount of material for their consideration.

May you be blessed with peace and understanding in these days,

Joseph Herrin

Writings Included:

Charles Finney – Freemasonry
Freemasonry – The Spirit of Babylon
Babylon Burning – PDF
Blowing the Trumpet
Storing Up Grain
Solar Ruminations (There are 6 separate posts in this series)

How are you doing sir?

I have just finished reading your writing “Solar Ruminations.” It was pretty interesting. I was a little dumbfounded and lost just a little bit, but eventually I caught on.

Also, much thanks for the book by Charles Finney. After reading it I got one other inmate to send me a Bible. As you know, I profess to be a Muslim. But obviously I have been lied to and deceived. I’ve never really picked up the Bible to read and understand it. Although I’ve read a few, well – really heard stories out of it, I never knew it possessed such powerful stories. I never knew that Jesus was prophesied since the beginning of times, and in all the Old Testament books. I particularly like the story in Matthew chapter 10 where Jesus is talking to his disciples. That chapter really spoke to me.

Me being in prison, if I denounce my testimony of faith in Islam I will have to live in the “hole” lock down unit for the rest of my seven years, for fear of being killed by some Muslims. But if Islam is wrong, I do not want to be a believer in it. For when the day of judgment comes I want to be with the CREATOR. I don’t want to go to hell. That is my worst fear!

I have a real open mind and I love truth. Which is why I am going to start reading a little bit of the Bible every day, while at the same time, since I am already on lock down, I am going to give Islam a break. Do you have some recommended passages that I should read, in order to help me better understand the Bible?

(Letter continued the next day)
I started reading the book of Acts this morning and was stuck on it all day. It is amazing how “Saul” who persecuted Christians, was able to accept Christ and become a new man “Paul,” and preach Christ. I never knew stories like this existed in the Bible!

Also, is there any way you can please send me a dictionary, Thank you sir, I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.

Your Friend,


As you, dear reader, can see, the Holy Spirit is moving upon the heart of this young man. My heart is moved to compassion for him. I have prayed fervently that Christ might be revealed to this young man and the way to fellowship with the Father disclosed to him. This morning I printed out the book Overcoming Addiction by the Spirit of Christ, which is in essence a primer on the gospel of the kingdom of God. This book sets forth the nuts and bolts of the gospel message, breaking it down where it can be readily understood. I will be placing the book in the mail Monday for Dale. Please pray that the scales might fall from this young man’s eyes as he reads, and pray also for his protection in the prison.

One final note: a number of readers have written to ask me if I have heard anything further from the Black Hebrew Israelite whose correspondence with me I have posted to the Parables Blog.

I have not heard anything from this man since the last correspondence posted above which was back in October. Seeds of truth have been sown, yet it remains to be seen whether the soil they fell upon was good soil. I invite you to pray for this man as well, that he might see the error of the false religious systems he has been captivated by, and be led to true relationship with the Son of God.

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  1. ByWaterAndBlood

    It is rather amazing that I often write to you and hold off on sending my email only to find the next day that you have answered at least one of my questions in your blog. This sort of thing seems to happen a lot with your ministry Joseph. Yahweh is working diligently through it! My heart and prayers go out to these prisoners. God bless you for all that you do in His holy name.


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