Some Musing On Seals and Serpents

by | Oct 6, 2010

Joseph Herrin (10-06-2010)

Presidential Seal Falls

Quite a number of saints wrote to inform me of an event that occurred yesterday (October 5, 2010) as President Obama was giving a speech at Fortune’s “The Most Powerful Women Summit.” As Barack Obama was addressing the women the Presidential Seal fell off of the lectern and clattered to the floor.

Podium – Before and After

The President joked about the event immediately after it occurred. One statement he made was that “someone in the back is sweating bullets right now.” This was obviously a reference to some Presidential staffer who had hung the seal on the podium, but it could bear a more prophetic significance.

I have written previously regarding the Obama campaign’s emphasis of common traits between President Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Both were legislators from the state of Illinois. Both have some relation to the advancement of civil rights of black Americans. Both were tall and lanky.

Barack Obama capitalized on the popularity of Lincoln, and even took his oath of office with his hand on the same Bible that Lincoln used during his inauguration.

Bible Used by Lincoln and Obama

There are further details of Lincoln’s life that may yet prove even more startling if they are fulfilled in similar fashion in Barack Obama’s life. Lincoln was President when the nation went through a constitutional crisis. The Union disintegrated. Martial Law was enacted, and brother fought against brother resulting in the greatest loss of life this nation has ever seen. In the end, Lincoln died, having his life extinguished by an assassin’s bullet.

As I was researching this story I went to the website of the Washington Post where I obtained the graphic found at the very top of this article. If you click on the photo it will open as a larger image in a separate window. I encourage you to do so and look at the time stamp from my computer that is in the lower right hand corner. My eyes were drawn to the time as I was in the process of copying the image. The time was 9:11. Observe also how the President is bent over the podium in the image that was copied at that very moment. The sum of these varied details portend a tragic end.

In yesterday’s post I shared the link and video to the song sung in front of the Lincoln Memorial during President Barack Obama’s inauguration. In the video he is observed singing some of the lyrics from the song American Pie by Don McClean. This song was released in 1972, and the label read “Mayday Music. Yahweh Tunes.”

The words Barack Obama was singing are “This will be the day that I die.” I will insert the video here once more.


You can watch the video of the moment the Presidential Seal fell from the podium below.


This morning I was also met with several news articles saying that in the 2012 election that the Democrats are considering replacing Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama’s running mate. In the event that a President is assassinated, the Vice President would take over the nation’s top governmental role. Does this tie in with the fact that Obama was addressing a forum for the world’s most powerful women when this event occurred?

This would form another interesting parallel between Obama and Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency in 1860 with Hannibal Hamlin as his running mate. In 1864 he won re-election with Andrew Johnson as his running mate, and Johnson became President when Lincoln was assassinated.

See article on Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden.

Of interest is that Hillary Clinton was in attendance at The Most Powerful Women forum when Obama’s Presidential Seal fell from the podium. At the forum she was questioned by reporters regarding being Obama’s running mate in 2012.

People of God, I do not write these things with a “thus saith the Lord” appended to my words. These are matters I am pondering in my heart in the same way that many saints throughout Scripture kept certain events and sayings in their hearts.

Genesis 37:11
But while his brothers were jealous of Joseph, his father gave it some thought and wondered what it all meant.
(New Living Translation)

Luke 2:18-19
And all those who heard it marveled at those things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.

I would share another event with you, this one closer to home. I have been writing about the present assignment the Father has given to me in converting a former church bus into a motorhome. Below is a picture of the back of the bus.

Back of Bus

You can see clearly that this was a church bus. Note behind the ladder the number 8 is painted. Although this number signifies new beginnings, the previous owners had painted it on there as they used the bus to attend NASCAR races in Atlanta.

I wrote previously about the parable of taking this church bus that was used for entertainment, and converting it to be a fit habitation. Indeed, the church is called to be the dwelling place of God, but they have instead given themselves to the pursuit of personal pleasure and entertainment.

I began working on the bus this week. Yesterday I worked on installing the sewer tanks, the commode and shower. As I was working in and under the bus I found the recently shed skins from two snakes. One of the skins was inside the bus, the other underneath it.

Mr. Stanfield, Randy Simmon’s grandfather at whose home the bus is parked, told me that while Randy and I were traveling across the country he had observed a snake inside of the bus. I have not encountered the snake, but the evidence of his having been dwelling there is present.

Two Snake Skins

I have no doubt that this is part of the parable the Father is revealing in this work. What Christ purchased to be a habitation for God has become a habitation of unclean spirits and fallen angels. This house must be cleansed. All means by which the evil one might gain entrance must be closed up. The most likely point of entry would appear to be the front door, which does not seal good. I was able to get a door off of the RV in Tennessee that will work very well and seal up the doorway.

Salvaged RV Door

 What a glorious day it will be when the people of God can testify as did Yahshua, “the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me…” (John 14:30). The President may be losing his seal, but the house of God will be sealed against all enemies.

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  1. Anonymous

    You may want to read a book by David Orton called "Snakes in the Temple" for further insight into the issues with most churches today. It address the issues of idolatry in the church.

    Be blessed

    Michael R

  2. Anonymous

    Daniel's "Curse" word is used only once – Chapter 9-11 (verse)

  3. Kim

    It certainly is a nice looking vehicle, Joseph. You were definitely blessed to receive it. Thank you for all your messages; most of the people I know think I am the voice of doom these days, too. So be it.

    I don't like spiders or snakes, and I would have to find that dratted snake and make sure it was out of there before I could go in the bus.

    I continue praying for the Lord to tell me what to do and so far I have not heard any instructions to move from where I am. Hopefully, we are all lifting each other (the Body of Christ) up in these days.


  4. Anonymous

    I do believe you will have your new vehicle operational before we as a country have our government operational. I just read today where the president pledged $100 billion to the U.N.

    Lots of "slippery" things in various places I would say.

  5. stuart

    The parallels between Obama and Lincoln are strange indeed. Before his own inauguration, President elect Obama took a train ride from Philadelphia to Washington which retraced the train rout that Lincoln took on his inaugural journey in 1861.

  6. Anonymous

    Dear Bro. Herrin,
    Why do these men (Presidents) seem to participate in wierd ceremonials? For example, some time back Obama was crowned Pharoah of Egypt. It all seemed to be done in jest, but why bother at all? What purposes do they serve to recreate the steps of a doomed Lincoln? Do you think Obama 'KNOWS' what will become of him and has accepted this role in history to further the agenda of America in the antichrist world order?

  7. Simon in Tassie

    This a devotional I got this morning from David Wilkerson:
    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2010


    Those who truly know God have learned how to recognize his voice above all

    others. He wants you to be absolutely convinced that he desires to talk to

    you—to tell you things you’ve never seen or heard before.

    I believe that three things are required of those who would hear God’s voice:

    1. An unshakeable confidence that God is wanting to speak to you. You have to

    be fully persuaded and convinced of this. Indeed, he is a speaking God—and he

    wants you to know his voice so you can do his will. What God tells you will

    never go beyond the boundaries of Scripture.

    2. Quality time and quietness. You need to be willing to shut yourself in with

    God and let all other voices hush away. True, God speaks to us all day long.

    But whenever he has wanted to build something into my life, his voice has come

    only after I had shut out every other voice but his.

    3. Asking in faith. We do not obtain anything from God (including hearing his

    voice) unless we truly believe that he is able to convey his mind to us—to

    enable us to understand his perfect will!

    God is not a tease! He will not allow the enemy to deceive you. When God

    speaks, peace follows—and Satan cannot counterfeit that peace!

    “But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the

    porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice; and he calleth his own sheep by

    name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth

    before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger

    will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of

    strangers” (John 10:2-5).
    I love it!

  8. Anonymous

    Interesting question Obama asks at the end: "Where were we?"

    Indeed … when he asks "Where were we?" it means he has gotten off track and is LOST? And the USA and/or it's government is lost as well … OR he's a bit off on his own "personal" agenda?

    Just wondering. For whatever reason, that question is "saying" something I can't quite figure out.

  9. Insights from Yahweh

    This event occured exactly 3,311 days after the attacks of 9/11/01. There is an important number story to be told here. The number 33 is the high number of Freemasonry (Obama is a freemason; the truth must be told). Then there is the number 11. The number 11 represents the antichrist and it symbolizes destruction, confusion, and collapse (did we not see all these things with the seal falling?). Also 33 plus 11 is 44. Obama is the 44th president. Finally, 44 is 11+11+11+11. Godspeed everyone. Colossians 3:2


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